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Haworth History - Stanbury School Log Book 1941 - 1950

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20th January, 1941 page 106

Heavy snow has fallen during the weekend and has continued to fall all day. The road to Haworth and Keighley has not yet been opened up. Mrs McFee was not able to get to school on that account. 22 children were present this morning and 21 this afternoon.

21st January, 1941 page 106

Mrs McFee came to school this morning, as buses had commenced running from Keighley to Haworth. The Haworth-and Stanbury Road was not sufficiently clear for the buses to run, and walking was only just possible with great difficulty.

11th February, 1941 page 107

The windows have today been treated with gauze to lessen danger of splintering during raids. Sand has been delivered at school today.

14th February, 1941 page 107

Men are today busy in the Air-raid shelter.

17th February 1941 page 107

Mr Murgatroyd A.R.P officer, came to examine gas-masks today.

20th February, 1941 page 107

Very heavy snow has fallen in the night. The roads are nearly impassable. 16 children were present this morning; 18, this afternoon. There are very deep drifts along the main road. No buses are running.

4th April 1941 page 108

Continued bad weather-heavy snow on two days, as well as rain, has lowered our attendance.

8th April 1941 page 108

Mr Murgatroyd A.R.P officer came to school this afternoon to talk to the children on the use of the gas-mask, and the procedure in gas attacks.

21st April, 1941 page 109

School reopened today. During the closure, electric light has been installed.

8th June, 1941 page 109

The Junior children were taken this afternoon to the Bronte Museum. Mr Mitchell, the curator conducted us round, explaining the exhibits. Mr Mitchell very kindly gave a book titled "The Bronte's" (Wilson) to be presented to the child who should write the best account of the visit.

26th June 1941 page 111

County Minor results to land this morning. Hazel Lund has been successful in obtaining one.

19th September, 1941 page 112

The new school nurse Mr Radcliffe came to school this morning and made a head inspection, as a result of which three evacuees (unofficial-Liverpool) were excluded.

23rd October, 1941 page 112

The Head Teacher has received notice today that the School Savings Group has won the Keighley Schools Silver Trophy for the summer term.

10th November, 1941 page 114

Following on the presentation of the Silver Trophy to the School Savings Group, savings subscriptions today totalled 118: 11: 0.


23rd January, 1942 page 115

Very cold snowy weather has prevailed since Tuesday.


9th February, 1942 page 116

Soap rationing commences today.

20th February, 1942 page 116

The Head Teacher received news that the School Savings Group had won the Savings Trophy for the second time.

24th February 1942 page 116

The school is being used tonight for a Dance and Beetle drive in aid of "Warship Week" funds, arranged by the Head Teacher. (The sum of 14 was realised).

5th March 1942 page 116

There has been a very heavy fall a snow in the night. The bus service is suspended.

18th March 1942 page 117

A heavy thunderstorm of last night damaged the gas main near the Stanbury Cemetery. No gas to warm the children's lunches. Cocoa and tea were made by a neighbour.

14th April, 1942 page 117

The garden was planted today with potatoes.

20th May 1942 page 118

An A. R. P official (Mr Trafford) came to examine to children's gas masks. Several renewals were found necessary.

5th June 1942 page 118

The "Children's Effort" for the Comforts Fund will take place tomorrow 6th June The children's concert will be at 3 o'clock and the Mayor and Mayoress are to be present .

8th June 1942 page 119

As a result of Saturday's effort a sum of just over 30 was handed over to the Comforts Fund. The proceedings were opened by Miss Morton of Keighley who also filled the chair. The Mayor made a speech, and a children's programme, consisting of songs, dramatised recitation, plays and dances, commenced. The effort was a great success, and warm sunny weather favoured the occasion.

10th June 1942 page 119

This afternoon Dr Miriam Edgerley L. R. C. P. S, F. R. S. L, (Secretary of the Bronte Society) and Mrs McCracken, of Haworth, visited the school this afternoon at the invitation of the Head Teacher. Dr Edgerley talked to the children about the Bronte's.

25th June 1942 page 120

A nature walk was taken this afternoon 1.20-to 2.20, with the object of finding as many kinds of wild flowers as possible.

