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Haworth Historical Events in November

History Pics

Jonas Bradley was born. He was Headmaster at Stanbury school, a keen photographer and local historian. He died on 18th June 1943.

Thomas Bradley was put in the stocks at Church Green Keighley on a bitterly cold day. He was "so wilfully stupid" he refused to sit on a rug or to have a sack thrown over him. He sat in the stocks shivering for six hours, wearing an unbuttoned waistcoat.

"There was now some further discussion in reference to the removal of the toll-bars, after which it was unanimously agreed upon, that the Clerk should write to the principle Secretary of State for the Home Department and state certain facts, viz. The roads being free from debt, 10 bars in 11 miles with Haworth near the centre of them. One at each end of the town. Six miles in Keighley Parish without a bar. More than one half of the tolls taken at Haworth. Nothing received from the trustees during the last 20 years."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That Mr James Driver be served with a notice to remove the Privy and ash pit situated at Well Lane Bottom which has been complained of as a great nuisance."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Clerk make inquiries as to the probable cost of lighting the streets with gas and report to the board at their next meeting."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That the surveyor lay a gas pipe at Bridgehouse for the corner lamp and fit it up."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Clerk be empowered to put two lamps in Ivy Bank Road and that Mr Thomas Bland be requested to put one up at such place as the board may think."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That Charles C. Redman and Seth Feather be lamplighters to this Board at a salary of 8/- each weekly."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"At a meeting of the ratepayers of the board's district held on Saturday the 18th November, 1871 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at the top of Main Street Haworth, George Sutcliffe chairman. It was resolved that the board be and are hereby authorised.
First to apply to Parliament in the ensuing sessions for an act of Parliament to enable the board to provide a supply of gas for the town and neighbourhood of Haworth and to effect improvements in the town of Haworth and for other purposes.
Second to purchase the works of the Haworth gas company.
Third to oppose any Bill in Parliament which may be promoted for enabling any company or companies person or persons other than the Board to provide and supply gas within the Board's district."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Clerk read a letter from Messrs Marriner P Tempest respecting a supply of gas to their brickworks at Wicken Cragg. No motion in the matter was made."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Mr Hattersley reported that Mytholmes Lane was in bad repair and that a Nuisance had been created by a quantity of Privy ashes being thrown on the road."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

The home of the sisters Bronte. - Haworth Village, whose parsonage was so long the residence of the Brontė's, is in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and situated only a few miles from three towns of considerable importance - Halifax, Bradford and Keighley. The friend of Charlotte Brontė has endeavoured to give some idea of the appearance of the district, but even she fails to depict it as it existed in the early part of the present century. In addition to the dull, monotonous stretch of moorland, with here and there a "beck" or crag as the sole variation for the weary eye, there was a population to be met with which in some respects exhibited no advance whatever over, that of the Middle Ages. Nor is this scarcely to be wondered at, for within the knowledge of the present writer, to whom the whole locality is perfectly familiar, they were living a few years ago individuals who have never beheld one of the foremost powers of civilisation- the railway. Great natural shrewdness undoubtedly was a characteristic of the inhabitants of the Riding, and in many cases a rough kind of bonhommie was added, which, however, was frequently made mere offensive than positive rudeness. Add to this that there was very little opportunity afforded to the poor for culture, twelve, fourteen, and sixteen hours per day being their constant labour at the factories- and the imagination will have little left to do in forming an estimate of the exoteric existence of the Yorkshire character.
Extract from The Bradford Observer, Saturday, November 20, 1875

"That tenders be invited for getting stones from Dimples Quarry for and completing the works connected with paving the portion of Mill Hey Road which the Board have resolved to pave."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

The Reverend Joseph Brett Grant first vicar of Oxenhope died. He was the curate that Charlotte said had worn out pairs of shoes tramping round to raise subscriptions for the church.

That the surveyor order the requisite quantity of numbers for numbering the houses in the district from the Patent Enamel Co. The pattern to be the one marked 19A on their list, having a blue ground and white figure.

The same committee reported that they had been round the Board's district and fixed the names of the streets and the numbers of the houses and they recommend that they be in accordance with the list produced by them.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute book

That the lighting of the public lamps be commenced at dusk in the most populous parts of the Board's district working towards the extremities and they be extinguished at the extremities of the district at 10:30 and worked towards the centre.

