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"On Sunday morning last the whole of Mr. Pablo Fanques' beautiful stud of horses and his equestrian company passed through Haworth en route from Todmorden to Keighley where they have been performing during the week to crowded and highly respectable audiences."
Extract from Leeds Mercury Saturday 1 November 1845

John Lennon was inspired to write the song: "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" from a circus poster for Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal appearance at Rochdale. Mr. Kite worked for Pablo Fanque from 1843 to 1845.

One of the largest property sales in Haworth's history took place at the Devonshire Arms Inn, Keighley. Bridgehouse mills, Woodlands mansion house, half a dozen farms and about 150 acres of land in the Bridgehouse valley were sold following the failure of James Greenwood's business.

"Thomas Parker the surveyor had received orders from the committee to put a compulsory supply of water into houses of parties refusing to pay water rates.

The surveyor had been assaulted, and also obstructed on entering the premises occupied by Thomas Murgatroyd by William Hartley the son of the owner, the Constable was fetched who arrested Hartley, took him down to Keighley, and also before a Magistrate who dismissed Hartley, understanding the case to be one of disputed right, in which they had no jurisdiction. Mr Hartley has now given a month's notice to the Local Board, that he will cause a summons to be issued out of the County Court of Yorkshire at Keighley for trespass and false imprisonment committed by the said Thomas Parker and George Hopkins the Constable. After a lengthy discussion it was moved by William Greenwood and seconded by Mr Thomas that Parker be authorised to summons Hartley before the magistrates, both for the assault and for obstructing him in the performance of his duty. No one voted against the motion, so it was unanimous."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That a stand-tap be fixed in the Ginnel opposite Robert Browns.
That another stand tap be fixed at Mill Hey, near to the Primitive Methodist Chapel."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Some statements were here brought forward in reference to the reservoir. The general opinion was, that the only safe way to proceed, was to have the whole taken up and the reservoir reconstructed, it was moved by Mr Turner seconded by Mr Lambert and unanimously agreed to, that advertisements for the letting by ticket of the above work be printed. That estimates be received on or before next meeting, 3rd November and that two inch cast-iron pipes be ordered immediately, to connect the inlet and outlet pipes at the reservoir."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book - Haworth's new reservoir; Churchills, was still leaking

"The village of Haworth is so situate that one part of its single steep street is quite inaccessible to anything like a vehicle. At the time when Grimshaw came there, the country was wilder, and the inhabitants far more savage in their habits than at Todmorden. The scenery is peculiarly beautiful, quite as picturesque as the Lower Alps. The country was very lonely; a man might travel on horseback for a whole day and scarcely see a house or a human being. Round Haworth there is an unenclosed moor, with stones reared at intervals of several miles to mark the place of the road when it is covered with snow. There were a few worsted mills at which the people of the district worked (for Yorkshire is always famous for its woollens), and there were hand-looms in some of the cottages, but cotton-mills were not then dreamt of."
Extract from The Bradford Observer Thursday Oct 18th 1860

Sale of the Royal Oak Inn, Haworth by Messers, Hardwicks and Best, on Friday the 13th day of October, 1863, at four o'clock in the afternoon, at the Royal Oak Inn, Mill Bridge, Haworth near Keighley, and subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced.

The truly valuable freehold property, known as the Royal Oak Inn, and situated at Mill Bridge as aforesaid, the property has been recently built, is a most substantial erection, has a brew house and stabling for four horses, and is well fitted up. It is situated in an improving neighbourhood, near to the intended site of the Haworth station, on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, and is well worthy of the attention of brewers, spirit merchants, and capitalists, seeking an investment which will rapidly increase in value.
Advert printed in The Leeds Mercury, Saturday, October 10, 1863

"That Mr Hudson be allowed to put up a Privy opposite his house West Lane provided he does not allow it to become a nuisance."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That a license to kill cattle and sheep be granted to Nehemiah Moore in a place at Duckingstool belonging to Mr Thomas Bland. Also that the members of the Board go and view a place belonging to Mr Garnett with a view to a Public Slaughter House. That the new road from Royal Oak to Bridgehouse and Belle Isle be taken by the Board and repaired for the future by the surveyor for the time being."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That there be two lamplighters instead of one to this Board during this winter. The committee to choose the second lamplighter and generally to manage the lighting department. Also the lamps in the streets to burn all night except when the Moon rises before 12 o'clock."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"It was resolved that the necessary works for lighting Mytholmes Lane be done forthwith. That the Gas Highways and Fire Brigade Committee inspect any places they think necessary to be lighted and report thereon to the Board at their next meeting."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The deputation to the directors of the gas company reported that they had made the offer of £6,250 for the purchase of the company's works and effects, and that the directors refused to accept such offer and fixed their price at £6,550. It was resolved that the offer of £6,250 be renewed and that such offer be final."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Clerk reported that he had written Mr Landamore and read his reply stating that the department hoped to be able to open the Haworth Post Office for telegraphic business on 1st October, 1872."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

One of Haworth's three annual fairs was held on (or near) this date. It was a fair for cattle and pedlary ware.

