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Haworth History - Stanbury School Log Book 1911 - 1920

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Stanbury Board School


20th January, 1911 page 259

This week we received correspondence from Mundaring Weir, Western Australia & consisted of photos, a copy of the illustrated Western Australian & a number of letters from the children & their master-Mr Phister.

17th February, 1911 page 260

Am taking a party of about 30 children to the Keighley fish hatchery (Mr Sam Wells) and the Keighley Museum.

17th March, 1911 page 261

Wintry weather this week & snow and frost. To date the ground is covered with snow and it has snowed heavily at intervals. Attendance pretty good considering bad-weather.

13th April 1911 page 263

The Board of Education have now revised the official recognition of accommodation of this school. It is now

Mixed 93

Infants 29

Total 122

19th May 1911 page 265

Mr Robert Clough, Yewbank, Keighley-a former Mayor of Keighley sent us three trees for the school garden-two beautiful hollies which we planted at the two extremities of the front garden, and a big rhododendron in full bloom

26th June, 1911 page 267

Commenced school again after The Coronation holiday. The children seem to be none the worse for the drenching they got at the demonstration at Oakworth on Saturday night.

30th June, 1911 page 268

We had an outdoor excursion as far as Hob Hill. Chatted about the contour of the countryside, the supposed glaciation, the instance of a captured river Sugden Nick (Cross Roads) etc. After comparing the landscape with the six-inch Ordnance map & the glacial map of the Bradford & Keighley districts Mrs Neeham chatted with the children about another phase of unwritten history-the Stone Age, flints etc found on our moors.

10th July, 1911 page 269


The highest group is taught by the headmaster who does most valuable educational work in his endeavours to bring children into close contact with their immediate environment. The Natural history, historical & literary associations are well-used for this purpose the scholars like their school and esteem their Master.

In connection with the work inspected it is suggested that the arithmetic might be taken in a practical manner as possible in order to help the children to apply their knowledge, and that the poetry be treated more broadly.

25th July, 1911 page 272

Miss Cockshot, leading member of the Education Sub-Committee spent an hour and a half at school today. She was particularly anxious about the poor accommodation for the Infants & second Class and thinks it will be necessary to build another wing, probably at the West end of the school to accommodate the Infants.

7th September, 1911 page 274

Mr Halliwell Sutcliffe, the novelist & his wife called in on their way from Wycoller Hall to Haworth station. They had camped out last night (sleeping in Mr Jack Briggs tent) at the Bronte waterfalls. At daybreak they were up and away over the moors to Wycoller Dene (the "Ferndean Manor" of Jane Eyre). It had been very hot, especially on the way home, & they were almost exhausted when he reached school. They did, however want to see the little mill ruins at the bottom of the school field. It figures in Sutcliffe's "Man of the Moors", "Mistress Barbara Cunliffe" etc and as he had heard it was to be submerged when the new water works are constructed they must go down to it once more. I took the camera & tried to get a photo of it with the two of them in the fore-ground.

18th October 1911 page 278

Returning officer for the Parliamentary Election, Keighley division-for a successor to our old friend Sir John Brigg whose beautiful place, Kildwick Hall we have often visited writes to say that the school will be required of Friday the 27th as a polling station.

23rd November, 1911 page 282

Mrs E. H. Chadwick, author of "the life of Mrs Gaskell" spent the afternoon with us, and afterwards went down with me to the Keighley Y. M. C.A to hear a Lantern Lecture I was giving there on "Wycoller Dene"

22nd December, 1911 page 284

Several friends have sent Christmas cards to be given out to the children who write letters to them. One batch is from Mr Blow, a Bradford merchant in Japan and over a score others are from Mr J. B Drake, Leeds-secretary of the Leeds field club.

Mrs E. H. Illingworth, of Pinewood, also sent down the motor car with five pairs of blankets which the children, like good fairies, took out to deserving cases in the village. At 4:00pm we closed School for the Christmas holidays-two weeks.


8th January 1912 page 285

There was a big snow-storm when opened School this morning after the holidays-something like six-inch deep on an average.

10th January, 1912 page 285

By-laws: proviso has to total exemption

"a child between 12 and 14 years of age shall not be required to attend school if such child has received a certificate from one of his Majesty's Inspectors of schools that he has reached the 7th standard prescribed by the code for the time being."

17th January, 1912 page 286

There has been a heavy fall of snow during the night and the attendance of children residing at a distance is small. 45 present out 80 on the books.

1st February, 1912 page 286

The minimum temperature during the night has been 16 degree Fahrenheit it is bright & sunny & frosty, and the attendance is improved 69 being present.

