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Haworth History - Haworth Local Board of Health 1861 - 1870

Haworth Local Board of Health
1851 - 1860
1861 - 1870
1871 - 1880

Haworth Local Board of Health 1861 - 1870


22nd January, 1861
A list of parties who are in arrears of their Rates was called over and some five or six who were considered unable to pay, it was agreed upon, that they should be forgiven.

17th February, 1861
The Clerk here stated, that he had met Mr Rawson at Belle Isle that afternoon, who then examined the place and the proposed widening of the road there and was willing that a portion of ground might be taken from the field at the back of George Hopkinsons house for the said widening of the road.

The plans of the intended Preachers House at West Lane Baptist Chapel, had been brought to the board for inspection and was examined, after which it was proposed by Mr Barraclough seconded by Mr Sutcliffe and agreed to unanimously, that they be sanctioned by the Board.

30th April 1861
Mr Greenwood here wished to mention a certain matter which concerned the inhabitants in their considerable degree viz, that it was in contemplation by the inhabitants of Bingley to have a Court House built in that town which of course would be some cost to Haworth without being of the least advantage. It was stated that the Keighley Magistrates were opposed to it, and that the Chairman of this board would be aware if any move was made in that direction, where the Local Board can express its disapproval of such a scheme.

11th June, 1861
The Clarke's stated, that the mortgage for £100 at four-and-a-half per cent per annum held by Mr Nicholls as treasurer of the Haworth, Oxenhope and Stanbury Church Sunday School Sick Society, would be out in a few days, that he, Mr Nicholls was willing that it should remain another three years at four per cent per annum.

25th June, 1861
In reference to the plot of ground at the bottom of the street, Mr James Whalley had, by letter been made acquainted with the decision of the board, and in answer to the question by the chairman, the Clerk stated, that he (Mr Whalley) had cleared away the privies from the said plot of ground.

15th July 1861
In consequence of the heavy fall of rain on Saturday evening and the damage done thereby a special meeting is held this day. The surveyor, as well as several members of the Board, reported, that a considerable amount of damage was done to the roads, channels, drains etc, and that £30 or £40 would be required (and some thought more) to put the same in a moderate state of repair, and the general impression was, that there would have to be a small additional General District Rate.


27th May 1862
It was moved by Mr Gregson, seconded by Mr Lambert, and agreed to unanimously, that a quantity of Blues now on the Stanbury moor above Ponden be let to lead it into West Lane as soon as convenient.

15th July, 1862
Moved by WW Greenwood seconded by Mr Gregson and agreed to unanimously, that the notice be signed, and given to W Hartley Inn Keeper to remove a nuisance in the backyard occupied by him.

5th August, 1862
Carried unanimously by the 11 members that Joseph Redman is elected Clerk on a salary of £20 per annum so long as he shall give satisfaction to the board and to be paid pro rata.

26th August, 1862
That the surveyor be authorised to proceed immediately to remove the nuisance which has been complained of in the backyard of the Kings Arms Inn.

23rd September, 1862
Moved by Mr John Moore and seconded by Mr John Pickles that the water be taken to Mytholmes at an outlay of £30 with the perfect understanding of the following conditions. That Mr Craven build the new house now in contemplation at Mytholmes and that he Mr Craven take the water forward at his own expense to Spring Row and Brigg Mill.

18th November, 1862
That Mr James Driver be served with a notice to remove the Privy and ash pit situated at Well Lane Bottom which has been complained of as a great nuisance.

2nd December 1862
The plans belonging to the new house which is being built by L Craven Esquire at Mytholmes were laid before the board and approved

30th December, 1862
Ordered that the Clerk write to Mr Craven respecting the water supply to Mytholmes asking him if the board agrees to take the water to Mytholmes, will he Mr Craven take it to Spring Row, and those houses at the mill, to the new house which he is building, and to the stables.