The date is sometimes given as October 14th and sometimes as the first Monday after Old Michaelmas day

Leeds Church Institute Ecclesiological Society. The Committee have made arrangements for a visit to Haworth Church on Saturday next, October 19th 1878. By kind permission of the Vicar, the Church and other articles of interest will be open to the inspection of the members. The Train will leave the Wellington Station at 1.10 p.m, and Members can either partake of tea or return to Leeds by the 5.16 Train.

Mr William Holmes an old inhabitant of the village, laid the first stone for St Michael and All Angels Church, in the threshold of the cellar intended for the heating apparatus.

"The weather was so stormy and wet today that only a few children came to school & most of these were so wet that we had to dismiss them."
Extract from Haworth School Log Book

That the time for extinguishing the public lamps be as follows viz:- Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday nights 10 o'clock Saturday night 10;30 o'clock Sunday night 9 o'clock.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

That placards be posted in the Board's district cautioning persons against defacing or taking numbers from doors or removing or damaging street nameplates, in default legal proceedings will be initiated against persons so offending.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

If any unpleasantness has arisen between the Oxenhope Urban District Council and the Haworth Urban District Council trust that the same may not recur but that the council cannot supply gas to the Oxenhope Urban District Council on any terms different to those upon which they supply its other consumers.

That the plans submitted by the Haworth School Board be approved.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That posters be put out in the Council's District offering a reward of £2 to any person giving information leading to the conviction of any person damaging gas lamps in the said District.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

“This being Haworth tide, we have had a very poor attendance this afternoon.”
Extract from Haworth school log book

That a urinal be erected at the top of Changegate at an estimated cost of £12 providing that satisfactory arrangements can be made with General Rawdon.

That the Clerk laid before the committee a circular letter from the Cyclists Touring Club drawing the attention of the local authority to the damage done to pneumatic tyres of cycles by thorns which have been left upon the Highways. If it is possible for the up keep and trimming of the adjoining hedges also pointing out that the same are a source of great injury to sheep cattle and dogs.

That a urinal be erected at Cross Roads.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Clerk read a letter dated 12th October 1899 from the West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board. It was unanimously resolved that the Council takes steps to defend the threatened proceedings and that the Chairman of the Council and the law Clerk, Clerk and Sanitary Inspector be instructed to attend the same.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Trafalgar"Special lesson to all classes on Nelson & Trafalgar."
Extract from Haworth School log book - commemoration of 100 years of the battle of Trafalger 21st October 1805.

The top stone for the extension to Bradford City Hall was set in place by first Lord Mayor of Bradford; Alderman John Arthur Godwin. The extension was finally opened on 28th September 1909, the original building was built in 1873.

That the two enamelled notice boards received from the West Riding Rivers Board giving notice that any person who throws, puts or places so as to be carried, into any stream any mud, soil, ashes or rubbish will be liable, on conviction, to a penalty not exceeding £20, be erected one in River Street and the other in Belle Isle.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Bradford celebrated being granted Lord Mayoral status.

Bradford's first Lord Mayor, Alderman John Arthur Godwin, mounted a podium to a trumpet fanfare and read aloud the grant of declaration to crowds gathered outside the then Town Hall.

Photos of the Lord Mayor's Centenary Parade here...

Bradford served the first hot school dinners in the country to children at Green Lane School Manningham. The Education (Provision of Meals) Act was passed in 1906.

