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Haworth History - Stanbury School Log Book 1931 - 1940

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30th January, 1931 page 27

Mrs Mary Lilian McFee has been appointed as uncertificated assistant in place of Miss Gladys Hey at the commencing salary of 144. 10. 0 per annum.

25th June, 1931 page 29

This afternoon I intend taking the top class to study the types of grasses in Low Lane, quite close to the school.

26th June, 1931 page 30

Today we have received word that Kathleen Willmore has been successful in obtaining a County Minor Scholarship.

24th August, 1931 page 31

Jean Trafford a pupil of this school has been granted a Scott Scholarship tenable at Keighley Grammar school for four years.

27th October 1931 page 31

School did not open all day:-Holiday on account of the General Election.


29th February, 1932 page 33

Mrs McFee absent, her daughter having been removed to an isolation hospital suffering from scarlet fever.

26th June, 1932 page 36

Today we are informed, Fred Anderson of this school, has been successful in the county minor scholarship examination.

22 children are excluded from measles.

22nd July 1932 page 36

Today we close for the mid-and summer holiday (four weeks) after which the children of 11 and over will attend Haworth School.

3rd October 1932 page 37

Today we began as a Junior and Infants school.


27th February, 1933 page 41

Owing to the severe snow-storm during the weekend and the impassable state of most of the roads I arrived just before 11 am. Only seven children had arrived so I did not mark the registers. This afternoon only four children arrived so again I did not mark the register. No buses can run and the trains from Keighley are very much delayed.

23rd June 1933 page 43

Today we have received notice that Elsie Holmes of this school has been successful in passing the County Minor Scholarship examination.

29th June, 1933 page 43

I have today received information that this school is now recognised by the Board of Education as providing accommodation for not more than 92 Junior mixed and Infant children.


28th August 1933 page 44

During the holiday I receive notification that Elsie Holmes had won the Stanbury Scholarship but having already won a County Minor, the Stanbury Scholarship was awarded to a girl from Haworth Junior School.

18th September 1933 page 45


This school has recently become a Junior Mixed and Infants Department by the transference of the older scholars to the Senior School at Haworth. The juniors are taught by the head teacher, who is a capable and energetic worker. The children are rather shy owing to their comparative isolation from outside influences but their answers show that they have acquired a useful knowledge of history and geography. Teaching methods are still largely experimental.


18th May 1934 page 52

Jessie Barnes, one of our scholars, by accident had her arm scalded on the night of Tuesday 8th May septicaemia has supervened and we have been informed she died on Wednesday May 16th.

1st November, 1934 page 54

Dr Anderson S.M.O visited school this afternoon and examined the children for cases of malnutrition and bad footwear. Five children were recommended for milk.

8th November 1934 page 54

Today I have received information that Frank Anderson has been granted a special place in the County Minor Scholarship owing to the withdrawal of successful candidates.

12th November, 1934 page 55

We had been informed that in accordance with his Majesty's wish all schools in the West Riding will have holiday on 29th November for the Royal wedding of Prince George Duke of Kent and Princess Marina.


14th February, 1935 page 56

The floor of the small classroom has been covered with linoleum. This room will now be used as a staffroom.


1st April, 1935 page 58

Today we have only 19 children present out of a total of 38, owing to an outbreak of measles.

18th April 1935 page 58

Today a boy______ of the Infants class upset a cup of hot cocoa at dinner time over his arm. We attended to it at once by putting on olive oil. Later we dressed it with lime water and oil and bandaged it properly. He said that the pain had gone, I did not think it necessary to call in a doctor.

29th April 1935

Our registered number for the Milk Marketing Board is 25396

6th May, 1935 page 59

School closed in honour of the Silver Jubilee.

On Monday 6th May, the service was held in the school yard after which tea was served in the school for the children of Oldfield and Stanbury.

26th June, 1935 page 61

Dr Hunter visited school this morning in connection with the immunisation against Diphtheria. 13 children receive treatment.

6th November, 1935 page 62

Today we have holiday in accordance with his Majesty the Kings wish on the occasion of the marriage of HRH the Duke of Gloucester.

14th November, 1935 page 62

School closed on account of the General Election.


20th January, 1936 page 63

Death of HM King George V

A very poor attendance owing to the heavy snow fall and the almost impassable state of the roads.

28th January 1936 page 65

School closed all day. Funeral of HM King George.

19th June, 1936 page 67

Today I have been informed that Nancey C Schoon a scholar of this school has passed the County Minor Scholarship Examination.

28th August, 1936 page 67

We have been informed that Margaret Hastings and Mary Holmes have obtained Scott scholarships.


