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Haworth History - Haworth Local Board of Health 1871 - 1880

Haworth Local Board of Health
1851 - 1860
1861 - 1870
1871 - 1880

Haworth Local Board of Health 1871 - 1880


3rd January, 1871
Dear Sir,
Your correspondence with Mr Greenwood the chairman of the Haworth Board has been laid before us with instructions to write you thereon. We understand from your letter to Mr Greenwood that Mr Ferrand admits the right of the Board's surveyor to get stone for the repairs of highways but contends that such a stone does not include setts, flags or curbstones and flags for repairs and the Board are under the impression that they have the right to continue to do so, but they wish to do what is right in the matter. If you will shew us that their power is limited (as we infer from your letter you contend) to getting stone for macadamizing, they will endeavour to make such arrangements as will be satisfactory to Mr Ferrand.
Yours truly
Wright and Waterworth

The clerk read Mr Bruce replied.

Dear Sirs,
The right of the Board to get stone in the waste lands of the manor is undoubtedly limited to such stone only as maybe necessary for the repairs of the Highways. Setting and causeway making and repairing are not repairs in the true sense of the Highways Act and is never so understood to my own knowledge in nearly half the County, nor can I learn from any quarter that a claim to get setts etc has ever been set up in other places. I am convinced of the accuracy of this view of the matter and Mr Weatherhead confirms it in most conclusive language. I think that you will also concur therein when you have fully considered the question. The quarry which the Board have taken the setts etc from is leased to Mr Ferrands' tenants who complain of the surveyor getting the stones and until recently I did not know that he was doing so or I should have taken steps in the matter sooner. I shall be glad to hear from you and trust that this explanation will be satisfactory to yourselves and to the Local Board.
Yours truly Isaac Booth

The Clerk read a further letter he had written to Mr Booth of which the following is a copy.

Dear sir,
We are much obliged for your letter. As one of the questions in dispute is the construction to be put on the Highway Act we will see Mr Weather head on the matter when he is next in Keighley which will probably be on Wednesday next, I endeavour to come to some understanding with him. We need scarcely tell you that the Board are in a very unpleasant position, they believe they have not exceeded their rights but should they think it desirable to admit Mr Ferrands' claim and pay a royalty they may, as you will be aware, on the audit of their accounts, have any such payment objected to and disallowed
Yours truly
Wright and Waterworth

The Clerk read a further letter from Mr Booth of which the following is a copy.

Dear Sir,
Haworth Quarry and Local Board.
I shall be glad if you will see Mr Weatherhead on Wednesday and discuss with him the Act of Parliament affecting this question. I shall also be over on Monday and if you wish to see me.

7th February, 1871
The Clerk read the letter from the Registrar General dated 25th January 1871 respecting the Census. No motion on the matter was made.

The Clerk read a letter from Betty Moore of which the following is a copy.

I beg to inform you that a great nuisance arises from the smoke out of the chimney of W Hartley's workshop. The smoke escapes into the butcher's shop occupied by Heaton Sunderland, and does considerable damage to the meat. W Hartley has been spoken to several times about it, but he refuses to alter it.
Yours respectfully
(signed) Betty Moore

The Clerk also read a letter to the chairman from Messrs Redman and Holt of which the following is a copy.

Dear Sir,
We have 10 cottages besides Bridge House and the Mill etc for which considerable rates are paid and yet we have had no water from the regular supply for nearly a month. All water for domestic purposes we have had to fetch from a considerable distance. We don't know if anyone who is in a similar position. Making a reasonable allowance for frost etc such a state of inconvenience ought not to exist, in a well regulated district. We leave the surveyor to explain the cause of this annoyance and remain.
Dear Sir, yours faithfully Readman and Holt

7th March 1871
The following plans were produced by the surveyor and examined.
Plans for the erection of a dwelling-house at Gaugers Croft by Mr John Sutcliffe. Plan for the erection of a dwelling-house at Townend by Mr Robert Readman. Plans for the erection of 10 cottages at Haworth Hole by Mr George Grigson. Plans for the erection of six cottages at Bridgehouse by Messrs Readman and Holt. Plans for the erection of cottages at Coulshaw by Mrs Greenwood Bros'. Passed.

The Clerk read a letter.

Highthorn House

Dear Sir,
I have duly received your note this morning and have to say in answer I have consulted with my father as to laying gas pipes from Ebor Lane Top to Craven Royd and have to say that he agrees to the same on the following conditions.
1st The Haworth local Board to make good all damage they may do to the road in consequence of laying these pipes.
2nd The local Board to pay one shilling a year as an acknowledgement for the privilege as it is private property.
I remain Dear Sir
Yours very truly
John N Craven

4th April, 1871
The Clerk read a letter from Mrs Weatherhead and W G Binns respecting the Aire and Calder Conservancy Bill, and inquiring whether this Board were willing to affix its seal to a petition to the House of Commons praying that the Bill may not be allowed to pass into law. On the motion of Mr W Greenwood seconded by Mr J R Redman, it was resolved that the chairman affix the seal of the Board to, and signed the petition.

2nd May 1871
The Committee appointed last meeting for inquiring into the water supply of the district, the making of the new reservoir, and Mr Sutcliffe's claim, recommended that the new reservoir be made and the surveyor instruct Mr Barber Hopkinson, land surveyor, to prepare and produce to the Board plans specifications and estimates for the required works varying in amount from £200 to £500 .

16th May, 1871
That the streets be swept once a week and the refuse removed the same day and deposited in such a place that it shall not cause a nuisance.

That the surveyor instruct Mr Barber Hopkinson to meet the Committee before appointed at the boardroom on Friday next at half past 2 o'clock respecting the new reservoir.

