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Jubilee Oxenhope - 1935

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King's Jubilee, Oxenhope - 1935

King George V Silver Jubilee decorations in Church Street, Oxenhope.

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This is looking up Church Street, Uppertown. The Keighley-Hebden Bridge road, with the old gates at the top of the park opposite, are behind the cameraman. (The gates will soon be hauled away and recycled as part of the war effort, as were iron railings all over the place.)
Four years later, I was taken as a new-born baby to live at Number 4, where the old lady on the far right stands in the doorway.
A very patriotic picture! I would love to know who some of them are. If only they had known what was in store for them--severe food rationing, blackouts, air raid sirens, loss of loved ones. Maybe it's best we DON'T know.
It reminds me of the Leeshaw Reservoir photo--
less than seven months before the loss of the TITANIC; two years after that, the start of yet another hellish war. . .
Ken Greenwood (Canada since 1962)

I live on pear street just off the end of church street - the street hasn't changed agreat deal!

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