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Haworth History - School: The Log Book

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Junior Mixed & Infants' C. School, Haworth

Jan 6th Snow on ground. Only one path (from junior to senior school) opened. 257
Jan 30th On account of the closure of the senior school because of lack of coal for the purpose of heating the school it has become necessary to accommodate classes in the junior school building. Temperatures of the various classrooms were taken at 9.50 a.m and these read as follows Room 1 - 48 degrees F. Room 2 - 50 degrees F. Room 3 - 51 degrees F. Room 4 - 52 degrees F. Room 5 - 56 degrees F. Room 6 - 62 degrees F.

In most classrooms this was with windows closed.

Feb 7th H.T carried out inspection of Gas Masks. 259
Feb 10th Air Raid practices renewed after long spell of bad weather. 259
May 20th Mr Dove H.M.I visited. New air raid shelters were the cause of his visit. 263
June 9th Influx of evacuees from Hull & London. 263
Aug 25th During the holidays the death occurred, of Susannah Harrison who was in charge of Class 6 (junior ) up to the last day of term. 265
Oct 10th Miss Kenrick of the Edgehill Training College, evacuated to Bingley, called re the placing of students for school practice. 268
Dec 18th School Christmas party held pm.

Children provided their own concert.

Tea was provided from school funds and later all the children were taken to the Bronte Cinema for a special programme of films.

Jan 19th Kathleen Peel, Class G, slipped and burned her arm slightly on firebars in room 2 when Miss Read had removed guard from fire for a few moments. 271
Mar 6th School closed all day due to lack of fuel. 273
Mar 16th School closed pm for half holiday for Warship Week. Head teacher with 15 children went to Keighley during the afternoon to see the indicator moved by Elsie Greenwell a pupil of this school. Elsie spoke very clearly in wishing success to Keighley effort. Picture here... 273
Apr 16th Air Raid Practice held at 11.50 am. Classes were re distributed in new shelters which, although incomplete will give reasonable protection to all children in attendance. The children were distributed among the shelters as follows.

Classes A1. A2 & B girls - basement shelter south side. picture here...

A1. A2 & B boys - basement shelter North side. picture here...

C boys & girls and E (girls) - new brick shelter.

E boys & F. (boys & girls) - stone shelter North side. picture here...

D (boys & girls) G (boys & girls) - stone shelter East Side. picture here...

Apr 17th All Gas Masks in school tested. Seventeen children needed small Civilian Respirators in place of Mickey Mouse type. Twenty three children had respirators which were damaged and they were instructed to obtain replacements. 275
Apr 23rd Another Air Raid Practice held at 3.50pm 276
Apr 28th Counsellor G. H. Norton visited pm re- "holidays at home" scheme. 276
May 6th Officer from W.R.C.C. (A.R.P Dept.) to see about use of school as Supplementary Rest Centre. 150 blankets for use in above delivered pm. 276
May 7th Pearson Wards called re fitting of Black Out for Supp. Rest Centre. 276
June 1st School re-opened after Whitsun holiday. During the vacation " Blacking - out" of the building in preparation for its use as a rest and feeding centre has been carried out. 277
Jun 17th H.T of Senior school visited pm with reference to a case of indecent exposure by an elderly man witnessed by children in this school in company with senior school children. Two children were interviewed and gave information concerning the occurrence. 277
July 21st Received notification p.m that Donald S. Shackleton had been awarded a "Borough" Scholarship. 280
July 22nd Received notification that George B. Rastrick had been awarded a "Scott" Scholarship, being first boy in the examination. 280
Sep 9th Mrs Caldwell-Brown called 3.30pm re establishment of Play Centres for children of from 5 to 10 years. 283
Sep 24th Mr Dove H.M.I. visited 11.50 am, left 12.25 pm. re visit of Miss Caldwell-Brown who had referred to possibilities of War Time Nursery here. H.T ventured the opinion that it would be wiser to find out to what extent the nursery class was patronised before proceeding to any further extension of facilities. 285
Sep 30th From school funds a Radio Pick Up for the gramophone was purchased this day and fixed to gramophone. This amplifies sound and makes it possible to use records for certain lessons more easily. 285
Oct 14th A Cinema Projector (Ensign 300B 16 m.m Silent) has been purchased from school funds-jointly with youth group. 285
Oct 19th At 1130 am the head teacher suspended the ordinary timetable in order to give demonstration of film projector. 286
Nov 9th films were shown to upper-class am and lower classes pm

The film show were

(1) Fish from the sea

(2) Heavy industries

(3) Jamaican harvest

(4) The life of the tawny Owl.

