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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

1864-1870 1871-1880 1881-1890 1891-1900

Haworth Wes. Infant School Diary or Log Book 1864 - 1895

Jan 10th Hear that several children have the measles. 123
Jan 19th Gave a lesson on different ways we eat our food 123
Feb 8th One boy has "Small Pox" 124
Diary is changed from a daily log to a weekly record.
Mar 16th Only sixteen children present in the morning due to a snow storm Annie Moore away sick. 125
Apr 28th School year closes. The attendance is lower than last year specially caused by a severe winter. 126
May 16th The school was inspected. Did not go home until half past one. Had holiday in afternoon.

Martha Binns teacher Certificate 4th Class 2nd Grade

The report of her Majesty's Inspector W. Bailey Esq.

"This school is managed with kindness and is in a creditable condition."



Aug 10th Commenced with a fair attendance after the holidays, but I find that a few have the small pox & others are sick.. 129
Nov 7th Gave the children a treat. Friends contributed money for sweets & fire works. 130
Nov 15th A few young children have gone to a school nearer home for the winter. 130
Dec 12th The girls have finished doing needlework at present for the London Poor. 131

Feb 5th Had a days holiday on account of a political contest held here. 132
Feb 29th Gave a lesson on the river "Worth" in connection with this neighbourhood. 132
May 27th Martha Binns teacher.

Certificate 4th Class 2nd Grade

This is a good Infants School the singing and exercises are well done, and the other attainments are satisfactory.

Aug 21st Closed a day earlier for Keighley show. 135
Oct 9th A gentleman photographed the scholars in a group to sell to parents. 137
Nov 5th Children were regaled with sweets and sent home earlier in the afternoon. 138
Dec 30th Reopened school with a fair attendance gave holiday during the week for new years day. 139
Jan 8th Gave a lesson on the "Bee". The hooping cough keeps some of the children away from school. 139
Jan 21st A snow storm has reduced the numbers this week to half the usual numbers. One new scholar. 139
Apr 15th Opened school with a poor attendance, 35 only present. Gave holiday in the afternoon. Many children away with the measles. 141
June 27th Report Haworth Wesleyan School (infants)

" This school is well taught and appears likely to prosper under the new Mistress. The singing and exercises are very good"

L. Hudson Needlework (unsatisfactory)

Sep 19th Sickness ever prevalent. 144
Oct 10th Entered the new school on Monday 144
Oct 17th Monday and Tuesday schools closed being Haworth Tide. 144
Nov 7th Wednesday being Nov. 5th the children had fruit given them 145
Feb 11th Closed school all day because of the "Elections". 145
Mar 20th The Committee have supplied us with a Clock 146
Apr 10th Poor attendance owing to the prevalence of scarlet fever 146
May 8th Average attendance 63 146
May 29th Average for the three days 25 146
June 22nd Inspectors Report Infants School

" The new room that has been built for the infants is a very well fitted & cheerful room, but it should have some ventilation at the top. At present the windows will only open at a point less than half way up, so that the hot air, and vapour from the gas could not escape. The infants are remarkably well taught, the school is in every way in a very satisfactory state.

L. Hudson arithmetic (unsatisfactory).

Oct 16th Closed school until Tuesday morning being Haworth Tide 148
Nov 5th The children were treated to fruit. 148
Dec 11th Weather still very unfavourable 148
Jun 29th Inspectors report Infants School

" The children are bright and intelligent but the work could be made more interesting and varied if better arrangements were made for object lessons and lessons on form and colour.

Some attempt also might be made to teach sewing and knitting. The singing should improve, but on the whole there is some very good work done in the school and it promises to become very efficient."

Sep 3rd Attendance much lower owing to the heavy rain this morning. 152
Oct 15th Closed school until Tuesday morning for the Tide Holidays 152
Nov 5th Fruit given to the children, money given by friends. 152
Jan 3rd Commenced duties this morning Annie Baldwin 153
Jan 28th Resigned my charge of the school Annie Baldwin 153
Feb 22nd I, Emily Walker this morning took charge of this infant school, & found the attendance very poor, only 39 were present; Mr Newell visited the school. 154
Feb 25th The school pence this week is 11.0

I find the girls very backward with their sewing especially the younger ones

Mar 16th Closed school today for the week because of the "basket" being held in the school. 155
Mar 27th Numbers improved but still some are absent with the whooping cough. 155
May 1st Numbers are very slowly improving the weather being still very cold. 45 scholars present 155
June 21st Gave a lesson on "Obedience" & have found that it was not in vain 157
July 17th Attendance very poor this week owing to the Haworth Holidays" & Hay Harvest". 158
Aug 18th I find it very difficult to keep each child working without assistance. 158
Sept 1st The attendance of today is much reduced owing to the wet weather & many are away with the measles. Closed school a little earlier today because of a "Fruit Soiree" to be held in the evening. 159
Sep 18th Many of the children sick with the measles 159
Oct 13th The numbers still remain very low in consequence of the "Measles" and wet weather.

