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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Central Board Schools, Haworth

Feb 4th Attendance for last two weeks 94.4% 263
July 4th Three out of the four "Scott" scholarships awarded this year have been by the following scholars:-

Jack Roddic, Charles Pickles, Muriel Garside

Sep 30th Field for organised games has been secured. 266
Aug 28th Re-opened. All staff presence, except Mr J. Barrett, who has happened a severe motor accident during the holiday. He will, probably, be away between two & three months. 274
Sep 8th During this week I have been much exercised with a boy in St.1, (William Waddington) who seems afflicted with Kleptomania. Have discussed the case with the staff. 275
Sep 20th We have had repeated trouble with the little boy William Waddington. He has been examined by our Dr Wakon, and reported to medical department at County Hall. 275
Oct 31st Mr. A. Hirst, Head Master, left here today. 276
Nov 1st Robert Arthur Holden commenced work as Head Master to-day.

Mr Barret returned to duty.

Nov 15th School closed General election. 277
Feb 19th Snow deep. - attendance poor 280
Apr 26th School closed for Duchy Yorks wedding. 283
Jun 8th Several members of Worth Valley Dist. Committee & Mr Leach called. 284
Aug 29th Miss Linda Howker, 36 Ivy Bank Ter. Haworth

Commenced work as Student Teacher

Born 16-3-06 From Keighley Dr? & To? School.

Salary £40 Reg. No G.B.200.

Dec 6th General election - school closed. 288
Jan 9th Report by Mr. T. J. M. More H.M.I

Within a year the Head Master has made himsef felt. In no respect is this more obvious than in the more natural demeanour of the children, who now show keenness and pleasure in their work.

Mar 6th Infant school closed on account of the epidemic of influenza. 292
New log book
July 14th The temperature has ranged from 76 degrees to the 80 degrees in the various rooms today. Lessons were too difficult-&, three children were sick with the heat so school was dismissed at 3.45 pm. 1
Sep 20th The temperature has fallen very low today owing to heavy rains. Owing to continuation of coal strike we may not have fires yet. 3
Sept 27th A small supply of coal was received this morning and fires lit at noon. 4
Oct 4th The very hot day. Indoor temperatures from 68 degree - 74 degree. Many lessons taken out of doors. Drill, games, conversation story. 4
Oct 19th Miss Hey, a student teacher, absent at the request of the headmistress of the secondary school in order to take part in a bazaar on behalf of the Leeds university extension fund. 5
Oct 28th Mr Bailey visited re boy whose parents are being prosecuted for non attendance. 5
Oct 29th Week's average 156. 86.6% 5
Nov 2nd A very stormy day-snow and rain,-roads deep in slush. Did not mark registers attendance am 75 pm 101.

All, but the few children who were wearing Wellington boots had wet feet. Teaches were occupied until 10.30 am with drying shoes and stockings.

At noon a girl was bit on the arm, by a dog which had followed two boys into the cloakroom. The bite caused a bad bruise. It was treated with peroxide & iodine. The nurse afterwards examined it, it is not likely that any ill effects will follow.

Nov 4th Mr Ellis, the caretaker reports that another section of the boiler is leaking- a new one was inserted last weekend.

The matter has been reported to the plumber and Mr Lea.

Nov 11th At morning assembly H.T. gave a little talk on the meaning of armistice Day. At 10.55 am the school again assembled in the hall, and at 11 o'clock for two minutes silence was observed. 7
Nov 23rd Interview Dr Lindsay, school doctor re a mentally defective child who had been presented for admission upon his advice. After keeping the child under observation for an hour and half the doctor asked the parent to keep her at home for 12 months. 8
Dec 1st Staff conference to decide what Christmas treat to give to the school this year. Arrangements were made to give a tea party at the staff's expense. The table decorations to be a special consideration. 8
Dec 3rd Requested caretaker to use sawdust to all floors, as lately we have suffered considerably from a dusty atmosphere 8
Dec 17th Closed school at 3.45 owing to the fog and darkness. 9
Dec 22nd This afternoon the teachers gave a tea party to the scholars.

Tables were laid in the central hall two schemes of colour used. The tables were decorated alternately with red and green and yellow and green.

Tiny orange trees and fairy lights were placed down the centres of each table. Each class had a different centre piece-the Babies class- large orange tree & Santa Claus. Class 2b a small decorated Christmas tree. Class 2a Japanese gateway of happiness with suspended lantern. Class 1 large floral basket of yellow blossoms.

All scholars came to school dressed up and wore carnival caps at the tea tables.

Before commencing tea, a local photographer took a picture of the assembly.

As tea was finishing Santa Claus arrived and in his usual merry fashion entertained the children and a number of parents who had arrived to watch the proceedings. The scholars gave carols, recitations and dances.

Jan 21st A second fall of snow, with wet, slushy conditions has reduced the attendance considerably today. Week's average 142, 78.8% 11
Feb 21st Dr Lindsay visited for routine inspection, attendance 99.

Of those examined, he excluded immediately, 5 whom he found had high temperatures and one girl who had Chicken Pox.

He telephoned to Dr Atkinson re closure of school owing to prevalence of influenza. The clerk to the U.D.C sent a messenger ordering closure for this week. Scholars were dismissed at once and attendance cancelled for the morning.