6th June 1871
The nuisance Inspector reported as follows.
That five cottages in Stubbing Lane belonging to George Hopkinson have no Privy Accommodation.
That the sink water from a cottage in Stubbing Lane belonging to the trustees under The will of the late Richard Shackleton Butterfield and Mr Bland runs under the window of the said cottage into an open drain and then percolates through wall and under foundation of cottage occupied by Charles Robinson and that the open drain is filled with bad and strong smelling slime.
That a Privy and cesspool in Stubbing Lane belonging to the said Trustees are in a very bad state.
That the sink water from five cottages at stubbing belonging to John Readman, Girlington, and Edward Moore, Oxenhope, runs into an open drain, and then percolates through wall and that the drain smells very bad.
That Privy in Stubbing belonging to John Readman, Girlington requires emptying, and that the drain from the Privy into Stubbing Lane is open.
That the sink water from a cottage belonging to G E Pawson runs through an open drain across the road leading from the police sergeant house.
That a pig stye and Privy adjoining house in Worth Street belonging to William Holmes smell very bad and that they have no ventilation nor apparent drainage from pig stye.
That a Privy and cesspool close behind cottages in Stubbing Lane belonging to James Holmes is nearly full of foul stagnant liquid.
That the cesspool near the New Inn belonging to the Trustees under The will of the late Richard Shackleton Butterfield is open and nearly covered with foul stagnant green liquid.
That a cesspool at Stubbing belonging to William and John Binns requires cleaning and disinfecting.
That two cesspools belonging to privies at the back of Main Street, are open and almost devoid of ashes.
That a Privy at the top of Haworth belonging to G E Pawson smells very bad, that the liquid percolates through the wall, and that numerous complaints have been made from occupiers of cottages in the vicinity.
That the slaughter houses are not regulated in accordance with the By-laws of the Board. It was resolved that the nuisance Inspector cause all nuisances arising on his report to be abated forthwith.

The nuisance Inspector also reported that a public urinal was very much required off Main Street, and that one could very economically be constructed under steps adjoining Mr Thomas's property. It was resolved that the urinal be constructed at the place mentioned, providing Mr Thomas's sanction can be obtained.

Plans for the construction of the new reservoir were produced by the Clerk and examined and on the motion of Mr W E G Hattersley seconded by Mr William Sugden passed.

The surveyor and Mr Jones reported that Mr Craven and Mr Ferrand proposed giving the land for widening Lord Lane to eight yards and that Mr Craven would make his proportion of the road and fences at his own expense, provided Mr Ferrand would make his proportion and the Board would afterwards adopt the road.

That the new road from Lees Syke to Brow Bar be repaired under the supervision of the above named Committee.

That 100 yards in length of new setting be done in Main Street, under the supervision of the above named Committee.

That the lamp posts and lamps been cleaned unpainted with two coats of paint.
That the surveyor obtain from different firms tenders for the supply of 100 tons of limestone to be delivered at Haworth station.

4th July 1871
Plan for the erection of a shooting box on Haworth Moor by Mr Ferrand was produced by the surveyor and examined and passed.

That the fire brigade be allowed £5 a year as remuneration for keeping the engine and apparatus in efficient working condition.

18th July, 1871
Referring to the repeated applications made for answers to queries sent you in March 1870 I am directed by her Majesty's Commissioners for inquiring into the pollution of rivers to request that you will cause answers to be furnished thereto and return the document to me (duly signed by yourself, surveyor, water works engineer and medical officer of health) on or before the 18th instant. The non receipt of this information has caused serious delay in compiling the volume of evidence now in press.
I am sir
Your obedient servant
SL Smith secretary
Rivers Commission
1 Park Prospect Westminster S.W

22nd August, 1871
Conversation here ensued with regard to the purchase by the Board of the works of the Haworth gas company.. It was resolved that Messrs Hattersley, George Merrall, Garnett and Taylor have an interview with the directors of the company respecting such purchase.

5th September 1871
That I found the accounts correct so far as regards those presented by the Clerk. The rates are in a very unsatisfactory state been incorrectly cost. There is no allowance of the leakage by the board in the minute book. Monthly statements of rates should be required. It is very desirable and for the interest of the Board that the rates should be made and collected by a competent person.
William Ellis

The road in Haworth was left on Thursday evening last in such a careless state that I broke my carriage in passing over it. I have been a obliged to send it to a coachmakers and when it is repaired I shall forward it to you and require payment by the Haworth Local Board.
I am
Yours faithfully
W. Ferrand

That Messrs Readman Geo. Merrall Sutcliffe Sugden, be a committee to wait upon the owners of property having projections in the Main Street and endeavour to arrange for the removal of such projections and to wait upon the owners of property having fall pipes without a proper outlet and arrange for proper outlets being made.

Mr Edward Craven reported that the price asked by the gas company for their works was £7,000.

26th September, 1871
That the temporary engagement of Joseph Whitaker as lamplighter at the salary of 14/- per week for the month commencing 19th September last, be confirmed.

4th October, 1871
It was resolved that an offer of £6250 be made to the gas company on condition that the works and effects should at the time the Board take possession, be in effectual working order and condition.

9th October 1871
The deputation to the directors of the gas company reported that they had made the offer of £6,250 for the purchase of the company's works and effects, and that the directors refused to accept such offer and fixed their price at £6,550. It was resolved that the offer of £6,250 be renewed and that such offer be final.

18th November 1871
At a meeting of the ratepayers of the board's district held on Saturday the 18th November, 1871 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at the top of Main Street Haworth, George Sutcliffe chairman. It was resolved that the board be and are hereby authorised.
First to apply to Parliament in the ensuing sessions for an act of Parliament to enable the board to provide a supply of gas for the town and neighbourhood of Haworth and to effect improvements in the town of Haworth and for other purposes.
Second to purchase the works of the Haworth gas company.
Third to oppose any Bill in Parliament which may be promoted for enabling any company or companies person or persons other than the Board to provide and supply gas within the Board's district.


