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Haworth Historical Events in December

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The 1831 Game Act was passed in Parliament to protect game birds by establishing an open and closed season. 10th December is the close of the Grouse shooting season, which started on the 12th August. About Red Grouse here...

First recorded meeting of The Haworth Local Board of Health. Present William Binns, William Holmes, Thomas Parker, John Brown, William Roper, Abraham Roper, John Hudson, William Turner and Thomas Pickles
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"A note had been sent to the Local Board by Mr Nicholls, calling their attention to, and complaining of the state of the footpath between Parsonage Lane and Moor End and stating, that if the surveyor does not immediately effect the necessary repairs, he shall cause legal proceedings to be taken against him."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Ordered that the Clerk write to Mr Craven respecting the water supply to Mytholmes asking him if the board agrees to take the water to Mytholmes, will he Mr Craven take it to Spring Row, and those houses at the mill, to the new house which he is building, and to the stables."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Carried unanimously, that the streets of Haworth be lighted with gas and the number of lamps do not exceed 10 this winter. Also that the Clerk gets the estimates for the erection of those lamps as soon as possible that the streets may be lighted without delay."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Special meeting of the Local Board held this day at the Royal Oak Inn. Ordered that the surveyor string a line from a corner of the Royal Oak Public House to the wall corner by Jon Wood's and make the road the proper width at that place."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Moved by Mr John Redman and seconded by Dr Ingham and carried that the plans submitted to the Board by Reverend John Wade be approved."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Mr M Thomas for the building a Privy and ashplace contiguous to his property in Main Street be passed."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That Joshua Wood be requested to produce plans before permission can be given to rebuild the Privy in the Main Street."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Applications from Messrs Merrall and Son, P Readman and Holt for the Board's sanction to their using steam whistles at their works for the purpose of summoning and dismissing their workpeople, having been read it was on the motion of Mr G Sutcliffe seconded by Mr Edward Craven, resolved that such sanction be, and is hereby given."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Clerk read a letter dated 2nd December, 1873 from Messrs J P M Ogden asking the Board's permission to erect a Private Telegraph wire from the Post Office to the bottom of Main Street to cross the Street at a height of not less than nine yards."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Titus Salt died. He was a politician, manufacturer and philanthropist, best known for creating Saltaire village for his factory and workers. About Titus Salt and Saltaire here...

Haworth & St Michaels Church foundation stone was laid. The old church had been demolished, with the exception of the tower which dates from the 15th century. This action raised bitter controversy.

"Nearly twenty children are absent with bronchitis and Whooping cough. We break up today for the Christmas holidays, the children are to be presented with toys & cards."
Extract from Haworth School Log Book

That a lamp be fixed in the churchyard near the steps leading to the upper portion of the churchyard.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Yesterday afternoon Mr Keir Hardie, MP, addressed a meeting of work people in the open air, near the Haworth railway station. In the evening he spoke at a large meeting in the Keighley Mechanics Institute... and was supported by the officials of the Keighley Division Labour Union, and the local Trades and Labour Council.

The Chairman defended the formation of an independent Labour Party. A resolution to this end and urging the desirability of direct Labour representation upon all our legislative and public administrated bodies.

Mr Keir Hardie M.P., who was loudly cheered, referring to the agricultural conference, admitted that the agricultural class needed protection, but it was protection against the exactions of landlordism and not against the imports of breadstuffs (applause) and this was true also of other forms of industry. He demanded of the State ample provision for the poor unfortunates in the "reserve army" of Labour who had a far greater claim upon the Treasury than the dusky natives of Uganda. Then there must be a reduction of long hours of labour and the abolition of piece- work. The development of the free trade spirit in America portended the early breaking up here of system of private ownership of land and the means of production, and accentuated the need for better organisation among the forces of labour. The resolution was heartily adopted.
Extract printed in The Leeds Mercury, Friday, December 9, 1892

"That the Police be requested to use, their best endeavours to stop sliding on the highways and public footpaths in the Board's district and to prosecute any offenders."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Representatives of this council to the joint committee of Haworth and Oxenhope in connection with the opening of the Patriotic Fund in connection with the war in South Africa.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

It was unanimously resolved that the gas lamps in the Council's district be lit all night on Christmas Eve.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council

Miss Judson who lived at 7 Prospect St Haworth, was cooking a meal when “All t’ime Ah could feel this thing gettin’ heer and heer up mi throit.... Ah just oppened mi math when summat comes aht..”

She claimed that it was the “Haworth Water Wolf” which had lived inside her stomach for 6 years from when she had drank from spring water at Leeshaw; “Ah’d having a sup an’ A’h felt summat slip dahn mi throat wi’ t’watter”.

On the motion of Mr James Ackroyd seconded by Mr George Rushworth it was resolved that the Council support the Daylight Savings Bill. That the passing of the Bill would conduce to the physical, mental and moral and financial welfare of the nation and that it is deserving of the support of all classes of the community. That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to his Majesty's Government accompanied by an expression of hope that will give facilities for the Bill.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

"Mrs E. H. Illingworth, of Pinewood, sent down the motor car with five pairs of blankets which the children, like good fairies, took out to deserving cases in the village."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

"There is a movement on foot in Bradford for supplying Christmas presents to the children of soldiers & sailors on active service. This morning we received 20 dolls to be dressed by the girls attending this school."
Extract from Stanbury school log book

The Clerk reported receipt of a communication from the Board of Trade enclosing a copy of new regulations made on the 25th stating that Trolley Vehicles driven or propelled along the routes shall not exceed the rate of 12 miles an hour in Hebden road, except on the curves through Royd House Wood where the speed shall not exceed the rate of 8 mph.