Mar 23rd Warm spring- like conditions prevail. All classes able to take physical exercises and games out of doors. Some classes have had nature observation lessons in school garden today. 14
June 17th An American lady, formerly a teacher, visited this afternoon, she wished to compare American & English methods. 20
Aug 22nd Reopened school attendance 130 am

During vacation installation of electric lighting has been commenced. Much remains to be done. In consequence of this work the caretaker has been unable to do the cleaning in the usual manner.

Aug 29th A scholar aged five (? Clarke) has died during the weekend. 23
Aug 30th 40 large bunches of beautiful flowers were brought by scholars to send to the funeral of their deceased playing mate. 23
Sep 26th Mr Bailey reports several cases of illness - one whooping cough and two of swollen glands. 24
Oct 28th This afternoon we had a formal leave taking.

At 3.45 pm Miss Binns & Miss Lamb assembled the classes in the central hall. A large number of parents attended also the staff of the Mixed Dep. and several former infants' teachers.

Mrs Bancroft, formerly a teacher here took the chair.

A scholar of the first class, Stella Ratcliffe presented a beautiful bouquet to Miss Ratcliffe and a second-class boy, Billy Morrison presented one to Mrs Bailey.

Mr Holden H.T of senior school made a presentation of a mahogany bureau and a silver candelabra to Miss Ratcliffe on behalf of teachers, past & present and scholars of both schools.

In doing so he expressed his great appreciation of Miss Ratcliffe's services and his regrets at her retirement. Then Miss Ratcliffe made a presentation to Miss Bailey on behalf of the teachers and scholars of the infants' school. This consisted of a silver candelabra and a mahogany coffee table.

Both teachers replied, thanking the donors and expressing their regrets at leaving after 30 years of happy work, and their good wishes for the continued success of the school.

The scholars gave loud & prolonged cheers.

Nov 1st Commenced duty this am as supply H.T. C.H. Nairby. 27
Nov 11th Recreation 10.35 am to 10.50. Each teacher gave her class a little talk on armistice Day. The two minute silence was observed in their own rooms. 28
Dec 21st This p.m. was the children's tea party given by the teachers.

The children assembled in the hall for Carol singing. Tea was from 2.45 to 3.15 pm in their own classrooms. At 3.15 pm the children again assembled for a visit from Father Christmas.

Parents were allowed to visit. Miss Ratcliffe and Mrs Bailey were heartily welcomed as visitors.

Jan 9th Today marks the commencement of my duties here as head teacher. A.M Cann.

We have reopened school with 115 children present out of a possible 148.

Mar 22nd While trying to open a window with a map pole this afternoon the Head Teacher cracked and slightly broke a pane of glass in one of the windows in Room 5. 34
Apr 24th This morning a new door mat has arrived. 36
Apr 30th Today marks the close of Mr and Mrs Stansfields duties as caretakers here. Mr and Mrs Redman take these duties tomorrow. 36
Oct 26th Mr Leah and Miss Furness visited this afternoon in order to discuss the request for beds for the babies room. It had been suggested that the tables already installed might be used for bed supports and thereby effect economy. After this afternoon's discussion however it has been decided that if possible, proper cots -hammock variety be installed. 44
Nov 9th Owing to the exceptionally bright fine weather 10 minutes extra playtime was allowed this morning. 44
Nov 16th During the week the drain outside the main entrance has been repaired. 44
Dec 10th Four stones of silver sand and three boxes of counters received today. 46
Dec 19th The children's Christmas party was held today. The children had tea at 3pm and later assembled in the hall for carol singing. 46
Mar 14th A burst pipe has been discovered in the babies lavatory. Workmen are at present repairing a pipe in connection with the senior departments so they are being instructed to carry out the necessary repairs indicated above. 50
Mar 25th On Saturday a rummage sale was held in order to raise funds for additional school equipment £4.13.9 raised. 51
May 10th The attendance is still low on account of the prevalence of epidemic-small pox - chicken pox and measles. The percentage is only 65. 53
May 30th School closed all day on account of general election. 54
June 18th Dr Lindsay paid a brief visit in order to see a child who has been causing trouble recently. He came here some months ago from Barnoldswick. He is a child of difficult temperament due probably to unsatisfactory home conditions. He is to be kept under observation for a fortnight during which time a record of his actions will be made. 54
Nov 1st We have today started subsidiary feeding; 36 children had milk this morning. 59
Nov 20th Report by Mr T.J.M. More H.M.I

"Under the sympathetic influence of the head teacher there is a happy spirit in the school. The children benefit from kindly treatment and diffidence disappears.

Elsewhere there is steady progress though the singing has not as yet the quality of sweetness. The use of handkerchiefs might in places receive more attention.

The needs of the babies are watched carefully and they are allowed to rest in the afternoon though without the suitable provision for which the head teachers pressing.

Dec 19th We have today had our children's party. The school is decorated, the chief attraction being the Christmas tree. 63
April 1st The average attendance for year 1929-1930 is only 95. This is mainly due to epidemic conditions which prevailed during the weeks immediately before and after Christmas. 68
April 8th Today twelve cots (Camp bed style) have arrived for use during the rest period in the babies room. 68
May 28th Today 9 bottles of milk had to be rejected on account of the milk being sour. 70
Sep 15th We are this week supplying penny bottles of milk for subsidiary nourishment. The quality of the milk remains the same - the bottles are smaller. 74
Dec 19th Today marks the close of the quarter also of the shortened Educational year. 79

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