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Haworth History - Stanbury School Log Book 1921 - 1930

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10th January 1921 page 456

School reopened after the Christmas holidays. During the holidays we have received a kettle and saucepan from the Education Department Wakefield owing to the large number of children who stay dinner during the winter.

4th April, 1921 page 458

The children's attainments have now reached a level which, while not yet entirely satisfactory, is creditable to the present staff as a whole. The bright and resolute spirit in which the new head teacher has faced her difficulties gives hope for steady and well defined progress in the future.

26th April, 1921 page 461

Miss Dudgeon again visited school and stayed the afternoon. She saw each class drill and then gave a demonstration lesson, which unfortunately had to be cut short owing to the poor train service.

25th May 1921 page 462

Miss Dudgeon, Drill Instructress visited school and stayed all the afternoon.

13th September, 1921 page 464

It was found that four children were suffering from scabies and were consequently excluded. Three of them were of the same family.

28th September 1921 page 464

Miss Dudgeon Drill Instructress visited school and stayed all the afternoon. After seeing each class drill, she gave games demonstration.


30th January, 1922 page 464

Received a note from clerk of the council to close school until 13th February owing to influenza.

15th June, 1922 page 468

Mr Crabtree F.C.S of Yorkshire Band of Hope Union lectured here this morning on temperance. Children of upper-class are to write an essay on the lecture for which the best will receive certificates.

19th June, 1922 page 468

Today we have been informed of the death of Norman Sunderland one of our scholars, who owing to ill health has been staying at Morecambe for a few weeks.

22nd November, 1922 page 471

I have received notice from Mr Leah that Mrs Albert Binns has been appointed caretaker of this school in place of Mrs Alfred Binns whose notice expires on 30th November.


26th February, 1923 page 472

I kept the children at school today a little later than usual owing to the severe rainstorm. After dismissal, another heavy shower came on so a few girls who live at some distance from the school, were detained until about 4:30pm.

We were horrified to learn later that one of these girls, Emma Louisa Whitaker of Rush Isles Farm was drowned while on her way home. It appears that she stepped off the plank while crossing the beck and was swept away by the strong current.

1st March, 1923 page 473

I have permission to be out of school during the funeral of Emma Louisa Whitaker.

26th April, 1923 page 474

Schools closed all day, owing to the King's wish that all schools should have holiday in honour of the Duke of York's wedding.

1st May 1923 page 474

A boy _______, four years old, babies class, had his finger end trapped off today in the door leading from the main room to the passage. This occurred just at change of lessons so that no one witnessed the accident.

2nd May 1923 page 474


The improvement made under the present mistress in the drawing and written exercises is, indeed gratifying. The full way in which the lessons are recorded also deserves mention. In the top group the arithmetic is still far from strong and considerable leeway has still to be made up in history and geography this will, no doubt, be helped by simplifying the schemes.

4th July, 1923 page 476

Today we have been informed that two of our scholars have been successful in the recent Scott scholarship examination, Barbara Cooper D Proctor, being the first girl with 79 % of marks and H Vernon Wallbank obtaining the Stanbury scholarship.

6th December, 1923 page 477

School closed all day for a general election.


25th August, 1924 page 480

During the holiday I received a letter from the clerk to the governors of the Haworth Endowment Trust extracts of which are given

"Scott Scholarship Examination."

The governors have awarded a scholarship to Edna Butterfield who was first girl with 90% of marks-Eva Nicholson was second girl with 80% -two girls were bracketed third on the list with 78 of marks each namely Rita Mary Hall and Florence Mary Robertshaw the latter of Lees Council Mixed School.

I was requested by the governors to congratulate you on the special success of the girls presented by you for examination. William Robert Shaw (Clerk)

Eva Nicholson was disqualified as her home was beyond the boundary of Stanbury.

26th August, 1924 page 481

Rev G Elson, Rector of Haworth called for a few minutes to congratulate the children on the successes recently gained.

8th September 1924 page 481

Miss Dudgeon, W. R. Drill Instructress visited school this afternoon and observed the Drill in each class.

29th October 1924 page 482

General Election-school closed for the day.

30th October 1924 page 482


The headmistress has succeeded in incubating in the children a desire for neatness and thoroughness-all written exercises are praiseworthy and nowhere is this more apparent than in the senior group.


5th January 1925 page 486

Miss Martha Snowden has commenced duty in place of Miss Dickinson, at a salary of 96. 18. 0 per annum. She was born 24th May, 1905, educated at Haworth Council School and Keighley Girls' Grammar School where she obtained the School certificate of the Joint Matriculation Board with credit in Scripture, Botany, English.

12th March, 1925 page 489

This afternoon I am taking the top class for a Nature walk to Ponden Woods. We shall go for the last hour of the afternoon session.

