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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

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On this day in 1872
"That Privy near Main Street belonging to the Co-operative Society, Pickles Wright and Greenwood would require emptying."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

On this day in 1878
"That the Clerk write to Mrs Liddy requesting her to discontinue obstructing Low Street by holding a stall and to cease using her ashpit as a receptacle for oyster shells otherwise proceedings will be taken against her."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

On this day in 1914
The portrait of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, painted by Branwell Bronte was exhibited for the first time at the National Portrait Gallery. It had been presumed lost. After Charlotte Bronte died her husband Rev. Nichols took the picture to Ireland. In 1914 it was discovered folded in a cupboard, the creases are visible on the picture.

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