This morning's newspapers contains a note to the effect that the by-law recently issued by the W. R. County council with respect to half-time employment of children has been rescinded.

2nd February 1912 page 287

Two boys _ __ & _ __ did very poor work this afternoon in composition & spelling & were whipped. This morning _ __ & _ __ were caned for slovenly & careless work.

20th March, 1912 page 288

There has been a heavy fall of snow. Only 44 children present out of a possible total of 85.

29th March, 1912 page 289

The teachers stayed with me this afternoon until 7.30 in order to complete form 9 and other annual returns & get them off by the nights post.

26th April 1912 page 291

I have a letter from the county hall announcing an increase of salary to Miss Lucy B Gronheimer - from £54 to £57 per annum-as from the 1st April, 1912.

17th May 1912 page 292

This afternoon I intercepted a note written by a boy _. __ containing filthy language, and caned the boy one stroke on each hand. This practice of passing scraps of paper about has been growing of late & must be stopped.

19th June, 1912 page 293

Mr Hugh Stevenson, the Oldfield school master, is being buried this afternoon. He died last Sunday after about seven days illness (Bright's disease).

26th June 1912 page 295

There are several cases of measles in the neighbourhood. Altogether I have identified seven cases either affected or actually suffering-Albert Martingale, Norman Feather (who had only been away about a fortnight & his parents had sent him back to school. I have sent him home again) Henry Raistrick, Emily Rushworth (three cases affected at this house) & Winnie Moore.

1st July, 1912 page 295

Several cases in addition to the above reported this morning. The number of children excluded is now 21.

17th July, 1912 page 296

School Closing Order

"Acting upon the advice of the Medical Officer of Health, we, the undersigned members of the Oakworth U. D. C. on behalf of the council hereby authorise the closing of the Stanbury Provided School for a period from Tuesday evening the 16th to Friday evening the 26th inclusive on account of the outbreak of measles".

Signed:-John W Hudson Jonas Sugden.

6th September 1912 page 299

This morning Robert Wright Taylor Esquire, Barrister of Lincolns Law motored up & spent about an hour in school. He had with him Miss Taylor (daughter of Geo.Hodgson Bradford-machine makers) and his son and daughter. Mr Taylor sends eight book prizes every year to be given to the children-two to each class. He has just purchased Ponden Hall & wishes me to arrange with his tenant there Mr Joseph P Hey, a picnic in the woods & about the Hall next August, on which occasion he hopes to be able to attend. In the course of about three years his son will come of age, he tells me, and then Mr Taylor will hand over his Stanbury estates to him.

24th October 1912 page 302

Reported repair of school wall (S. W.) & (S. E) required. Pushed over in former place by a horse in the adjoining field (Mr W Chadwick's).

25th November, 1912 page 304

It is very wet & stormy this morning when Miss Cronheimer arrived about 7.45 she was wet through so I thought it advisable to send back home to Oxenhope. I shall try to manage the whole of the children in standards myself.

26th November, 1912 page 304

Still very stormy. Nine children were so wet on arriving at school that I sent them home. Of these two only (Albert Stubbings, and Eliz. A Jessop) returned after changing into dry clothing. The attendances of the other seven were cancelled.

2nd December, 1912 page 304

There has been a heavy snow during the week-end. There will be about six inches on an average & therefore the attendance is low.

17th December 1912 page 305

Last night I had a note from Miss Cronheimer to say she was ill in bed suffering with a severe cold-consequent of wild & wet journey to Stanbury. She arrived at this (Tuesday) morning as usual but looking pale.



16th January 1913 page 307

With the consent of Mr J W Hudson, chairman of the Worth Valley education sub-Committee I visited the schools (Cleckheaton) School- of which Mr Geo. Kershaw is Head Master. This school is noted for the building of relief maps. Some months ago when visiting the Bronte country & this school Mr Kershaw begged to be allowed to take my six-inch Ordnance survey maps. Since then the children of his school built a magnificent relief map showing 40 miles of the Bronte country with Haworth as centre & presented it to us at Christmas. Yesterday I saw three of Mr Kershaw's schoolboys trace the 950 ft & 975 ft contour lines, transfer it by means of carbon paper to cardboard & then with narrow wood carvers chisels cut them out. The 975 ft contour line on this one that they nailed on is the guideline for the next layer.

I propose inserting names of places mentioned in the Bronte and Sutcliffe and other novels.

7th March, 1913 page 309

I left school this afternoon at 3.35 in order to get the 4.07 train for Leeds where I am engaged to give a Lantern Lecture to the students & tutors at the City Leeds H Training College-the largest in the world.

