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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Haworth Wes. Infant School Diary or Log Book 1864 - 1895

Apr 3rd We start the year with 82 names on books 335
Apr 10th A heavy snow-storm on Wednesday morning kept half the children at home. 335
May 8th The attendance is very poor indeed, I think it is caused by the great amount of sickness prevalent in the neighbourhood. 337
July 3rd Copy of Report.

" The mistress is at a disadvantage in having the only class room completely removed from her supervision, and in consequence the babies are neglected in many respects. The work of the other two classes is, as a rule, well done, but the condition of the school would be much improved if greater attention on the part of the children were maintained.

The appointment of a monitor (as suggested in last years report) would do much to remedy the structural defect referred to above. The 4s Grant is recommended with some hesitation."

J Greaves

Aug 10th Commenced duties after midsummer holiday. Closed school at 3 O'clock, I took the children on to the moors, where they had nuts & sweets given to them. 340
Sept 4th We gave a holiday on Monday in commemoration of the Free Education Act. The managers have decided to accept the grant & in consequence the children will attend this school free. 341
Dec 11th The committee have provided a piano for the use of the Infants room, I find it improves the order, & makes the dull & marching very much more interesting. 348
Mar 25th One boy who is eight years old, has been absent from school twelve months with a broken leg & is therefore very backward. 353
Apr 22nd We have 90 children on the books 354
June 17th F.Pickles gave a very good lesson on Hay making. 356
June 29th Infants School.

"This school has passed a good examination, and the highest grant is recommended in recognition of the improvement made, both in discipline and attainments"

July 8th I have admitted a girl Ethel Mallinson who is 9 years old, but does not know her letters. 357
Sept 21st Owing to the prevalence of measles the managers have decided to close the school for a time. There were only 40 children present this morning out of 108 on the register. 360
Jan 6th F. Pickles gave a "fair" lesson on a railway station. 363
Feb 10th There is still a great amount of sickness prevalent, which makes the attendance very poor. 364
Mar 30th The school year ends today, the average for the year is 79.2 367
May 29th Copy of Report,

This is a well managed school. The teaching is very efficient & the children all do their work well. The schoolroom is bright & well furnished, but a larger classroom is much needed.

July 7th We gave a holiday yesterday because of the Royal Wedding. 370
Aug 25th We have lost several families, owing to the bad trade 371
Sept 22nd We gave a holiday on Thursday afternoon, in order that some children might be taken to the Exhibition at Keighley. 372
Nov 3rd There is a decrease in attendance this week, owing to the prevalence of Chicken-Pox 373
Nov 10th The attendance is still lower this week, & we have lost several children by removals. 373
Jan 19th Whooping cough & chicken pox are very bad in the district. 375
June 5th We received the report this morning & have again been awarded the highest grant. 379
June 22nd The routine was interrupted on Wednesday morning, when the children were photographed. 380
June 29th We closed school at 3 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon & took all the children on the Moor, where they had games & a scramble of nuts, sweets etc. 380
Oct 19th A great many children are suffering from coughs & colds. We gave a holiday on Monday afternoon for Haworth Tide. 382
Dec 21st We break up today for Christmas Holidays. We spent the afternoon in games & scrambles & closed school at 3.30. 384
Mar 8th The prevalence of influenza has caused the attendance to be very bad again, the average for the week is only 70, out of 115 children on the register. 386
Mar 29th The school ceases to be managed by the committee of the Weslyan Methodist society, & will in future be carried on by the Haworth School Board. 387
  Copy of Report

The Infants School continues to be exceedingly well taught and managed.


New log book

April 1st The school opened this morning under the management of the Haworth School Board. The staff is retained. Mr J. Pedley, member of the board was present at the opening. 1
April 16th Several of the mills having holiday, our attendance has been seriously affected. 90 children being away 2
May 3rd 244 children on the register. 3
May 20th Miss Parr went home this morning- her father being dead. 4
June 10th Report

Considering the changes in the staff and the ? average attendance during the last three months caused by sickness and bad weather, the children have passed a creditable examination.