2nd February, 1863
The above meeting was called to take into consideration the present state of the reservoir and it leaky condition and after mature deliberation the following resolution was passed unanimously.
That a prop be got of timber 12 inches square and two planks 10 ft long and three inches thick one for each end of the prop to be fastened to the prop and to the sides of the reservoir as to be secure against the action of the water removing it out of its place. After the above has been attended to the pubdling which has given way must be puddled over again and made as secure as possible and that Thomas Parker the surveyor sees that above directions be strictly carried out.

17th March 1863
That the surveyor be instructed to repair that piece of road from Rough nook to Oldfield gate and the same be put into proper repair.

4th August 1863
That 14 days' notice be given to owners of property situated in Mill Hey as far as Mill Bridge, and to the owner of that property situated at Belle Isle belonging to Mr Joseph Reddihough and also to the occupier of that one house situated in West Lane occupied by Mr John Appleyard and at the expiration of the above notice the outstanding taps in the above named district be removed. After considerable discussion relative to the constant waste of water in that district the above resolution was carried unanimously

1st September, 1863
That the Clerk give Mr E Wright a proper notice to remove the step which he has put down in front of his house which he has pulled down and re-erected in Low St and if not removed within the given time to be proceeded against according to law.


16th February, 1864
A water main pipe to be taken up Well Lane from bottom to the top, the Board to pay one half of the expense and the property owner to pay the other half according to the valuation of their property.

17th May 1864
That the Clerk draw up a request and present it from this Board to the directors of The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Company that they should cause to be made a footpath underneath the line of rails which is in the course of construction near the Corn Mill to prevent the level crossing and thereby render more safety to foot passengers to and from Haworth.

7th June, 1864
Ordered that Hiram Hartley should avail himself by taking water out of the system out of which the Black Bull is supplied for the purpose of watering his cattle in the summer season in the field which adjoins, for a reasonable remuneration to be agreed upon afterwards.

6th September 1864
Carried unanimously that W Sutcliffe J Hartley give him an opportunity of making a proper apology to the chairman of the Board for the wilful waste of water which he had previously told and stipulated not to waste and for his insolent conduct and abuse of the Clerk in the performance of his duty to the Board. He failing to comply a summons shall be taken out immediately and prosecuted as the law directs.

1st November, 1864
The Clerk make inquiries as to the probable cost of lighting the streets with gas and report to the board at their next meeting.

6th December, 1864
Carried unanimously, that the streets of Haworth be lighted with gas and the number of lamps do not exceed 10 this winter. Also that the Clerk gets the estimates for the erection of those lamps as soon as possible that the streets may be lighted without delay.


3rd January, 1865
That the lamp at Mill Hill be placed on Mr Greenwoods house corner.

30th May 1865
That there be no more lamps put up in the streets this year.
That the Clerk see Mr Judson the architect and get him to make a plan of Low St preparatory to it's being let to be re-paved.

27th June, 1865
That Messrs Binns Bros tender be accepted for the repaving of Low St according to plan and specification.

29th August, 1865
That the complained of nuisances at Newell Hill and those pig styes close to the side of Bridge House Lane the parties awaiting them to have notice of their removal as soon as the pigs which are in them are fat

12th September, 1865
Notice to be given by the clerk to Mr Metcalfe the contractor to place a light at Bridgehouse to lessen the danger to passengers at night.

31st October, 1865
Moved by Mr Greenwood and seconded by W George Merrall and carried unanimously that the Clerk seek advice from Mr Wright the board's solicitor respecting the dangerous state of the new road made by the Railway Company and if deemed advisable summon the contractor.

26th December, 1865
That Susan Shackleton he served with a notice to have proper drainage for the house at Well Lane Bottom.
That the various owners and occupiers of those piggeries at Well Lane Bottom be served with notice of removal.


30th January, 1866
That the Clerk make as much inquiry as possible about the cost and practical working of fire engines and order one as soon as possible.

1st May, 1866
That there be an additional 20 lamps put up and the board meets on Saturday the 12th to determine upon the site.