13th March, 1913 page 310

Mr Hudson, chairman of the education sub committee, has given permission at the request of the Keighley Guardian's of the poor for me to leave school at 3:30pm in order to distribute Prizes to the children of the college houses & afterwards act as chairman at a treat to the old women at the workhouse.

19th May 1913 page 315

During the past few days the joiners, plumbers, plasterers have been very busy (and noisy) repairing slates, ventilators, troughs, fall pipe's & cementing up cracks. Plasterer, Tom Whittaker (Haworth), plumber John Hartley (Haworth) & Joiner George Rushworth (Stanbury).

25th August, 1913 page 319

Three cases of whooping cough are reported.

13th September, 1913 page 321

Robert Wright Taylor, barrister, of London, has not only sent the usual consignment of books for school prizes, but he has this year provided a tea and treat. This took place today in Ponden Wood, his newly-acquired estate at Stanbury. Tea, games, races, speeches, singing etc filled up the afternoon & evening. Before separating for home at dusk the prizes were distributed to the following by a Mr S. Abiko,-a Japanese gentleman now attending Leeds University:-

1st Class

Lilian Ward, Sarah Ann Crabtree, Eliz. H Metcalfe, Andrew Shepherd, Henry Raistrick.

2nd Class

Francis Ratcliffe, Willie Barnes, Elsie Hill, and Maggie Allinson, Eric Wallbank.

Infants class

Bessie Sturt, Hilda Walker, Frank Hutchinson, Phyllis Hollings, Sydney Pickles.

24th September, 1913 page 322

The autumnal meeting of the Prov. Grand Lodge of Mark Mason is being held in Haworth this afternoon. I was asked some weeks ago to prepare an itinerary etc and places & objects of interest in the neighbourhood.

11th November, 1913 page 325

Parliamentary by election.

As the school was required for polling we had a holiday today.

19th December 1913 page 326

As we were dismissing the children for the Christmas holidays after distributing sweets, nuts, oranges etc provided by a Thomas Howard Esq. (Bradford) and Norton Buck Esq. (Giggleswick, formerly of Toronto-at one time a pupil in this school) there came a knock at the door. It was Miss Heaton of Ashcroft, Oldfield, who had a letter from Miss Gertrude K Bradley, daughter of the late Reverend James Chesterton Bradley who had died at Cardigan Road, Richmond-on-Thames on the 27th November, 1913 at the ripe age of 96 years. The deceased clergyman, who was formerly Vicar of Oakworth, (1844-6) was the original of one of the Three Curates of Charlotte Bronte's "Shirley".

"Rev. David Sweeting"=Rev. James C Bradley (above)

"Rev. Joseph Downey"= Rev. Joseph Brett Grant

"Rev. P Augustus Malone"=Rev Wm Smith


9th January, 1914 page 328

H. M. Inspector-Mr L. G. Wood

Mixed -Upper group-"The relations between the headmaster and his class are evidently of friendly character. The scholars are bright, creditably self--reliant and readily interested. Some of the work is, however, too desultory and unsystematic. For example the children listen attentively and are evidently interested in the talks on local history & associations but these should not be allowed to prevent the acquisition of a knowledge of the main events of our national history, of which the children are almost ignorant.

20th February, 1914 page 333

This afternoon shortly before 4 o'clock a motor-car pulled up at the school gates. The occupants were Lord Lascelles of Harewood Hall & Mr T Deacon (former postmaster General of Ashanti ). They asked to be allowed to look round & chatted with the children for about half an hour about places of interest in the neighbourhood-Ponden Hall ("The Grange" of Wuthering Heights). Long Bridge, Roman Roads in the neighbourhood, The Bronte's, Halliwell Sutcliffe etc.

10th March, 1914 page 335

Mr Kershaw, attendance officer, paid his weekly visit to the school & wanted a list of mentally defective children. There are two only. They are ___ and____.

15th May 1914 page 339

The first class boys and girls are going to the Keighley museum this afternoon- via the Lower Laithe water works, the contract for which was let last week to Messrs Morrison & Mason, Glasgow, for £150, 027. Very soon the puddle trench will begin to be filled in-first with concrete (narrow lower portion) and then with clay. 

22nd May 1914 page 340

Mr Raeburn was here yesterday & again today attending to the dental requirements of those children whose parents requested it. Some cases were difficult ones but gas & modern contrivances got through about 100 extractions, and several cases of "filling".

29th May 1914 page 340

On Monday Mr W Rowland, editor of the Keighley News, came up with a native African handloom which his brother Sam had brought from Sierra Leone. It is the most primitive contrivance I have seen. On the 2nd June Mr Ellis Atkinson, once of Bradford Tech College, rigged it up in my garden & we got a decent photo of it.

