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Dunkirk Mill - c. 1900

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Dunkirk Mill - c. 1900

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Dunkirk Mill was owned by Joseph Dewhirst at this time. He built the two semi-detached houses on the right following the engagement of two of his three daughters Eva and Emma Dewhirst. They were both married on the same day in 1899 at Lowertown Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in identical dresses and came to their new homes which were identically furnished.
Joseph Dewhirst occupied the mill house attached to the right of the mill itself.
I am a descendant of Joseph Dewhirst's sister Grace who married Samuel Brown my great grandfather. Credit must go to Ian Dewhirst the Keighley local historian for much of this information. He is a direct decendant of another of Joseph's siblings Sarah Anne Dewhirst.See also the Fisher's Lodge photograph.
Rodney Brown

Hi Rodney
A great picture and a lovely family history story.
I too am a descendant of Sarah Ann Dewhirst, who married Robert Sharpe in 1868.
Louise Slater

Nice old photo.
Would it be possible to bay a copy and if so how?
Gordon Hutchison

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