5th June, 1866
That there Clerk be authorised to engage Mr John Judson the architect to assist him in carrying out the wishes of the Board in reference to the Royal Oak Bridge.

That the surveyor be authorised to put up a wall at top of Dimples to ensure greater safety for cattle and passengers.

3rd July, 1866
That the Church and Wesleyan Schools be exempt from paying the new rate with which they have been charged.

24th July, 1866
That George Sutcliffe tender be accepted for the rebuilding of the bridge at Royal Oak Inn and that he complete the works in 12 weeks or forfeit the sum of £10 per week for every week beyond that time.

6th November, 1866
That the surveyor lay a gas pipe at Bridgehouse for the corner lamp and fit it up.

21st December, 1866
Special meeting of the Local Board held this day at the Royal Oak Inn. Ordered that the surveyor string a line from a corner of the Royal Oak Public House to the wall corner by Jon Wood's and make the road the proper width at that place.


5th February, 1867
The members of this board or of opinion that the recent erection of the new bridge near the Corn Mill is a great improvement to the property in the immediate neighbourhood. The board therefore decline to take further action in the complaint recently made by Mr Fielden the owner of the Royal Oak Inn.

7th May 1867
That the surveyor take such steps as are found requisite and lawful to repave and otherwise improve the thoroughfare leading to the property in the Gaugers Croft so as to make it more safe for foot passengers and other traffic.

4th June, 1867
That Michael Ogden's plan for Privy and ash place submitted to the board be approved with the alteration that the ash place be covered in.

That the Clerk right to W M Buse solicitor of Keighley respecting the rating of Railway.

6th August, 1867
That the Clerk put up notices stating that the Board are in want of Lamplighter the tenders to come to the board at their next meeting.

18th September, 1867
That a new road be made from the wall parting the railway and the highway at Mill Hill to run up a gradual rise to a level with the wall in front of those cottages at Mill Hill.

3rd October, 1867
That Mr Hudson be allowed to put up a Privy opposite his house West Lane provided he does not allow it to become a nuisance.

That Abraham H? be the Lamplighter of a salary of 6/- a week.

5th November 1867
That the Clerk write to Mr McLandsborough respecting the state of New Road leading from the Royal Oak to Brow and Belle Isle.

3rd December, 1867
Moved by Mr John Redman and seconded by Dr Ingham and carried that the plans submitted to the Board by Reverend John Wade be approved.


7th January, 1868
Committee to meet the Commissioners at Hob Lane on 8th to watch the proceedings in reference to the separation of Stanbury from Oxenhope Local Board.

8th January 1868
That this board request the commissioner that if Stanbury be separated from Oxenhope Local Board that it should be annexed to Haworth as being in the same Township, her interests being identical, so much nearer, forming together an ecclesiastical division and most of the traffic passing of the roads of Haworth.

Moved by Mr John Readman and seconded by James Lambert and carried that Mr Holmes, James Lambert and W Garnett be a deputation to meet the Commissioner at the Oakworth inquiry on the 9th to make the request of the Board.

4th February 1868
Carried that the consideration of the letter from Mr M Binns solicitor respecting the opposition to Bradford Water Scheme be deferred for the present.

That John Baldwin of Mill Hill have a notice from the Inspector of nuisance as to remove the Privy at Lower Mill Hill.

20th March 1868
Carried that the offer made by Mr James Hartley of a piece of ground in Hollow Field Sowdens to the local Board of Health be accepted viz -/8 per a yard for as much as the Board may require for the purpose of making a new reservoir and of increasing the water supply to the village.

That the Clerk get a petition drawn to present to the Home Secretary to ask for borrowing powers for the Local Board of Health for the purpose of making a new reservoir to increase the water supply of the village.

5th May 1868
That the plans submitted to the Board by Mr M Smith for a new shop in Bridgehouse Lane and by Mr M Sugden, and for improvements of Privy Accommodation in Back Lane be approved.