That the public lamps be lit at 5 o'clock and allowed to burn till daybreak during the months of November December January and February.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Mr Ackroyd moved and Mr Kay seconded that the best thanks of the Board be given to the chairman for a kind manner in which the members were entertained by him on the opening of the new offices, the motion was carried unanimously and the chairmen responded.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

The Yorkshire Penny Bank opened in Haworth. The Bank made a number of changes; "A somewhat imposing turret has been erected with an iron balustrade, the turret is roofed with green and blue slates".

The property had been owned by the Haworth Mechanics Institute before the Yorkshire Bank. It had been the Tourist Information Centre for many years, which was closed by Bradford Council in January 2019. The building is currently a shop.

That two tons of salt be purchased for salting the streets during the frost.

That a snow plough be purchased and that the matter be left in the hands of Mr Sladden.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

It was unanimously resolved that the Clerk write to the local Police Sergeant with regard to the obstruction of Mill Hey on Sunday evenings by the congregating thereupon of crowds of young men.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Clerk be instructed to write to the secretary of the Haworth Conservative Club asking if they are willing to sell their club premises in Mill Hey for Free Library purposes.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council

"May I express our hope that, especially as regards flowers and leaves, you lean to a conservative method of studying nature? Flowers, many of them, grown in profusion; but, if we multiply collectors, how long will this be? I should like to see a study of the living plant spread, avoiding of all needless gathering."
Extract from Stanbury school log book: Letter sent to the headmaster Jonas Bradley regarding his and the children's picking of wild flowers; an article had been published in the local press about the way Stanbury school taught outdoors.

That the Clerk be instructed to fill up forms received from the County Council respecting motor cars on Highways in Haworth district as follows viz:- all roads to be restricted to 10 miles an hour with the exception of Lees and Hebden Road main Road where the speed shall not be more than 12 miles an hour. That Danger Posts be fixed at Cragg Bottom (near Soap works) Cross Roads; Lees and Hebden Bridge main Road (near Bankfield House); Hall Green; Top of North Street; Rough Nook; Brow Top and Side Bar.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council

That the Clerk reply to the letter received from the Road Union with reference to the evils caused by the misuse of motor vehicles stating that the Council are unable to attend the meeting of local authorities on the question to be held at the Mansion House on the 27th October, but that the movement has the sympathy and support of this Council.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Timmy Feather, one of the last hand-loom weavers died aged 85.

"Mrs E. H. Chadwick, author of "the life of Mrs Gaskell" spent the afternoon with us, and afterwards went down with me to the Keighley Y.M.C.A to hear a Lantern Lecture I was giving there on "Wycoller Dene".
Extract from Stanbury school log book

"There is heavy snow this morning-the first of the season-and as a result the attendance is only 51 out of a possible total of 71."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

"During last night the railway service was stopped owing to an air raid. I heard bombs exploding from Crossgates (Dr Haygarth's) between 11 o'clock and 12:00pm but there was no sound of Zepps or aeroplanes that I noticed. The train service had been resumed this morning but late".
Extract from Stanbury School Log Book

"The children who live near the moors are collecting sphagnum moss for the military hospital in Keighley. Quite a nice lot was brought this morning, but much more will be gathered this week-end."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

That the Gas Manager be instructed to turn on gas at 5-30 o'clock in the morning, after an air raid, provided that he has received a message to resume normal conditions.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That Jonas Wadsworth and John J Bland be appointed Lamplighters at 12/- per week and Frank Suggitt at £1-1-0 per week, the latter to be in attendance at the Gasworks during the period the lamps are lighted and be responsible in case of Air Raid Warning to summons the other Lamplighters, to extinguish all lights within 30 minutes of the time of receiving the warning.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