In reading more attention should be paid to the aspirate. The papers were neatly worked. Writing has been systematically taught, and the written arithmetic very accurate. Spelling was weak in the second & the fourth standards, and mental Arithmetic needs more attention. The class subjects have been satisfactorily taught, except History in the 5th & 6th

R.E Weatherhead

June 24th On account of the varying opinions of several members of the board in Religious instruction, & on the authority of the Chairman of the board I am suspending the Scriptures Lessons until some definite discussion is come to by the board. 7
Aug 30th …quality of the work is unequal,- the teachers failing in cases to produce a high standard. 9
Sep 10th Had a conference with the teachers on the following points:

1. Weakness of last examination. 2. Discipline. 3. Variety & illustration in teaching.

Sept 14th Admitted two girls & one boy this morning; the children of worthless parents.

The attendance very poor this morning, owing to the cattle fair.

305 children on the register.

Feb 19th Miss Simpson gave a lesson on "The Dragon Fly" 17
April 24th Admitted 25 children from Mill Hey Infant School, this week 20
June 2nd Report

"This is a thoroughly good school both as regards the order & the attainments."

Average 231.2 + 19.4 = 251

Grant on average, 251 at 20/6 =257.5.6

Grant on Needlework, 126 at 1/- = 6. 6.0

Grant on S?? 5 at 3/- = 15.0

Grant on Art. 102 4. 0.0

Total Grant =£268. 6.6

Signed R.E. Weatherhead Clerk to the Board

June 30th E.?. Pickles, successful in County Council Scholarship 23
Sept 25th Have taken Sc.2 in arithmetic, as I find the teaching of miss Blakey is very mechanical. 25
Nov 21st ….I have had specially to speak to miss Blakey, about her mechanical style of questioning & teaching generally. 28
Dec 4th Miss Blakey away ill to-day. 28
Feb 5th My examination has been very much interfered with this week, on account of attendance. This is the worst week we have had this year.. Measles & mumps are very prevalent.

This afternoon I had to punish R. Hudson severely. I had warned the school several times against snow-balling in the yard at play-time. This boy ignored my warning this afternoon, and denying he had done so, I punished him smartly.

Feb 25th We closed this school to-day. On Monday we go down to the Central Schools. 31
Mar 1st



The above school was opened this morning, - 400 children being present. The Chairman of the Board - Mr James Ogden, & Vice Chairman - Mr James Pedley - addressed the children.

The following is the staff,

Arthur Hirst Head Master

G. W . Brown Assistant Master

William Harper "

G H R? "

Mary E. Craven " Mistress

Hannah Brown "

U.E. Blakey Assistant

Annie Pettyne "

S.H. Whitaker, - 4th year P.T

Constance Hudson - 2nd ---- --

E. Binns - 1st ---- --

Mar 5th In one or two rooms we have been a little inconvenienced owing to the desks not being finished. Average for the week is 391. 33
Mar 11th Closed to-day to allow the "disking" to be finished. 33
June 15th Report

The school continues to be well conducted, and much of the work is of a very satisfactory character. The children from the recently closed National School, have been drafted into this school, & the re-organisation has been successfully accomplished. The Board is to be congratulated on the excellent premises they have built for both Departments.

R.E. Weatherhead Clerk to the Board

Jun 21/22 Closed for "Queens Jubilee." Poor attendance for rest of week. 37
Oct 18th This being Haworth tide, we have had a very poor attendance this afternoon. 41
Dec 13th Very wild morning 122 children away. 43
Jan 11th Miss Sugdens class. The resignation of the latter is a very serious loss to me, as she was doing about the best work in the school and her class in generally was in a very complementary state. 44
Apr 29th Attendance still poor owing to influenza and scarlet fever. 48
June 28th H. M. I Report

"The children are exceedingly well managed, and are very ably taught"

Aug 22nd School reopened after four weeks holiday. The walls have been coloured. All teachers present. 51
Sept 30th Friday afternoon holiday owing to unusual visit of a circus to the town. 53
Jan 2nd Resumed duties. All staff present. 70 children absent. Have presented each scholar with a New Year's card.