6th October 1868
That a license to kill cattle and sheep be granted to Nehemiah Moore in a place at Duckingstool belonging to Mr Thomas Bland. Also that the members of the Board go and view a place belonging to Mr Garnett with a view to a Public Slaughter House. That the new road from Royal Oak to Bridgehouse and Belle Isle be taken by the Board and repaired for the future by the surveyor for the time being.

10th November, 1868
The Clerk be empowered to put two lamps in Ivy Bank Road and that Mr Thomas Bland be requested to put one up at such place as the board may think.

1st December, 1868
Mr M Thomas for the building a Privy and ashplace contiguous to his property in Main Street be passed.


5th January 1869
Carried that Messrs Lambert and Holmes wait upon Mr H Wright the board's solicitor in a reference to Keighley Waterworks Scheme.

2nd February 1869
That the place submitted to the Board by Edward Craven for a new shop in Main Street be approved.

That the place submitted to the Board by Mr Amos Ingham for a new house in Town End be approved.

4th March, 1869
That Hiram Hartley be supplied with water for the field called Bank for watering his cattle and that James Smith be allowed to take water out of the mains for the purpose of supplying his hot house with water. The price for the above to be fixed afterwards.

That the ground bought by the Board for a new reservoir be fenced off with the good stone fence.

1st June 1869
That the Clerk cease to pay the 5/- compensation usually paid to Robert Lambert for water pipe crossing his premises to Mr Garnetts and cut off his pipe if he objects.

That the Clerk be instructed to write to the Home Secretary to ascertain whether the Board has power to purchase the Haworth Gas Company premises and borrow money on the credit of the Rates of the District for the purchase thereof.

3rd August, 1869
Moved by Mr Sugden and seconded by Mr Thomas Bland and carried that Messrs Mr Greenwood, E.G. Hattersley and Dr Ingham be appointed a deputation from this Board to present the letter of condolence sanctioned and prepared by and under the directions of the Board to Miss Jane Wright Butterfield of Woodlands, daughter of the late Chairman of this Board.

5th October 1869
That there be two lamplighters instead of one to this Board during this winter. The committee to choose the second lamplighter and generally to manage the lighting department. Also the lamps in the streets to burn all night except when the Moon rises before 12 o'clock.

That the Board be at the expense of laying the gas pipes to Mytholmes if the gas company will find the pipes.

That the plan submitted to the Board by Mr Andrews for a new house at Mytholmes be approved.

2nd November, 1869
That Charles C. Redman and Seth Feather be lamplighters to this Board at a salary of 8/- each weekly.

7th December 1869
That Joshua Wood be requested to produce plans before permission can be given to rebuild the Privy in the Main Street.


2nd March 1870
That the surveyor write to the surveyor of Stanbury Roads respecting the bridge at Sladen Bridge the sides which are considered dangerously low and ask whether the local Board of Keighley parish would join in at the expense of raising the sides.

5th April 1870
The plans of the Mill Hey Primitive Methodists for the enlargement of the chapel were presented and examined and passed.

The plans of Mr Thomas Bland for a new house at Ivy Bank Top were presented and examined and passed.

That the Fire Brigade be added to the gas and highways committee.

7th June, 1870
A member of the Oakworth board and the Oakworth surveyor respecting Sladen Bridge on Friday last when it was agreed to recommend to the two boards that Sladen bridge should be widened to 20 feet and the battlements raised to a height of 4 ft.

That the Clerk find that the board have power to prohibit unmuzzled dogs being at large. He ensure notices at once for prohibiting it

5th July, 1870
That Police Sergeant Clapham be appointed Nuisance Inspector to the Board until the end of the present year at a salary after the rate of £5 per year.

2nd August, 1870
The Nuisance Inspector reported that he had caused the following nuisances to be abated.
A nuisance arising from the manure heap belonging to the slaughter house on premises of Ackroyd Stoney, Butcher. A nuisance arising from the manure heap on premises of Moses Baldwin, Old Hall. A nuisance caused by the filthy state of the Privy belonging to William Wilkinson, Fleece Inn. A nuisance caused by a heap of filth and rubbish deposited on premises of John Hartley, Kings Arms.

