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Box Hall & Back Leeming

Your Comments:

Now living in Thorne near Doncaster, I left Oxenhope when I went into the Merchant Navy in 1962 but we come through at least once a year to see family, I think I remember this area in the photo as I think it was the road leading past the beck up past John and Sidney Holmes houses to the house I lived in Egypt House Isles Lane. I dont know if many Oxenhope people remember but my late mum and dad Ben Hart had several businesses which they run in Oxenhope, Newsagents Shop on the Lowertown Bridge (Wood Shop) Electrical Contracting, Taxi business which dad purchased from Teddy Pickles. So good to remember Good Old Oxenhope from the photos, what a treasure of a web site. Well Done Keep It Up.
Rodney Gilbert Hart, Born 03.07.1946.

Currently living at the above address. Could anybody advised what year this picture was taken.

Dont know what year the photo was taken,but my Grandma and Grandad lived at boxhall when i was a child Emily and Arthur Catherall They probably lived in the house from about 1960 Emily died in 1979 and Arthur in 1986
Susan Brooks nee Catherall

Thanks for info.

I remember you Rodney! Your great grandparents Ben and Edith Ingham lived at 28 Back Leeming. The chimney and that of number 30 can be seen above Victor Sunderland's house on the left. He was the local dentist. We lived at number 24, moving to Best Lane in 1963.I've lived in Leicestershire since 1984.
Do you remember playing in the fields and around the beck - more or less from where the picture was taken?
Eunice Pawson (nee Mason)

Hi Eunice so nice to hear from you, Yes I do remember you and its so good to touch base with people you know from the past just to hear how they are doing now.

This space is not where we should clog up with our chit chat but if you or anyone who would like to can e-mail me on rodcarol@talktalk.net and talk about the old times.
Rodney Hart.

Sorry Eunice, I made a mistake with my e-mail address I must have had a senior moment.The correct e-mail address is rchart@talktalk.net

Sorry about the confusion.
Rodney Hart

I was born at 22 Back Leeming in the winter of 1964. I rember the Arthur and Emily Catherall well - my mum and I used to help out when Emily had suffered a stroke - such a shame she was a lovely welcoming lady - have many fond memories of the whole area.
Sarah Edmondson (nee Chapman)

nice to see these photos of oxenhope I was born on Beatrice street and doing paper round with rodney hart brings back memories I now live in bridlington
jim west

This is where my family are from. I am trying to trace the family tree of my Grandmas family. My Grandma and Grandad were the aforementioned Ben and Norah(francis) Hart. I only have up to date details and are struggling as Norah's maiden name was Smith. I know she had two sisters Olive and Doreen. Any help would be appreciated my email is chris1966sh@aol.com Thank You.
Christine Burt

My grandparents lived in this house about 10 years ago, and both claim that the house is haunted. They witnessed many paranormal happenings there, and I'm intrigued to know the history of the house and the families which have lived in it. That house had a very strange feeling whenever I visited...
Ellie Rhodes

My friend said that her Grandparents lived here and that they experienced strange paranormal happenings! So I have been doing some research for her, and this information was very helpful!

I,m sorry to hijack your website but I am trying to trace my family tree. My Grandma and Grandad lived here in the 50's early 60,s. Ben and Norah Hart I know they were well known to the community,but I am trying to get more detailed information to pass on to my children and grandchildren about the maternal line of their family, as Grandma,s maiden name was Smith I am at a dead end.
Any information would be appreciated, I remember my uncle David traced the family tree in the 70's so any leads would be helpful. Anyone I know that could help has passed. Thanks in advance for any help, my e-mail address is chris1966sh@aol.com.
Christine Burt

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