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Snowden's shop, Main Street 1963

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Snowden's shop, 98 Main Street, 1963

Your Comments:

I loved going into Snowden's when I came to Haworth for a walk. I now find all the shops are the same. Except the book shop and the Souk at the top.
Pat Bleasdale

still there still owned by snowdon its good to see old pictures of my village


I see what is happening to my beloved Haworth and weep all the shops are gone now and replaced with gift shops for people who only want to make a quick buck and then scarper !! no one knows anybody now, and no one says hello anymore ! and as you say, Snowdens are now gone, it seems like the HEART HAS GONE OUT OF THE VILLAGE . I would love to see more local shops opening for HAWORTH PEOPLE ! not for FOREIGNERS ! Please let get Haworth back to been BEAUTIFUL and not just another tourist resort .
Kevin McEvilly

How times have changed for Haworth village, What was once a quite sedate little out of the way place, has now become a world renownd tourist attraction, bringing in people from all over the world, is that good, or is that bad ? I beileve it is BAD, bad for the local people of HAWORTH, and bad for the futcher of the place, a place that is now showing the signes of great neglect, and an influx of forigen nationals who are only interested in makeing a quick buck, and then leaving. I was born and bread in HAWORTH, and would love to see some care restowed in the place. Anyone of my generation, would i think agree that, what was once a lovely place, has now become a sight for sore eyes.
Kevin McEvilly

I would love to know if anyone local would mind giving me a few pointers on how Haworth 0mainly the main street) has changed over the years.

Most importantly how the usage of buildings have changed (ie no longer any local shops on the street, now tourist pullers) when the Main Street became touristy and why you think that was, and what affect this has had on the local community.

I recently moved to Haworth and i'm studying towards an honours degree in Criminology and Psychology,my first module is based on the social sciences and my first assesement is to answer how Society has been made and remade on a street / road near us. This is everything from ifrastructure (roads, signage, lighting) to traffic, use of buildings, how people interact and why people use that street etc.

Any input would be gratefully recieved.

Many Thanks

4th Feb 2012, Edit by Admin: If you email this website we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.
Rebecca Wellard

I too was born and bred in Haworth, it was a lovely little village but has been spoilt in the name of progress. When I walk rounf the place nowadays there are no local anymore just people who have come in to make money
Christopher Vroon

I agree with you Christopher and now Michael has gone Snowdens are no more. I hope you and your sister Mary are well.
Barbara Kelly

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