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Top Withens Farm - 1916

History Pics

Top Withens Farm - 1916

Your Comments:

A beautiful picture are there copies for sale and if so what would the cost be please?

If not, could you advise where one may be purchased?
Paula Howes

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and impressive picture of the legendary farmhouse taken at the time it was still standing. It really evokes the atmosphere and the plot of the novel.
Joćo Bittencourt de Olivieira

I have a print of Top Withens, It is signed Val Obbne and incorrectly named High Withens. It is later than this photograph, I understand the photographer was from London. Does anyone have more details of this print.
Paul Allen

can anyone advise me where I can purchase a print of Top Withens by the Lancashire artist John Corcoran. Ive only seen one that was on display in a council office and its beautifull. If so please email me on andrewfranks2361@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks AF
Andrew Franks

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