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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

1864-1870 1871-1880 1881-1890 1891-1900

Haworth Wes. Infant School Diary or Log Book 1864 - 1895

This is the first page of the Diary.
Monday Feb 1st Numbers low on account of weather
Tuesday Feb 2nd Commenced duty 9 1/4 O Clock
Wednesday Feb 3rd Weather unfavourable
Thursday Feb 4th A.P.
Friday Feb 5th Numbers low
Monday Feb 8th Several absent on account of sickness
Tuesday Feb 9th Holiday
Wednesday Feb 10th Commenced school again
Thursday Feb 11th Holiday Mrs Smith buried
Friday Feb 12th Numbers very low
Monday Feb 15th Commenced duty 9 1/4 O clock
Tuesday Feb 16th Admitted four new scholars
Wednesday Feb 17th A.P.
Thursday Feb 18th Rev.E. Oldfield visited the school
Friday Feb 19th A.P.
Monday Feb 22nd Admitted two new scholars
Tuesday Feb 23rd Mrs Newell visited
Wednesday Feb 24th Two Gentlemen visited
Thursday Feb 25th A.P.
Friday Feb 26th A.P.
Monday Feb 29th Admitted two new scholars

Here are some extracts from the diary:
Tuesday Apr 12th Admitted 2 new ones 3
Wednesday Apr 13th In the afternoon we had a walk on the moors  
Thursday Apr 14th Cautioned a monitor against fighting  
Wednesday Apr 27th The children have been restless. I attribute it to the weather.  
Monday June 13th A moral lesson. Subject Stealing 6
Monday June 20th Children troublesome after two days absence 6
Tuesday June 21st The writing is better 6
Wednesday June 29th Numbers low on account of wet weather 6
Monday Oct 31st Punished a boy for spending his school money. Moral lesson. 11

Wednesday Oct 10th Learnt a new piece to sing 41
Thursday Oct 11th Punished some children for calling names 41
Thursday Dec 20th Broke up today for Christmas holidays. Gave each child a little book. 45

Friday Feb 1st Gave a special marching lesson 46
Monday Feb 11th The weather still affects the attendance 46
Wednesday Feb 20th Formed a class of dull scholars who are to receive special attention 48
Thursday Feb 28th Gave a lesson on the "Monkey". Children much interested and pleased. 48
Monday Mar 15th Many children have the measles & the weather is rough so our numbers are low at present 49
Friday Mar 26th Gave special attention to a few backward children. 50
    Report of H.M Inspector

"Miss Binns conducts this school with care and teaches with clearness and a kind manner. The order and general appearance of the little ones, as well as their success in the examination, makes me feel very hopeful about the improvement of the school under its present management"

? Featherstone.

Wed Oct 2nd Had no playtime today it being very wild weather. 60
Fri Oct 3rd Learned the words "God save the Queen" with the tune. 60
  Nov 5th Closed at 3 O clock it being the fifth of November 62
  Nov 21st Had a marching lesson instead of playtime because of the cold. 63
  Dec 9th Children could not walk to school today, the ground being all slippery with the strong frost so that we have had scarcely any scholars to begin with for the week. 64
  Dec 19th Finish today for Christmas holidays. One of the scholars died this week. 64

Feb 14th A boy paid 5d for a window pane which he had broken 67
Feb 17th Wesleyan Educational Committee required the number of children on books. Happy to return an increase from last year. 67
Feb 20th No playtime the weather being so wild, but a marching lesson instead. 67
Feb 21st The Committee are improving the playground. 67
Mar 3rd Told the children a story about "Little Mary" an illustration of how one little wrong thing brings another. 68
Mar 19th Three little boys ran away from school at play time to play in the fields. 68
Mar 7th Annie Moore told a story of a Deaf & Dumb Boy. A good Moral lesson. 69
May 18th A little boy ran away to the Church school. Saw the parents about it & had him sent back. 71
May 19th One of the Committee men brought a gentleman to see the school. 71
June 12th One boy attempted to play truant but was prevented. 74
July 9th Several children have come to school lately, who are over six years old and do not know anything having never been to any school before. 76
Aug 11th Mr L. Greenwood visited the school. 77
Aug 26th The attendance is considerably affected by the weather this week. 78
Sep 4th Had two visitors from Shipley 78
Oct 6th Gave a lesson on "the Oyster" 81
Oct 7th Annie Moore gave a lesson on the Monkey to the Baby class 81
Nov 5th Children had sweets & went home soon 82