2nd January, 1872
Inspected slaughterhouse of Mr Ackroyd Stoney, Butcher, Haworth and found the premises insufficiently drained, and drains running there from under main street not trapped, and necessarily emit nauseous vapours. Although Mr Stony is apparently careful in cleaning out his slaughterhouse after killing any animal, yet been located so near to his own and other dwellings I consider that it must have a very dangerous effect upon the health of those residing in the immediate neighbourhood. The same remarks will apply to all the other slaughter houses in Haworth, which are situated in the midst of the population of the town. I consider they all ought to be removed before warm weather, as then they will become almost intolerable nuisances.

The Clerk also read a letter from the captain of the fire brigade of which the following is a copy.
I wish to bring before you the following for your consideration. We are in want of 200 yards of canvas piping, a new set of suction pipes, one new stand pipe, and the old one repairing that was broken by the surveyor so that he can use it any time without fetching ours. If we get the new piping the surveyor can have one or two lengths of the old for his own use as we wish to have ours to ourselves. Also we wish you to grant us £10 a year instead of the five you have granted us so that we shall not have to go round at Christmas. Waiting for your reply I am gentlemen your humble servant.
W Greenwood
Captain of the fire brigade

13th February, 1872
That the nuisance Inspector calls all nuisances in the Main Street by butchers and shopkeepers hanging goods over the Street, to be removed.

Several letters from Mr W. Ferrand claiming compensation for alleged damage to his dog cart claiming the repaving of Main Street having been produced.

That the chairman for the time being and Mr Redman be a deputation to go to London respecting the gas bill. The Clerk having read the petition of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Company against the Haworth gas bill. It was on the motion of Mr Geo. Merrall seconded by Mr G S Taylor resolved that clauses be inserted in the Board's Bill that the Board shall not remove rubbish from those parts of the river at Worth and Bridgehouse beck which belonged to the company, and that the building regulations shall not apply to the company's buildings.

5th March, 1872
That Privy near Main Street belonging to the Co-operative Society, Pickles Wright and Greenwood would require emptying.

30th April 1872
That the surveyor contract for 160 yards of blue stones from Keighley Parish Side or Ponden, and 200 yards of limestones from Robert Bond.

4th May, 1872
The following plans were produced by the surveyor and examined.
Plan for the erection of two Privies at Hall by James Lambert
Plan for the erection of a Privy at Hall by Mr Geo. Grigson
Plan for the erection of stables at Harbour Lodge by Wm Ferrand Esquire
Plans for the erection of two cottages at New Road by David Haigh

It was resolved that the following tenders be accepted.

Murgatroyd and Sunderland For leading 80 yards of blue stones from Ponden Bridge to West Lane and 80 yards more to Hall Green at 2/2 per yard
R. Redman for leading 100 yards from Peniston to Hollings at 7 per yard and 200 yards from New Road quarry to New Road at 6 per yard
W Parker for breaking 80 yards of blue stones at 1/5 per yard
Joshua Pickles for breaking 80 yards of Blue stones at 1/6 per yard
Joseph Smith for breaking 200 yards of Blue stones at 9 per yard

4th June, 1872
That the rate to be paid for the use of a Cart and Horse including driver be increased to 7/- per day.

According to your request I have examined the Haworth Gas Companies works and find the gas holders, purifiers, condensers and the rest of the apparatus (except retorts) in good working condition. There are 11 retorts, in three settings, two setts of clays having three retorts in each, and one set of iron having five retorts. As both setts of clays have worked about the same length of time and as one sett could not easily be cleaned and (the retorts being too hot). I had the other thoroughly cleaned and found the retorts in excellent condition, both the setts of clays I therefore consider in proper working condition. But in order to give you their value as compared with new ones, I have calculated what the two sets of clays would cost when new and find it to be £34, and as they have depreciated about 50 per cent, they are less in value, as compared to new ones by £17.
The set of five iron ones are out of work, so that I had a good opportunity of examining them. I find three of the five all right, but the other two are not in such good condition, and will in all probability have to be replaced with new ones before winter, a whole set will therefore to have to be resett, the cost will be about £21

If however you had a sett of retorts in addition to what is required to be at work in a depth of winter you would with care be able to work the above sett of iron ones far into winter, but under the present circumstances you will be obliged to resett them and replace the two above named before winter, for I understand that all retorts you have were at work last winter. I consider if you had to erect an additional sett a cost of £85 you could leave the iron ones to work until they were completely done, which would in all probability be very far into winter, and very likely save far more than the year's interest on the capital expended, besides being better prepared for a dark season, or a few dark days succeeding each other or increase of consumers, you would also be able to have both sets of clays properly cleaned and repaired when let down in summer, for at present a man cannot get into the sett nearest the sett which is working and it is very difficult and expensive cleaning and preparing them unless a man can go in. However this is a matter I only suggest for your consideration, and should you not put in an additional one, you may rely on the two setts of clays doing their work, but the sett of iron will have to be resett at a cost of £21 or thereabouts
I am gentlemen
Your obedient servant
J Laycock

2nd July, 1872
That Joseph Pickles' tender of £1.6.4 for the present crop of grass growing on land belonging to the Board around or near the reservoirs are accepted.

The Clerk read a letter from the Clerk to the Oxenhope District Local Board of which the following is a copy.
It appears by the Mercury of last week that the obnoxious impost of Toll on the Lees and Hebden Bridge Turnpike road is to be continued. The members of our Board have strong convictions that this is unnecessary and that steps should be taken for an investigation into the affairs of the said Trust. We shall be pleased to have your views on this matter.
By Order of the said Board
I am Sir
Your obedient servant
Joshua Heaps
Clerk to the Oxenhope District Local Board

6th August, 1872
That the Gas Committee be authorised to attend to the requirements of Ivy Bank Mill and adjoining property with respect to a better supply of gas.

