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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Central Board Schools, Haworth

Jan 7th Reopened School.. All staff present. Presented each scholar with New Year's Card .



My Dear Scholar,

When I last saw you, we wished each other "A MERRY CHRISTMAS." I trust that this Festival has been one full of joy to you.

I now wish you "A HAPPY NEW YEAR." Perhaps this year will be the most important of your lives. As you know it is the first year in the 20th Century. Now, clever men and women all over the world, are thinking and writing about the last hundred years, which we have called the 19th Century. They are considering the great changes and improvements that have been wrought during that period :-how that we now have much more comfortable homes, better food and clothing, more means of enjoyment, more opportunities of getting to know what is going on in all parts of the world, and, what is the most important of all to you, as children, the privilege of having to attend school until you are thirteen years of age, in place of having to go to work, say, at six. For these great privileges we should be grateful to our Queen and Country. One of the best ways of showing this gratitude is to be truthful, honest, diligent in our work, and to make all effort possible to so improve our minds, that we may become intelligent citizens, able to do our work in the best possible manner. That you may make progress this year, will you take as your motto ?-

"A good beginning and a better ending."

I am, your Friend and Well Wisher,


Jan 11th I have been out of school several times this week, having had two of my children with scarlet fever. They are now in the Morton Banks Hospital. 79
Jan 21st On account of the alarming reports of her Majesty, opened school by singing the National Anthem. 80
Jan 24th A lesson on the life of Queen Victoria has been given in all the classes to-day. After the lesson each child wrote or copied a letter to their parents, containing an account of the lesson. 80
Jan 30th left school this morning, having received a telegram from the Bingley & Keighley joint Hospital, that my eldest daughter was dangerously ill. 81
Feb 1st Away on account of death of my daughter. 81
Feb 4th Many children away sick. 81
Mar 27th Lessons on "The Census" given to remaining classes. 82
Apr 4th No. on books 597. 82
Apr 19th Have not taken cookery this week, owing to the age limit in New Code. 83
May 15th M. Kershaw, sent home this morning, could not see to make out a fraction sum, from print, as she had not brought her "glasses." 85
June 19th Copy of Report.-

"This large school is well organised and the teaching has been, on the whole, of a satisfactory character. With careful attention to points named at inspection there is reason to believe that the work will soon be uniformly good. With this hope, the higher grant is recommended, but improvements in certain parts of the work will be expected in order to ensure its renewal next year."

July 17th On the advice of Medical Officer of Health, the school is closed until end of the summer holidays, owing to prevalence of whooping cough. 88
Oct 18th Enoch Chaplin, a boy in st 5. daily, not having been once absent in 4 1/2 years, was presented by the teachers and scholars of his class with a book. 90
Apr 7th I was absent on Thursday & Friday, being a delegate to N.U.T. conference-Mr Farrar was left in charge. 94
May 30th Report to hand, as follows.

"In all respects creditable progress has been made during the past year in the mixed department."

Grant total £559.12.0

June 2nd The school assembled this morning.

I gave a short address on the conclusion of peace in South Africa. The children sang the National Anthem, and gave three cheers. This was repeated in the yard in the presence of ? and ?. The children were then given a day's holiday.

Oct 14th Schools closed for three weeks on account of measles, and by order of Medical Officer of Health. 100
May 22nd Copy of H.M.I's Report

"The discipline is excellent, the work is carefully planned, the teaching is thorough and painstaking, and the results are in all respects satisfactory"

July 13th The four "Scott" Scholarships offered this year have been won by the following children in this school

1. John P Craven

2. Elsie Rushworth

3. Elsie Argyle

4. Jamie Bottomley

Sept 14th Mr Farrar has mounted and framed specimens of Leaves. 110
Feb 1st We have a considerable number of children away:-measles prevailing. 114
Feb 5th Mrs Binns ceased duties here, having got married. She has been a very willing and diligent teacher. 114
Mar 16th Mr Joseph Addison of the United Kingdom Band of Hope Union gave his lecture on "alcohol" to St 3 to 7. The lecture was listened to with great interest, and was a very effective one. 115
Apr 8th I have been attending N.U.T conference at Portsmouth, so the school has been in charge of Mr Farrar the last two days. 116
July 18th Copy of H. M. I's Report

"The school continues to do well, the playground is rough."

