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Ebor Mill

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Ebor Mill

The photographer has chosen to remove the background, giving the impression the mill is standing on the hill.

Your Comments:

I was delighted to see this picture, as I am transcribing my Uncle Stanley Simpson's life story (he died earlier this year aged 96) and I am editing a part where he describes working at Ebor Mill after returning from WW2!
I am putting his story into a little self-published booklet just for the family, and I wonder if you might give me permission to use this picture. I would be delighted to forward either a copy of his story as it stands, or the final booklet, if it may be of interest to anyone there....he had an awe-inspiring memory, and it is a fascinating social history, especially of the area around Calverley and the textile industry at the time.
Thank you for considering this.

Best wishes from Australia,

Pam Rycroft

I believe this mill was owned by the Merral family. My paternal grandmother was Norah Irene Merrall who died in 1953. I would be delighted to have contact with any of my Merrall relatives.
Irene Jempson

Such a shame this building is now in ashes after this weekendes events.
C Wlson

About 8:30pm on 14th August a fire started on the third floor in Ebor Mill, which soon took control and has gutted the building. Photos of the Ebor Mill fire here...

360 panorama of Ebor Mill before the fire here...


Hi there,
I'm covering the story of the terrible fire at the mill and am looking for someone to talk to about the history of the building.
Please contact me on 0113 2247300 if you can help
or on alice.bailey@bbc.co.uk
Alice Bailey

what a shame this builing is now gone. 3 generations of my family worked at this mill as did a lot of local people. very sad
kristie garnett

could anyone tell me when merralls mill burnt down in or around the 1960s mill was locted up form mill hey later becomeing plasticos i think
michael orme.e mail adress,morme@denso-marston.co.uk

Interesting to see what happens from hear re building develpoment!!!

Watching with interest.


My grandfather worked there after the war until his retirement around 1956
Christopher Vroon

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