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Lees - c. 1900

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Lees - c. 1900

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i have the original of this photo. My mother in law says that the shop belonged to her father Harry Greenwood and one of the small girls is her. She was born in 1921
rosemary wrigley

The shop on the left was owned by Mr and Mrs Freddie Binns during the 40's and early 50's. The house behind the two little girls was called (I think) Smithfield Cottage, and when I was at Lees school in the 40's it was a shop,general store type,groceries,sweets icecreams etc, owned by a family called Graham. I remember they had a daughter called Winnie. They sold to a chap called Arnold Sunderland who lived there with his family for many years.The door on the far left of photo was the entrance to a ladies hair salon owned by Hilda Snowden, whose husband Harry had the butchers shop next door, before selling to Bobby Robinson, the old Co-op butcher.
Bill Walsh NZ

Well remembered Bill Walsh from New Zealand...I am the Winnie Graham born at Smithfield Cottage way back in 1928, which makes me 87 years...young! My parents were Harry and Margaret Graham. Having a bedroom over-looking the Haworth Road, directly opposite Harry Greenwood's clog shop beneath the balcony, I remember well as a young child that the first thing I heard in the mornings was the lamp-lighter igniting the street gas lamps followed by the noise of the workers heading for Merrall's Mill, especially the clatter of their clogs on the pavement. Yes, I knew well Mrs Tempest, Mr and Mrs Clayton and Mr and Mrs Bygrave and their families living on the balcony opposite our house. My head is full of fond memories of Cross Roads and all the lovely people who lived, and who still live, there. Such happy days! winkenworthy@gmail.com
Winnie Kenworthy (nee Graham)

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