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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Junior Mixed & Infants' C. School, Haworth

Feb 12th This morning a little boy pushed a shell up his nostril during number lesson. He was taken by a teacher to Dr McCracken's surgery and his mother was informed of the incidence. The shell was successfully removed. 82
Oct 26th This morning some irregularity in the functioning of the hot water pipes has led to a considerable leakage in the babies cloakroom. 92
Oct 27th School closed on account of General Election. 92
Nov 6th Acting in accordance with instructions from Bingley we have this week issued 1d bottles of milk instead of 11/2d ones as before. There is a distinct increase in the demand for milk. 93
Feb 1st Fresh supplies of coke- long overdue have failed to arrive and we are without heat. This morning lessons are being modified accordingly.

The coke arrived during the morning and arrangements are being made to get the heat on as soon as possible-this however must take some time and the children are very cold.

In the circumstances they are being discharged at 11.30.

Feb 3rd It was discovered this morning that late last night school was entered by some person unknown. Drawers in the staff room have been ransacked and private property of the head teacher stolen. An unsuccessful attempt to open the desk in room 5 had been made. No school property was stolen nor was any damage done to school furniture.

The police are making investigations and a report of the incident is being sent to Bingley.

Feb 4th It has been discovered that the culprit is a girl who has been in similar trouble before. She is a scholar in the Senior Dept. 99
Feb 10th The head teacher out of school this morning from 10am until 11.40 am in order to be present at the examination of the girl mentioned above. This was held at the juvenile court at Keighley. 99
May 2nd Acting upon instruction from Wakefield we are issuing dried milk to certified cases (non-paying) today and in future. The suppliers of fresh milk are not being continued.

Note fresh milk supplies resumed 9th May.

May 23rd We have reopened school this morning with 63 children present out of a possible 111- 40 children are absent on account of measles. 106
Oct 3rd Today marks the opening of this school as a Junior and Infants Department. This morning we have 275 present out of 312. 112
Feb 27th Weather conditions of unprecedented severity have completely disorganised school routine today.

The head teacher absent all day-having been stranded yesterday.

Feb 28th Yesterday school was dismissed at 3.45 pm to allow teachers to travel by the 4 o'clock train-this being the only means of reaching Keighley. 119
Mar 3rd In view of the fog and rain we are dismissing the school at 3.50 in order to allow teachers and children to reach home safely. 120
Mar 16th We have two cases of German measles. 120
May 1st The Jumble Sale on Saturday realised £7.10s. After expenses are paid we shall have £6.17s 6d in hand. 123
May 5th We have purchased a gramophone for school. 123
May 17th Apology received from youth, who knocked down a little girl when cycling through the playground on 4th May. The child was not hurt but as the boy was trespassing an apology was demanded. 123
May 24th At morning assembly today some little attention was given to Empire Day celebration. A brief talk emphasising the value of friendly relationships with all countries whether of our empire or not was followed by the singing of the hymn "Lord bless our native land". 124
Jul 12th A recurrence of the scarlet fever epidemic is evident-we have two cases-small girls. 126
Sep 25th Today a first aid outfit for the sole use of this department has arrived.

Work in room 4 has proved inconvenient today on account of the rain coming through the ceiling.

Oct 2nd Today is the anniversary of our organisation as a Junior Department, to mark the occasion fifteen minutes extra playtime is being allowed this afternoon. 130
Dec 20th We are holding our Christmas parties today. This afternoon the infants had tea in their classrooms and later sang carols and danced round the Christmas tree-Santa Claus paid a visit and after receiving a cracker and a musical toy the children dismissed at 4pm.

This evening the juniors had their party. Tea in classrooms- carols and dances in the hall completed by a magic entertainment lasting an hour. Each child was given a cracker and a toy before leaving at 7 pm.

Feb 20th We are taking definite steps to brighten the babies room. The furniture is being enamelled in bright colours. 138
Feb 22nd Report by Miss W Biggs, HMI

The school was reorganised in October, 1932. It is gratifying to report that it has already in little more than the year, assumed a definite shape and character. The business of learning develops easily and naturally from the play activities of the baby room to the more serious curriculum of the junior classes. The teachers in the two highest junior classes are doing very sound work. The brighter children in each class have every encouragement given them to forge ahead; they give an admirable all-round performance. There is in each class however, a considerable section of children whose foundation work is unreliable.