Nov 13th Films from the education office arrived unexpectedly this morning. The films shown on this occasion were

(a) The tide

(b) Cocoa from the Golden Coast

(b) The romance of the Swan.

Dec 22nd The school Christmas party was held this afternoon.

Film show consisting of

(1) early trick films

(2) The India rubber head

(3) The Hindu's Charm

(4) The champion

Following this the children partook of tea which consisted of potted meat sandwiches (provided by the staff) and sweet cakes (provided by the children).

Feb 1st Provision of school dinners commenced this day. First menu consisted of Roast Beef, Boiled and Baked Potatoes, Peas. Ginger Pudding and Custard. 292
Feb 8th Mrs Florence Shuttleworth (nee Rushworth) Reg No. 21/2678 commenced duties as "Supply" this a.m. 293
Apr 1st D.E & F., gave "Schick" test to six children. 296
May 17th school closed pm for "Wings for Victory" week celebrations. 297
May 24th Empire Day broadcast on Home Service listened to by classes A1. A2 and B. in classroom 3 of senior block. 298
June 21st Scholarship trustee this morning, the successful children were

Colin Hawker, Eric Southam, Keith Waddington, Margaret Roberts, Vera Wall.

It is also learned today that Miss Enid Roper has been appointed 3rd horn player in the Halle Orchestra and will, in all probability be leaving us at the end of the week.

June 24th Miss Enid R Roper completed her duties in this department this afternoon. She is leaving the profession to take up the post or 3rd horn player in the Halle Orchestra under the baton of John Barbirolli. On behalf of the staff the head teacher handed to her a cheque for £2.2.0. with which to buy something which might remind her of the staff with which she had worked so amiably for almost seven years. Miss Roper made a suitable reply. 302
Nov 9th Received interesting cutting from "Yorkshire Post" re Miss Enid Roper lately a member of the staff of this Department.

From Classroom to the Halle

" A school mistress from Keighley brought her horn and was asked politely what she would like to play. "A Mozart concerto, and then the Strauss," she said. Both these she played brilliantly, although they left her a little exhausted. So Mr Barbirolli asked, rather mischievously, what else she knew; whereupon she sailed through the incredibly difficult accompaniment to the Quoniam in the B minor Mass."

