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Haworth History - Haworth Local Board of Health 1881 - 1894

Haworth Local Board of Health
1851 - 1860
1861 - 1870
1871 - 1880

Haworth Local Board of Health 1881 - 1894


4th January, 1881
The Highway Committee having recommended that the surveyor offer a reward of 5/- for information leading to the conviction of persons breaking street lamps.

That the Clerk call the attention of Mr William Brown to the uneven and dangerous state of Clarence Street and request him to level and make good the road or fence off the dangerous portion thereof.

1st March, 1881
The Clerk read a letter dated 16th February from the Oakworth Local Board stating that according to the present plans for Keighley Midland Station about to be constructed, the passengers to and from the Worth Valley Line will be put to great inconvenience in having to ascend and descend steps in passing to and from the Main Line and requesting the Board to join in petitioning the company to provide a subway.
Proposed by Mr Ackroyd
Seconded by Mr Bland
That a petition be presented by this Board as requested.

That the Liberal Club and Mr John Holmes be requested to swing the doors of their respective properties in Main Street inside instead of on to the street as at present.

5th April, 1881
That the building line to be observed in the future erection of property on station Road (on the Bridgehouse Estate) be and is hereby defined as seven feet from the fence.

5th July, 1881
That the tender now produced of the Craven Lime Company for a 12 months supply of lime be accepted.

2nd August, 1881
That a plan now produced, of a house to be erected at Fall Wood Brewery by Samuel Ogden be approved subject to the drain being a six inch pot drain.

19th August, 1881
That the Board lay at the cost of the Midland Railway Company, a two inch gas main from the main in Mill Lane Oxenhope to Oxenhope Railway Station.

6th September, 1881
That a portion of the road between the Royal Oak Inn and the Railway Station be paved. That a gas bracket behind the Royal Oak Inn be fixed.

6th December, 1881
That a notice be served upon John Holmes Butcher prohibiting him from turning solid slaughter house refuse into the main drain and that failing compliance with such notice his slaughter house licence be discontinued.

That petroleum licences be granted to John Moore, Thomas Barraclough and Luther Stansfield.


7th March, 1882
The Clerk was instructed to call the attention of Messrs Knowles to a nuisance on their Sun Inn property caused by manure liquid and a corner of the property being used as a urinal.

The Clerk was instructed to prepare and the Chairman to seal a petition to the Great Northern Railway Company in favour of a railway near this district into North East Lancashire. Also a petition to the Local Government in favour of an alteration of the law with regard to the condition of roads proposed to be adopted as public highways.

2nd May, 1882
The Clerk explained the principal features of the Electric Lighting Bill introduced into the House of Commons but no motion on the matter was made.

The Clerk read a letter of 28 April from the Local Government Board inquiring what steps this Board proposed taking with a view to the provision of a cemetery. That the Nuisance Committee inquire into the present provision for burials in the district and report thereon to the Board at their next meeting.

The Buildings and Nuisances Committee recommended that a place for the erection by John Stoney of a slaughter house and stable in West Lane be approved.

4th July, 1882
The Nuisance Inspector reported that Joseph Wood the Board's scavenger was neglecting his duties in not emptying privies and ash places when they needed it.

1st August, 1882
That the Schoolmasters of the district be requested not to allow children from houses where measles is prevalent to attend school and that the board respect the high rate of mortality amongst Infants as shown by the Medical Officers' report for the past quarter.

3rd October, 1882
The Highways Committee recommended that the steps leading from Low Street to Butt Lane be abandoned as being a source of danger to the public; that (as a reply to three petitions from ratepayers at Balcony Sowdens Hole New Road and Brow Estate requesting additional street lamps) no additional lamps be fixed in consequence of the heavy expenditure in Low Street and Kirkgate, that the surveyor remove all steps placed on the street or pavement in Krkgate.

7th November, 1882
The Buildings and Nuisances Committee recommended that the tender by Edward Leach for executing the scavenging of the Board's district for three years at £65 a year be accepted.

5th December, 1882
That the surveyor purchase one of Bray's Patent Street Lamps and fix the same at the top of Kirkgate as soon as possible and that the lamps it displaces be fixed in other parts of the district.


2nd January, 1883
That notice be served upon the occupiers of the Black Bull Inn for the abatement of a nuisance caused by their allowing the overflow from a liquid manure tank on their property to overflow and run into a drain at the back of property belonging to John Holmes and others.

That the following plan be approved, plan of Wesleyan chapel at Bridgehouse.

