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Harry Greenwood, Clogger

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Harry Greenwood (Harry Bobwires) - Clogger's shop, Cross Roads

Your Comments:

I also wore his clogs,we lived at no 14 haworth road next door but one to harrys shop,i clopped down the road to work at merrels mill wearing my clogs.when the shop was demolished ,we became the top house.my father was Leo feather who perhaps lots of you will remember.
dennis feather

This was not Harry Greenwoods first shop. He started off at the top of lee's lane, and had to move when they widened the road, at the junction with Oxenhope-Haworth-Cross Roads 96
Brenda Moorehouse Everett

Quite right Brenda. This shop/space was previously occupied by Dennis Plaice (spelling?) a plumber,and before Dennis it was used by Albert Snowden, also a plumber.
ps nice to see a familiar name.
Bill Walsh NZ

i'm harry greenwood grandson nice to know people still remember my grandad
david burns

Hi I can remember getting clogs from Harry, my granddad use to get them from him as well, my granddad owned Lees farm, also My great granddad built some houses I think at crossroads, and he named the streets after his daughters Ruth, Emily.
I also think the arms houses may of been built by my great granddad, or the land they are on was given by him.

Kathleen Greenwood

Quite right Bill (NZ).The shop is under 82 Haworth road where my grandmother Mrs Tempest lived, and the railings outside her door can be seen at the top of the photo.My brother,Derek and I both wore clogs made by Mr.Greenwood.We lived at number 86,next to the sweet shop.I remember you well,and you too Brenda.

Well hello Brenda. I have just picked up on this message. I do hope that you are well. I can clearly remember you and you may know that I am still in touch with Derek and see him on my visits home. This scene is so familiar to me but it must get you going, living all your early years just a couple of doors away. Joyce Clayton lived next door in between you and your gran. Kind regards and best wishes Brenda. Cheers.Bill
Bill Walsh

Hi,Brenda,do you remember me?You can see me on facebook!
Stan Colbran

We have a new pair of H Greenwoods clogs from 1952
Rosebud Cottage

I remember going to Harry's shop in 1976, and he had a pair of miniture clogs for our baby son.
He said hang on to them and they will be worth something one day....we still have them, even though our son is nearly 40!
Jar Bancroft

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