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Haworth - West Yorkshire

Haworth village is situated at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire, England, the area made famous by the Bronte sisters, known as Bronte country.

Annual Events
Bronte Vintage Gathering 13th May
Haworth 1940s Weekend 19th May
Haworth 1960s Weekend 24th Jun

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Tour de France-2014 Peleton
Tour de France-2014 Caravan
Haworth 1940s Weekend -2014 page 1
Haworth 1940s Weekend -2014 page 2
Tour de France-Yorkshire Festival 2014
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On this day in 1841
Emily Bronte wrote her poem "Riches I hold in light esteem and Love I laugh to scorn...".

On this day in 1881
"According to the present plans for Keighley Midland Station about to be constructed, the passengers to and from the Worth Valley Line will be put to great inconvenience in having to ascend and descend steps in passing to and from the Main Line and requesting the Board to join in petitioning the company to provide a subway."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

On this day in 1893
Mary Taylor close friend of Charlotte Bronte died.

On this day in 1897
Haworth Board School Butt Lane was opened, - 400 children being present. The Chairman of the Board - Mr James Ogden, & Vice Chairman - Mr James Pedley - addressed the children.
Extract from Haworth School log book

On this day in 1904
That notice be sent to Mr Samuel Ogden, under section 75 of the Towns Improvement Clauses Act to pull down the house numbered 96 Main Street Haworth.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council

On this day in 1910
That a contract be entered into with the National Telephone Company Ltd and for telephones and alarm bells for fire brigade purposes as per their specifications A & B. in the sum of £28, and that three firemen live at Cross Roads and three at North Street within 300 yards of the respective fire stations instead of two in each case as set out in minute of Council, 4th January, 1910.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

On this day in 1962
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society was formally constituted.

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