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Joseph Dewhirst

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Joseph Dewhirst outside Dunkirk Mill house c1905

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Joseph was born in Bingley in 1839 and married Mary Ann Raw in 1863.( pictured here with him ) He manufactured band and tape, here at Dunkirk. and before that at Fishers Lodge (Rushworths Mill )He also ran a corn grinding mill at Dunkirk.
Around 1898 he built the pair of semi- detached houses to the east of Dunkirk mill for thier two daughters Eva and Emma who married on the same day in 1899.
Emma married James Sutcliffe Heaton and maufacturing at Dunkik was carried out by the Heaton line until recently when the mill and house were both sold for housing.
Eva married John Thomas Brook. Descendents of both sisters still live in the various properties on Hawksbridge Lane.

Looking at this picci made me smile, I naw work for a mr Jonathen Heaton, this guy great grandson, his picci is on the wall in our office.
Jill Haigh

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