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Haworth History - Haworth Bell - Ringing

Haworth Belfry. Take a 360 degree panorama inside the Belfry at Haworth Church Main St here...

Video clip of the bells ringing here... (file size is 300kb and should take 1-3 min on a 56kb modem. You will need flash.) You will see that the bells swing in a full circle through 360 degrees called full-circle ringing, they are swung alternately round one way then the other, controlling the speed of striking.

The six bells were installed by Mears and Stainbank of London in 1845 after the money was raised by public subscription instituted by Patrick Bronte.

The largest bell (the tenor) carries an inscription to this effect and weighs 10 cwt 3 qtr and 16 lb. (555kg).

After some years of neglect, the bells and their fittings were restored by John Taylors of Loughborough in 1988.

The bells are rung regularly by the local band of ringers (Haworth Guild of Bellringers) and we practice on Monday evenings from 19.30 to 21.00 in addition to ringing for Sunday Service and special occasions such as New Year's Eve. We ring changes on the bells, involving different sequences rather than music as such.

Video clip of the bells being rung here... (file size is 310kb and should take 1-3 min on a 56kb modem. You will need flash.)

We are looking for new members to help ring the bells. You do not have to be musical or good at maths, you just need to be well coordinated and with a sense of rhythm. It does not require great strength, its all in the technique.  If you are interested in bell-ringing please email here...

Simon Burnett

Captain of the Bells, Haworth Guild of Bellringers.

Haworth Belfry.

Haworth Guild of Bellringers.
Haworth Guild of Bellringers.
Haworth Guild of Bellringers.


The PEAL erected 1845

The Rev P.Bronte



cwt qtr lbs

Three old Bells
cwt 18.3.6
Allowed for
Tenor 11. 2. 27 F #
Vth 9. 0.  19 G #
1Vth 7.  0.  9  A #
111 5. 3. 2 B    
11nd 4. 3. 6 C #
Treble 4. 3. 20 D #
 6 Bells Cwt                   49. 1. 27

              Information supplied with the original bells-1845

It is advisable to keep the nuts of the frame bolts tightly screwed, these bolts being generally at every joint and through each brace the entire depth of the frame. 

Keep the bearings lubricated. A mixture of lard and neat's-foot oil is recommended, which should be varied to suit the season's, a much firmer grease being needed in hot weather.  

All nuts on the headstocks should be tightened frequently, special care been necessary with those of the centre supporting ironwork to prevent disturbing the level of the bell viz :-one nut should be screwed a half turn only, until the corresponding one has been similarly tightened.  

The clappers need a little oil where they swing on the crown staples and a little on the roller pins will cause them to work freely and noiselessly.  

The ropes may be shifted any inch or two occasionally to distribute the wear; a piece of leather tied round the rope where it goes through the wheel will prevent fraying. 

Cast by Charles & George Mears. Whitechapel Bell Foundry London.


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