May 7th On Friday last a cot and two blankets were loaned to a boy of the senior Department who was ill. It has been revealed that the boy has Diphtheria, he has been removed to hospital. The help of the sanitary inspector has been requisitioned. Consequently all the cots and blankets are being put out of doors in the sunshine this afternoon, the ones used by the boy being stoved overnight. 145
May 28th We regret very much the passing away of a little girl-Joyce Cooper-she was in Class B and was in every way a credit to her class. 147
May 30th A collection has been made for a wreath to be sent from the school in memory of the above named little girl. 147
June 1st The amount collected exceeded the cost of the wreath to a considerable extent. The surplus has been used to buy a vase which is to be kept in school and to which this statement refers:-

In loving memory of our friend

Joyce Cooper aged 9

Who passed away on the 27th May 1934

Oct 10th In accordance with the instruction from the S.M.O. Nine children are receiving daily doses of cod liver oil. 155
Oct 30th Dr Anderson inspected all children present in school certifying 43 for subsidiary nourishment of these 3 are malnourished and are to have two issues of milk daily. 156
Nov 8th On Friday night a jumble sale was held in school to raise funds for various school projects. The proceeds were £8.1.5 A staff meeting held at 4 10pm to conclude Jumble sale business. It was decided that out of the profits of £7.5.2 a dozen gramophone records be bought costing approximately £1.10s; £1 be devoted to the Christmas party, 5d to each class teacher for Sunday class expenses and a sum of money approximately £2 towards large toys for the infants group. 156
Dec 10th A seesaw for the use of the Infants has been purchased out of funds raised by the recent Jumble sale. 158
Feb 19th There are four new cases of Jaundice. 162
Mar 15th This afternoon Dr Walker and Mr Sugden have visited to investigate conditions prior to the establishment of a nursery class. 164
May 1st Preparations are being made for the Jubilee celebrations on Monday next. Children from the Haworth and lees junior schools are giving a representation of the Coronation of their Majesty King George and Queen Mary (1910). 166
May 3rd Today Mrs Andrews has addressed the assembled school and presented Jubilee Bank Books (deposit b) to the two eldest and the two youngest children in school. 167
May 8th The Jubilee celebration passed off satisfactory. 167
June 27th This morning Dr Hunter from Wakefield has attended for the Immunisation against Diphtheria Treatments. 47 children have had the first injections. 170
Aug 26th The other galleries from rooms 1,3,5 and 6 have been removed. In the case of one group of outside offices a dividing wall has been erected to separate the boys and girls sections. 172
Sep 3rd Weekly visit of school nurse. Two children excluded on account of neglect and dirt. 174
Nov 5th We close school this afternoon for one day's holiday on account of the marriage of H.R.H the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Scott. 176
Nov 14th School closed all day on account of General election. 177
Nov 26th Weekly visit of school nurse. Two children excluded on account of scabies. 178
Jan 24th The weather conditions throughout this week have been so unfavourable that the week's percentage of average attendance is only 52.88. There is an extremely dense fog this afternoon consequently the children are being dismissed at 3.55 in order to allow them to get home before dark. 181
Feb 5th Visit of the Mayoress of Keighley Mrs Henderson accompanied by the Head mistress of Skipton girls Grammar School. These ladies wished to see our nursery class. 182
Mar 10th H.T absent owing to illness. 183
Mar 1st J. S Roebuck, took up duties as Head teacher today 191
Mar 15th Reported to H.T that Lorna Metcalfe aged 4" yea years has died of Diptheria. 193
April 20th H. T. Received complaints from staff about non dusting of desks. H.T. carried complaint to caretaker who replied that desks were never dusted whereupon H.T. referred him to schedule of duties and insisted that this part of routine work should be carried out daily. 195
Apr 26th Dr Scattery, M.O.H for Craven Combined District called pm with reference to Diphtheria epidemic. He expressed himself as being of the opinion that fumigation and disinfection were of little use in coping with the outbreak. 196
Apr 28th Mr Breckon, W.R.C.C Organiser of Physical Training, observed that the standard of teaching the subject was much improved and proposed to disregard his former observations which were more critical. 196
Apr 29th Informed this morning of the death of Keith Murgatroyd. This is the fourth death since I took over the duties as Head teacher. 196
May 3rd Sprayed all classrooms in this building with Izal Germicide solution. 197
May 10th School closed pm for Coronation and Whitsun holidays (nine days in all). H.T. issued warnings re- dangers of Road traffic, Electricity conveyors, Deep water, Tips, Ashpits and Middens. He also advised children about taking care of the Park. 197
June 25th School dismissed with hymns, prayers and warnings re rough play and chalking on school walls. 200
July 16th At 1.18 pm today Albert Robinson, whilst playing with Dennis Wadsworth on the lawn in front of the school suffered a compound fracture of the forearm. Dr McCracken was fetched by Miss Pickles and he straightened the arm and bandaged it up. The boy was then sent home in charge of a sister.