30th April, 1937 page 71

Called home early today owing to the sudden death of my father.

10th May, 1937 page 71

Today we close at 4pm for the Coronation holiday which will be followed by the Whitsuntide holiday.

31st August, 1937 page 72

Today I relinquish my position as Head Teacher of this school.


1st September, 1937 page 72

Miss Bessie Richmond took up duty as temporary Head Teacher here, this morning.

6th September, 1937 page 72

A scholar here, Grace Wood, was yesterday knocked down by a motor car and later died in hospital.

10th September 1937 page 72


The Head Teacher is leaving at the end of August. She directs the work with commendable zeal and thoroughness. Here influence is wholly for good and there is a charming spirit of happy co-operation throughout the school.

The children behave naturally and are well mannered, although they are somewhat reluctant to discuss their work and activities with strangers. It is gratifying to note, that their powers of concentration are well developed and that they tackle tasks of an unfamiliar nature with confidence and enthusiasm.

20th September, 1937 page 75

A new chimney pot was placed on heating apparatus chimney today.

8th October 1937 page 75

The West Riding Education committee met for the purpose of appointing a head teacher for this school. I was invited to meet the Committee at County Hall, and was subsequently offered the appointment.

1st November, 1937 page 76

I commenced duties as head teacher of this school today.


22nd March 1938 page 80

A nature walk to observe leaf buds, and spring flowers was taken this afternoon. The walk was planned for 21st, but owing to rain, had to be postponed.

1st April 1938 page 80

Owing to the amalgamation of this area with Keighley, this school is transferred as from 1st April, 1938, from the West Riding of Yorkshire LEA to the Keighley Education Authority.

24th May, 1938 page 81

The Physical Training Display was held today on the occasion of the inauguration of the new playing field and Pavilion at Utley. 10 girls from Stanbury, were chosen to skip, the two boys, originally included, being unable to go. A bus called for the girls at 1.30 and the Head Teacher accompanied them. They arrived back at 3:50pm after what proved to them a most enjoyable experience.

The 13th June, 1938 page 82

The official name and number of the school is now as follows:-

Keighley Stanbury Council School No 26

24th June, 1938 page 82

Dr Anderson visited the school this morning for the purpose of examining the mentality of a boy_____.

14th July, 1938 page 83

An "open day" was held at the school today. Parents and friends were invited to come and see the children at work and play. The children gave their skipping display, and performed other exercises in the yard. There followed a Fairy Play adapted from a story by the children themselves, recitations, and items by the Infants.

The afternoon closed with County Dancing followed by the National Anthem.

26th September, 1938 page 84

Nature walk taken to the Bronte waterfall, for the purpose of noting signs of autumn, and approaching winter.

15th December, 1938 page 86

"Open Day"

A good attendance of parents and friends-the school was "Open" all day. In the afternoon the children gave plays, dances, songs and recitations.

The director was present Alderman Smith as well as Mr Jonas Bradley, former Headmaster of the school. Each gentleman spoke to the parents, and were enthusiastically applauded.

23rd December, 1938 page 86

School closes today at 3:30pm for the Christmas holidays. The severe snowy weather has affected our attendance adversely.


10th January, 1939 page 87

There are two cases of scarlet fever among the children, and yesterday a case of scabies was discovered.

23rd January, 1939 page 87

This afternoon session closed a little earlier to allow other teachers to attend a meeting, relating to the evacuation of school children held in Keighley.

31st January, 1939 page 87

School closes at 3:30pm today three days, by order of the Education Committee. This is in connection with the Survey of Housing Accommodation in the district.

21st April, 1939 page 91

The resignation of the caretaker Mr Walton has been accepted by the Committee and Mrs N Barmes has been appointed in his place.

23rd May, 1939 page 92

A nature walk was taken this afternoon by the junior section to the Bronte waterfall. Specimens were collected on the way, and afterwards mounted.

24th May 1939 page 92

Empire Day. The Head Teacher gave a talk to the juniors and older infants on the meaning and significance of Empire Day.

24th June 1939 page 92

School outing to York. This took place on Saturday. Seven girls accompanied by the Head teacher, visited York and all had a most enjoyable and instructive day. The party left Stanbury by the 7.55 bus for Haworth, thence on the 8.10 to Keighley where the 9.04 express was taken to Leeds. A very busy hour-and-a-half was spent there, after which the journey was continued to York. The day's proceedings included a visit to the Minster, a sail down the river Ouse during the afternoon, and walk on the walls of the city. The party reached home at 9:30pm.