It was unanimously resolved that the sale of the sewage farm produce be left in the hands of the sewage Committee to deal with as they may think best.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Highways, Buildings, Sanitary and Cemetery Committee reported having received a deputation from the Keighley Corporation consisting of Alderman John Smith, and Councillors John Mitchell, Albert Smith and Herbert Sellers waited upon the Committee and stated that the Corporation contemplated applying for Parliamentary power to provide and run a service of vehicles on the trackless trolley system and that it was suggested that one of the routes should be within the area of the Council and explained what it was proposed and asked for the consent of the corporation being granted power to provide and run such a service of vehicles on the route proposed viz:- From the Council's boundary at Whins Wood, along the Keighley and Halifax main road, and Lees and Hebden Bridge Main Road to the Council's boundary at Oxenhope.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from the Keighley Corporation dated 19 October 1911 stating owing to the prolonged drought they had been reluctantly compelled to give instructions for the water supply to be turned off at 6-30 o'clock each evening commencing (October 20th) until 5 o'clock the following morning.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Chairman made reference to the lamented death of Sir John Brigg, member of Parliament for the Keighley division, and to the great and important work done by him in connection with Parliamentary and local matters. It was unanimously resolved by all members rising to their feet, that a vote of sympathy be passed with his family in the bereavement which they have been called upon to bear and that the Clerk be instructed to communicate the resolution to JJ Brigg Esq JP.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Clerk laid before the Council a communication with reference to the Daylight Saving Bill. It was resolved that letters be written to the Members of Parliament for the Keighley and Otley divisions urging them to give the Bill their chance in the ballot for Private members bills next session, and that a communication be sent to the Prime Minister reminding the Government of the Council's resolution in favour of the Bill and expressing their desire that facilities may be offered for the consideration of the Bill by the House of Commons before next spring.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

By Messrs. ACKROYD & SONS, on the above premises, under instructions from Mr. Thomas P. Smith, Fleece Hotel, Haworth on Saturday, October 11th, 1913,
THE Whole of the Portable Wood THEATRE, SEATS, TOOLS, &c., comprising: The theatre, 82 ft. x 33 ft., composed of about 40 shutters, 9ft x 8ft., and other boards, seats, partitions, spars, ribs, scaffold poles, four spring waggons, chairs, stools, ladders, various tools, gas piping, scrap iron, &c., &c., also a quantity of scenery, dresses, curtains, carpets, &c.
Sale at 2 o'clock prompt.
Permission to view on application at the Fleece Hotel.
Further particulars see posters.

Haworth Hippodrome on Belle Isle opened as Haworth's first cinema. It closed on 11th February 1961, the last film to be screened was "Trooper Hook". The building was re-opened on 18th August 1961 as a bingo hall.

The Clerk reported result of the proceedings taken against four boys for damage to gas lamps in Lord Lane and that Willie Adams, James Parker, Richard Metcalfe and Reggie Booth had been fined by the magistrate 7/6 each. It was resolved that the parents of the remaining 17 boys be each required to pay a share of the damage done and cost incurred, as per promise contained in their letter to the Council dated 25th August 1913, and that in consideration of the parents paying 3/6 each, no further proceedings be instructed.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

"Mrs Moore, of Cold Knowle End, came down after tea to explain that eight of the children had been kept imprisoned at her house all the afternoon by an infuriated goat owned by John Mitchell. It had broken loose from its moorings & chased the boys & girls, who sought protection at Cold Knowle End. Mrs Moore & Miss Marley tried to beat it off but it only became the more furious & butted the door all the afternoon."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

"Mr J W Midgley, spinner, Fleece Mills, Keighley has sent a big parcel of wool weighing 10lbs. to be a knitted by the schoolchildren into comforts for soldiers."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

The Chairman laid before the Council a communication which he had received from the Army Christmas Pudding Fund Committee asking the assistance of the Council so far as their district is concerned for the purpose of raising funds for providing the Christmas Puddings of the Army. It was resolved that the Council give their support as requested, and appointed as a committee for carrying out the arrangements, the members of the War Charities Committee.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Superintendent of Police be asked to take an oversight of the allotments in the Council's District, in view of potatoes been stolen from the allotments, and that he be asked to prosecute the first offender.

The Clerk read a letter from the Borough of Rawtenstall with respect to the housing of the Working Classes, asking the Council to support them in the following resolution viz:- That this Council is of the opinion that in order to secure adequate housing accommodation for the Working Classes, the Government should be prepared to lend money free of interest to Local Authorities who are prepared to proceed with housing schemes, the repayment of the money to be spread over a period of 200 years, and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Prime Minister, to the President of the Local Government Board, and to Local Members of Parliament.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Clerk communicate with the Gasworks Manager of the Keighley Corporation calling attention to the unsatisfactory supply of gas to the Lees and Cross Roads District and ask if they will look into the matter with a view to remedying the complaint.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

A Charabanc with 32 passengers ran out of control and crashed into a wall after its brakes failed on the descent from Cockhill moor. The accident happened at the hairpin bend above Oxenhope church. Five people were killed, and most of the 27 passengers were injured.

