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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Central Board Schools, Haworth

Mar 17th Authority to inflict Corporal Punishment according to "regulations" of County Council delegated to Mr Nixon, Mr Slater, Miss Rollason, Hayward, Boase, Lund, Whitaker, Holmes & Kershaw. 185
Jun 16th Closed for Coronation week. 186
Jul 7th Have gone over C.C. Circular on Fire Drill, and, after having agreed upon a signal, I cleared the children out of their class rooms into the yard in 1 1/2 minutes. 186
Jul 7th Report of visit (H.M.I) May 22 & 23.

The Head Master has evidently endeavoured to remedy the weak points mentioned in previous reports, and is now in touch with all the work. The school is well organised and the work carefully planned and supervised.

Sep 14th Fire drill practice. Whistle went at 10 am. All the children on their lines in the yard at 10.01. am. 190
Sep 18th New scholar. Owing to the making of a new reservoir new families are coming into Haworth. I find great difficulty in their classification. Reading and arithmetic are very uncertain. 190
Oct 6th I have had to speak to miss Whitaker more than once this week about the general order & discipline of her class. This, and her noisy methods often interfere with the work of other classes. 191
Jan 15th Discipline in St. 2 (Miss Whitaker's) continues very unsatisfactory. 194
Apr 19th Children are now being employed, half-time & full-time at 12 & 13 years of age, on old conditions of age & attendance in spite of Bye - Laws recently adopted. 196
July 23rd Miss Boase took her class to the Keighley museum. I met the children on their return by the 5.0.1 train. 198
Dec 16th Miss Whitaker's class has been very disorderly of late. I have had to speak to the teacher on several occasions. 201
Dec 20th Closed school for Christmas.

Mr W Nixon having been appointed head master of Laycock C School ceased duty here, after 2 3/4 years service.

Jan 6th School reopened. Mr Norris Greenwood (U.A) from the Oakworth school, takes Mr Nixon's place. 201
Jan 10th Miss Whitaker's class again disorderly. 202
Jan 14th Since last April I have admitted 46 new children. A number of these are children of navvies, who have come to the new Keighley waterworks. Invariably they are of low attainment, & most difficult to classify. In fact, I rarely admit new children, who are average in attainment. This is having quite an appreciable effect in some classes. 202
Jun 30th Seven 1st year students from the Bingley training college commence a two weeks practise here. 207
Sep 8th Miss Whitaker's class very disorderly. 209
Nov 11th School closed owing to parliamentary by- election. 210
May 1st Attendance affected by measles 213
Aug 28th Good week's work. Had some trouble in individual cases of half timers attending school when mills not working.

Following "scholarship" children:-

Percy Ogden:- "teachers" scholarship

John Martin :- "Scott" "

Arthur Whitaker :- " "

Mary Bannister :- " "

Lydia Snowdon :- " & County minor

Herbert Longfield (later) "

Sep 4th I am making some modification in history and geography schemes: also in drawing & singing in order to bring them into a little closer alliance with the war on the Continent. 216
Oct 15th I was absent from school yesterday & the previous afternoon owing to my father's illness. 217
Oct 19th I was absent from school owing to the death of my father. 218
Oct 23rd We are having an outbreak of measles. 218
Nov 6th Attendance 87% there is much sickness including measles. 218
Nov 24th Mr Greenwood absent sick. 218
Dec 7th Mr Greenwood has broken down again. 219
Jan 29th There is again much sickness among the children-an epidemic of colds & coughs. 220
Feb 5th Attendance 81% this week. 220
Feb 19th Attendance 94%. 220
June 29th Miss Whitakers class very noisy. The teacher's control of her class has not been at all satisfactory lately. 223
Oct 26th Mr Greenwood absent to join the R.A.M.C. 226
Jan 14th Owing to suspension of operations at Sladen valley waterworks, & the consequent removals, we have lost a number of scholars of late. 227
Mar 17th Severe weather has affected the attendance, & caused considerable sickness. 87% this week. 228
Mar 31st The year's work has been influenced by the war conditions, perhaps at the cost of progress, as far as purely school subjects are concerned. 228
April 5th Mr Winsconi away for military interview. 229
April 7th Mr Winsconi ceases today for war service. 229
May 3rd Shakespearean Celebration. Children assembled in central hall at 11 o' clock. Rev David Arthur (Baptist) offered prayer. Rev. J. C N? (Weslyan) read from Ecclesiastics & gave a short address on good literature: The Rector, - Rev T. W. Storey gave an address on Shakespeare & his work. Children sung & recited from Shakespeare. 230
June 28th John F. Brown & Emma Haslam have won county minor scholarships. 231
Nov 9th Mr Winsconi, who has joined the Navy, ceased duty. 232
Dec 5th Owing to the death of my mother I was away from school. 233
Jan 19th Much sickness owing to severe weather. 87 % 234
Jun 22nd I had had considerable trouble with the "spirit of freedom" in the 1st daily class. There is a restlessness & talkative disposition, which is very trying. 237
July 17th St 1, under miss Whitaker, getting very disorderly. 238
Aug 31st 7 children have won scholarships:-