Holiday while Tuesday for "Haworth Tide"

Nov 9th The ground was covered with snow and the weather was very cold, some of the little ones remained at home 162
Dec 18th A girl in the first class (Emily Redman) has left to go to the church school because I asked her too often for her school pence. 162
Dec 21st Resigned the charge of this school. E Walker  
  Copy of the Report for 1876

" The School is carried on with efficiency under the new Mistress.

The attainments are satisfactory except in singing which is unusually harsh and requires a good deal of pains to make it musical"

The above Report should have been written on page 158

Jan 5th I Janet Shiel took charge of this Infant School last Monday being January 1st

The attendance during the week has been very poor in consequence of the stormy weather. Several of the Committee visited the School during the week.

Mar 2nd Attendance very poor this week owing to a snow storm. 165
April 20th Numbers very much improved this week, the average attendance being 62. 166
July 13th Copy of Report Infants School.

The children are orderly; the instruction will I trust improve under the present Mistress, especially in the elements of Reading Writing and Arithmetic. It is not however a satisfactory arrangement that the Infants should be left under the charge of a Monitor only, while the Mistress takes the girls of the Mixed School for sewing in a separate room. A statement of the School Staff and the signature of the correspondent should be appended to the copy of the report in the log book. The Admission Register should be kept according to circular 65 and when the children are upon any occasion dismissed before the expiration of the prescribed time all the attendances should be cancelled.

Janet H. Shiel Certificated teacher (Second Grade)Second Division

Mary Howker Paid Monitor

Oct 12th Resigned my charge of this School Janet H Shiel. 172
Oct 17th I Janetta Lund took charge of this school this morning. Attendance not good on account of the half week holiday for the feast. 173
1879 (no entry for 1878)
Nov 14th I Annie Baldwin took charge of this school Nov 10th opened with 44 children. I found them backward in their work, some in the first class did not even know their letters. I found it necessary to divide into three stages and employ a monitor to teach the babies. Mr Redman, Mr Craven, Mr Newell, Mr Lee and the Rev. A. Davey visited the school. Average 50. 174
Dec 19th We broke up on December 18th for a fortnight. There were only twelve children who had not been absent for four consecutive weeks; to each of these I gave a present.

Nuts, an orange and a Christmas card were given to each child present.

Average 41.4 Pence. 11/-

Jan 23rd Have found it necessary to speak to those present on personal cleanliness, and the appearance of many was better at the end of the week. 177
June 25th I have taught a new song which is a great favourite with the children "The little Fox and Grey Goose".

Little Ada Briggs one of our scholars was buried last week

Jul 20th Marked the register at 1.30 and dismissed at 3.10, as the inspection of the Stanbury children was taking place in the school. 190
Jul 22nd Closed today for a fortnight's holiday. I promised the children a treat when we returned to school. 190
Aug 13th Opened with a good number on Monday. The children are fresh for work and do well. This afternoon we left school at 3.20 and went for a romp on the moor; nuts and sweets were given to the children, and all seemed delighted with their out. 190
  Report of H.M. Inspector, Mr Haslam. For the year ending April 30th 1880.

" The children are rather restless. Their attainments are moderate in Reading and writing and imperfect in the elements of number. I am glad to find them organised as a separate Department, but they cannot be recognised as such if the mistress continues to teach sewing to the girls of the mixed Department in any part of the time forming a school meeting for the Infants.

The Infants sewing is very moderate. The desks should have footrests, and the roof be made watertight.

I certify that the above is a correct copy of the report.

Austin Davey

Oct 15th Several mothers visited the school and were greatly pleased with answers in a gallery lesson. 193
Oct 22nd We gave holiday on Monday and Tuesday for Haworth Tide. 194
Nov 26th On Wednesday we begun school at 1.30 and dismissed at 3.45. We shall continue as long as the dark weather lasts. Average low this week on account of the severe weather. 195
Dec 24th We break up today Thursday. This afternoon we have 63 children here. All are to receive a pretty Christmas card before they go home. They are highly delighted, and do their work well. We have holiday for a fortnight. 197


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