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Fisher's Lodge - c. 1900

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Fisher's Lodge - c. 1900

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Fisher's Lodge is thought to have been built c1808 by the Rushworth family and was formerly referred to as Russia or Rusher Mill. J. Horsfall Turner in 'Haworth Past And Present' 1879 referred to it as 'more like a barn with a cottage chimney than what we now understand by a mill. It is tenanted by a manufacturer of band and dry soap.'
This manufacturer was my great great grandfather James Dewhirst. Originally born in Wadsworth he acquired the mill and house sometime ater 1861. Here he prospered and raised his family having found what we would now call a niche market for Cotton Band. This was a consumable item used in the spinning process.
Formerly in 1840 as a young family man James was accepted as an 'exorter' on the Keighley Primitive Methodist Circuit Plan. Steady promotion led to him becoming leader of the Mill Hey Missionary Prayer Meeting.
An unexplained move to Manchester had occurred in about 1848 where my great grandmother Grace Dewhirst was born. Her birth certificate shows James as a Brewer. Perhaps an unusual occupation for a Methodist lay preacher.
James wife Mary Anne Rawlings died in 1871 and in 1872 he remarried to the widow of a well known local herbalist 'Dr Joseph' Greenwood who took up residence in her turn also at Fisher's Lodge.
James Dewhirst died in 1890 aged 76. He managed to have this fact recorded on Dr James Greenwood's handsome (and publicly subscribed for) tombstone in the Dockroyd burial ground despite himself being interred over a mile away.
The eldest of James Dewhirst's children was Joseph who continued and expanded the business acquiring nearby Dunkirk Mill - see notes there also.
James subsequently had at least 118 descendants the most notable of which is probably his great great grandson Ian Dewhirst MBE the well known Keighley local historian to whom I credit much of the information here.
Rodney Brown

There is a date on the original lintel over the original doorway of the mill of 1803, hidden by the cement render. The two weaver's cottages have a plaque on the end giving the date of build as 1808, visible from the footpath across the stream. It has the motto "Repeat no grievances but study to be quiet and mind your own business", and the initials R over W & M, for William and Mary Rushworth.
Alan Raistrick

Just for interest: I found a reference to the same motto in Old Barlick by William Atkinson on the oneguyfrombarlick.co.uk website. He says " near Rimington and inserted in the wall and on a stone tablet"
1819 Field House, Wm, Rushworth
Repeat no grievances
Study to be quiet
and mind your own business
I wonder if someone had see the Fisher's Lodge motto and copied it or if it was the same William Rushworth. My ancestor William Rushworth wasn't born until 1846 and was connected to Rimington though there may have been earlier ones or we may be related to the Haworth Rushworths somewhere.
Deborah Rushworth

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