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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Haworth Wes. Infant School Diary or Log Book 1864 - 1895

Feb 18th We had the children's tea and entertainment last Saturday. They thoroughly enjoyed the tea and almost all came in the evening. We had a Magic Lantern and pictures illustrating "Animal Sagacity". 199
Mar 4th Miss Entwistle, from the Oakworth Board Schools paid us a visit.

On Friday morning there was a great snow storm; some of the roads were impassable, owing to the drifting of the snow. Only a few children had managed to get to school, and some of those were quite exhausted with battling in the storm. I closed the school and gave a holiday after consulting one of the managers.

Apr 8th Average 74. We have lost by death a nice little girl, Sarah Hannah Ratcliffe, who has only been away ill one week. 202
Apr 22nd Much improvement has been made this week by the children coming cleaner and more tidy. I found some getting careless and spoke about it. Now the little ones are quite proud to show their hands and faces. 203
June 24th We have a great number of children under four years of age and they are troublesome. Some come long distances and seem weary before the begin work.

The best singers have been transferred, and now our gallery singing is poor.

July 14th I resign my charge of this school. Annie Baldwin. 208
  Report of H.M.I. J.B. Haslam Esq

" The children are now in better order. Their attainments also have improved and are very fair.

There should be no children above seven in this Department. No 7 on the Infants Schedule is disqualified under article 19 (B) 1."

Clara Craven has passed her examination as a Candidate

John Emberton

Aug 8th I Mary Ann Webster took charge of this school this morning. Opened school with 55 children. 210
Oct 21st We gave a holiday on Monday and Tuesday for Haworth tide. 212
Dec 2nd The numbers have been low on account of the wet weather. Average 56. Clara Craven has been away this week on account of the death of her father. 214
June 23rd The number have not been so good this week, as the week has been stormy and there are several children away with the measles.

Copy of report

" The condition of the school is satisfactory. The older children need a little better instruction on the elements of numbers."

Clara Craven has passed well.

Staff. Mary A Webster Certificated teacher Second Division, Second Class.

Clara Craven P.I. in her 2nd year

Signed John Emberton

July 14th The children away this week, most of whom have the measles or the whooping-cough. Average 35 221
Dec 8th The numbers have been much lower this week, as the weather has been very stormy and a great many children are sick several of whom have the measles.  
Feb 23rd There is still a great deal of sickness amongst the children which keeps the number very low 226
July 4th Copy of Report

" The Infants between six and seven passed a fair Examination. The reading was fairly good, but the writing was below par, the letters were too small and often ill shaped. The counting was also weak. The knowledge of Form and Colour was slight, and the lessons on Animals seemed to have left little impression on individual children in the class. The Marching was scarcely fair, the children should not stamp nor shuffle nor crowd together.

It would be of great advantage to the school if a porch for hats and cloaks could be provided"

M Harper is not old enough for a shortened term of apprenticeship.

Signed John Emberton

Apr 25th Millie Harper has been away from school all the week until this afternoon on account of the death of her mother. I have had a monitor from the Upper School. 240
June 20th Copy of Report

" The children passed a good examination in the elements of Reading Writing and Counting. The Reading and Counting were good on the whole, some of the children read in too low a tone and jerk the words out one by one. They should learn to hold their pencils properly in writing and should not lean their heads on the desk on any account.

The Recitation was good. The children had not much knowledge of common things of form and colour.

The Pupil Teacher showed little skill in managing the Baby class. The Index of the Admission Register should be carefully kept. The singing by note should improve.

M. Harper has passed fairly but should attend to Needlework.

Signed ? Britten

Oct 17th We gave holiday on Monday for Haworth Tide 247
June 5th Re-opened school on Monday morning. The number has been very low this week as a great many children are away with the measles. 254
June 26th Copy of the Report

" The Infants department has done exceedingly well this year in nearly all subjects. The Elementary are remarkably well taught throughout the school. The scholars answer questions on their Object Lessons in a bright and intelligent way, and they repeat well selected Poetry in a most pleasing manner.

Their varied occupations are suitable and well conducted, and the management of the babies class is highly satisfactory. The singing was rather harsh but the modulator exercises were sufficiently correct.

Needlework is still below fair. Low forms are needed in the Class Rooms"

M. Harper has passed fairly.

Signed ? Britten

Oct 23rd Children away with whooping cough. Taught a new song, "The Mouse" 259
June 4th Copy of the Report

Infants School " This Infants Department is excellently taught and managed. The elements of Reading, Writing and Numbers are soundly taught, the routine is well varied by Drawing and other Kindergarten Occupations, and the children are practised in Physical Exercises suitable to their age.

The recitation was very pleasing."

G. Dorey

July 16th There have been several children away this week with Scarlet fever. 269
Oct 22nd We gave a holiday on Monday afternoon for Haworth Tide. 271
Nov 5th Children away this week on account of sickness, several of them have "Scarlet fever." 271
Apr 15th Rev G Dorey visited the school.

Attendance is much lower again this year owing to the amount of sickness there has been amongst the children. For some time above half the children were away either with "Scarletina" or of consequence of it being in the family.