A special meeting of the above Council was held this day at the Council chamber, Haworth.
The Clerk reported receipt of orders as follows:
Coal (Emergency) Order 1920
Coal and Gas (Emergency) Order 1920
Lighting, Heating and Power (Emergency) Order 1920
The Local Authorities (Gas and Coal) order 1920
Communication from the Controller of Coal Mines dated October 19, 1920
From the Coal Emergency Officer appointed for this District Coal and Fuel Emergency Order 1920
Communication from the Under Secretary for Mines dated October 21, 1920
That the Executive Officer be requested to get out a poster in the Council's gas supply district with regard to lighting, pressure and quantity of gas allowed to be used with other directions and information under the new emergency control.
That the public lighting of lamps be discontinued with the exception of the lighting of such lamps as may be ordered by the Superintendent of Police for the district during the period of emergency.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Housing Subcommittee appointed by the Council to negotiate purchase of land situated between Butt Lane, Bridgehouse Lane, and Belle Isle Road; 7.624 acres from Captain Emmott as per plan submitted by the Council, reported that the land in question had been offered to the Council for housing scheme re at £300 per acre. It was resolved that the Council accept Captain Emmotts offer, subject to the consent of the Housing Commissioner.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

On the recommendation of the Electricity Committee it was resolved that the clerk reply to the letter of the Electricity Commissioner suggesting that the day for the commencement of the Haworth Electric Lighting Order 1915, be 1 April 1924, on account of the extraordinary depression of trade, and also on the ground of the stringency of financial matters.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Stanbury War Memorial was officially unveiled. Stanbury Roll of Honour here...

That the Council give their support to proposed Remembrance Day under the British Legion to be held later in the year.

That the application of the Yorkshire (Woollen District) Electric Tramways Ltd for renewal of licences in respect of four motor omnibuses and six drivers be granted.

In accordance with notice of motion given at the last ordinary meeting of the Council, Mr Thomas Duerden moved and Mr George Rushworth, seconded that the Council take steps to provide land on the Haworth side of the district for the purpose of Recreation Ground and Park without delay and that a committee be appointed to consider the matter and report to the Council thereon.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the request received from the Haworth War Memorial committee that the Council take over the War Memorial and maintain the same in future be acceded to and that the Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Ministry of Health asking for his permission and the War Memorials (Local Authority) act 1923 involving reasonable expenditure in the maintenance.

That it be an instruction to the lighting committee that the public lamps be lit every night during the lighting season whether it is moonlight or not.

That a letter be forwarded to the Keighley Tramways Manager drawing his attention to the excessive speed at which the Corporation buses travel in the Council's area, the overcrowding of the buses; and the practice of passengers entering into conversation with the drivers whilst the buses are in motion and ask that these matters receive the attention of the Department.

That the Council ask Messers Pilgrim & Hayman, solicitors to the Rawdon Trustees to prepare and forward to the Council’s Solicitors, agreement for sale and purchase of land 7 acres 1 rood 2 perches or thereabouts in Butt Lane Haworth for recreation ground purposes.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the offer made by Bentleys Yorkshire Breweries Ltd, in the sum of £10 towards cost of paving in front of New Inn Sun Street, Haworth, be accepted.

It was resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to meet the Police Authorities with respect to lighting of public lamps and ascertain which they consider the most dangerous places, that such lamps be lit, and the lighting of the remainder discontinued forthwith.

That application be made to the Ministry of Health for sanction to loan of £400 for purchase of land, Mytholmes Lane, for purpose of housing site.

That the War Memorial Committee be instructed to proceed forthwith with the inscription on the local War Memorial of the names of men who fell in the War.

It was resolved that the Council lay electricity cable from Green Fields to Mytholmes Bar, with a view to connecting the Catholic Church with electricity supply.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Rawdon Trustees accepted an amended offer from the Council of £1,000 for the land behind Haworth Central Schools, to be used for playing fields.
Haworth U.D.C meeting

Leeds Bradford Airport opened. Known then as Yeadon Aerodrome, on 60 acres of grassland along the Bradford-Harrogate Road.

Sylvia Plath was born in Boston. She married Ted Hughes. In 1956 they both visited Yorkshire and Haworth, she wrote: "We spent one athletic day hiking ten miles over the moors and swamps from Wuthering Heights, where I did a sketch in the freezing wind. Saw museum of Brontës, things in the old Parsonage - incredible miniature children's books of a magic kingdom they made up, in tiny print with exquisite, luminous watercolors, what creative children! Charlotte did the loveliest little watercolors."
She died on 11th February 1963

Morrisons store officially opened for business in Keighley.

Haworth Fairtrade officially signed the agreement to twin with Machu Picchu in Peru.

Using a wheel clamp to immobilise a vehicle on private land was banned.

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