That Sutcliffe Binns be engaged as inside working manager of the gas works at a salary of 30/- per week.

1st October, 1872
The Clerk reported that he had written Mr Landamore and read his reply stating that the department hoped to be able to open the Haworth Post Office for telegraphic business on 1st October, 1872.

5th November, 1872
The Clerk read the following correspondence with Mr Walter Middleton Mr Ferrands' agent St Ives estate office near Bingley
I find that the surveyor of the Haworth District has for some time past been getting stones off Haworth moor for the repaving of the streets, and as he has no right to do so without the consent of Mr Ferrand, whose property the stone is, I will have what have been used valued and shall require paying for them
Yours faithfully Walter Middleton Agent

The Clerk read a letter from Messrs Marriner P Tempest respecting a supply of gas to their brickworks at Wicken Cragg. No motion in the matter was made.

12th December, 1872
Applications from Messrs Merrall and Son, P Readman and Holt for the Board's sanction to their using steam whistles at their works for the purpose of summoning and dismissing their workpeople, having been read it was on the motion of Mr G Sutcliffe seconded by Mr Edward Craven, resolved that such sanction be, and is hereby given.


1st April 1873
Dear Sir,
I am directed by the Rural Sanitary Authority to inform you that at the adjourned meeting held on the 12th instant the subject of joint appointments of medical officers of Health and inspectors of nuisances was under consideration. There were present at the meeting, deputations from several local Boards of Oakworth, Haworth, Oxenhope and Bingley township and from the Bingley Improvements Commissionaires. It was announced to the meeting that Keighley Local Board of Health and Bingley Improvement Commissionaires both declined to unite in new appointments of either medical officer or Inspector. There now remain only the Local Board of Oakworth, Haworth, Oxenhope and Bingley township and the Rural Authority to unite. It was however thought desirable that these remaining authorities should unite in the appointment of a medical officer and some of the gentlemen present were of opinion that it was quite as important that they should also unite in the appointment of an Inspector of Nuisances.
It was ultimately arranged that I should inform each of the four remaining Boards what proportions of salary would have to be paid by each Board presuming the salary to be offered the Medical Officer to be £200 a year and the salary to be offered to the Inspector to be £150. Such proportions being calculated according to the rateable value of each district.

It was resolved that the price and contracts for the erection of a crane at Dimples quarry be referred to the highways committee.

6th May 1873
Plans for the erection of the Drapers shop in Main Street by the Co-operative Society was again produced.

The highway Committee recommended that following tenders be accepted.
James Ratcliff for getting stones and ? At Dyke Nook at 1/3 per yard.
Robert Readman and for leading 323 yards of stone from Dyke Nook to Hawkcliffe and from Hawkcliffe to Side Bar and and stacking same at 2/2
John Briggs for breaking same at 1/3 per yard
Abraham Binns for leading 2/7 yards of stone from Side Bar to Lees at 2/- per yard
John W Greenwood for leading 100 loads from Naylor Hill down Haworth Brow at 8d per yard.
Robert Readman for leading limestone from Haworth railway station to Bell Isle, at 6d per ton
John Naylor for breaking limestone at 1/6 per ton
Joseph Pickles for breaking 60 yards of Blues, and 50 tons of limestone at 1/6 per yard
John Crabtree for leading 110 yards of Blues from Ponden Bridge to West Lane at 2/3 per yard
Miles Pickles for leading 180 yards of Blues from Ponden Bridge to Holling Rough Nook West Lane End at 2/2 per yard and 60 yards to Hall Green at 2/6 per yard

3rd June, 1873
The Clerk read a letter from Mr Frank Ives Sundamore stating that the Postmaster General was about to erect a line of Telegraph from Denholme to Haworth and asking the Board's consent to place poles, and wires upon so much of the road as might be within their jurisdiction on the understanding that the Postmaster General should make good any damage which might be done in the execution of the works.

The surveyor reported that a lamp pillar in Station Road had been brokered by a Cart and Horse, driven by Squire Jowett. It was resolved that Squire Jowett be charged 30/- for the damage.

1st July, 1873
That for the ensuing month the water be turned on at the reservoir an hour less at midday and be turned on between half past six and half past seven each evening.

5th August, 1873
That the Gas Committee be empowered to purchase 300 tons of coal.

Squire Jowett refused to pay 30/- the amount charged by the Board for damages to the gas pillar broken by him. But offered to pay the cost of the pillar, at the time it was brought, and the cost of fixing, he having the broken paler. The surveyor was instructed to accept the offer.

7th October, 1873
The Local Government Board have received from Mr George Spencer the particulars of the appointment of Mr John Milligan as Medical Officer of Health for the Rural Sanitary District of the keighley Union and the Bingley, Haworth, Oakworth and Oxenhope Urban Sanitary Districts.
The Board direct me to state that they sanction for a period of one year Mr Milligan's appointment to the office referred to with the salary of £200 for his services.
The Board approve of the payment by the Haworth Urban Sanitary Authority of the sum of £15 in respect of the salary of the above mentioned officer.

The surveyor reported that Messrs Mariner and Tempest had applied for a supply of gas to their Brick Works for a guaranteed term of 10 years and that the outlay would be about £75 of which they offered to pay £40. It was resolved that if Messrs Mariner and Tempest will increase their offer of the share of expense to £50 and pay the amount at the time the work is commenced, Their application be granted and the Clerk be empowered to prepare the necessary agreement.

4th November 1873
Mr Hattersley reported that Mytholmes Lane was in bad repair and that a Nuisance had been created by a quantity of Privy ashes being thrown on the road.