27th August, 1914 page 345

Miranda Hill is suffering from Diphtheria. Willie Barnes has been suffering about a month from the same disease.

1st September 1914 page 346

Miss Elizabeth Stoney commenced duties as assistant this morning. She's the daughter of W. Geo. Stoney, Butcher, Haworth & was born 27th June, 1895. Attended Haworth Central School from which she obtained the County Minor bursary in 1908.

23rd October 1914 page 348

Mrs Moore, of Cold Knowle End, came down after tea to explain that eight of the children had been kept imprisoned at her house all the afternoon by an infuriated goat owned by John Mitchell. It had broken loose from its moorings & chased the boys & girls, who sought protection at Cold Knowle End. Mrs Moore & Miss Marley tried to beat it off but it only became the more furious & butted the door all the afternoon.

20th November, 1914 page 349

Mr Herbert Simpson, a former pupil here called in this afternoon & chatted with us for half an hour about his experiences in camp with the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment at Doncaster & at Riby Park & Healing in Lincolnshire prior to leaving for the front.

19th November, 1914 page 350

A few days ago Miss Stoney received an acknowledgement of receipt of the sum of 30 shillings which has been raised by the sale of National Flags of the allies painted on silk by Miss Stoney & the children.

1st December 1914 page 351

There is a movement on foot in Bradford for supplying Christmas presents to the children of soldiers & sailors on active service. This morning we received 20 dolls to be dressed by the girls attending this school.

24th December, 1914 page 352

Lewis Barnes, a former pupil at this school, called Today to say "goodbye" before leaving for active service in the Great War. While he was in school Mr Halliwell Sutcliffe, the great Yorkshire novelist called & stayed with us about an hour, going from class to class & chatting with the children.


15th January, 1915 page 354

This week the numbers are smaller than they have ever been during the 25 years I have been Head Master of this school. Totals for whole school =59/66. The cause of this great falling of numbers is the security of employment. The bad weather has caused a great reduction of men at the water works in the Sladen Valley & the closing down of Lumbfoot Mill has led to many removals.

20th January, 1915 page 354

The pipers of the London Caledonian's who are spending the week in the Keighley district where have come to Stanbury at noon today but a telegram was received about 11.55 from Mr W E Foster, secretary of the Recruiting Committee which said, "Band cannot possibly come today." It was very wild & wet but 20 or 30 children came from Oldfield School along with Mr J D Thornton of the Filter Beds. They shared with us the great disappointment.

9th March, 1915 page 356

Private Joseph Murray of the 2nd Yorkshire's ("Green Howards") came this afternoon and chatted with the children about his experiences in Belgium & Northern France. He went about the end of September & was in a thick of the fight until invalided home some weeks ago.

19th April, 1915 page 358

During the weekend Dr Albert Willmore principal of the Colne Secondary & Tech schools spend a day with us. Dr Willmore is an expert geologist & was much interested in a walk down "Hazeldene" & to the excavations connected with the Sladen Valley Water works. The Old Mill south of the school was in course of demolition-the "Hazel Mill" of Halliwell Sutcliffe's "Mistress Barbara Cunliffe" and "A Man of the Moores." Two stones we have had brought up from the works he definitely identified as Silurian Grits from the neighbourhood of Horton-in-Ribblesvale. One, in the school window, was beautifully ice-scratched.

20th April, 1915 page 359

Yesterday we dispatched to the Mayoress of Keighley (Mrs Sharp) a hamper of comforts for soldiers which had been knitted by the children. The hamper contained 6 large scarves, 3 wool helmets, 7 pairs of socks.

Mr Pighills, Sun St. Keighley also acknowledges receipt of 479 eggs collected by children for wounded soldiers & and sailors. "Brave Stanbury!" he says.

9th July 1915 page 364

Mr W H Meadowcroft, of Manchester, who has been staying the week with me, came to school this morning about 11.00 am and gave demonstrations in moulding with apparatus he had specially made in Manchester. He made casts of a name-plate for the school.

22nd July, 1915 page 365

Dr Spencer & his mother from Keighley & Mr W E Foster looked in for half an hour today. They were motoring round collecting boxes etc in connection with the French Flag day.

21st October 1915 page 371

Mr J W Midgley, spinner, Fleece Mills, Keighley has sent a big parcel of wool weighing 10lbs. to be a knitted by the schoolchildren into comforts for soldiers

1st November, 1915 page 371

Miss Stoney left on Friday afternoon having been transferred to the Haworth infants School, and in her stead Miss Florence Mary Rushworth of no.3, South View, Haworth has been appointed.

12th November, 1915 page 372

There is heavy snow this morning-the first of the season-and as a result the attendance is only 51 out of a possible total of 71.

