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Leslie Feather, the Muffin Man

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Leslie Feather, the Muffin Man, Station Rd 1968

Your Comments:

I knew Leslie and his wife.
My parents house was at the top of Park Street.
Leslie was an excellent violin player and he also repaired them.
His shop was later transfered into a vets clinic belong to Frank Watson and John Burrows
Darren Denby

As a child I lived next door to Leslie's father who had also been the Muffin Man. I remember that he used farthings!
O M Bastow

what is the recipe for muffins. I have heard they used to use mashed potatoes, mixed with bread dough and a sweet biscuit mixture
j c Scott

Iam the widow of Richard Hirst Feather from Eldwick Bingley his father was James Henry Feather wife Violet May Feather both deceased. Richard has A brotherJohn Feather. who lives in Scotland .I have three grown up children and they would like to know more about their fathers family which i do not know perhaps Leslie is a relative my fatherinlaw was living in Shipley

. Best wishes Barbara

Barbara Feather

Fond memories
Christopher Vroon

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