18th November, 1873
That the following rates be remitted on account of poverty-Joseph Pickles 3/11/2 J Robertshaw 5/3 Mary Mitchell 5/3 Thomas Sugden 7/10/2

that the surveyor inquire whether the Coal offices in yards of the Midland Railway company at Keighley are assessed to the floor or other rates of Keighley and that if they are so assessed the coal offices in the Yard's of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway company at Haworth be rated to the Haworth local board rates upon a similar amount.

2nd December, 1873
That ordinary monthly meetings of the Board be held in future at the Gas works at 7 o'clock in the evening instead of half past 9 o'clock in the morning.

The Clerk read a letter dated 2nd December, 1873 from Messrs J P M Ogden asking the Board's permission to erect a Private Telegraph wire from the Post Office to the bottom of Main Street to cross the Street at a height of not less than nine yards.


3rd February, 1874
That the surveyor lay Wheel stones on the road leading to Hob Nook Coal Pit. That the board is not in a position at present to repair the road beyond Intake Gate to Enfieldside.

5th May, 1874
The Highway Committee reported that there was not a sufficient fall in the outlet of the sewer passing down Bridge House Brow and through Mr J R Redman's property into the Tail Goit connected with his Mills to allow the refuse to get away and the consequence was that it prevented the efficient working of his Waterwheel which lies contiguous to the place complained of, and recommended that to remedy the matter the sewer be connected with Station Road drain which has its outlet in the Beck near the Haworth Goods Station Gates.

Plans for erection of 12 cottages and outbuildings in Ivy Bank Road by the Co-operative Society were passed.

7th July, 1874
The letting of 200 yards of setts, setting, dressing and loading at Dimples Quarry and the letting of stone loading and breaking and ashes loading. And dig out the old Tin Quarry at Dimples Top, and bank it round the top.

The Building and Nuisances Committee reported that they had seen Mr Ferrand's agent respecting the Board requiring a plot of Common Land for the erection of a public slaughter house. The Clerk read a letter dated 4th June 1874 from Mr Ferrand and proposing that the board hold the ground at the Lord's rent of 5/- annually until the enclosure of the Manor of Haworth, and that if this be agreeable they should instruct their Clerk to draw up an agreement to be signed by Mr Ferrand or his agent.

That Bills be posted in the Streets giving notice that the Board will ? cleanse all privies and ash places the contents of which are, allowed to accumulate so as to become a nuisance and will charge the occupiers with the expense.

The Clerk read some correspondence between the Medical Officer and the Burial Acts Office respecting the mode of intering in, and the sanitary condition of the Haworth Church Yard.

4th August 1874
That the water be turned on at the reservoir at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and turned off at 7 o'clock.

The Gas Committee recommended that the Haworth Branch of the Craven Bank be supplied with gas on condition that the Bank purchase a meter from the Board.

Mr Hattersley reported that at a recent meeting of the Haworth Ratepayers Protection Society the Returning Officer and his assistants were charged with tampering with the voting papers of the last election, and he was desirous of ascertaining whether the Board were of opinion that the Election was conducted in any other than a satisfactory manner.
He therefore moved that the Board have every confidence in the manner in which the Returning Officer and his assistants conducted the last Election and sympathetically deny the charges brought against them by Haworth Ratepayers Protection Society. Mr Greenwood seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

3rd November, 1874
The Clerk read a letter from Mr Ferrand's agent stating that the quantity of land was greatly in excess of what the members of the Board named when they saw him (the quantity stated being 100 yards) but Mr Ferrand was willing to let the Board have the plot for 30/- per annum.


5th January, 1875
Plans of four cottages two privies and an ashpit proposed to be erected at Haworth Bow by Messrs Clayton and Rishworth were produced. It was resolved that they be referred to the Buildings Committee with full power to act in their own discretion.

That a charge of 5/- be made for each petroleum licence granted by the Board.

2nd March, 1875
The Clerk reported that a summons had been issued against the Board upon the information of the Superintendent of Police for the Keighley division for the non repair of so much of the Lees and Hebden Bridge Turnpike as is repairable by the Board and that he attended the hearing of the summons at the sessions House Keighley on 26th February when (the two sitting magistrates being trustees of the road) no order was made but that he promised that the road should be properly prepared when the weather permitted.

6th May 1875
That the Buildings Committee instruct an architect to prepare a plan for the erection of a slaughterhouse on the land purchased by the Board for the purpose.

The Nuisance Inspector reported a nuisance at Butt Lane Top caused by a place been used as a urinal.

2nd November, 1875
The Clerk read letters from several ratepayers of Coldshaw and Haworth Brow requesting the Board to place additional street lamps in those neighbourhoods.
The Clerk also read a letter from Mr Turner complaining of the bad state of repair of the footpath from Pinfold to Oldfield.

12th November 1875
Proposed by Mr Redman seconded and by Mr Geo Merrall that the scheme of the Keighley Local Board of Health to incorporate this Board's district with that of Keighley be most strenuously opposed and that the Clerk take all necessary proceedings for the purposes of such opposition.


1st February 1876
The surveyor reported that since the Board had repaired the Lees and Hebden Bridge Turnpike Road trustees not to sell the Toll House and premises at Haworth Brow but allow them to remain for the benefit of the ward, the house had been pulled down and the site thereof and the garden adjoining have been sold or purported to be sold by Mr Ferrand to Mr Clayton.

4th July, 1876
That the chairman have an interview with Mr Francis Williamson to ascertain his feelings with regard to the Board supplying Stanbury with gas.

1st August 1876
That the Board contract for 1000 tons of coal with the option of increasing the quantity to 1500 tons on or before 4th October.