Jan 21st Mrs Matthews reported finding of milk bottle containing 1/3 pint of milk in a teacher's bag. Head teacher reluctantly took up investigation without really satisfactory result. 312
Jan 26th In afternoon, Mrs Matthews, teacher in charge in Nursery sent for head teacher and again reported taking of milk by a teacher. This time unfortunately the case was only too clear teacher being actually on way home with a bottle of milk. After reprimanding teacher for repeating an offence which she formally denied head teacher sent brief report to the Director. 312
Jan 31st Director of Education called am re- teacher and the matter of stolen milk. The director stated that he had interviewed the teacher at the office on Saturday last and following a very abject apology had promised her that the matter would be forgotten if she would promise to see that the incident was not repeated. That promise had been given and it was his duty to ask the head teacher to do as her and the chairman of the staffing sub-committee had done. This the head teacher undertook to do. 313
June 6th Invasion of Europe by allied forces began this morning. 319
June 12th Pudding delivered for school dinners today in rusted tins. Jam on pudding had turned black. Attention drawn to this by Head teacher who took sample of a pudding and specimen lid to Education Office. 319
July 17th During afternoon Miss C Bancroft had trouble with child who swore at her. Head teacher called in to deal with child who has been a constant source of trouble recently. Head teacher slapped child (on seat) and put him in office. Child's mother, who happened to be about school during play time came to head teachers office and caused scene, waxing most abusive at times. Mr R.M. Bailey, who was also present was witness to her abusive manners. Finally calmed by Head teacher and having heard boy's own confession as to his class behaviour, agreed that child had been troublesome and would have taken him home to punish him. However Head teacher refused this and took child to Miss Bancroft to apologise. 320
Aug 28th Mrs F. Shuttleworth re-commenced duties as Supply in charge of Class B2. A class which consists in the main of backward and retarded children. 321
Sep 13th Dr Marshall visited nursery am and found a girl to have slight attack of Scabies. As a result she saw her sister in junior department, whom she found to have bad attack. Both excluded. 322
Sep 15th Conducted Mr W C Brehaut, Guernsey Head teacher on tour of wartime Nursery in which he demonstrated keen interest. 322
Sep 20th Nursery harvest festival held pm. Photographs of children taken with fruit and floral display. 322
Oct 17th Wartime nursery celebrated first birthday of school by holding a birthday party.

Ladies of Parents Group appeared in school at am early hours. Trimmed up with streamers etc. and began preparation of cakes, jellies etc for afternoon feed.

Two pictures, presented by the Parents Group were hung in the nursery by Councillor Waterhouse and Joan laycock the youngest child in the nursery.

In the evening members of the parent group each with a friend enjoyed a social evening and pie supper. The Head teacher had the privilege of cutting the birthday cake specially made for the evening.


16th November, 1944 page 2

150 blankets which had been in store here for Emergency Rest Centre purposes collected today by W. R. C. C. van.

28th November, 1944 page 4

At 10:30am lights in Dept went out. Head teacher inspected fuse box and found one of mains switches hot-dropped and broke it. Had to phone (18 minutes wasted) Education Office for men to carry out immediate repair as heating apparatus (auto stoker) had been automatically shut off. Repair completed by 11:30am.

20th December, 1944 page 6

Christmas party activities commenced p.m in the shape of a Punch and Judy show and ventriloquist act. This was timed to commence at 2pm but unfortunately the artist was half an hour late. The children indulged in community singing whilst awaiting the act to begin. At 3:30pm infants and juniors proceded to the Bronte cinema for a special programme of films.

21st December, 1944 page 6

This afternoon the tea-party was held preceded in the Junior School by a concert arranged by the children. In the nursery a visit from Santa Clause (Mr Hough) was arranged and presents of toy rabbits for younger group and books for older group were distributed as well as sweets and apples for each child.

The tasteful decoration of tables and the wonderful array of food was really extraordinary after more than five years of the war.

22nd December, 1944 page 7

"Post" day was held today and each child in both nursery & Junior Infants Department received a National Savings Christmas Card. School closed 3:45pm with singing of Christmas carols. Usual warnings re safety issued and greetings appropriate to season.


8th January 1945 page 7

School reopened after Xmas break. Some cleaning done but not up to standard.

22nd January, 1945 page 8

Bitterly cold - all pipes in nursery frozen up. Not until 3pm was water available.

24th January, 1945 page 8

Head teacher complained to Food Van Drivers about kind of food delivered and ordered them to take it back to centre. Van driver refused, insolently. Helper used bad language. Head teacher reported both food and van drivers to Education Office.

25th January, 1945 page 9

Nursery department closed owing to intense cold. Impossible to keep taps free and lavatories open. Children could only be kept warm by constant movement or by standing close to stoves. Mrs Butcher, school meals supervisor called a.m. re complaints made to office by Head Teacher. All points discussed, improvement promised as soon as possible ie when new equipment fitted at cooking centre.

9th February, 1945 page 10

Attendance during this week best for some months, 91.2% for whole school, including evacuees.