"Scott" Scholarships.

Cyril Hall, Herbert Scarborough, Martha Snowden, Herbert Dyson, Doris Dinsdale, Elizabeth Ogden, Lily Firth.

County Minor

Elizabeth Ogden

Sep 19th We are resorting to slates in order to economise paper, especially in arithmetic. 239
Nov 30th Attendance fallen from 93.6% to 89.7% many children are suffering from colds. 241
Jan 11th Classes nicely at work. The attendance however, is only 84% -there being much sickness. 242
Jan 28th Measles spreading. 242
Mar 11 Attendance 90% for the first time since Xmas. 243
May 29th School closed this afternoon in honour of the King's visit to Keighley. 244
Jul 5th Owing to a kind of influenza sickness prevailing the attendance has fallen 90% to 82% this week. 245
Oct 2nd I was absent from school attending a war savings conference County Hall Wakefield. 247
Oct 31st Influenza has rapidly spread. Closed until Monday week. 247
Nov 11th School reopened this morning. Order received to close another two weeks. 247
Dec 20th Closed for Xmas holidays. This has been an exceptionally difficult and disappointing period. Three weeks closure for influenza & the absence of various members of staff through sickness has very considerably affected the general progress of the school. 248
Jan 20th Mrs Sutcliffe ceased temporary duty, probably for four weeks, as her husband has been demobilised. 249
April 9th J S Davies, C.C. I.-

"There is quite a good tone in this school. Corporate life seems to be well fostered; and the children are bright and busily employed. The reading throughout the school is satisfactory, articulation is generally clear.

Writing might be much tidier. Some children in the upper classes have a good idea of paraphrasing their essays; this should be cultivated.

Spelling is very weak: and much effort is needed to bring about a great improvement in this respect.

I should recommend a freer use of diagrams by the children in their exercise books; and much more practical work being done in this branch of the work. There seems to be too great a reliance on formulae.

I should suggest more drawing being done by the girls.

Mar 21st I was absent from school after 9.30 at a war savings conference in Leeds. 252
Mar 31st Mr Norris Greenwood resumed duty after being on war service. 252
May 5th Mr Winsoni resumed duty after war service. 253
June 30th

July 1st

Closed for signing of peace. 253
Oct 3rd Closed for one week:-two days mid-term Holiday & three days due from peace Week. 255
Nov 5th All classes had a special lesson on the "gunpowder plot." 256
Nov 11th Had short service re Armistice Day. The Rector -the Rev. G.A. Elson & the Rev. W. Backhouse gave short addresses. Hymns were sung by the scholars & King George's letter, enjoining "two minutes silence" at 11 o'clock, in honour of the departed dead. 256
Nov 14th Total grant £ 766.4.0 256
Jan 20th Attendance 92%-the first time we have reached 90% since the week before Easter. 258
Aug 23 H. M.I Report on Inspection 9th& 23rd March

"There is evidence of careful work, e.g the composition exercises, which, in most classes are marked to some purpose. The arithmetic, when tested was not strong. This may be due to the fact that the marking of the work is not always done by the teacher.

42 children will be taken off the roll this week. 13 of them will be going to Keighley secondary schools, & the rest to the Mill. The following have gained scholarships:-

County minor :- Arthur Craven, Arnold Parker, Harry Hudson, Amy Binns. "Scott":- Vera Hinchcliffe, Marjory Hartley, Arnold Parker, Amy Thomas.

Nov 5th Attendance 84%. Chicken pox & scarlet fever breaking out. 261

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