Dr McCracken was informed that W.R.C.C. would pay his fee for one visit only and a note to this effect was sent to parent.

Sep 10th H.T. Instructed children to walk into school when bell rang after recess instead of formal marshalling before entering school. 202
Nov 4th Received the following supplies of bulbs for school gardens.

100 Daffodils, 100 Tulips, 100 Crocus, 50 Snowdrop, 50 Grape Hyacinth.

Nov 22nd Mr. Gawthorpe, C.C.L., called in respect of punishment of a child. Miss Bancroft, class teacher, was summoned to head teachers room and admitted administering light blows with the hand but child's general demeanour did not betray that she had been excessively severe. Mr Gawthorpe saw the child in her classroom and expressed himself as satisfied that the report was much exaggerated. 207
Dec 1st



Dear Parents and Friends,

We, the staff of the above school, have pleasure in inviting you to our Open Days.

We feel certain that you are interested in the doings of your children in school as well as out.

We therefore wish you to see the children at work, to inspect their books and to meet and converse with their teachers.

We feel that in this way you will gain a greater appreciation of the work we are undertaking and be able to form a better estimate of the abilities of your child as compared with others of the same age.

In addition, from 3.0. pm. onwards each day, an entertainment in the form of plays, songs and performances by the percussion band will be given. There will be no charge for this but, as certain small expenses have been incurred and as we should like to spend a little on our Christmas Treat, we invite you to come prepared for a collection.

Please come along and help us all you can.

On behalf of the staff,

Yours faithfully,

J.S Roebuck

Head Teacher.

Jan 10th School re-opened after Christmas holiday. The school felt rather damp and chilly. 209
Jan 20th Reported that child in Class D has diphtheria. This is second case within a week. One case of scarlet fever also reported.

Father of Audrey Cox visited school to inform H.T of the child's death in isolation hospital.

Jan 24th Dr Scattery, M.O.H. for Craven combined district, visited school a.m re outbreak of diphtheria. Of opinion that nothing can be done (except immunisation) to prevent outbreaks. 210
Feb 4th School closed p.m for two weeks on instructions of M.O.H. 211
Apr 1st First day in the Borough of Keighley. 214
Apr 25th Staff meeting held at 4 pm. Subjects under discussion

Were (a) Revival of House System

(b) Formation of the Parent Teacher Association.

In neither case was a definite proposal made.

Jun 3rd Mr Felgate discussed with head teacher the proposed extensions to the school. 218
Aug 22nd Report by H.M.I Miss W. Biggs.

The present head teacher has succeeded in retaining those good features which have characterised the school in the past. During the year he has been in charge steady advance has been made, and as his schemes for further developments are sound there is every prospect of continued growth.

It is interesting, but, nevertheless, somewhat disquieting to find that the girls as a whole display a keener sense of individual and corporate responsibility than the boys.

In the lower class, however, it is suggested that greater use of "play way" methods would arouse a keener response and more sustained effort.

