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Griffe Mill, Stanbury

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Griffe Mill, Stanbury

The "Goit mill" of Sutcliffe

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recently stayed at the Silent Inn and came across this mill. absolutely fascinating.
S Williams

This mill is alledged to be haunted by a young girl named Susannah Arabella Shackleton - does any one have any info. on this. The young girl perished near the mill either in the late 1890s or early 1900s
Sue Smith

as a youngster born in haworth in 1917 as a family we used to walk to sTANBURY AND THIS MAY BE THE MILL WE PASSED if so it originally had a water wheel and made silk handkerchiefs which werwe quite expensive. however Woolworths came along and offered to completely re equip and with new machinery were able to sell them for 6p and make the owners fortune0
o5o95488 James Thomas

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