Mr John A Murgatroyd, in accordance with a request made at the last meeting of the Council, reported on the question raised by the Decimal Association drawing the attention of the Council to the efforts they are making to decimalise to coinage and weights and measures of the country. On the motion of Mr John A Murgatroyd seconded by Mr Duerden, it was resolved that in the opinion of this Council it is of supreme national importance that prompt steps be taken to secure the maximum of trade with foreign countries when the war is over. To this end the Council considers it is not only desirable but absolutely essential to adopt the decimal system of coinage, weights and measures throughout the British Isles and thus enable our manufacturers and merchants to compete more easily and successfully with rival nations having that system,
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Council open a fund for the provision of a public memorial to men who have fought and to those who have fallen in the war.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the plans submitted by the Village War Memorial Committee of War Memorial Building for Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking be approved.

That what are known as the Barfield and the field immediately to the North West thereof be approved as a suitable site for the Council's Housing Scheme.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Clerk laid before the meeting a communication received from the Ministry of Health dated 10 December 1920, approving the purchase of 3. 24 acres of land at Bridgehouse Lane for a site for the erection of working class houses.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Council have no objection to the proprietors of the Hippodrome allowing the exhibition of the Film "Damaged Goods".
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book - Film now lost, was made in 1914 about venereal disease.

That the public lamps be lit all night during the nights of December 24 and 25th.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The last Tram ran in Keighley. The service operated from Keighley station to Ingrow.

That on the representation of the sanitary inspector, 28 days notice under section 36 of the Public Health Act 1875 be served on the owners of property No 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 Hill Street; 2, 10, 12 Cold Street; 1 Green Street, and 8 Cold Street to provide a separate WC and Ashpit accommodation furnished with proper doors and coverings for each of the before named houses.

That 28 days notice under section 36 of the Public Health Act 1875 be served on the owners of property No 3 Sun Street, 1 and 3 Sun Street, 18 West Lane, 26 and 28 West Lane and 68 Lord Lane to provide cylindrical galvanised iron dust bin with close fitting cover for each house.

That the public lamps in the Council's District be lit all night on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night.

That the Surveyor be given discretionary power with respect to the lighting of lamps during dark evenings in the period of the full moon.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Council give their support to proposed film show to be held at the Mill Hey School, Haworth, on Tuesday 9th December 1924, with respect to Venereal Diseases and Tuberculosis.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That two, 300 candle power gas lamps be provided, one at Bridgehouse, and one opposite Royal Oak Hotel, Mill Hey.

That the Council adopted a Standard Cistern to discharge not more than 3 gallons per flush.

That the electricity cable be laid from Clarendon Street along Sun Street, to Woodlands, a distance of approximately 440 yards.

It was resolved that Messers Duerden, Hindley, Waddington and Rushworth be appointed a committee in conjunction with four members of the War Memorial Committee to open a subscription list for the purpose of raising funds to pay cost of inscribing on the War Memorial names of the men from the district who fell in the war.

That the public lamps are lighted all night of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day evening and Boxing Day evening.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

It was resolved that the application of Messers Snaith and Taylor for licence for Hackney Carriage to carry 14 persons to ply for hire between Haworth and Stanbury be granted for the term of one month; they to use Ivy Bank Lane as a stand, and to use road to Stanbury via Sladen Bridge.

That the Council proceed with the laying of a main electric cable from Greenfields to Cravenroyd and sub cables to the Catholic Church and Mytholmes Cooperative society, the work to be carried out by direct labour under the supervision of the Council's Consulting Engineer at an estimated cost of £337.

On the recommendation of the Park and Recreation Ground Committee it was unanimously resolved. That an effort be made to obtain possession of the road on the West side of the Central Schools, and that Messers Duerden, Murgatroyd and Ackroyd be appointed to interview the County Authorities at Wakefield with respect to this matter.

It was resolved that Messers Smith & Boothman be paid the sum of £50 on account of inscribing names on War Memorial.

That the Clerk write to the Brontë Cinema Co thanking them for the invitation to the Council to witness exhibition of film, "The Love Story of David Livingstone" at a matinee performance on Christmas Day.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The first Bronte Bus service ran between Haworth and Stanbury.

"The chairman laid before the meeting a letter which he had received from the Employment Exchange, Keighley with respect to effort on behalf of the unemployed with a view to obtaining for them, one two or more days work during the period 10th to 17th December, 1932, in order that they may have a few more shillings to spend and thus brighten Christmas for themselves and their families."
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council minutes

Richard Whiteley, television presenter and journalist was born in Bradford. He died on 26 June 2005.

The 1970's punk band The Sex Pistols played at Nikkers Keighley. They played a number of secret gigs around the country under different names, in an attempt to prevent the shows being banned.

Haworth Fire Station closed ending 148 years of service in the Worth Valley.

Haworth Mill Hey was hit by flooding, with a section of the Royal Oak pub destroyed.

Mill Hey has had a major flood on two previous occasions: 10th August 2004 and 20th September 1946.

Pictures of the 2015 flood here...

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Picture comparing the 1946 and 2004 flood here...
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