December 31st 1898.

My Dear Scholar,


You can have "A Happy Year" if you desire with all your heart to have one; for remember, happiness is sure to follow a kind word or a kind deed. SPEAK the one, Do the other, and MARK THE EFFECT.

It is with pleasure that I have to tell you that you have worked diligently during the year that has just passed away. Allow me to impress upon you that the AIM of all School Work is to make you BETTER; better boys and girls-better sons and daughters-better youths and maidens-better men and women-better citizens.

I would say to you BE EARNEST in all good things. Play your games earnestly, that your playmates they enjoy them; work earnestly in school that your teachers may have pleasure and pride in you. Never a use bad and vulgar language, and scorn to do a mean or underneath action.

I trust that the coming year will bring you both health and happiness.

I am,

Your Affectionate Master and Friend


Jan 6th Have sent a boy- H. Mitchell- home, with a note, on account of his being dirty and smelling of something, which scented the whole room. Miss Lund, his teacher, has complained repeatedly of him. 56
Jan 10th The boy Mitchell, being no better, has been sent home again. 56
Jan 19th I had to severely reprimand a boy for swearing while at play. 56
Apr 7th Scholars on roll 604 58
June 8th Copy of Report.

"The order is good, and the attainment upon the whole, creditable. In the lower part of the school especially the children might be trained to do more for themselves and thereby become more interested in their work. The weak point in manual work, to which attention was drawn by the inspector, will doubtless be Strengthened."

Sept 12th I have had to speak to miss Dennis and to miss Whitaker as to the lack of smartness manifested by their classes. 63
Dec 22nd I have presented each scholar with a copy of the Christmas Card.


HAWORTH, DEC. 22nd 1899.

My Dear Scholar,

Once again "Merry, merry Christmas'' "draweth near." I trust you will be "as bright and gay" as "the Lords of the Land." When "around the ingle log you meet, on Merry Christmas Eve," greet your "sisters, brothers, friends" right heartily, and "weave your carol" with joy. And when

"The light of Christmas morning Steals

Across the drifted snow;

And o'er the hills the distant bells

Are pealing sweet and low;

Then lift your voices loud,

And sing with joy and cheer,

For Christmas is the dearest day

In all the happy year."

I Wish you


You have made progress during the past year, determine to make far greater progress during the coming year.

Honour and obey your parents: Be respectful to those around you: Give heed and good attention to your teachers: Improve your mind by reading good books, and your taste by carefully studying good pictures, and beautiful sites in nature: be honest, truthful and upright, that you may become good men and women, and citizens of whom your country may be proud.

I am,Your Well Wisher,


Jan 10th The Board have transferred Miss Binns to Oxenhope. Miss Mason attending half time, and Miss Bins taken away will seriously affect the work. 66
Feb 23rd work much hindered by attendance. A great amount of sickness, measles & influenza. 69
Mar 13th Miss Hudson was guilty of a serious breach of discipline this morning. As a consequence of which she went home. 70
Mar 14th Miss Hudson returned this morning, on the advice of the Chairman of the Board. 70
May 8th H. M. I. Report.

"The school is, upon the whole, well managed and taught. In the upper standards, comprised largely of half timers, the results achieved are creditable. In the lower standards, further efforts should be made towards the development of intelligence. Habits of politeness may with advantage be more generally cultivated."

Sep 7th This week I have had 1-5 taking geography in the yard, as a means of further illustrating the physical features of the countries dealt with. The physical features have been modelled in sand. 76
Sept 28th Very fair week's work-Had a conference with the teachers on punishment and other points of method. 76
Oct 9th Holiday-Parliamentary Election , -School used as a Polling station. 77
Nov 9th Owing to stormy weather the average has fallen from 488 to 469. 78

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