June 10th Copy of the Report

Infant School " The Infants have been as usual excellently taught and managed. M. Harper has passed fairly. She should be informed that she will, if the enclosed form of Managers Certificate prove satisfactory, be qualified under article 50, but not under article 52"

Gifford Dorey.

June 24th We gave a holiday on Monday for the Jubilee. The numbers have been very low the remainder of the week. 279
July 1st The numbers are still low a great many children are away sick. Emily Smith one of our scholars has died of "Scarletina." 279
July 21st We break up this afternoon for the Midsummer holidays for three weeks. We are giving to each child a card in commemoration of the Jubilee. 279
Aug 19th I resign my charge of this school. Mary Ann Webster 280
Aug 26th I took charge of this school on Monday last. Emily Fitton 280
Nov 4th I have quite 1/3rd of the children away sick, one boy A.Newsholme is still ill with inflammation of lungs. 284
Dec 16th I have heard of 2 or 3 cases of Scarlet Fever this week amongst the children, have sprinkled the school with disinfectant fluid every day this week. 285
Jan 6th John A. Edmunson has died of "Scarletina" during the holidays. 285
Mar 16th Had a very severe snow storm on Wednesday, so few children managed to get to school that I closed both morning and afternoon only 24 & 33 present yesterday & 28 & 32 today. 288
May 28th Copy of Report

" Infants School" there has been a change of teachers during the year which has somewhat interfered with the progress of the children. Reading is the subject that needs special attention. The school, however, deserves the Good Merit Grant."

Gifford Dorey

June 22nd Have had to punish a boy for playing truant 293
Aug 17th Re-opened school on Monday morning. The dull glass windows have been removed during the holidays. V large clear glass put in, which improves the room. 294
Sept 21st Have several children away ill with "Scarletina" 296
Oct 5th Had a heavy snow storm on Monday which has spoilt the average for the week. 296
Oct 12th Have heard of two fresh cases of "Scarletina" this week, give a holiday Monday next for "Haworth tide." 297
Oct 19th Have a great many children away sick this week, two fresh cases of Scalertina. 297
Oct 26th The attendance has been very poor indeed this week, so many children are away sick," Scarletina & hooping cough" being the general cause. 297
Nov 9th Have about 20 cases of hooping cough among the children, so have had a very poor attendance this week. 298
Jan 4th Hooping cough still very prevalent. 299
Feb 15th The children who have been away most of the winter with "whooping cough" not yet returned. 301
Mar 15th Examined the work throughout yesterday, all the children show improvement on last time. There are still several dunces who have been away all winter. Attendance very good 302
July 5th The children have attended very irregularly this week, the weather has been very hot. School visited by the Rev. J.C. Greaves. 306
May 28th Infant's School " The Infants are well taught and managed"

L. Moore has passed fairly, but should attend to Grammar, Compsition and Geography.

Sept 6th The new Board School for Infants opened on the Brow has taken 16 children away from this school. 307
Sept 30th Eleven cases of measles today. 309
Oct 1st Have supplied each child in the "Baby Class" with a "set" of loose letters, with the object of making the Alphabet Lesson a pleasant occupation. 309
Oct 7th The weather was so stormy and wet today that only a few children came to school & most of these were so wet that we had to dismiss them. 310
Oct 11th Owing to the prevalence of measles in the neighbourhood the managers have decided to close this school for a time. 310
Dec 20th We break up today for Xmas holidays. Children to be presented with oranges nuts etc subscribed for by Managers & friends. 312
Jan 3rd School had holiday January 1st 312
Jan 17th Attendance this week very good. Average 54. One case of Typhoid fever among the children. 312
Jan 31st I find that the name of a boy in the first class has not been entered as an "exception". The boy, Charles May, is in delicate health, and in consequence of a sun-stroke, is subject to fits. 313
Apr 3rd The average for the last year is 52.9 This is rather lower than for the previous year and may be accounted for by the epidemic of measles which prevailed during the third quarter. 319
May 13th Copy of Report.

" The Infants have been well taught and managed. Towards the end of the school year, when the baby class becomes large, it would be well to add a monitor to the staff."

L. Moore has passed fairly

June 11th Military funeral in village today. 324
July 1st No school this morning, owing to heavy downpour of rain. 325
July 17th Break up this afternoon for three weeks - midsummer - holiday. I resign my charge of this school today.

Mary Mathew

Aug 11th I Annie Holliday commence duties as Head Mistress. 326
Aug 22nd Have decided to teach needlework to Boys, in consequence, of which I have had to make a slight alteration in the time table. 327
Sep 10th Usual routine interfered with this morning, by the children being photographed in groups. 327
Oct 10th Holiday on Monday next for Haworth Tide. 328
Dec 5th The attendance is much worse this week, a number of children are suffering from whooping & bronchitis.

L.Moore gave a very good lesson on the elephant.

Dec 24th Nearly twenty children are absent with bronchitis and Whooping cough. We break up today for the Christmas holidays, the children are to be presented with toys & cards, subscribed for by the managers. 331


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