6th September 1870
That the Board commence to light the Street lamps on the 20th instant.

The plans of John Howker for a wooden building on waste land in Stubbing Lane were presented and examined, on the motion of Mr J R Redman, seconded by Mr George Merrall rejected-and the surveyor was instructed to require Howker forthwith to pull down the building.

The plans of Messrs Merrall for the erection of a warehouse at Ebor were presented and passed.

The plans of Roger Murgatroyd for the erection of a dwelling-house at Mytholmes were presented and examined and passed.

The surveyor reported that John Holmes wished to be allowed to take water from the Board's main to a field occupied by him at the back of the Sun Inn for watering cattle only. It was resolved that he be allowed, provided he do not allow the water to run to waste and and that a rent after the rate of 3/- per year per head of cattle be charged to Holmes for such water.

Joseph Willman attended before the Board and made a claim for damage sustained by him by his falling over the battlements of Sladen Bridge-such battlements being insufficient-no resolution on the subject was made.

20th September, 1870
That the surveyor opens the Dimples Quarry immediately for the purposes of obtaining "setts" for the Main Street.

4th October, 1870
It was resolved that the necessary works for lighting Mytholmes Lane be done forthwith. That the Gas Highways and Fire Brigade Committee inspect any places they think necessary to be lighted and report thereon to the Board at their next meeting.

1st November 1870
The Clarke submitted report of proceedings of meetings held at Leeds and Bradford recommending:
(1) that a Conservancy Bill for the watersheds of the Aire and Calder be promoted in the ensuing session of Parliament.
(2) that a committee be formed for the purpose, consisting of the Mayor of every Borough and the Chairman of every local authority in the district willing to contribute to the expense of the bill with power to appoint an executive committee to conduct the proceedings.
(3) that every corporation and local authority interested be invited to join in prosecuting the Bill on the basis of expenses being borne in proportions according to the rateable value of the respective Boroughs and Districts.

6th December, 1870
Dear Sir,
I found on examining the quarries at Dimples and Brow moor on Monday last that work men were employed on behalf of the Haworth Local Board in getting setts causeway edging and flagstones without having made any arrangements with Mr Ferrand with respect to the same Mr Ferrand's solicitor advises me that these proceedings on the part of your Board are unlawful. It is therefore my duty as Mr Ferrands' Mineral Agent to request that you will immediately cease the proceedings to which I have referred until some arrangement is come to for allowing them to continue and that a full and correct account of the stone already gotten be furnished in order to enable Mr Ferrands' claim with respect thereto to be made out and presented to the Local Board.
Yours truly Isaac Booth

The Chairman read his reply of which the following is a copy.

Dear Sir,
I have shown your favour of the 7th to some of the members of our Local Board who wish me to say that the surveyor has got stones for the last 50 years for the use of the Hamlet and that they know no better but they have a perfect right to do so but if wrong they must come to some understanding with Mr Ferrand. They think however there is some little misunderstanding in the matter as they clearly understand Mr Ferrand to say at the last court he held in Haworth that they had a right to get stones but not to make merchandise of them. I will present your letter to the board at their next meeting which will be on Tuesday 6th December.
Yours R W Greenwood

The clerk read a further letter from Mr Booth of which the following is a copy.

Dear sir,
I am obliged by your favour of yesterday. Mr Ferrands' statement is quite correct and in perfect accord with his solicitor's view of the subject. The surveyor of the Board can I believe get stone out of the waste lands in Haworth for the "repair" of the Highways but the getting of setts flags curbs etc is clearly an exception of the right of the Board. The getting of the kind of stone referred to is practicality and under the circumstances making merchandise of it. I shall be glad to hear from you when the matter has been discussed by your Board on the 6th.
Yours truly Isaac Booth

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