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Old Oxenhope Mill c. 1960

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Old Oxenhope Mill & Chimney Row - c. 1960

Your Comments:

Is there anyone who knows exactly where this is/was in Oxenhope .....is it next to the railway station
Di Homer

We farm at old oxenhope. the mill has gone but was between marsh and upper marsh at the junction of hanging gate lane and old oxenhopr lane.
Robert Goulding.

I left school in 1947 and my first job was working at Old Oxenhope Mill. There was no electricity,lighting was by gas and it was my job to light the gas mantles in the winter.All the machines were belt driven by a steam engine built in 1851.
Stan Colbran

I have lived in two houses on chimney row. The very first one by the mill gates, one day the corner of the house fell down onto the mill boss's car. I also lived in the next to last house at the other end, the end one was just a shell my uncle used to repair his motor bikes there. I remember the boy scouts cleaned the empty houses out for the Hungarians in 1956 I believe
G Dyson

It is hard to imagine that there was a mill on the site as late as 1960.
D Gibson

My ancester John Greenwood was born at Near Oxenhope in 1786- is this the same as Old Oxenhope
S Kay

Is this the old Kershaw Brother's Mill? If not does anyone have a photo or know an online contact.
Christine Kershaw

In answer to Christine Kershaw's query,when I worked there in 1947 it belonged to Whitaker,Feather and Ratcliffe. Hope this helps.
stanley colbran

As a boy in the war years I liven "on the Stubin" and often explored the Old Mill area. There was two mill ponds there. One above across the road which would have been the water supply and one behind the cottages which would be the cooling water for the engine house. It received heat and had some very large gold fish in it.
George Charnock

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