5th September, 1876
That the size of the gas pipes to be laid at Oxenhope be 9 inches from the gas works to Bridgehouse and 6 inches forward to Oxenhope.

The Gas manager reported that the owners of Lumb Foot Mill and Hollings Mill would not at their own expense lay the pipes through their respective lands for supplying their Mills with gas but would enter into an agreement granting to the Board the right to lay renew, and repair such pipes and take them up when they ceased to be used.

That the Gas manager ascertain the names of the owners of property in Stanbury Main Street who object to the Board supplying gas in Stanbury and that he commence as early as possible laying the pipes in Stanbury under the direction of the Clerk.

That the names of the streets called the Ginnel and Back Lane be altered to Change Gate and North Street respectively.
That the Street from the Fleece Inn to Ackroyd Stoney's house been named Low Street.

That the name of the street from the Fleece Inn to the junction of North Street and West Lane be altered to Kirkgate carried by the casting vote of the chairman. Voted for the chairman (2) and Messers Merrall Whitaker and Ackroyd. Against Messrs Parker Brown Crabtree and Winterbottom.

19th September, 1876
That the price of gas supplied by the Board in Haworth and Crossroads gas supply districts (including Messrs Haggas) be 4/- per 1000 cubic feet subject to discount under the following seale (on the half yearly consumption) on all accounts paid within 14 days from delivery and subject to satisfactory arrangements being made with Messrs Haggas. And that the price in Oxenhope and Stanbury be 4/3 per 1000 cubic feet.


1st March, 1877
That a committee appointed to examine Lord Lane and if it be found in a satisfactory state the same be adopted by the board.

That Messrs Hattersley Mr Merrall and Bland are hereby appointed a committee to consider which and how many of the plots of building ground offered for sale by public auction by Mr Wm Brown be purchased for the Board and that they have full power to purchase at such price as they think fit.

16th March, 1877
The committee appointed at the last ordinary meeting with regard to the purchase of building ground reported that they had purchased five lots for the sum of £?

1st May 1877
That the Gas manager give three days' notice to Mr F W Turner and the Church wardens of Upper Town Church that unless their gas account be paid at the expiration of that time, proceedings will be taken for their recovery, and that if default be made proceedings be taken accordingly.

3rd July, 1877
Plan for four back-to-back houses on the Brow estate by Joseph Bancroft.
Plan for four back-to-back houses on the Brow estate by Robert Feather.
Plan of conversion of a portion of a barn at Town End into a dwelling-house by William Brown.
Plan of a Privy in Church Street by Thomas Parker
Plan of three houses and a shop in Victoria Road and Aire Street by Thomas Bannister.

That Messrs Bland Brown Ackroyd and Holmes be empowered to arrange with Mr Brown for the privilege of tipping surplus soil from the excavations at the gasworks on his adjoining estate and that they ascertain his views with regard to the purchase by him or otherwise of a plot of land belonging to the Board, and adjoining his Brewery and report thereon to the Board.

2nd October, 1877
That a licence to keep a Common Lodging House in North Street be granted to Charles Toothill.

The committee reported that they had appointed James Hudson and G C Readman lamplighters for the ensuing winter at the wages of 11/- each per week to commence from the time the lamps are refixed, and that they had arranged for the lamps being washed once a fortnight by the lamplighters without extra remuneration.

That licence be granted to S Ogden to kill in his slaughterhouse at the Sun Inn-carried.

The committee to meet Mr Barber Hopkinson with regard to the plant of the Greenfield Estate.

6th November, 1877
That the plan of the Greenfield Estate be passed.

That the plans were produced of nine houses and one shop on the Brow Estate propose to be built by Jonas Sunderland passed.

That a member of the committee questing the surveyor to rebuild Sladen Bridge which had been washed down by recent floods.

The Clerk read a letter from the Secretary of the Haworth Conservative Club complaining that the lights in the club were continually going out. The Gas manager stated that the matter had been remedied by supplying a larger meter.

4th December 1877
That plans were produced of 16 cottages proposed to be built in Coldshaw by John Wm Walmsley be passed subject to the Privies being erected in the centre of the opening and back to back-carried.

A plan of the conversion of a House into a House and shop in Kirkgate by Mr William Hartley was produced. Proposeed by Mr James Ackroyd seconded by Mr George Merrall that the plan be passed on condition that Mr Hartley setback his proposed building 28 ft from the front and parallel with the property on the other side of the street and that in case of the re-erection of any adjoining property the Board compel the owners of such adjoining property to set back a similar distance and parallel as aforesaid.


5th February, 1878
That when required in frosty weather the surveyor sprinkle salt on the streets.

The Inspector of buildings and nuisances having reported that three houses in the Fold belonging to John Crabtree and occupied by JDenbey, Wm Huddleston and B Nicholson were unfit for habitation in consequence of their dampness.

The Inspector of buildings and nuisances having also reported that a House at Ivy Bank belonging to the Co-operative Society, and occupied by Jonas Earnshaw was unfit for habitation in consequence of its dampness.

The Inspector of buildings and nuisances having also reported that a House in Kirkgate belonging to and occupied by J S Whitham was unfit for habitation by reason of its dampness and that the nuisance arises by the act default or neglect of the owner, and the representatives of the late A Eccles adjoining owners.

5th March, 1878
That 50 yards of setts be obtained at once and laid between Ebor Lane top and Bridgehouse.

That the Clerk write to Mrs Liddy requesting her to discontinue obstructing Low Street by holding a stall and to cease using her ashpit as a receptacle for oyster shells otherwise proceedings will be taken against her.

That two lengths of 15 yards of leather hosepipe be obtained for swilling streets stop

Ascertain if General Rawdon would give sufficient land along side Low Street for making such street 6 ft wider at the widest point.

