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Haworth Old Hall c. 1900

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Haworth Old Hall, Sun Street c. 1900

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Does anyone know who is standing outside on this photo?

My great great grandparents used to live here - Alexander and Susey Dyson - I believe they were tenant farmers probably about this time.
Jo Strong

I remember visiting this house as a child in thelate 30s my grandmother mrs Edith Frazer.
The couple who lived there were called Tom and Polly Dixon who were related to my grandmother.
Stanley Colbran

My brother's partner Margaret Rose said her parents lived in the Old Hall when it was divided into seperate dwellings it must have been in the 1940s perhaps.
Liz Narey

My great, great, great grandparents lived in Haworth Hall (Joseph and Lydia Pickles),at the time of the Brontes and were buried by Patrick Bronte and one of their children by Arthur Bell Nicholls. I am from the Pickles/Pigills/Pighells family who lived in Haworth from as far back as the 1600's and until around 1890, when Timothy, my grandad left Haworth to court and marry my grandma.
Pat Richardson

Haworth - does anyone know how it came by that name? I know there are Haworths in Yorkshire going back many generations,some were Quakers.
Jo Furnival

Added by Admin:
The name Haworth is said to originate from "hedged enclosure" or "hawthorn enclosure" Records are said to date back to 1209 when it was recorded as a settlement.

We often get requests from people with the family name "Haworth" about a connection with the village. There is no documented record of a titled name Haworth, the Parish Registers from 1600 - 1900 list no families with the name other than a couple in the circa 1800's that move from North Yorkshire.

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