22nd February, 1945 page 11

This afternoon 2.45 to 4.0pm Mr H. Mitchell, curator or of the Bronte Museum came into school to give a lecture (illustrated by his own episcope pictures) on the Bronte's and Haworth. The children were most attentive and greatly enjoyed the lecture (given to the top class Junior IV only.)

1st March, 1945 page 11

To follow up work begun last week on the Bronte's class A (Junior IV) paid a visit to the Bronte Museum at 2:30pm today. Children left school at 2:15pm and left museum at 3.35. Prayers were taken on Parsonage lawn and children dismissed at 3:40pm.

5th March, 1945 page 11

School hours reverted to normal as from today i e 9 o'clock am to 12 noon and 1:30pm to 4:00pm.

3rd May, 1945 page 14

Eggs collected in school (402) taken to Victoria Hospital.

7th May, 1945 page 14

In view of the report, by radio, of the surrender of Germany and the imminence of V.E (Victory in Europe) Day, the Head teacher called all classes together and announced that in all probability school would be closed tomorrow and the next day. Prayers were offered for our deliverance and our victory and the school dismissed at 4:05pm.

8th May 1945 page 14

School did not open, the announcement of V.E day having been made the previous evening.

10th May 1945 page 14

School reopened after two-day break for V. E. celebrations. At 11:00 a.m. a service of Thanksgiving was held in the hall, Classes A, B1., B2., C and D being present. The order of service was as follows.
Hymn :- Now thank we all our God.
Prayers read by (a) Enid Feather (b) Robert Maller.
The Lord's Prayer
Hymn :- What heroes thou has bred.
Lessons read by class A. in chorus
Psalms 124 and 100.
Hymn :- Land of our birth.
Short address on the meaning of the Victory by the Head Teacher.
National Anthem
The Grace.

11th September, 1945 page 20

In connection with V.J. celebrations tea was supplied to all children in school by V.J. Committee and served by members of W.V.S and school staff. In the evening an entertainment in the form of a Punch and Judy show with ventriloquist and conjuring acts was provided after sports for school children.

26th September, 1945 page 20

HMI visited the school a.m and stayed for rest of day. In conference with Head Teacher made following observations and criticisms.
(1) many pleasing features in both organisation and tone of school.

(2) criticism expressed with regard to:
(a) dirty condition of school.
(b) rigid methods in operation in infants classes - much of teaching out of date.

2nd October, 1945 page 23

Number of children of working mothers.
In wartime nursery - 30
In other infant classes - 29
6th November, 1945 page 25

Head Teacher had to spend 45 minutes in nursery trying to make stoves function properly as children were smoked out.


24th January, 1946 page 32

During lunch time smoke was observed issuing from joints between boards near sinks in junior lobby. Head Teacher and caretaker removed boards and found cross battens underneath to be smouldering. The heat from boiler flue had obviously set the wood which was very dry and considerably charred alight.

26th February, 1946 page 35

Owing to break down of motor which operates the auto stoker there was no heat in school this morning and after consultation with acting Borough Education Officer the Head Teacher sent children home. Dinners were provided as usual.

21st May, 1946 page 38

Jumble sale in nursery for radio set realised £13.7.6.

20th September, 1946 page 42

Torrential rain resulting in flooding of Station Road and Mill Hey caused a great drop in attendance a.m. At noon Head Teacher gave instructions to children who went home for dinners that it would probably be wiser to stay home during afternoon. Dinner children not allowed to leave school except to attend lavatory. School dismissed 3:30pm Waters having by this time somewhat abated.


4th February, 1947 page 54

Heavy falls of snow reduced attendance.

10th February, 1947 page 55

The snow still persists with deep drifts all round the district.

19th February, 1947 page 56

Snow conditions persist and until today the temperature has never risen above freezing point since 25th January.

26th February, 1947 page 57

Heavy falls of snow further dislocated traffic - no examination held.

19th June, 1947 page 66

During dinner hour girl ___ aged 11 years sustained a fractured clavicle due to a push given by a girl ___, which caused her to fall. The accident took place in the playing fields. After being attended to by the Head Teacher and ___, who put the arm in a sling. Dr Fitzgerald was called and he advised removal to Victoria Hospital. A taxi was secured and the child, in company with her mother and her aunt was taken to hospital.