17th November, 1915 page 373

Dr Brewer called in at my home about 12.45. He was on the way to see the weak minded boy ___, Hob Hill, Stanbury. There is little prospect of permanent improvement, he thinks, and when he gets a few years older & much stronger he may become a horror to the community. A home where he can be taught some trade or occupation is recommended.


17th January, 1916 page 375

Last Saturday we had the annual school treat provided by Mrs E H Illingworth of Pinewood, Oakworth. Tea was served to about 80 children at 4:00pm and afterwards we had organised games, children's songs, dances etc Mrs Edwin recited a parody of the charge of the Light Brigade (Tennyson) & introduced many new games such as Black Magic, guessing games etc. Mr Fred Williams showed how the deaf & dumb speak nowadays with as little hand spelling as possible & recited the Lord's Prayer & a piece of poetry ("That's a Peculiar thing"). Mr Rushworth, a member of the education sub-committee distributed apples & oranges after a short address & then he called for three cheers to Mr & Mrs Illingworth, the donors.

Among other items contributed were "The Elephants Ride" by Miss Hanson (Haworth), three songs by Miss Julia Goetelen a little Belgium refugee now residing in Haworth, two duets by M. Madame Goetelen, Miss Molly Shaw (Haworth). The singing of the national anthem, solo by Sarah Ann Crabtree, brought a very jolly evening to a close about 9pm.

8th February 1916 page 377

Mr J W Turner's funeral today at Haworth Church was largely attended. Mr Scargill & two others (Dewhurst and Davenport) looked in shortly before 4 o'clock with camera & flash-light apparatus to photo the girls with the vests, socks etc they have been knitting for wounded soldiers in the Keighley Military Hospitals. If successful pictures of Mr Turner's funeral, as well as that of the Stanbury children knitting comforts for soldiers will appear in the Bradford Daily Telegraph.

21st February, 1916 page 378

Miss H Brown-Smith came across to school & chatted with the children about the Zepps. over London last September & October & gave a very vivid descriptions of them as they appeared high up when the searchlight (far brighter than a magic-lantern) played upon them from Blackheath.

28th February, 1916 page 379

There has been more snow during the night and as it fell softly the gardens are very beautiful. There are several children away-mainly those who live at the distant farms-and thus out of a possible 67 only 48 are present.

9th March 1916 page 379

Mr and Mrs J M Singleton of Montreal, Canada spent some time in school this afternoon. Mr Singleton who is in the Canadian army preparing at Shorncliffe, in Kent, for the front formerly in charge of the emigration officers, Keighley. He left us a few badgers & a greeting card from Princess Patricia of Connaught after whom his regiment is named.

20th April, 1916 page 381

Easter holidays commence-10 half days. During the week several distinguished visitors called in the best known, perhaps, being Mr Herbert Brown the famous baritone.

13th May 1916 page 382

Mr Arnold H Riley (brother of Wm Riley, author "Windyridge") spent the afternoon with us.

16th June, 1916 page 383

Mr and Mrs Halliwell Sutcliffe & boy (Noel) spent three days with us for the purpose of attending the Bronte Centenary Celebrations at Haworth. They appear in the photograph in Monday's York's Observer along with Dean Welldon (of Manchester) and other notable people.

28th June, 1916 page 384

Dr Villy, of Keighley, called in this afternoon and chatted with us about local history, particularly about old houses, packhorse roads & Roman roads. Three boys then (4pm) shouldered picks and spades and we went to seek for evidences of a Roman road on the other side of the Worth Valley near Hill Top farm. In a field corner which is now a potato patch, there is a distinctly rounded (cambered) road which is parallel with the present road from Keighley to Colne. We afterwards motored over the moor to Comb Hill Cross & found more evidence there.

17th July, 1916 page 384

Yesterday a party of naturalists in Nidderdale got lost in the mist on Great Whernside. I happened to be one of the party that found its way back to Angram Reservoir, which is so far out of the world that we could not get home until late on Monday afternoon. I wired home, & Miss Rushworth & Miss Sunderland managed the school during my absence.

8th September 1916 page 385

Pte. B H Waller of the A. S. C. Liverpool invalided home, looked in this afternoon. He is one of over 50 former pupils who are on active service.

14th September 1916 page 386

A War Savings Committee having been established for the Stanbury & Oldfield districts it has been thought inadvisable to start one at school.

12th October 1916 page 386

Rev. C E Penrose and four others from Cowling called in wet and drenched. They had been out on the wild moors all day seeking a Miss Benson, who had been missing since Sunday.

14th October 1916 page 386

She was found afterwards drowned in a reservoir near Cowling.