That Nathan Rishworth (5/1) and Hannah Wadsworth (9/2/) be excused their rates on the ground of poverty and that the other parties in arrear be proceeded against at once.

That the Clerk see Superintendent Ireland and request him to instruct the policemen stationed at Haworth to caution Mrs Liddy as to her practice of allowing her horse and cart to stand across the road for an unnecessary period, and also as to her stall projecting on the highway.

That a plan was produced of eight back to back houses in the Brow Estate by Thomas Bottomley and Sons be passed.

6th August, 1878
The Inspector of buildings having reported that Mr William Brown in erecting a Brewery and premises on the Brow Estate had encroached on Apsley St. It was proposed by Mr Readman seconded by Mr Sugden that the owner of the property be required to remove the encroachment and conform to the plan submitted to and approved by the Board.

The buildings and nuisances Committee recommended that plans for four cottages in Mill Hey by John Crabtree and 12 cottages at Mytholmes by Messrs Hattersley be passed.

That the tar and liquor arising from the manufacture of gas be advertised for sale for a term in the Bradford Observer, Leeds Mercury and Manchester Courier.

8th October 1878
That the district comprised within the boundaries hereinafter described be formed into a separate district for drainage purposes, that a separate assessment be made thereon and in respect of the purposes aforesaid, that the same district so far as relates to drainage purposes shall be exempt from any other assessment under the Public Health Act 1848 and that the estimate (now produced) of the money required for such purposes be approved and signed and sealed which was accordingly done.
Boundary of said district commencing at north westerly side of Royal Oak Bridge and following the course of Bridgehouse Beck and Ebor Reservoir to Ebor Lane and from thence following the boundary of William Brown's property to the north westerly corner of lot 18 on the sale plan of Mr Brown deposited with the Local Board, and from thence in a straight line to the Lees and Hebden Bridge Road. Following such Highway until the southerly corner of lot 31 on the said plan, and from thence following the boundary of Brown's property and along centre of Victoria Road until its junction with Clarendon Road and from thence, along south westerly side of lot 3 on the said plan and along southerly side of the existing gas works, and from thence to and along Bridgehouse Beck to the starting point of the said boundary.

5th November 1878
That tenders be invited for getting stones from Dimples Quarry for and completing the works connected with paving the portion of Mill Hey Road which the Board have resolved to pave.

That plans now produced for the erection of eight houses at Haworth Brow by Geo Metcalfe be rejected, no Privy elevation has been shown. Also that plans now produced for the erection of four houses at the Brow by Robert Feather be rejected the place of the Privy not been in accordance with the Board's regulations.


7th January 1879
That a plan now produced of four houses proposed to be erected at Bell Vue by Wm Binns be passed on condition that he comply with the Board's regulations.

That the Several wells in the Board's district which have been closed or become useless through neglect be reopened and cleaned out.

The Gas manager having complained that the Haveringham Coal supplied by Messrs Clarkson and Bradwell was not equal to sample and that they frequently delivered short weights. That the Clerk write Mr Clarkson that unless future supply is equal to sample and of the stipulated weight the Board will cancel the contract.

4th February 1879
That the thanks of the Board be accorded to Messrs Jones and Ramsden for the gift of a mounted plan of the Board's district.

That the plans of alterations to the whole of the Fleece Inn by William Brown be disapproved, the Board requiring the proposed building to be set back. That Mr Brown be allowed to proceed with his proposed alterations on condition that he conform to a building line to be parallel with and the same distance from the wall opposite on the south side as it is on the north side of the line.

The Gas manager having reported that the Keighley Local Board were taking steps for supplying Cross Roads with gas and the chairman and Mr Readman having stated that their action was in violation of an arrangement that had been made at the time of the passing of the Haworth Local Board Act. That the chairman Mr Readman and Mr Holmes meet the Gas Committee of the Local Board of Keighley to discuss the matter and endeavour to make arrangements for their abandoning their intention of supplying Cross Roads.

4th March 1879
Mr Holmes reported that he had attended the last meeting of deputations from Local Boards held at Shipley to consider the provisions of the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act when it was agreed to recommend that two wheeled vehicles carrying 1/2 ton the owner should have his own choice as to width of wheels but above that tonnage the wheels should not be less than four inches and that as to four wheeled vehicles the owner should (as to any weight up to three tons) have his own choice in the width of wheels but above that tonnage they should not be not less than four inches wide.

That the board's solicitor instructed to take the necessary steps for obtaining an order of the quarter sessions declaring Lees Lane, Mill Hey Road, Station Road, Brow Road, Bridge House Lane, Stubbing Lane, Low, Kirkgate and West Lane main roads within the meaning of the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act 1878 carried.

That a plan (now produced) for the erection of a house and stable on Brow estate by E Brown be referred back to the buildings Committee on the ground of the street not being of sufficient width. Carried

6th May, 1879
The Clerk was instructed to call the attention of the superintendent of police to a fish stall held in the Main Street on Saturday evenings and which projected into the street.

27th May, 1879
That the letting of the Board's office for once by the chairman to the school board confirmed.

4th June, 1879
That a paved crossing be made at the railway station and a causeway from the bridge to the corn mill, also a paved crossing in stubbing Lane Mr Readman promising to pay half the cost.

That the necessary notice under the 53rd section of the Public Health Act be given of the board's intention to construct additional water works of a capacity of 650. 000 gallons - carried.

That the Clerk write to the Midland Railway Authorities requesting them to abate the nuisance caused by the station closts emptying into the beck.

5th August, 1879
The Clerk read a letter dated 22nd July from the clerk to the Keighley Local Board suggesting that arrangements might be made by the Haworth Local Board for obtaining an additional supply of water at a reasonable cost from the Keighley Local Board. It was proposed by W M Merrall seconded by Mr Lambert that the board do not entertain the suggestion at present.

