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Yorkshire Day is celebrated on August 1st and is the anniversary of the Battle of Minden in 1759. It is also a celebration of Lammas a harvest festival when the first bread was made from the new corn.

Yorkshire Day was revived in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society.

A perambulation of the boundaries of the township of Stanbury (part of the Manor of Bradford) was held. It is the only one known to have been recorded.

To be sold by private contract, the Manor or Lordship of Haworth, in the County of York extending over a very large district of enclosed land, and compromising also Three Thousand Acres of unenclosed Moors and Commons, with the free Rents, Tolls of Fairs and all other the royalties and privileges belonging to the said Manor. Also, the two farms called Cookgate, and Withins Farms, the former situated in Haworth, and containing about 30 acres, and the latter situate in Stanbury, and containing (exclusive of the great enclosure called Fawkes’s Intake,) about 33 acres, and the public house in Haworth, called the Kings-Arms. The buildings upon the Cookgate Farm are particularly good, consisting of a modern built and well finished stone house with a large wool-warehouse, barn, stable &c. All in compleat repair: with the Manor a purchaser will acquire the sole and exclusive right to the soil of the Moors and Commons, and to all Mines and Minerals within the same, and they afford several excellent Stone Quarries, and are known also to contain Coal. There are likewise several plots of improvable land upon these wastes, well worth enclosing, and the remainder is Ling and Heath, affording excellent Manor game shooting, being not only good breeding ground itself but adjoining also upon other Moors, which are very extensive and well preserved. The enclosed lands within the Manor afford good partridge shooting and other field diversions, and the property is altogether a desirable object to a Gentleman fond of hunting or shooting.
Haworth is situated upon the Turnpike road from Colne to Halifax at the distance of ten miles from each of these places, nine from Bradford, and four from Keighley.
Other particulars may be had upon application to Mr Smith's office, in Otley.
Otley, August 25, 1808
Extract printed in The Leeds Mercury, Saturday, September 3, 1808

Benjamin Herschel Babbage was born. He became an inspector for the General Board of Health visiting Haworth on the 2nd of April 1850 to examine the sanitary conditions, which Patrick Bronte had petitioned for.

First child of Charles Babbage “father of the computer" Sir John Herschel the astronomer said of him as an infant: “Young B is a hearty ugly sprawling brat and his father thinks him a patterned baby”.

Edward Harcourt the Archbishop of York visited Haworth to consecrate a new section of the graveyard as the main churchyard had become full.

The 1831 Game Act was passed in Parliament to protect game birds by establishing an open and closed season. 12 August (unless date falls on a Sunday shooting starts on Monday 13th) is known as the "Glorious Twelfth" when Red Grouse may be shot. The season closes on the 10th December. About Red Grouse here...

The Duke of Devonshire visited Haworth.

"The surveyor produced a letter received by him from the clerk to the trustees of The Toller Lane and Blue Bell Turnpike road, of which the following is a copy,
"Bingley 20th August 1859 Toller Lane and Haworth Turnpike road
Sir, I have to inform you, that the trustees on the 17th Inst made an order to authorise you to expend the sum of £41.l.9 3/4 before the first day of January next in repairs upon the surface above Turnpike Road within your district, which amount will be paid to you in the above month in case their surveyor shall certify to their satisfaction that you have complied with their order. I am your obedient servant Fr. Butterfield Clerk to the said Trustees"
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Mr Merrall proposed, seconded by Mr Garnett, and unanimously agreed to, that a vote of thanks be given by this Board to Richard Butterfield Esquire the chairman, and William Greenwood Esquire one of its members, for their unabating excursions, loss of time, and expenses by repeatedly attending meetings at Keighley, and waiting upon the Home Secretary in London for the purpose of accomplishing the removal of the Toll Bars on the Toller Lane and Blue Bell Turnpike Road, and opposing a continuation of the said Turnpike Act."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Sutcliffe Sowden clergyman and friend of the Brontes tragically died, he had fallen into the canal at Hebden Bridge and drowned.

"Carried unanimously by the 11 members that Joseph Redman is elected Clerk on a salary of £20 per annum so long as he shall give satisfaction to the board and to be paid pro rata."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Sarah Parker, James Waddington, Susan Holmes and Thomas Greenwood, of Haworth, were charged with trespassing on Haworth Moor. James Clayton stated that he found the prisoners gathering bilberries upon Haworth Moor. Mr Ferrand was with him. He took the cans from them and emptied the bilberries out. Fined one penny each and costs 15s.
From Keighley Petty Sessions as reported in Keighley News.