1st November, 1916 page 388

During the months of November, December and January the afternoon meeting of the school will commence at 1.15 and close at 3.45, so as to enable those children who reside far away from school to get home before dark-and to save gas.

2nd November, 1916 page 388

The two Ogdens of Higher Height farm are suffering from scarlet fever. It was a very mild form, but there was danger of infection.

3rd November, 1916 page 388

Only 38 children present. Very wild and wet.

7th November, 1916 page 388

Sapper Fred Williams R. E. who is home on leave from the Deganwy Camp, Llandudno spent some time this afternoon giving demonstrations in military drill & other experiences of the life of a soldier. The gauging of distances of men or other objects was particularly interesting. The sighting-pieces, or barrel, of a rifle, or the outstretched hand & fingers may be made to perform wonders.

17th November, 1916 page 389

The children who live near the moors are collecting sphagnum moss for the military hospital in Keighley at the request of Miss Clough forward per Mrs Wilson Ivy Bank, Haworth (wife of Dr Wilson). Quite a nice lot was brought this morning, but much more will be gathered this week-end.

28th November, 1916 page 390

During last night the railway service was stopped owing to an air raid. I heard bombs exploding from Crossgates (Dr Haygarth's) between 11 o'clock and 12:00pm but there was no sound of Zepps or aeroplanes that I noticed. The train service had been resumed this morning but late.

15th December, 1916 page 391

The heating apparatus is leaking & the plumber suggests that it should be overhauled immediately we break-up for the Christmas holiday.


3rd January, 1917 page 392

On reopening school this morning we found the heating apparatus pulled to pieces & our only means of heating the school was by gas fire. I wired off to the Divisional Clerk to that effect and received a telegram about 1:05pm "close school at once for this week only" I therefore dismiss the children at 1.15.

8th January 1917 page 393

The new heating apparatus was completed last night and the fire lighted but the temperatures are not what they ought to be. Large room 50 degrees, classroom 47 degrees, Infants room 44 degrees. Heavy snow on the ground. There are only 30 children present. Miss Sunderland has taken the half dozen infants across to her house, where she has made a fire & keep them warmer than we can here.

13th February 1917 page 395

Yesterday Sapper Fred Williams of the R. E. who is home on leave from the Morfa camp near Conway, North Wales, came in about 3:30pm and gave us half an hour's chat on explosives (Low & High). When he first arrived on Thursday he showed a variety of ways of tying knots, fastening timbers etc.

2nd March, 1917 page 396

Mr E N Illingworth, a member of the education sub-committee looked round the premises a few days ago (1) as to certain windows and walls that are not rain-proof or damp-proof. (2) The practicability of making the cartway less steep, or with a better grip for the horse's feet when coke & coal are being led to the heating apparatus downstairs.

Miss Sunderland is a way this morning from about 11.40 to attend a funeral at Cross Roads-a relative of hers who is a cousin to Sir A Bailey the South African mining magnate.

29th March, 1917 page 399

Mr Richard F Bowler, one of the chief engineers at Vicars Big Gun (Ordnance) works at Erith in Kent, four miles down the Thames from Woolwich came yesterday afternoon and chatted with the children about the fixing of the "sights" on the very biggest guns, some of which can fire a huge shell weighing a ton a distance of 26 miles.

16th April 1917 page 400

This school was re-opened after the Easter holidays 55 children being present out of a possible 61. There has been a heavy snowfall every day during the holidays & this morning again it is several inches deep. Temperatures out of doors in front of the school have ranged from 56 degree Fahrenheit (maximum) to 20 degree Fahrenheit (minimum).

8th May 1917 page 400

There is a circular from the W. R. Agricultural Committee asking for a list of names and addresses of all farmers in the several townships served by the Stanbury school.

18th May 1917 page 401

This afternoon we finished planting potatoes in the children's plot at Moor View. The potatoes are "Factors".

2nd June, 1917 page 402

About 60 wounded soldiers from the Keighley Military Hospitals were entertained in the school this afternoon, the programme including a whist drive, tea, a walk on the moors (during which I pointed out to them the places of interest) and a concert. 15 motor cars in the village caused quite a sensation.

14th June, 1917 page 403

Miss S E Cockshott member of the Worth Valley education sub-committee spent about two hours in the school this morning. She was particularly interested in the needlework, knitting etc that was being, & had been done for the soldiers during the war. Hundreds of under vests, mufflers, helmets, hot-water bottle covers etc had been sent away either to the Military Hospitals Keighley or the front. She pressed the boys to learn to knit & sew as well as the girls.

18th June, 1917 page 404

In the afternoon we had Mr Craven, the historian of Stanbury, with a very interesting pedigree of the Taylor family, dating back to the 14th century.

