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Haworth Brow & the Gas Works

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Haworth Brow & the Gas Works - c. 1950

Your Comments:

I was born in the tall terraced house to the right of this picture and shared the front bedroom with my two sister's. When the Gas container was up the room was dark, when down we could see across to Victoria Road. We used to have our bonfires in Apsley, then we were stopped, I wonder why. Still live in Haworth, lots of happy memories in that area.
Mrs B Mitchell

Alot has changed since this picture was taken there is no longer a gas works but now it is a car park there is no longer them tall chimleys the only this that i can see i now of is the bridge going across the railway and the fence you can still see were the little shop was but only the bassment opened up
Ashley Worden

That shop was the best for weekend 'spice and burdoch - no footy cards with bubbly tho.
the old girl in there must have put up with a lot - tho it always seemd quiet. Ironsides and thorpy's more popular as they sold papers and comics too

We also used to live on Prince Street, right behind that big gas container.
Remember crossin he wooden bridge every morning and that shop had the greatest smell of sweets ever.

The little wood shop over the railway bridge was called the Bon Bon shop and Miss Sly used to own it. She also made things in the back of the shop on her sewing machine. If she had any fabric left she used to roll it up in small bundles and sell in the shop along with her Barley Sugar Twists.

I also lived on Prince Street, I used to go over the wooden footbridge every day to school and stop at Mrs Baldwins sweet shop and get Kali and a spanish ...Happy days x
Noeline Sharp

I lived at 20 Prince Street, directly behind the gasometer, next to a hairdressers. When the tank was full we often had to keep the light on but we could see over to Mytholmes when it was empty. The road was cobbled at that time, but didn't stop me riding my bicycle up and down. Like everyone here, I remember sweet shop at the top end of the bridge. Thanks to Noelene for recalling the lady's name.


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