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Muffin Corner, Oxenhope c. 1910

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Muffin Corner, Oxenhope c. 1910

Your Comments:

Where abouts is this area if anyone knows...? I thought it might be near the oxenhope entrance to the goit walk where there is no longer any buildings... If anyone knows...sarah-hemsley@hotmail.co.uk this is my email address.!

Muffin Corner was a crossroads of Hebden Road and Station Road but there is a roundabout now, Just out of sight to the left of this photograph is where two sisters lived in the 1950s/1960s they were teachers at the St Marys church Sunday School which I remember from the 1950s it was held at the church school up ner the top park gates. I have a photograph showing Tony Calvert and myself on the sands at Morecambe during a Sunday School trip( with the two sisters holding our hands I think we would be age 6 which would have been 1952. (Sorry i am unable to remember the sisters names)
Rodney Hart.

Muffin corner is infact the roundabout itself, this building is still there and sits on on of the corners joinging hebden road and station road (opposit the rose garden now)

My friend lives in the house on the right and the mill on the left is now houses. It still looks pretty much the same.

The two sisters' names were Greenwood. Spinsters. Muriel and Agnes, possibly. Old-fashioned sounding names, anyway. No relations of mine, at least not in recent generations. Very religious. The elder sister occasionally taught me at the Church School, Uppertown, as a substitute in the late 1940s. (That's now houses too--what isn't?) They were quite well off. I believe their father had been a corn miller. They lived in the big house on the other side of Station Road, and on the other side of the Hebden Bridge Road. (That is, kitty-corner to the house and the mill that Dee comments on.)
Ken, British Columbia, where it's 35C in the shade, lunch time, and we are expecting 39 or 40 by late afternoon. Phew! Oh for a Cockhill breeze! Lived at the Waggon & Horses 1946-50.
Ken Greenwood

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