3rd July, 1917 page 404

Miss Rushworth did not arrive until 11 o'clock am, she was limping & had turned lame on the way. She had returned home & bathed the affected foot & then hobbled up from Haworth with the assistance of a stick.

28th September 1917 page 410

On the 26th two brothers Chapman (Tom & Sgt John) former pupils, the former on leave from the trenches near Ypres & the latter discharged from the army with a damaged right arm. The story of recent happenings told by Tom was very interesting. He is one of the "crack" snipers of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment. 12 months ago he had finished his time but he volunteered again right away.

10th October 1917 page 410

The attendance is poor in consequence of colds and a few cases which are suspiciously like measles.

15th October 1917 page 411

The numbers have gradually dwindled and this week we started with only 21 present out of a possible 57 or about 36.8 per cent.

16th October 1917 page 412

The order for the closing of the school owing to the prevalence of measles was brought up by Miss Rushworth this morning. The school is closed until Monday the 5th November.

17th December, 1917 page 414

There has been a severe snowstorm during the weekend. The roads are quite impassable for ordinary traffic, the drifts in places being over a yard deep. Children present 29 out of a possible 60.


7th January, 1918 page 414

As I came across to school the Postman handed me, among other things, a letter from the Divisional Clerk, asking me to read the special order of the day dated 24th November by Major General Walter Braithwaite, giving a short history of the war, and then give a special holiday for the rest of the day in honour of the troops who achieved a great victory of November 1917 the part played by 62nd (West Riding) Division was especially commended in the order.

9th January, 1918 page 415

There are only 35 children present this morning. It is a very wild, is snowing heavily & the temperature outside during the night has been as low as 12 degree Fahrenheit that is 20 degrees of frost.

2nd February 1918 page 416

Messrs Jonas Sugden J. P. (chairman) & three other members of the Allotments Council of the Oakworth U. D. C came to look over suitable sites for allotments at Stanbury -and for school gardens in addition to those around the playground & at Moor View. The field numbered 1340 & 1341 were thought suitable. They are about halfway down Smith Bank Lane.

1st March, 1918 page 417

During the past week or two the garden plots have been pegged out in the field numbered on the 25 inch Ordnance map 1340 & 1341. It has been divided and after removal of the middle wall into 20 Allotments varying in size and shape. Plot number 12 has been taken for the children of the first class.

12th April, 1918 page 421

Air Raids during School Hours

The sub-Committee sends instructions this morning, "that it is advisable that children should be kept under cover & remain in school should an air-raid warning be received during school hours".

26th April 1918 page 422

The school being required as a polling booth for the Keighley by election we had a holiday today.

1st May 1918 page 422

A piece of oak, or teak with brass knob was received by post this morning. Accompanying it is a pencilled note which says: "a relic from the Vindictive S. Hth" as Mr George Shackleton of Minnie St. Haworth is stationed at Dover & this had the Dover postmark I think the S. may mean Shackleton and the Hth Haworth. It was this boat that played such a prominent in the Zeebrugge incident of April 1918 when some old boats filled with concrete were sunk in the Zeebrugge canal so as to prevent the passage of gunboats & submarines. They also blew up part of the mole - kind of breakwater.

29th May 1918 page 424

This morning there is the following communication from the Divisional Clerk:-"I have to inform you that it has been decided to close the school at noon tomorrow, the 29th on the occasion of the visit of his Majesty the King to Keighley" I was therefore able to get away to fulfil my duties as a special constable while many parents & children got a chance of seeing the King & Queen for the first time in their lives.

11th June, 1918 page 425

Gunner Geo.Shackleton 374, 332 of Haworth, now stationed at the Eastern Area Batt, Dover, sends a second relic from the Vindictive in the shape of part of the funnel all battered & torn & punctured by a shot and shell in about 20 places. This was done when she, along with others, destroyed the mole at Zeebrugge on the night of the ......1918. She now lives at the mouth of?, full of concrete practically blocking up the harbour & thus hampering the movements of German submarines and destroyers etc.

11th July, 1918 page 427

The senior class consists of about 20 children in standards 4-7 and is taught by the Head Master. The pleasant relations between him and his pupils which have been previously noted appear to continue. In various ways the Head Master endeavours to widen the children's outlook, and this appears to be work that should be of considerable value, especially to children who live in a small & rather isolated village such as Stanbury. The children have a creditable grasp of their work in Nature study, and this year they are doing some practical gardening in a plot a little distance away from the school.

Geography, history & composition, however, the work of the senior class falls very much below the level usually associated with good schools of this type, and judging from the very small amount of work to be seen in the drawing & exercise books it is impossible to avoid coming to the conclusion that the teaching in this class has for some time been neither methodical or energetic. No drawing appears to have been done in books since December last.

