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Mytholmes tunnel and Long Holme

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Mytholmes tunnel and Long Holme c. 1900

Your Comments:

Everything is so overgrown now. Doesn't it look so much better without all that vegetation. It's such a pity it wasn't controlled.
Jason Tarry

I was born in this wonderfull village, and am so sad to see the way it has deteriated. now The only people that come here are people who want to make a quick buck from the place, and then leave. I never see a friendly face anymore, When i was young, people would speak to you, or acnolage you when you spoke to them. NO MORE.
kevin mcevilly

What a lovly picture,i am amazed to see how it was then.
The railings are still there,i loved walking to Howarth along that path such happy memorys
i still love walking along it still.
I am sure something can be done to manage it again.
Stephen Claydon

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