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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

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On this day in 1860
"The village of Haworth is so situate that one part of its single steep street is quite inaccessible to anything like a vehicle. At the time when Grimshaw came there, the country was wilder, and the inhabitants far more savage in their habits than at Todmorden. The scenery is peculiarly beautiful, quite as picturesque as the Lower Alps. The country was very lonely; a man might travel on horseback for a whole day and scarcely see a house or a human being. Round Haworth there is an unenclosed moor, with stones reared at intervals of several miles to mark the place of the road when it is covered with snow. There were a few worsted mills at which the people of the district worked (for Yorkshire is always famous for its woollens), and there were hand-looms in some of the cottages, but cotton-mills were not then dreamt of."
Extract from The Bradford Observer Thursday Oct 18th 1860

On this day in 1879
Mr James Ackroyd put up for auction the wood taken from the demolished Bronte Church. According to the report of the sale, the bulk of it did not fetch the price of even ordinary wood, and some of the best oak beams were reserved. It was stated, however, that several pieces had been disposed of at fancy prices previous to the sale.

On this day in 1897
“This being Haworth tide, we have had a very poor attendance this afternoon.”
Extract from Haworth school log book

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