20th May 1925 page 489

Miss Dudgeon W R Drill Instructress visited school this morning and saw each class drill.


30th September 1925 page 491

Miss Sunderland terminates her engagement as assistant teacher after completing more than 30 years' service.

1st October 1925 page 49

Oakworth Stanbury Council School No 583


The headmistress has no reason to be discouraged-at least with the work in her own class. The arithmetic, although not strong, is improving. The compositions are well revised and clearly written; the language is good and the themes suitable. The copiousness and reciting of poetry is satisfactory. The improvement in answering in geography and history is obvious. Although there is sometimes hard out line and the direction of the light is not clear, the pencil drawing is creditable - form being very good.


19th April, 1926 page 498

Miss Snowden's salary increased from 99. 0. 0 to 100.10.0 : Miss Fennsllow's remains the same-99.0.0

6th July, 1926 page 499

Notice received this morning.

"Stanbury and Haworth Educational Charity"

The scholarship offered by the above charity has this year been won by Betty Williams, daughter of Mr Fred Williams, Stanbury.

23rd August, 1926 page 499

School reopened after mid-summer holiday during which a new floor has been put down throughout the school and each classroom has been fitted with new gas burners with inverted mantles.


8th December, 1926 page 1

Miss Mitchell, school nurse visited school this afternoon and examined the children. A girl _____, a scholar recently admitted has been excluded owing to her verminous condition.

23rd December, 1926 page1

Today we break-up for the Christmas holiday until 10th January, 1927. Towards the close of the afternoon session the scholars were entertained to a little treat and apples and oranges were distributed.


26th January, 1927 page 1

Mr Taylor physical instructor to the W R C C visited school this morning and saw the Drill and games of each class.

5th February, 1927 page 1

On Saturday the children of the school gave a concert to raise funds to restock the school library. The concert was well attended, Mrs Bairstow J P of the Manor Farm, Stanbury and "High Royd" Keighley presiding. The amount raised was 5.10.0.

14th in February 1927 page 2

Order received from M O H to close for two weeks owing to influenza.


14th October 1927 page 7

I shall be absent in order to attend the County Hall, Wakefield to be interviewed by the Committee re the headship of Haworth Council School Infants Department.


23rd May 1928 page 11

Extract from the Yorkshire Evening News


Stanbury family's fine record.

A striking record attendance at the Stanbury Council School has been brought to the notice of the Worth Valley Education earth-Committee.

The four children of Mr Henry Edward Sturt, who have all attended Stanbury School, have the following records:

Rosina age 14, who left school on 31st March last, four years complete attendance.

Arras Elizabeth, aged 12, 5 years complete attendance.

Ira James, aged 9, 2 years complete attendance.

Louisa, aged 6, 1 years complete attendance.

The worth Valley Education Sub-Committee have decided to send letters of congratulation to the father and to Rosina, the eldest girl, who has now left school.

28th June 1928 page 11

Mrs Heaton a member of the Worth Valley Education Sub-Committee, along with her mother Mrs Laycock of Utley visited school this morning and presented us with a case of stuffed birds (pheasant and grouse).

21st November, 1928 page 14

Prior to the opening of school this morning two children in the Infants department were charging each other and bumped their heads. Boy ______(one of the children) was stunned slightly and became so sick that I sent him home for treatment. There was no bruise or lump visible at the time.


7th January, 1929 page 15

Boy_______excluded from school on account of tuberculosis.

13th February, 1929 page 16

The weather is still exceptionally cold: our water supply is frozen. The scrubbing of floors etc usually done during Shrove tide will have to be postponed until the water comes on again. The caretaker is obliged to carry water a considerable distance to feed the cistern.

1st March, 1929 page 16

There is still no water supply.

8th April, 1929 page 17

School reopened after Easter. No usual scrubbing has been done as the water supply is still cut off, the leakages in the pipes for the whole village not having yet been all located.

15th April, 1929 page 18

The school is now supplied with water.

30th May, 1929 page 18

General election school closed all day.

5th September 1929 page 20

Miss Snowdon is taking her class out this afternoon after play to Lumb Wood for a nature lesson.


1st November, 1929 page 21

Liquid milk is now being supplied to the children who wish it.

20th November, 1929 page 21


The teachers kindliness and their direct interest in children strike one favourably. As a result, the scholars are natural and friendly, and carry out their tasks readily.

In general, the attainments reach a very fair average. Both in arithmetic and composition the work is set down clearly and with care. The present foundation might be used to raise the standard a little. In oral lessons the pupils are attentive and in history they display a pleasing knowledge of chronology.



5th December, 1930 page 26

We held a jumble sale for the school funds. The amount raised was 7. 4. 11.



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