20th July, 1939 page 93

The school was open all day today to visitors. This afternoon the years needlework, art, and craft were on show and at 2pm, the children gave a programme which included verse speaking, physical training displays in the yard, percussion band selections, and country dancing. The Mayoress of Keighley was present, as well as Rev C Hirst-Rector of Haworth, and Mrs Hirst, the Rev T.H. West of Haworth, Mrs Cope, wife of the Mayor's Chaplain, and Mr Jonas Bradley.

31st August, 1939 page 94

A.R.P Owing to the seriousness of the International situation, school closes today at 3.30, and preparations are to be made for the reception of "evacuees" from Bradford.

11th September, 1939 page 94

School reopened today after the six days' closure for evacuation and reception purposes.

Gas mask drill was taken.

Nine children evacuated from the Bradford area were admitted this morning.

13th September 1939 page 94

Air Raid Dispersal was practiced this morning. Only 16 children remained on the premises.

9th October 1939 page 95

Four "evacuated" children from Bradford have returned home during the weekend. This leaves us with five on the register.

20th October 1939 page 95

Two police officials came to school this afternoon to talk to the children on road safety.

7th November, 1939 page 96

The use of the school for the purpose of a "First Aid" practice class, and a War-time knitting party has been granted by the Education Committee.

14th December, 1939 page 97

The Christmas "Open Day" was held today.

Mr Jonas Bradley, former school master here, and the Bronte authority, was present, and at the invitation of the head teacher spoke to the parents of his past experiences in the school and district.

Fire-fighting (A.R. P) apparatus came today. Containers, bucket, long-handled shovel, and hoe.

20th December, 1939 page 97

The remainder of above for fire-fighting apparatus - pump and stand, and india-rubber tubing came today.


29th January, 1940 page 98

Extremely severe weather has prevailed during the weekend. Many householders have had to be dug out owing to the great depth of snow, (including the head teacher). A telephone message from the Education Office orders the school to be closed until Thursday morning.

5th February 1940 page 98

School was further closed until this morning. The snow is softening, and the attendance is good only seven children being absent. No milk arrived today but enough was purchased locally for the children's lunch.

11th March, 1940 page 99

About a dozen children are absent on account of measles, and there is one case of scarlet fever.

14th May 1940 page 101

Owing to the cancellation of the Whitsuntide holiday due to the international situation, school reopened this morning.

7th June, 1940 page 101

The Children's Festival in aid of the "Comforts" Fund is to be held at the school tomorrow.


10th June, 1940 page 101

A very successful day on Saturday, realised 27: 9: 10 for the local Comforts Fund. The Mayor and Mayoress of Keighley attended, also Mrs Craven Laycock, Councillor J Proctor, Councillor Waterhouse and Mr Jonas Bradley.

21st June, 1940 page 102

Air-Raid drill and dispersal has been taken twice during this week.

19th August, 1940 page 103

During the holidays it was ascertained that two girls had obtained scholarships, Norma Feather "Drake and Touson", and Hilda Langley the Haworth & Stanbury Scholarship.

The National Savings Group now numbers 30 members.

6th September, 1940 page 103

The junior children were taken a nature walk this afternoon. A collection of seeds was the object, among other things of the expedition.

4th October 1940 page 103

Nurse Mitchell examined children's heads this morning. She reported there was an improvement.

24th October 1940 page 104

The basement has been adapted for an Air-Raid shelter, with an emergency exit. The bulk of the work, commenced about a fortnight ago is complete.

25th October, 1940 page 104

School close today for one week's holiday.

The children are giving a concert tomorrow evening (Saturday 26th October) in aid of the "Spitfire" Fund.

(a sum of 8 : 5 : 0 was realised, and handed over to the local treasurer).

29th November 1940 page 104

During the week, workmen have been making some additions to the emergency exit of the shelter.

5th December, 1940 page 105

The windows have today been treated with Solution to minimise the possibility of splintered glass.

6th December, 1940 page 105

Very wild weather. Heavy rain, hail and wind storms.

13th December, 1940 page 105

Men have been working at the shelter both yesterday and today.

18th December, 1940 page 105

Children's Christmas party was held today. The Mayor and Mayoress of Keighley (Ald: & Mrs J Denby) the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress (Ald: and Mrs E Middleton) the Mace-wearer and Mrs Beustead, and Mr Jonas Bradley came during the proceedings and stayed to have a cup of tea. Each child was allowed to wear the Civic chains. The Mayor asked that each child might write an essay entitled "what I should do if I were Mayor" for the best of which he would award three prizes.


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