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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

Annual Events
Saltaire Festival 13th Sep
Bonfire night 5th Nov
Remembrance Sunday 9th Nov

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On this day in 1855
Elizabeth Gaskell visited Haworth to meet Patrick Bronte to discuss the biography of Charlotte Bronte.

On this day in 1933
"The bells in the tower were overhauled & the tower itself put into better repair during the second quarter of this year : the bells were rung again, after some weeks of silence, on the Rushbearing Sunday, July 23. The cost of the work was about 80."
J.C. Hirst, Rector.

On this day in 1997
Ann Crier MP (Keighley 1997 - 2010) gave her maiden speech to the House of Commons about her concern over the condition of Top Withens, which had been de-listed in 1992 on the recommendation of English Heritage:

"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to speak briefly on a subject that has caused me some concern over the past two years. I also want to record my gratitude to my hon. Friend the Minister for replying to the debate: he must have many calls on his time in such a busy Department.

For the benefit of those less fortunate hon. Members who do not live in the West Riding, let me begin by explaining what and where Top Withens is. Top Withens, or what remains of it, is a much loved ruin--a sort of last outpost of human endeavour--standing in grand isolation on a vast windswept moor-top above the hamlet of Stanbury, which in turn stands above Haworth. All that is in my constituency.

Haworth contains the parsonage, now a museum, which is dedicated to the life and work of the Brontee sisters. Emily Brontee wrote her passionate, haunting book "Wuthering Heights" there, and a family friend, Ellen Nussey, subsequently explained that Emily had had Top Withens in mind when she described the position of Wuthering Heights with its "pure, bracing ventilation". Although there are differences in the architecture of the two buildings, Withens remains a point of pilgrimage for Brontee enthusiasts from around the world, and a focal point for walkers, as it stands yards from the Pennine way national trail."

Full article (House of Commons 23 July 1997) by Ann Cryer MP (Keighley) concerning the condition of Top Withens here...
About Top Withens here...

On this day in 2007
Following extensive restoration W.D Austerity 2-8-0 90733 officially re-entered traffic. The official launch here...

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