Aug 31st Class C in charge of Miss Binns to Bronte Museum. 224
Sep 5th Staff meeting, re- formation of Parents' Association which still does not find favour with staff, decided to leave matters in abeyance for present. 224
Oct 4th At 1.20 pm this day Colin Hawker received a severe injury to his ear as he was entering the playground. A fierce gale was blowing at the time and this swung the gate to, just as the boy was coming through. His head was caught between the doors and he suffered a cut and bruises. 227
Jan 9th School reopened after Xmas vacation. Walls very wet probably on account of bad weather during holiday. Hall floor not washed. 231
Jan 23rd School closed at 3.30 pm in order to allow teachers to attend A.R.P instruction lecture in Assembly Hall, Institute Keighley at 4 p m. 232
Jan 27th School again closed at 3.30 pm in order to allow teachers to attend a second conference with regard to the Government's Evacuation Scheme. 232
Jan 31st School closed pm for three days during which time the head teacher and staff are to be engaged in taking a census of accommodation for evacuation purposes. 232
Aug 31st Mr Bailey I.O. called p.m. Head teacher instructed to close school at 4p.m. for Friday 1st September and the following week. This step is to be taken in view of the emergency which has arisen the teachers being engaged as billeting officers for children evacuated the from dangerous areas. Tomorrow children from Bradford will be received in this district. 238
Sept 3rd War declared on September 3rd 1939. 238
Oct 3rd Mrs Henshaw, Psychologist for Bradford evacuees called a.m. 239
Oct 10th A.R.P. Stationary Stock from Messrs J Hope (Manchester) delivered per. L.M.S Rig. delivery van

Nurse Wilson of Bradford visited pm to inspect the evacuees from Bradford.

Nov 21st Mr Plumbley H.M.I called am re National Savings.

Messrs Hartley and Whitaker collected six desks and 12 chairs (the property of the City of Bradford) pm.

Nov 23rd Received two fire buckets from Messrs Roberts and Co. 243
Dec 18th Stirrup Pump delivered. 244
Jan 8th School re-opened after Xmas holiday. School buildings cold and damp but no sign of frozen pipes etc. 245
Jan 29th Heavy snowfall with deep drifts. 246
Feb 16th School extremely cold on opening this morning. The temperature in classroom 1. only 32 degrees F. Class F moved into classroom 2. with evacuees where temperature was 40 degrees F. Highest in school at 9.0am 42 degrees F. 247
Feb 21st Of that. On returning to school head teacher found that during lunch hour William Reid had cut his head open by running into the door handle at infants entrance. 248
Mar 4th Practice for Air Raid Warning. Evacuation of school building only. Time taken to clear school-one minute. 249
Mar 5th Practice for Air Raid Warning. School building evacuated in half a minute. 249
May 10th German offensive opened on Western front. School closed for Whitsun holidays. 250
May 14th School reopened after a break of only one day in view of international situation. 251
May 30th Mr Dove, H.M.I, visited pm re Air Raid Precaution Arrangements. Inspected cellar which is temporarily fitted to accommodate 25 children. 251
June 10th At 15.15 hrs (3.15 pm). an Air Raid Alarm was sounded on the siren. School was immediately evacuated and children dispersed to their homes. The actual evacuation of the school occupied a period of 45 seconds. One group of children proceeded to the Hall Green Baptist Sunday school another to the school cellar. Neither of these places can be termed a place of safety but under the circumstances - and until proper accommodation is provided - they are the best places available. The "All-Clear" was received at 3.35 pm but most of the children did not return to school. 251
Jul 1st Received notification from Wakefield that only one child, Stella Raistrick, had succeeded in passing the C.M. Examination. 252
July 26th School closed pm for Summer Holiday of three weeks. The holiday this year is shorter on account of the international situation. 253
Aug 26th The Surface Air Raid Shelters in the playground having been completed, children were allocated to the various shelters and air raid practices begun. 253
Sep 9th Joint Air Raid Practice with senior school. 253
Sep 25th Air raid warning 1.45 p.m. All clear 1.54 p.m. 254
Oct 16th Mr Dove H.M.I called a.m re numbers of Evacuees and feeding of children. 254
Oct 18th Nurse Mitchell made re- inspection of children previously reported with dirty heads. 254
Nov 19th Miss A. Fryer reported another stealing incident by a girl. Quite recently this child has stolen books, pumps, a saving stamp book and a halfpenny. This time it is sixpence taken from the teachers' desk. The Head teacher proposes to refer matter to Child Guidance Clinic. 255

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