12th July, 1918 page 430

This morning Mr Abraham Sunderland, of Morecambe, visited the school. Mr Sunderland was son of a former Stanbury school master of that name, who taught in the old school over 40 years ago.

25th September 1918 page 431

The autumn holiday will be extended to three days this year in honour of the School's War Savings Contributions having reached over a quarter of a million (October 11th 14th and 15th)

Mr E Whitton Booth, the coal controller for the whole of the West Riding, Mr Kidd (controller for Oakworth U. D.) & Mr John Clegg (Morley). They had been on to the moors to see what prospect of fuel there were in the peat deposits there.  

23rd October 1918 page 432

The last of the potatoes were dug up by the children. Altogether we have produced over six hundredweight, about half of which the children took home to reward them for diligence in the digging in early spring.

25th October 1918 page 432

Lance corporal Tom R Chapman, a former pupil, and Gunner A. Ambler (Bradford) called in on leave from the front for a few days.  

6th November, 1918 page 433

The attendance has been very poor for some days owing to the prevalence of influenza. Most other schools in Keighley & Worth Valley are closed.

2nd December, 1918 page 434

It was decided to pull the boiler to pieces & put in a new section during the Christmas holidays.


6th January, 1919 page 434

The new section for the heating apparatus had not arrived, so we are going on with the leaking boiler as before the holidays.

6th February, 1919 page 436

There has been a big snow-storm all the week and the attendance, as a result of colds etc has been much reduced.

11th February, 1919 page 436

Early this morning my sister-in-law, Miss Marchbank died and I was away from 9:30am arranging about the funeral.

19th March, 1919 page 437

The roads are all snowed up. In some places the drifts are 6 ft deep. None of the children from the outlying farms were able to get here.

16th May 1919 page 439

Communication from the Divisional Clerk received the other day says there are to be two day's holiday as soon as news comes that the peace terms are signed.

19th June 1919 page 441

Professor Moorman, of Leeds University, called this afternoon with party of 10 students. They had been round by the waterfalls after seeing Haworth Church & the Museum.

26th June, 1919 page 442

On Tuesday a former pupil, now a Major in the RAF spent the morning with us. Major Alex D Morton left the school in 1905 to attend Carlisle Grammar School. His home is at the Bridge of Allan, N.B. On the way to join his unit in 1914, at the outbreak of the war he called to see us, but happened to be away. He has served in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine (as far as Gaza) and France, which he left in April 1918 to train for the Air Force. He had with him the clothing that has been up with him over 20,000 ft (four miles) many a time.

2nd July, 1919 page 442

On Monday & Tuesday we had a holiday in honour of the signing of the Peace Terms by the Germans.

22nd October 1919 page 448

In a letter dated 21st October 1919 the Divisional Clerk reports that the Worth Valley Educational Sub-Committee at Monday night's meeting accepted my resignation. It takes effect on the 31st December, 1919 I shall then have been Head Master of this school 30 years & Shall complete 61st year on the 12th November next.

19th December, 1919 page 449

Today was my last day of actual teaching. Commencing Jan first 1878 as a pupil teacher in Cowling Board School. I had two years at the Moray House training college, Edinburgh (1881-2) coming out well up in the First Division. From January 1883 till December 31st, 1889 I was first assistant at the Temple Street secondary school Keighley and from that date, that is for a period of 30 years I have been Head Master here.

20th December, 1919 page 450

The Divisional Clerk writes to say it is the wish of the Education Sub-Committee that I should continue as Head Master until a successor can commence duty. I have consented to do so.


2nd February 1920 page 451

The new headmistress Miss Greenwood arrive this morning and I am now released.

5th May, 1920 page 452

Three children excluded for mumps: the attendance is still poor owing to the bad weather and many children are suffering from bad colds.

26th August, 1920 page 455

Mr Joseph Craven author of "Bronte Moorland Village" visited school this afternoon and announced his intention of visiting the school at a later date to chat with the children on places of interest in and near Stanbury.

13th December, 1920 page 456

On Saturday 11th December the children of this school gave a concert in aid of the village war memorial. Mr Hartley Waterhouse of Oakworth, a member of the education sub committee, was chairman and the sum of £11. 7. 0 was realised.

23rd December 1920 page 456

Today the school closes for the Christmas holidays. The children have brought ingredients from home and the teachers have made Christmas puddings, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Before leaving, each child was presented with an orange. Great excitement prevailed this afternoon when Father Christmas paid us an unexpected visit. During the afternoon Mr Bradley came in and gave to each child a pamphlet of the naval exhibition held in Bradford.


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