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Leeshaw Reservoir - drought - 1911

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Leeshaw Reservoir - drought - 17th September 1911.

Your Comments:

Enjoyed the pictures of old Oxenhope very much indeed.
Born in Keighley to an Oxenhope father, 1939.
Lived in Church Street 1939-1946. (I see the Trough at the bottom of the street. It was still there a hundred years later.)
Lived up at the Waggon & Horses 1946-1950. Very happy years. The Rag Farm was west of us.
Have lived here in British Columbia since 1962.
Amazed at the 1911 drought picture. I was in school in Oxenhope with Eric Cole, whose dad was the keeper of it.
My Grandma Greenwood in Best Lane once told me she had walked over a now-flooded bridge at the bottom of the reservoir. My dad's aunt, Grace Greenwood, kept the Bay Horse for many, many years. I knew her retired in the other bungalow, beside my grandparents, down Best Lane (I see that's an old name too).
Thanks again.
Ken Greenwood
Ken Greenwood

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