7th September, 1879
That the following lamps be fixed.
1 at Honey Pot Field corner
1 at Mill Hill
1 at Victoria Hall
1 at Hall off Stubbing Lane
1 at Newhill Hill
1 at Back of Well Lane
6 on Lees and Hebden Bridge Road between Hawkcliffe and Lees
1 at Mytholmes

Plans of Haworth Church now produced be approved.

The Inspector of nuisances reported that 56 houses in the Board's district were devoid of any Privy accommodation.

7th October, 1879
That a lamp be fixed in Gaugers Croft at the corner of Mr A Wagstaff's house.

4th November 1879
An application by the lamplighters for an advance of wages on account of additional lamps erected since their engagement having been made. That their joint wages be advanced to 2/- per week.

That the following lamps be fixed. One at back of Mill Hey-and one opposite the opening near John Hirds property. And that one be removed to the opening near the Primitive Methodist Chapel.

That at lamp be fixed at the top of Changegate.
that a lamp be fixed at the back of West Lane houses.
That five lamps be fixed in Coldsshaw.

That the tender of Messrs Thomas Bottomley and Sons for the construction of additional water works at the price of £560 be accepted and that the board's solicitors prepare a contract for their signature and bond for execution by them and to bondsmen to be approved by them, such bond to be in the penal sum of £370 and condition for the due performance of the contract.

2nd March, 1880
At tender by John Crabtree to supply the Board with the following coals during the current year be accepted viz 500 tons of Monk Bretton best gas coal and 500 tons of Monk Bretton best gas nuts and 600 tons of Pope and Parsons gas coal.

6th July, 1880
The surveyor reported the danger to passengers on Naylor Hill Road caused by a quarry recently worked by Mr Whitaker and belonging to Mr Ferrand extending to the edge of the road and not having any protective fence. that the Clerk call the attention of Mr Ferrand's agent to the matter and and request him to take immediate steps for having the quarry securely fenced.

That Mr Enoch Brown in making alterations to his property in Kirkgate had encroached upon the Highway by placing edgestones thereon and building under such edgestones and they recommended to take action to reclaim the ground so encroached upon.

20th August 1880
The water Superintendent having reported that the easterly wall of the reservoir recently constructed had given way and that immediate steps should be taken either for its re-erection or support. It was proposed by Mr Lambert seconded by Mr Merrall that a strip of land adjoining the wall be purchased at a price not exceeding 3/- per yard for the erection thereon of buttresses to support the wall.

7th September 1880
That a plan (now produced) of a Brewery proposed to be erected on the Brow Estate by Mr Wm Brown be rejected on the ground that sections of the adjoining streets have not been submitted to and approved by the Local Board.

That a plan (now produced) of a house and shop proposed to be erected on the Brow Estate by the Haworth Co-operative Society be rejected on the ground of a proposed trap - door in the street.

That a plan (now produced) of alterations proposed to be made to the old Mechanics Institution by the Haworth Liberal Club be approved.

That the gas pipes between the Black Bull Hotel and the White Lion Hotel be substituted for 5 inch pipes to be laid at a proper depth.

That the question of purchasing a vehicle for the removal of liquid refuse be referred to the Nuisances Committee with power to act in their own discretion.

That lamplighters being not engaged as before but as a trial the Gas Manager make arrangements for the work being done by men working in the gas house.

28th September, 1880
The manager reported that Messrs Geo Hattersley and Sons had made application for a supply of gas to their Mill premises. A long conversation ensued as the the Board's financial position particularly with regard to the cost of producing gas, and the liquidation funds referred to in the provisional order 1880 and a letter from the Local Government Board.

5th October 1880
Plans by the Haworth Co-operative Society produced at the last monthly meeting be passed.

That the plan of a brewery produced at the last meeting and rejected on the ground of sections of streets (now produced and approved) not having been submitted to the board be passed conditionally on the proposed chimney been 25 yards in height.

The Clerk also read a memorial from residents on the Brow Estate requesting the board to light the streets on that estate. That lamps be erected as requested the number and situations being determined by the Highway Committee.

Mr Haggas, a member of the Bingley Township Local Board having suggested that he should meet the Gas Committee of this Board relative to supplying with gas the public lamps about to be fixed in Lees district.

2nd November, 1880
Mr Barber Hopkinson the Board's Engineer, attended the meeting to give explanations as to the giving way of the southern wall of the new reservoir. He advised the board to defer taking steps for replacing or strengthening the wall until the spring of next year and in the meantime to keep the water in the reservoir as low as practicable.

An application for a supply of gas to public lamps in the district of the Oxenhope Local Board having been made by that authority. It was proposed by Mr Ackroyd seconded by Mr Pawson. That for the purpose of such supply this Board lay at their own cost in every case where a lamp is upwards of 10 yards from a main 10 yards in length of the pipe required to supply such lamp.

16th November, 1880
That lamps be fixed from Sladen Bridge to West Lane, the number being determined by the Highway Committee.

7th December, 1880
The Highway Committee having recommended that 11 street lamps between Pinfold and Sladen Bridge and one at the back of property at Townend belonging to Robert Murgatroyd's representatives be srected at once.

Oxenhope Local Board requiring gas to be supplied to the following lamps namely - one in Cross Lane opposite Parkers, 4 between Lower Town Chapel and Reservoir Bank, 2 at Back Leeming and one in Jew Lane.

That Oxenhope and Oakworth Local Boards be required to supply the street lamps in their districts which are supplied with gas by the Haworth Local Board with Peebles Governing Burners of a uniform size.

The Nuisance Inspector reported the existence of a nuisance on property in Low Street belonging to the Haworth Co-operative Society and John Toothill respectively caused by the chimneys of such property sending forth black smoke in such quantity as to be a nuisance.

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