9th July, 1947 page 67

Head Teacher announced school's success in gaining worth Valley Cup for highest number of points in primary schools of Worth Valley.

10th September, 1947 page 70

Reported dangerous condition of staff lavatory.

24th October, 1947 page 74

School closed p.m for autumn holiday of one week. Head Teacher issued usual warning re-safety-first and found on inquiry that more than 60% of children would be left alone in house during the holiday.

3rd November 1947 page 75

Many children absent due to an epidemic of mumps.

11th November, 1947 page 75

Ordinary timetable suspended a.m in order to hold brief Armistice Day service and to observe two minutes' silence.

20th November, 1947 page 76

School closed all day by order of H. M. the King in honour of the wedding of Princess Elizabeth to lieutenant Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Greece.

15th December, 1947 page 77

The Christmas festival was performed in school this afternoon with marked success. The programme was lengthy but interest was maintained throughout.

18th December, 1947 page 78

The Christmas party, consisting of tea and games followed by a visit to the Bronte cinema for a special programme of films, was greatly enjoyed.


9th March, 1948 page 83

Received delivery of six garden spades six garden forks (ladies) six Dutch hoes, one builder's trowel from A. Hartley Main street Haworth.

At dinner today the peas were so obnoxious in smell and taste that the Head teacher forbade their distribution to the children. The stew was also far from satisfactory - being full of small bones. The Head teacher therefore submitted a complaint to the Education Officer .

26th April, 1948 page 86

School closed for one day - a general holiday having been granted by their Majesties the King and Queen to mark the celebration of their silver wedding.

20th May, 1948 page 87

PC Brewster visited school re-broken windows at Bridge House mill. Inquiries proved that children responsible were below school age.

20th December, 1948 page 102

In the afternoon the children had a Faith Tea followed by a visit to the cinema where a special programme was arranged. A tub of ice-cream was also given to each child.


10th February, 1949 page 107

During late afternoon two employees of the Highways Department visited school to measure up playground for repairing and resurfacing. They drew head teachers attention to the fence wall at the Eastern end of the playground this they showed to be in a very unsafe condition, overhanging the road at least eight or nine inches and in danger of collapse for a distance of 16 or 17 yards.

8th July, 1949 page 117
Punished boys for slinging water it each other. As boys grinned and giggled about punishment I ordered them to stand before my desk while I continued with work. ___ began to make others laugh so gave him second stroke on seat. A few minutes later he appeared ill and vomited. I gave him water to drink and he recovered.

14th July, 1949 page 118

After several weeks of sunshine and high temperature weather broke last night and heavy thunderstorms.

30th August 1949 page 120

This morning the top junior class occupied the large room in the Haworth Institute for the first time. This is to be their permanent home for this year.

20th December, 1949 page 127

During the afternoon the Mayor and Mayoress (Councillor and Mrs G. S. Mason) visited the school and saw the children having their Christmas party. They also visited the nursery where they saw presents distributed by Santa Claus. At 3:30pm all scholars and staff resorted to the Bronte cinema where a special film show had been arranged.


6th March, 1950 page 132

Admitted this day a Dutch boy and a Lithuanian girl. Neither child able to speak more than two or three words of English.

18th April, 1950 page 133

Nursery cleaning leave something to be desired - paintwork not thoroughly washed .

10th November, 1950 page 142

School jumble sale held at 4:00pm. Failure of lights caused early termination of sale but it realised £15. 8.0

27th November, 1950 page 143

A breakdown in the heating system plus an electricity cut has made school exceedingly cold today. Frequent breaks and runs around playground made during the day.

4th December 1950 page 143

Very cold weather. Heating apparatus still not repaired and electricity cut from 8:00am.

20th December, 1950 page 146

Class parties held in classrooms which had been decorated for the occasion. Santa Claus visited the nursery and handed out presents to children.

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