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Lees Syke Mill fire 1965

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Lees Syke Mill (Merrall's), fire 1965

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How can i get a copy of this picture?
Shelley Whiteley

I remember walking down to see the aftermath of the fire with my class from Lees CP School, Mr Paye was the Headmaster at the time.

Before the fire Mum used to walk me and my sisters down to the library on Mill Hey every week. The welcome hot blast of air from a vent onto the footpath was greatly missed when we walked past after the mill closed.
Lawrence Killian

I remember the actual night of the fire and my father (David Bevan) carrying me on his shoulders along Hebden Rd till we could see the fire from a safe distance. I can still see the flames and feel the heat and remember windows cracking in some of the nearby houses.
My aunty, (Irene Croad) who worked at the mill was most concerned because she'd left a pair of good work shoes there and lost them in the blaze!
The following day I believe Mrs Heap and Mrs Green took my class from Lees CP School to see the remains of the fire.

Graham Bevan

In 1965 i was employed as a wool-sorter with Norman Fawcett&Co. We were origonaly based in Peel Street Bradford, Eastbrook Mills, but the firm moved to Haworth. We were transported daily to Haworth by John Webster in the firms mini-bus. I can still picture the fire as we arrived in Haworth. No work that day. We were then housed in what was, i believe, a weaving shed across the road from the now ruined mill.
brian fearnley

i remember watching this fire from thr upstairs bedroom window of 2 star street on the other side of the valley it lit up the sky a sight never to be forgotten
max denton

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