Sep 30th We have lost several of children of late, owing to removals on account of lack of employment. 122
Nov 22nd School closed on account of severe snow storm. 124
Jan 13th There have been many removals, and few admissions owing to the unsatisfactory state of employment in Haworth. 126
Feb 20th Part timers are playing at the mill in turns. Am insisting upon their attendance at school when not at the mill. 127
Apr 7th Reading in the lower division is very weak. Few can phrase, and the vowel effects in single syllables not at all well known. 129
May 10th We are suffering inconvenience from delay of apparatus. We are now without ink & pens. 130
Aug 28th Mr Long, having missed his train, did not get to school until 9.25. This was also the case last Monday morning. 132
Aug 30th Lessons on "solar eclipse" given to all classes. Took scholars into yard at 11.45- each with perforated paper. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast. 132
Sep 7th Haworth visited by a party of Frenchmen from Surcene? Gave the whole school a short address on "L'entente Cordiale." 132
Oct 23rd Special lesson to all classes on "Nelson & Trafalgar." 134
Oct 31st Lesson on "The Gunpowder Plot" throughout the school: also a 'composition' on the subject. 134
Jan 25th Closed for General Election. 136
June 25th This afternoon I have 107 children absent -78 on account of Measles 139
Aug 20th Miss Martha Kershaw from the infant school appointed here, in succession to Miss Brown. This makes Five Mistresses, which have been appointed here, within the last three years, from infant departments. Their appointments have been far from satisfactory, & have caused considerable trouble especially with regard to the singing and drawings. I have pointed this out to the managers without avail. 140
Nov 1st Mumps very prevalent. 64% 143
Nov 9th School closed this morning for three weeks, on account of Mumps, the order of Medical Officer of Health. 143
Feb 25th Had a talk with the school on politeness, method of address & answering properly. 146
July 26th In spite of this being the Haworth? Feast week, the attendance, on the whole, has kept up well. 150
Aug 26th Reopened school. All staff present. School walls re-coloured. 150
Aug 28th Conferred with staff on dull children in Reading & writing 150
Aug 29th C.C sub. Committee ? school yard re repairs 150
Sep 12th Have spoken to staff on discipline & corporal punishment. 151
Sep 18th Conferred with staff on the use of coloured chalks, & oral arithmetic. 151
Sep 20th Several children away from the school, owing to ring worms. 151
Oct 16th Medical certificate for Miss Hayward, who is suffering from Cranial Neuralgia. She has not been well for the greater part of the year. 152
Jan 8th Copy of Report from Mr.B. J. Cornish H. M. I.

"Order continues good, but more methodical and effective organisation and supervision are desirable. In particular the syllabus & report books should be more carefully kept, and the names of lessons should afford adequate evidence of preparation. Speech training requires more attention and better methods should be employed…. Spelling is not a strong point, & the methods of teaching it require consideration. In drawing it is undesirable that the teacher should sketch the object first, and brushwork should be freer.

May 4th Ringworm is somewhat prevalent. Two cases of scarlet fever. 159
July 10th I have had to speak to Miss P.H. Whitaker, Mr Sugden & Mr Sutcliffe in reference to the somewhat lax discipline may maintain. 161
Sep 4th The unsatisfactory condition of the yard has caused me some trouble with the children as regards play- time. 162
Sep 11th Twelve of the best dailies children have left to attend secondary schools at Keighley:-

Miss Binns;-" Scott" & County Minor

Tom Rushworth;-" Scott" & County Minor

William Redman;-" Scott"

Florence Rushworth;-" Scott"

Noy 3rd I have had to complain to Miss P. H. Whitaker about the order of her class. 164
Nov 25th Miss P. H. Whitaker away sick again. 165
Jan 15th Report by Mr Whaley Dec 22nd

In view of the large number of certificated teachers on the staff of the school, the attainments of the children are in some respects disappointing.

Feb 10th Have a considerable trouble with the order and general discipline in Miss P H Whitaker's class, -St 4 a. 168
Mar 12th Attendance has fallen to 79 % this week. 169
Jun 11th I have 5 children absent on account of Diptheria. 171
Dec 24th Closed at noon for Christmas.

Mr J.W. Sutcliffe has received an appointment in S. Africa

Jan 21st School closed owing to the Parliamentary Election in this division. 176
Jan 28th Very heavy fall of snow. 151 present in the morning & 186 in the afternoon. 176
Feb 18th Since Christmas, ten children from standard 5 have commenced to work at the mill. 177
Jun 17th Mr B.J. Cornish - H.M.I.- Report, visit March 18th

While some improvement has taken place in the work of the upper classes, the condition of the school cannot be considered satisfactory. The point, which is most unsatisfactory is the way in which the children in the lower standard prompt each other and copy when tested in arithmetic.

A further report will probably be made in a few months.

Oct 24th Medical inspection of children born in 1900. 182
Nov 25th Whooping cough and "colds" prevalent. Attendance 86% 182


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