A letter was written in the Keighley News the following week by Thomas Greenwood of which the following is an extract:

"Time out of mind poor people had been allowed to gather bilberries on the commons around. And the old squires, when out shooting, used to smile upon our industry and often generously give us a shilling to encourage us. But these were good old Tory days; there were no Conservatives then to claim the bilberries. Tories called it a virtue to gather wild fruit….. I was ignorant sir, that I was poaching. I always thought it was a poor person’s right to gather wild fruit off a wild common…….. I had some comfort on my way home, for at Uppertown I was surrounded by people, and they all cried shame on the squire who could send a poor old man to prison for gathering bilberries off a wild common.
I shall never forget how austere you were on the moor, telling the keeper to take my bilberries from me, and how he trampled them under his feet and wasted them…. Hard hearted and mean squires often lose their estates, and have to end their days in want and misery, and would be glad of a good bilberry dumpling. Beware squire, your sins may find you out.
Age teaches wisdom
I was taught when young that a squire, however rich, was but a man.
I have learnt in age that every squire is not a gentleman.
I am sir, yours, the spirit of old."

"That the surveyor be authorised to proceed immediately to remove the nuisance which has been complained of in the backyard of the Kings Arms Inn."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That 14 days' notice be given to owners of property situated in Mill Hey as far as Mill Bridge, and to the owner of that property situated at Belle Isle belonging to Mr Joseph Reddihough and also to the occupier of that one house situated in West Lane occupied by Mr John Appleyard and at the expiration of the above notice the outstanding taps in the above named district be removed. After considerable discussion relative to the constant waste of water in that district the above resolution was carried unanimously."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

Haworth became an independent parish from Bradford.

"That the complained of nuisances at Newell Hill and those pig styes close to the side of Bridge House Lane the parties awaiting them to have notice of their removal as soon as the pigs which are in them are fat."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That the Clerk put up notices stating that the Board are in want of Lamplighter the tenders to come to the board at their next meeting."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"Moved by Mr Sugden and seconded by Mr Thomas Bland and carried that Messrs Mr Greenwood, E.G. Hattersley and Dr Ingham be appointed a deputation from this Board to present the letter of condolence sanctioned and prepared by and under the directions of the Board to Miss Jane Wright Butterfield of Woodlands, daughter of the late Chairman of this Board."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Nuisance Inspector reported that he had caused the following nuisances to be abated.
A nuisance arising from the manure heap belonging to the slaughter house on premises of Ackroyd Stoney, Butcher. A nuisance arising from the manure heap on premises of Moses Baldwin, Old Hall. A nuisance caused by the filthy state of the Privy belonging to William Wilkinson, Fleece Inn. A nuisance caused by a heap of filth and rubbish deposited on premises of John Hartley, Kings Arms."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

The foundation stone of Bradford City Hall was laid by Mayor Alderman Mark Dawson. The building was officially opened 3 years later on 9th September 1873.

"Conversation here ensued with regard to the purchase by the Board of the works of the Haworth gas company.. It was resolved that Messrs Hattersley, George Merrall, Garnett and Taylor have an interview with the directors of the company respecting such purchase."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That the Gas Committee be authorised to attend to the requirements of Ivy Bank Mill and adjoining property with respect to a better supply of gas."

"That Sutcliffe Binns be engaged as inside working manager of the gas works at a salary of 30/- per week."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"That the water be turned on at the reservoir at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and turned off at 7 o'clock."

"Mr Hattersley reported that at a recent meeting of the Haworth Ratepayers Protection Society the Returning Officer and his assistants were charged with tampering with the voting papers of the last election, and he was desirous of ascertaining whether the Board were of opinion that the Election was conducted in any other than a satisfactory manner.
He therefore moved that the Board have every confidence in the manner in which the Returning Officer and his assistants conducted the last Election and sympathetically deny the charges brought against them by Haworth Ratepayers Protection Society. Mr Greenwood seconded the motion which was carried unanimously."

Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

"The Inspector of buildings having reported that Mr William Brown in erecting a Brewery and premises on the Brow Estate had encroached on Apsley St. It was proposed by Mr Readman seconded by Mr Sugden that the owner of the property be required to remove the encroachment and conform to the plan submitted to and approved by the Board."
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

That Mr Ellis Ratcliffe been noticed to refix the number plates of his house which he has taken down and that notices be posted in the Board's district warning persons against damaging or disturbing the street name and house number plates. That the street nameplates be repaired where necessary and that the numbering of the houses be completed.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute book

That the National Telephone Company Ltd be permitted to erect telephone poles on Main Road in the Board's District on conditions they make 1/- per pole per year and enter into an agreement satisfactory to the Board.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

That notices be posted near the well in Main Street stating that the water contained therein has been condemned by the Medical Officer as unfit for drinking purposes.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

That posters be put out in the Board's district offering 10/- reward for such information as will lead to the conviction of any person for damaging the public lamps in the Board's district and that two notice boards be put up in the land at the gasworks warning persons against throwing stones and rubbish into the land belonging to the Board around the gasworks.
Extract from Haworth Local Board of Health Minute Book

That the application of Mr Alexander Dipon to make connections for a supply of water to Fair Ground be granted and that the sum of 7/6 be charged for the said supply during Rushbearing week this not to be a fixed charge.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Stone was laid at Keighley Library by Sir Swire Smith to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII. The library opened to the public on August 20th 1904.

The Clerk produced a letter from Mr Carnegie saying he would provide £1,500 to erect a free public library building for Haworth on conditions (a) that a sum is collected sufficient to endow the library to the extent of £27 a year, making the assured revenue £100 a year, and (b) that a site is furnished which shall not be a burden on the library rate.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council

Keighley library was officially opened by the Duke of Devonshire.
It was one of the first Carnegie libraries to be built in England, Cockermouth library in Cumbria may be earlier.

Solar Eclipse watched at Haworth Board School. “Took scholars into yard at 11.45- each with perforated paper. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast”.
Extract from Haworth School log book

"Mrs Edwin Pawson of Oxenhope visited the school this afternoon & told the children about her recollections of Charlotte Bronte - how she sat in her class at Sunday School & was taught by her, praised by her, and scolded by her, when she had been naughty. She also told us how she had often been sent up more than half a century ago to take Sunday School duties at the Stanbury Church school by Charlotte's husband the Rev. A. B. Nicholls.
Extract from Stanbury school log book

That Mr Samuel Ogden be given 28 days to alter two Privy middens in White Lion Yard to WC's.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Mr Joseph Gott reported having attended a meeting of the trustees under scheme for Allotments for labouring poor, Harden and that the Clerk stated that there was capital to the credit of the trustees which might by the consent of the Charity Commissioners be divided and spent on providing Allotments in the District's of the several authorities interested under the scheme.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That application be made to the County highways committee for permission to fix an adjustable door on one side of the wall of bridge near railway station for the purpose of snow tipping in winter.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Dr Maggs was called way from the meeting soon after its commencement, by telegram, requiring his attendance forthwith to assist in examination of Territorials called together by proclamation of his Majesty the King.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the Council support the Bingley Urban District Council and the Bingley Overseers in their application to the Home Office to be heard on the question of damage to property in the Borough of Keighley in consequence of an Anti German Riot in the month of August 1914, with a view to the damages being done by the Keighley Corporation and not by the authorities in the Keighley Petty Sessional Division as suggested by the Keighley Corporation.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

The Clerk lay before the meeting a letter from the Early Closing Association asking the Council to co-operate with them in passing a resolution in favour of compulsory 7 o'clock closing of shops. It was resolved that the Council expresses its deep sense of satisfaction in the improved conditions of shop life since 1915, and its appreciation of the public's marked co-operation in shopping earlier. The Council is convinced that the time is ripe for a compulsory 7 o'clock closing order (with one late night and the usual half holiday) and urges the Government to see to this national desire from September 30 next.

The Clerk laid before the meeting a communication from the Local Government Board stating that fruit stones, including date stones and hard shells which are immediately required for urgent war purposes, and suggesting that with the consent of Education Authorities, schoolchildren might be urged to bring fruit stones and hard nut shells to some depot from which they could be dispatched.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book - The fruit stones were collected for the use of gas mask filters, they were found to work better when converted to charcoal than wood.

It was resolved to refer to the Highways Subcommittee for consideration the question of direction posts on highways in the Council District, with power to take such steps as they may decide.

That the wages of the employees in the Department paid by the hour be reduced one penny per hour.

