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Haworth History - Oxenhope and Haworth Boundary stones

Oxenhope Stoop

The Oxenhope Haworth boundary stones and their latitude and longitude positions. Click on any of the thumbnail imags to get a larger picture.

You can use Google Maps from your browser: http://maps.google.co.uk copy the co-ordinates off this page and paste; which will take you to the location. They will also work using Google Earth.

You can also use Ordnance Survey maps using the Grid References: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/getamap You need to insert as they are on the page; with no spaces to work.

Google Maps
Ordnance Survey maps

Boundary stone near to Howarth Saw mill, Hebden Rd.

N53°49.394 W001°56.610

Grid Ref SE03803632

Boundary stone near to Howarth Saw mill, Hebden Rd

Boundary stone marked "H H" on footpath, corner of field near Marsh Lane

N53°49.394 W001°56.965

Grid Ref SE03423633
Boundary stone marked "H H"

Marsh Lane; Stone with pointing hand and "Manor of Oxenhope"

N53°49.420 W001°56.995

Marsh Lane

Boundary stone marked "H"

N53°48.947 W001°59.154

Grid Ref SE01033549

Boundary stone marked "H" in wall

N53°48.905 W001°59.221

Grid Ref SE00943541

Boundary stone marked "H" in wall

N53°48.778 W001°59.408

Grid Ref SE00743518

Boundary stone marked "H"

N53°48.613 W002°00.067

Grid Ref SE00023487

2 Boundary stones

N53°48.468 W002°00.360

N53°48.469 W002°00.356

Oxenhope Stoop

N53°48.422 W002°00.572
Grid Ref SD99463452

Oxenhope Stoop

Stone Heap Stoop

N53°47.977 W001°59.764

Stoneheap Stoop

Yeoman Stoop (put in wrong way round by Bradford Countryside Services)

N53°47.772 W001°59.214

Yeoman Stoop

Wooden post

N53°47.184 W001°58.853

The Google map shows all the Boundary stones in the Haworth Stanbury Oxenhope. View in a larger map here....


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