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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

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On this day in 1834
"The obscure village of Haworth, and the connecting chapelry from which you are attempting, by the terrors and fulminations of the Ecclesiastical Court, to extort the heavy sum of 76/12s 10d. for the support of your church, is situated 10 miles from Bradford. The district of country forming the chapelry is mountainous and unproductive, consisting of rocky moorlands and a few cultivated valleys which have been won from the wilds of nature by long and painful labour. The people are a poor hardy race, exposed to many privations, but have a warm love of liberty, both civil and religious, and detest the very name of intolerance and tyranny, having had amongst them, for more than a century, ministers whose hearts have glowed with the high principles of freedom and rectitude. They receive no benefit from your ministry in anyways; and four fifths of them are dissenters from the established church. Can you think it right, then, to tax them with an enormous rate of nearly 80/ to support the worship of God at your church in a rich and populous town, at a distance of 10 miles, where opulence and grandeur abound?

In the chapelry of Haworth there have been built, by voluntary generosity for the religious good of the people, seven chapels and 10 sabbath schools, all raised and supported by dissenters. The Church of England has built one sabbath school, assisted by a grant from the national treasury. No new church has been erected for more than twelve hundred years past; as the only one we have, according to sculptured record, seems to have been built by the Anglo-Britons before the Roman missionaries, under Austin, introduced into this part the supremacy and heresies of the Pope.
I am, Rev, Sir, your humble servant for Christ's sake J Winterbotham. Haworth, June 6, 1834"
Extract from The Bradford Observer which was published on, Thursday, June 10, 1841

On this day in 1857
Charlotte Bronte's previously rejected novel "The Professor" was published.

On this day in 1871
"The Nuisance Inspector reported as follows.
That five cottages in Stubbing Lane belonging to George Hopkinson have no Privy Accommodation.
That the sink water from a cottage in Stubbing Lane belonging to the trustees under The will of the late Richard Shackleton Butterfield and Mr Bland runs under the window of the said cottage into an open drain and then percolates through wall and under foundation of cottage occupied by Charles Robinson, and that the open drain is filled with bad and strong smelling slime.
That a Privy and cesspool in Stubbing Lane belonging to the said Trustees are in a very bad state.
That the sink water from five cottages at Stubbing belonging to John Readman, Girlington, and Edward Moore, Oxenhope, runs into an open drain, and then percolates through wall and that the drain smells very bad.
That Privy in Stubbing belonging to John Readman, Girlington requires emptying, and that the drain from the Privy into Stubbing Lane is open.
That the sink water from a cottage belonging to G E Pawson runs through an open drain across the road leading from the Police Sergeant's house.
That a pig stye and Privy adjoining house in Worth Street belonging to William Holmes smell very bad and that they have no ventilation nor apparent drainage from pig stye.
That a Privy and cesspool close behind cottages in Stubbing Lane belonging to James Holmes is nearly full of foul stagnant liquid.
That the cesspool near the New Inn belonging to the Trustees under The will of the late Richard Shackleton Butterfield is open and nearly covered with foul stagnant green liquid.
That a cesspool at Stubbing belonging to William and John Binns requires cleaning and disinfecting.
That two cesspools belonging to privies at the back of Main Street, are open and almost devoid of ashes.
That a Privy at the top of Haworth belonging to G E Pawson smells very bad, that the liquid percolates through the wall, and that numerous complaints have been made from occupiers of cottages in the vicinity.
That the Slaughter Houses are not regulated in accordance with the By-laws of the Board. It was resolved that the Nuisance Inspector cause all nuisances arising on his report to be abated forthwith."

"The Nuisance Inspector also reported that a public urinal was very much required off Main Street, and that one could very economically be constructed under steps adjoining Mr Thomas's property. It was resolved that the urinal be constructed at the place mentioned, providing Mr Thomas's sanction can be obtained."

"Plans for the construction of the new reservoir were produced by the Clerk and examined and on the motion of Mr W E G Hattersley seconded by Mr William Sugden passed."

"The surveyor and Mr Jones reported that Mr Craven and Mr Ferrand proposed giving the land for widening Lord Lane to eight yards and that Mr Craven would make his proportion of the road and fences at his own expense, provided Mr Ferrand would make his proportion and the Board would afterwards adopt the road."

"That 100 yards in length of new setting be done in Main Street."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

On this day in 1875
"The Nuisance Inspector reported a nuisance at Butt Lane Top caused by a place been used as a urinal"
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

On this day in 1926
It was resolved that the Clerk write to the Local Member of Parliament with respect to coal purchased by the Council from Messers James Wilby Ltd for which the Mines Department refuse permit, and ask him to use his influence to obtain the necessary permission for the coal to be released.

That a letter of thanks be forwarded to Messers Merrall & Son Ltd and the Bridgehouse Mill Co Ltd for the generous manner in which the two firms have released coal for an equal quantity of coke, for use within the Council's District.

That the Clerk write to the Superintendent of Police asking for a Constable to be put on point duty at Cross Roads Hill on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

On this day in 1944
"Invasion of Europe by allied forces began this morning."
Extract from Haworth school log book

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