6th July, 1942 page 120

A school visit to the Bronte Museum is to be paid this afternoon, by the juniors in charge of the Head Teacher. Afterwards the children are to have tea at the Bronte and cafe.

31st August, 1942 page 121

Two Middlesbrough children (unofficial evacuees) have been admitted this morning.

12th October, 1942 page 122

Heating restrictions removed. Extremely cold weather.


23rd December, 1942 page 124

School closed today for the Christmas holidays. During the afternoon The Keighley Schools Silver Trophy was presented to the School Savings Group by Mr Harrison chairman of the Savings and-Committee, in the presence of Mrs Middleton, Miss M Metcalfe & Mr Louge, Mr Harrison presented each child present with a new shilling in honour of the third winning of the Cup.


17th May, 1943 page 126

School closes today at 12 o'clock. The half holiday is to celebrate "Wings for Victory" week, which commenced on Saturday. Seven of the older children were taken by the Head Teacher to Keighley to see the indicator marked by a school child.

School Dinners commenced today

22nd June, 1943 page 127

More whooping cough cases.

8th December 1943 page 129

Open Day

The Mayor and Mayoress of Keighley-Alderman & Middleton and Mrs Middleton of Stanbury, made their first public appearance in Stanbury at our Open Day.

Mr County Councillor Johns of Oakworth gave a talk to parents on education after the war, as foreshadowed in the White Paper. He was accompanied by Mrs Johns. Others present included the Rector of Haworth and Mrs A Hirst & the Rev J Knight-Calvert of Haworth.

21st December, 1943 page 130

Christmas party

This was held on Tuesday 21st December. Owing to the generosity of the parents a very good tea was partaken of. Many of the parents came to the party at the invitation of the Head Teacher, and several helped to prepare the tea. Games were played and much enjoyed by all.


14th January, 1944 page 131

During the week the children's gas masks have been examined by a member of the A. R. P personnel. The stirrup pump has been repaired also.

1st May, 1944 page 131

School closes at noon today -"Salute the Soldier" childrens day.

23rd May, 1944 page 131

A splinter of glass was this morning sucked up a straw from a milk bottle by a boy_____. He did not swallow it fortunately.

30th August, 1944 page 133

Cod liver oil (two bottles) and orange juice (five bottles) have been supplied today for the under-fives.

21st November, 1944 page 135

The first batch of library books from the Keighley Public Library (discontinued children's section) came today, there are 35 books in all.

30th November, 1944 page 135

The Junior children, in charge of the Head Teacher made an expedition to Haworth, this afternoon to plant a cherry tree in the Bronte museum garden in memory of Emily Bronte. The event was sponsored by Dr Mabel Edgerley the Hon. Sec: of the Bronte Society, and Barbara Barnes was chosen by the children to do the planting, each child helping with trowels.

Local members of the council of the Bronte Society were present and afterwards the party adjoined to the Bronte Cafe for tea kindly provided by Mrs Edgerley and others.


19th January, 1945 page 136

Very severe weather has prevailed all this week, gales, snow, and ice.

30th January 1945 page 137

Very severe weather still. In the night, deep snowdrifts in places and extremely bad roads.

2nd February, 1945 page 137

School has been without water for the past two weeks. The caretaker has had to carry water for drinking, cleaning, and canteen purposes.

8th & 9th May 1945 page 138

Following the announcement of Victory in Europe, by Mr Churchill, on the evening of 7th may, school closes for 8th May & 9th (two days).

16th May, 1945 page 139

P.O.W Crease (R.A.F) called in school this afternoon, with his wife and children (evacuees from London).

7th June 1945 page 139

The Head Teacher took a party of 22 children to the Safety First Exhibition in Keighley, this afternoon. The journey each way was made by special bus.

21st September 1945 page 141

Weather extremely cold. Permission to use heat.

19th December, 1945 page 142

The school Christmas party was held this afternoon. After games of all descriptions had been played the children sat down to a most lavish tea. Each child was presented with a bag of sweets.