The Clerk reported that he had drawn the attention of the Town Clerk of Keighley to the dangerous condition of a disused coal mine shaft at Hob Hill on Haworth Moor, that an opening had been made into the shaft, dangerous especially to children who might fall into the shaft.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

That the following plans be approved, viz:-
5 Ashplaces, Barcroft, Cross Roads for Mr A Ellison and others. Coal house, 55 North Street, Haworth for Mr H Gill. Cellar, Corn Mill, Station Road, for WH Fowler. Dwellinghouse and warehouse, Main Street for Mr Fred Holmes. 3 WC's, Haworth Central Schools. Wooden greenhouse, 18 Back River Street, Haworth for Mr Harry Rodwell.

That 28 days notice under section 36 of the Public Health Act 1875 be served on owner of property No 10 and 12 North Street to provide cylindrical galvanised iron dust bins for each house. No 2 and 4 Main Street and 5 and 7 Thomas St to provide one additional cylindrical galvanised iron dust bin for the four houses mentioned.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

It was resolved that the application of Mr JS Rhodes on behalf of Mr Albert Midgley, Woodbyrne house, Gott Street, Cross Roads and Mr JW Wood Woodville Terrace, Cross Roads for them to make application to the Keighley Corporation to take and use electricity for lighting and heating at their houses be granted.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

Messers R B Broster & Company attended the meeting and laid before the Council plan and scheme of proposed Recreation Ground. It was resolved on the motion of Mr George Rushworth seconded by Mr J Hindley that the plan and scheme as laid before the meeting be provisionally approved, and that Messers R B Broster & Company be instructed to get out estimate of cost of carrying out the scheme.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

A formal inauguration by the Marquis & Marchioness of Hartington to celebrate the completion of Lower Laithe reservoir near Stanbury.

It was resolved that seeing the Council's District is now free from Small Pox the order declaring Chicken Pox to be an infectious disease notifiable under the Infectious Disease (Notification) Act 1889 be terminated forthwith.

The Clerk laid before the Council letter from the Ministry of Health dated 26 July with respect to loan for Recreation Ground and Park stating that the Minister approved of the proposal to provide a pleasure Ground, he considers the layout of the ground to be on somewhat expensive lines and asks the Council to consider this matter, also inquiring what revenue will be forthcoming from the Tennis Courts and Band Performances. It was resolved that the Clerk reply stating that the Council gave careful consideration to the scheme before submitting the same to the Ministry also that they took into consideration the question of cost, that they have again considered the matter and unanimously have come to the conclusion that they desire the scheme to go forward as submitted, also that the Council are unable to give an estimate of income from the Tennis Courts and Band Performances.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council Minute Book

"During vacation installation of electric lighting has been commenced."
Extract from Haworth Board School log book

"That permission be granted to the Haworth Institute to use the Haworth Park for their annual sing on Sunday 28th August, 1932".
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council minutes.

That the Council agree to the transfer of the Mill Hey Library Centre from the Council's Offices to the Haworth Institute.

That permission be granted to the Haworth Institute to use the Haworth Park for their annual Sing on Sunday 28th August, 1932.
Extract from Haworth Urban District Council minutes

"The Clerk laid before the council letter from Mr J.H. Pandoe, Rawdon Estate, with respect to Mytholmes Lane improvement, stating that he will be prepared to advise the Rawdon Estate to accept the sum of £750 to include:-
1) Two houses and outbuildings and garden.
2) Old building occupied as cobbler’s shop.
3) Large barn and stable for 7 horses adjoining.

It was resolved that it be referred to the Highways Committee for further consideration."

"That the plan of parapet wall in connection with the bowling green in Haworth Park be approved."

"That the Parks Superintendent obtain pieces and samples of seeds for sowing the bowling green in Haworth Park, and that he bring these to the Council Meeting on 6th August 1935."

"That a letter be sent to the Police authorities requesting that in cases of fire occurring in the Councils District, before they communicate with the Keighley Corporation Fire Brigade, they first communicate with the Haworth Fire Brigade and ascertain if they are in a position to deal with outbreak."

Extract from Haworth Urban District Council minutes

Haworth Hippodrome on Belle Isle re-opened as a bingo hall. It first opened as Haworth's first cinema on 17th October 1913, and closed on 11th February 1961. The last film to show was "Trooper Hook"

Haworth Mill Hey was hit by flooding after prolonged rain. Bridgehouse beck burst its banks and flooded parts of the area. Pictures of the flood here...

About 8:30pm on 14th August a fire started on the third floor of Ebor Mill, which soon took control and gutted the building. Photos of the Ebor Mill fire here...

Haworth, Crossroads & Stanbury Parish Council took over full management & control of their allotment sites from Bradford MDC.

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