1914 - 1918 HAWORTH 1939 - 1945

J.Asquith, J.Bailey, S.Bancroft, W.Barrett, M.Bailey, H.Barwick, H.Bell, J.W.Bell, J.J.Bell, L.Bell, W.H.Bearsley, T.Beechey, C.Bennet, M.Brown, N.Coates, T.Cottier, F.Davies, R.Dent, W.Dixon, W.Dolby, W.Ellis, F.Feather, T.Feather, J.Garthwaite, F.Greenwood, F.W.Greenwood, L.Goodier, W.G.Haggar, A.V.Hands, J.Harker, H.Hodgson, W.Hollindrake, J.E.Holmes, J.Holmes, B.Imeson, P.Jackson, I.Jackson, R.W.Kilminster, W.T.Kilminster, T.Long, J.Lynch, J.Martin, J.Merry, W.Metcalfe, G.Mills, W.Mills, G.Mitchell, J.A.Mitchell, B.North, E.Nuttall, J.E.Parker, J.W.Parker, N.Parker, W.H.Patterson, G.Peacock, J.Pickles, O.Peacock, R.Peacock, F.Pickles, S.Rainford, H.Ratcliffe, H.Rich, A.Riddehough, C.Robinson, W.Robinson, L.Roper, A.Rushworth, A.F.Rushworth, R.Rutter, H.Scarborough, R.E.Scarborough, S.Schofield, J.E.Siddle, F.U.Carr, A.Smith, F.Smith, J.Snowden, A.Southam, D.Southam, W.Stanley, R.Sugden, T.Todd, A.Uttley, J.Wright, Y.Waddington, L.E.Wall, G.Walton, H.Webster, J.A.Weller, H.Wellman, H.Whitaker, A.Woodward, T.Whittaker, C.White, I.Whitley, C.Widdop, W.H.Wilmot, H.Wood, Hydn.Wood, B.Woodcock, F.Stevens, R.Mitchell, F.Heaton, A.Johnson, N.Packer, J.R.Andrew, N.Bailey, T.Baker, W.Baker, J.Mainwaring, C.Bradbury, J.Butterfield, J.Chaplin, J.J.Crane, C.Cox, L.Dent, E.Fieldhouse, A.Hampton, E.Harris, E.Humphries, G.Humphries, H.Hawksworth, F.Kerry, D.Chaplin, A.Martin, H.Metcalfe, D.Miller, F.Mitchell, E.Mudd, C.Munnoch, A.Greenwood, J.Morrison, A.Peacock, J.Pilkington, H.Preston, J.N.Redman, J.Preston, A.E.Scull, R.J.Sheldon, R.Ratcliffe, D.Stones, C.Swinford, G.H.Southcott, R.E.Toothill, J.C.Ward, C.E.Windle, H.Whitcherley, A.Whitaker.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

Roll of Honour here...

Had short service re Armistice Day. Hymns were sung by the scholars & King George's letter, enjoining "two minutes silence" at 11 o'clock, in honour of the departed dead.
Extract from Haworth school log book.

That no wages be paid to the Lamplighters during the time the lighting is discontinued, owing to causes arising through the coal strike.

That a lay out scheme for 20 houses under the Council's housing scheme be prepared.

That the Council become members of the Keighley and District Horse and Motor Vehicle Owners Association.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Clerk reply to letter received from the Town Clerk of Keighley dated 8th November 1920 with regard to their Fire Brigade not attending in the case of fire in the Council's District, excepting firms in the area of the Council who contribute towards the Keighley Brigade in respect of their property, and further stating that the Brigade does not attend fires occurring in the area of the Council except in the cases mentioned, that a certain amount of discretionary power has in the past been left to the Chief Officer of the Brigade to attend in the case of an extensive fire upon certain guarantees for payment be given, that definite instructions have been given to the Chief Officer of the Corporation's Fire Brigade in future only to respond to calls for assistance from non-contributing authorities in the neighbourhood, in the event of an extensive fire occurring where such authority maintain a fully equipped Brigade and are unable to cope with the conflagration. It was resolved that the Clerk reply stating that the Council quite concur in the last clause but one of the Corporation's letters referring to instructions which have been given to their Chief Officer.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

The clerk laid before the Council a letter from the Guardian's of the Keighley Union with respect to work for unemployed relieved by the Guardians. The clerk intimated that the guardians are desirous of work being found for relieved persons and are prepared to put the men to any work provided by any Local Authority in the Union, without any charge and paying necessary railway fares, and expressing a wish that the Local Authorities will do their utmost to assist the Guardians wherever possible in putting forward any schemes they can to provide work for relieved persons.
It was suggested that the work for employment of persons mentioned in the foregoing resolution be, the skimming of the beds at the sewage farm, filling up rut holes, spreading manure and any other work found to be necessary at the sewage farm.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

“That Willie Moore be appointed lamplighter in place of Fred Smith resigned.”
Extract from Haworth Urban District minutes

That the wages of the men employed in this department paid by the hour be reduced one half penny per hour, and that the wages of the Sewage Farm Manager, Cemetery Caretaker and Steam Road Roller Driver be reduced two shillings per week, the reduction to take effect and be operative from and including November 2, 1922.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

It was resolved that the Council support "Poppy Day" on Saturday, November 10, proposed to be held by the British Legion in relief of distress amongst ex-service men of all ranks and the dependents, wives and orphans of those who died.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Council do not accede to the request of Mr Edgar Bush to give their sanction to the use as a dwellinghouse of Tram Car proposed by him to be converted into a dwellinghouse.