13th May, 1946 page 144

All Junior children and St1, in charge of the Head Teacher this afternoon paid a visit to the Bronte museum. First the cherry tree, planted in the Museum garden a year and a half ago, in memory of Emily Bronte was inspected. They were then conducted round the museum by Dr Mabel Edgerley who was accompanied by Mrs McCracken of Haworth. Great interest was displayed in the Pistols of the Rev: Patrick Bronte and it was concluded that the holes in the Church Tower must have been made when that gentleman fired his pistol out of the window during the troublesome times of the Industrial Revolution. Mrs Edgerley later entertained the party to tea at the Bronte Cafe.

23rd July, 1946 page 145

A jumble sale was held in the school this afternoon from 4.30 to 5.30. Proceeds were for purpose of buying a wireless set for school use.

4th September, 1946 page 145

The wireless set was installed this afternoon.

20th September, 1946 page 146

Extremely wet this morning resulting in floods in low-lying land. Attendance affected. Many children arrived very wet.


3rd February, 1947 page 147

Heavy snow has fallen during the weekend. Very poor attendance. No buses owing to deep drifts.

4th February, 1947 page 148

Weather very severe. Deeper drifts. No buses. 10 children present. Emergency dinner soup used.

5th February 1947 page 148

Weather more severe. 10 children present. No dinners, no milk. Emergency dinner soup used.

27th February, 1947 page 149

Another very heavy fall of snow, with deep drifts. No buses running, no dinners sent today.

12th March, 1947 page 149

The school is to be closed for 2 days, as the coke and ordered over a week ago, has not arrived. Fuel is all used up.

6th June, 1947 page 150

No milk has been sent this week owing to damage to plant, in recent storm.

20th November, 1947 page 151

School closed today for the occasion of the wedding of H.R.H Princess Elizabeth to H.R.H Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.


13th January, 1948 page 152

In conjunction with work on "clothing", and in particular on "wool", a visit was made this afternoon to Ponden Mill. Spinning is carried on there. Mr A Sunderland conducted the party round the mill, explaining all the different processes undertaken there. At the close, it was found that the mill was 200 years old that week. It was built at a cost of 38 of stone from a nearby quarry Kenneth Snape thanked Mr Sunderland on behalf of the school for his kindness, and trouble.

2nd February, 1948 page 153

A visit was paid to a Haworth mill this afternoon. 12 children in charge of the Head Teacher went through the mill in 2 batches. Processes from scouring to mending were watched.

21st April, 1948 page 153

This afternoon Mr Stott, Head of the technical college at Keighley came to school to talk to the children about wool. He also demonstrated the use of the spinning wheel, made by himself and given to the school. The Head Teacher of Oldfield School brought her children to hear the talk. Mr Stott brought many samples along and the children were very interested in the reels of silk made from coal (nylon), milk, wood chips and seaweed.

5th May, 1948 page 154

Miss Shackleton came to school this afternoon to demonstrate the work of spinning wool. Miss Shackleton is an expert in "wool" and the clothes she was wearing had been made by herself, from wool collected on the moors, spun, dyed, and woven by herself.

16th June, 1948 page 155

This afternoon a visit was paid to the Keighley Museum. Special interest was shown in a section connected with spinning and weaving, and the hand-loom of Timothy Feather the last Stanbury hand-loom weaver was examined. Mr Ogden, the curator very kindly explained the various exhibits.

10th July, 1948 page 155

Several children were taken to Halifax, a visit was paid to the Piece Hall, that famous monument to the woollen industry of Halifax. Two of the actual rooms used to house the "Pieces" brought in on pack horses long ago, were opened for our inspection. After this we went to the Church, seeing many interesting things there, including a gravestone of 1150, showing a pair of shears to denote that the man had been engaged in the woollen industry. In the afternoon we saw looms worked by hand. A most instructive visit.

31st August, 1948 page 156

During the holiday several items of stock arrived including the Four Shaft Loom, which has proved a great source of interest to children and adults in Stanbury.

7th October 1948 page 156

In connection with our work on wool, its history and connection with our own district in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the Junior children in charge of the Head Teacher visited the Grove Mills at Ingrow. All processes were inspected and all the children were intensely interested in the looms, comparing those in the mill with the hand looms in school.


20th December, 1949 page 159

Christmas party, to which parents were invited, was held this afternoon. The children had previously decorated the main room. Parents prepared tea, while games were played. Later, the children sang carols. A very happy time was spent by all. 


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