Jan 22nd We had the gas lit both morning & afternoon it was so dark. 88
Jan 27th Two children fell down through the trap door hole before school time at noon & were a little hurt. Committee promised to make it safe 89
Mar 2nd A little boy brought a sovereign to school which he had taken from home as a play thing. The parents were glad to have it sent back safely before they had discovered its being lost. 91
Mar 15th Had two visitors in the afternoon. Gentlemen from Holmfirth. 91
April 14th Took the children on the moor in the afternoon for a break. 93
April 19th I had to attend a funeral. Monitor taught 93
April 28th Had joiners working during school hours, which disturbed our usual course of lessons. 94
April 29th Closed school at playtime on account of the alterations, which are being made. The removal of the step is a great advantage. 94
April 30th Visited a scholar, who is very ill. 94
May 10th Conducted school in chapel, as they are cleaning & painting the schoolrooms. 95
June 1st This school is conducted by Miss Martha Binns Probationary?


"The children presented for examination have passed with more ease and credit than at any of my previous visits. The Writing has much improved and the children read and count very promptly. The general order and cheerfulness of the school are very creditable to Miss Binns"

June 30th Gave holiday in the morning on account of Mrs Butterfields funeral. 98
July 7th Had to punish several boys for swearing & one for playing truant. 98
July 22nd Closed at noon for the midsummer holidays. 99
Aug 9th Reopened the school with a fair attendance. Entered one new name. 100
Aug 10th Fred Moore attends as substitute for Annie for a few days. 100
Aug 23rd Gave a lesson on "Breakfast & Dinners". 100
Sept 9th Visited absent scholars & find several have the whooping cough so that our attendance is lower. 101
Sept 22nd Two scholars begin to pay 2d who only paid 1d before. 102
Nov 1st Heard that a scholar (Harriet Hird) was dead & told the other scholars. 104
Nov 2nd Gave a lesson on " Love to Parents" 104
Nov 3rd Weather very stormy & consequently few scholars 104
Nov 5th Children had treat of sweets 104
Dec 3rd A boy cut his face by falling on the ice. 105
Dec 13th Attendance poor. Annie Moore sick 106
Dec 17th George Moore taught instead of Annie 106

Feb 11th Punished two boys for stealing marbles. 108
Mar 15th Closed at three o clock on account of Mr John Pickles funeral 109
May 3rd Find that the girls cannot finish their sewing as usual. 111
May 11th This school is conducted by Miss Martha Binns certificate

Teacher of the 4th Class 2nd grade.

Walter Baily H?

The ? of th. M.J.?

The Children presented for examination have done very well and the whole school is satisfactory.


May 31st Attendance very poor in the afternoon owing to the severity of the weather. 114
July 11th Many girls without their own work had to practise on strips of cotton. 116
Aug 17th One monitor away this week on a trip to the seaside 117
Aug 18th Closed a day earlier for the show. 117
Oct 7th Closed at half past eleven for Miss Cock's funeral. 119
Nov 4th Gave a treat to the children for Gunpowder Plot, money given by kind friends. 120
Nov 8th Gave the children each a ticket for a magic lantern in the evening. 120
Nov 14th Attendance affected considerably by the stormy weather. 121
Dec 6th The Committee objected to a request respecting the coal bill, but permitted extra payment to the monitors. 122
Dec 10th Attendance scarcely half on account of a snow storm. 122
Dec 21st Mr Watson entertained the scholars with a magic lantern. 122

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