Under the milk and dairies (amended) act 1922 that the Sanitary Officer be instructed to inspect Cows in the Council's district periodically, that samples of milk be obtained from cows inspected to be suffering from tuberculosis of the udder, such samples to be submitted to the County Bacteriologist for examination, that when the examination confirms the diagnosis of the Council's Sanitary Officer he is empowered to call in a Veterinary surgeon to give the necessary certificate.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That handbills be issued in the Council's Urban District warning persons against throwing of refuse into streets and that it be an instruction that persons offending be proceeded against under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847.

That the Council ask the West Riding County Council Education Department to establish two subsidiary Library Centres, one at the Haworth Public Institute and one at the Lees and Cross Roads Institute.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Emott Rawdon Estate sold the land for the park to Haworth Urban District Council.

"A very stormy day-snow and rain, roads deep in slush. All, but the few children who were wearing Wellington boots had wet feet. Teachers were occupied until 10.30 am with drying shoes and stockings."
Extract from Haworth School Log Book

That a supply of current be granted for the purpose of lighting eight Street lamps at a charge of £2-2-0 per week.

That the Clerk write to the Education Department Wakefield stating that the Council are prepared to contribute a substantial sum towards the cost of laying cable to the Haworth Central Schools and that a subcommittee consisting of Messers Duerden, Murgatroyd, Bannister and Pickles be appointed to deal with the matter.

That the extension of electric cable in Victoria road be carried out as per the letter to the Council from the Council's electrical engineer dated 25th inst at an estimated cost of £25.

That supply of electricity to numbers 35 and 87 Cross Roads and number 8 Cross Roads, respectively, be granted on conditions to be agreed between the Council and the Corporation.

That the application of the Red Chara Motor Bus Company Ltd to run a service of buses through the Council's District be granted on condition that they give a service by Cullingworth gate, Flappit and Cross Roads and that the Council suggest that the company start a morning service of buses.

The Clerk reported receipt of sanction to loan from the Ministry of Health in the sum of £400 for purchase of site for housing. It was resolved that the Council take steps forthwith to purchase the land offered by the Trustees of the Rawdon Estate at Mytholmes Lane at 1/0 per yard.

It was resolved that the lighting committee of the Council be requested to consider the provision of electric light at Townend, at the junction of Change gate, North Street and Mytholmes Lane.

That the lighting of public lamps be recommenced as from Thursday next, with the exception that they be not lighted three days before full moon and until three days after.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

"Owing to the exceptionally bright fine weather 10 minutes extra playtime was allowed this morning."
Extract from Haworth School Log Book

"That the Parks Superintendent ask the proprietor of the Park Cafe to remove the soil which he has piled up against the Park railings. That an estimate be obtained for the necessary repairs to the putting green flags and sticks.

That the provision of Bowling Green in Haworth Park be left with the Parks Committee to carry out as they may decide and in accordance with scheme submitted to the council."
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council minutes

"We had been informed that in accordance with his Majesty's wish all schools in the West Riding will have holiday on 29th November for the Royal wedding of Prince George Duke of Kent and Princess Marina."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

"Today we have holiday in accordance with his Majesty the Kings wish on the occasion of the marriage of HRH the Duke of Gloucester."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

We close school this afternoon for one day's holiday on account of the marriage of H.R.H the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Scott.
Extract from Haworth school log book

Sue Ryder, Baroness Ryder of Warsaw died aged 77.

She was born in Leeds on 3rd July 1923. During the Second World War she served with the Polish section of the secret Special Operations Executive.

Having seen the suffering of war, she began relief work for the millions of sick people.

Haworth was granted Fairtrade Village status.

Haworth Parish Church re-opened. It had closed on the 8th July 2012 for major restoration work, the replacement of its south-facing roofs and refurbishment of the tower.

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