6th February, 1883
That the attention of the Midland Railway Company be called to the bad state of repair of the flagged footpath leading to the level crossing. Also that it be referred to the Chairman and Clerk to ascertain if Station Road as now being fenced off is of the required width.

6th March, 1883
The Buildings and Nuisances Committee recommended that the Nuisance Inspector having reported 20 cases of diarrhoea he disinfect all drains and privies where the disease has prevailed, that he forward samples of water from the different suppliers in the district to the medical officer for analysis.

5th June 1883
Dr Ingram and Mr G E Sugden attended before the Board to present a petition signed by about 50 ratepayers complaining of the condition of Mytholmes Lane and soliciting the board to take action for the road being repaired and improved.

3rd July, 1883
The Clerk read a form of petition in favour of women's suffrage which had been forwarded to him for adoption by the board. No motion on the matter was made.

The Clerk read a letter from Mr James Ackroyd complaining of a nuisance at the back of his premises caused by the scavenger leaving the contents of a privy on or near the road for 94 hours. The Nuisance Inspector reported that it was an oversight of the scavenger and that directly the matter was reported to him (the Inspector) he caused the refuse to be removed at the scavengers cost.

3rd September, 1883
That the Postmaster General be petitioned to provide two additional pillar boxes one at Haworth Station and one at Ivy Bank Road Top.

2nd October, 1883
It was resolved unanimously that plans (now produced) of three privies and ashpit in North Street for Messrs Sugden Pickles and Hudson be approved. That notices be served on Amos Fletcher James Dixon JW Walmsley and Jane Roper to abate nuisances on their respective premises arising from the keeping of pigs and that a notice be served on Simon Drake of Aire Street to abate the nuisance on his premises arising from the keeping of poultry in his cellar.

6th November, 1883
That the portion of street opposite the Black Bull Hotel yard be repaired and that the north west wall of the bridge near the Royal Oak Inn be raised about 18 inches.

That a charge of £11.1.0 be made against Mrs Betty Binns for the services of the Fire Brigade and Engine in extinguishing the fire which recently took place on her premises, and that a gas stove be provided for the Fire Brigade House.

That plans for the erection of 22 houses and two shops on the Brow Estate by William Brown be now approved.

4th December, 1883
The board were requested through the Chairman to consider the question of a joint railway station in Bradford, as affecting the district's north and south of Bradford upon which Mr H Bland and Mr J Clayton respectively moved and seconded the following resolution. That this Board thoroughly approve of the action of the Bradford Central Railway Company in endeavouring to provide through communication between the Midland Railway and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Great Northern and other railways. That in the opinion of this Board a through system of railway communication is urgently required and would be a great boon to the districts north and south of Bradford. That this Board sincerely hopes that the company will be able to carry their scheme (in which they have the cordial support of the Haworth Local Board of Health) to a successful issue; and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Mayor of Bradford.

To confer with the Oxenhope Local Board as to the desirability of providing a joint burial ground for the whole of the township of Haworth.

The Clerk produced and read a letter from the General Post Office stating that the Post Master General had consented to the establishment of a Wall Letter Boxes at Ivy Bank Top and Haworth Railway Station from which collections would be made at 6:15pm and 6:30pm respectively on weekdays.


5th February, 1884
That Mr James Ogden be allowed to fix a Telegraph wire from his dwelling-house in Hall Green to his office in Low Street on his entering into an agreement at his expense such agreement to contain the usual conditions in such cases and to be approved by the Board.

4th March 1884
The Clerk reported that Mr James Ogden had referred to the fact that Messrs Merrall and Son paid nothing for the Telegraph wire used by them nor had it entered into any agreement for other discontinuation thereof when required by the Board to do so, and he failed to see the justice of the Board's resolution passed at the last meeting respecting his application for a Telegraph wire. Whereupon it was moved by Mr Geo Merrall and seconded by Mr J Redmond that Messrs Merrall and Son do enter into an agreement to pay one shilling per year as an acknowledgement and undertake to remove the same upon receiving a three-month notice in writing from the board to do so.

It was resolved that notices be posted preventing persons from taking sand from the public roads in the Board's district without the sanction of the surveyor and that tenders be invited for sand accumulating upon the said roads.

6th May 1884
It was resolved that the letter from the Midland Railway respecting the contract of a Dock or loading place at station be referred to the highways committee.

It was resolved that the Clerk write a letter to the Local Government Board, send a memorial to the Home Secretary, petition the House of Commons and request the two members of Parliament for this division of the county to give their vote and influence against the Waterworks Rating Bill 1884.

It was resolved that the lamps be left on the pillars in the streets during the months they are not lighted, instead of being taken off as before.

That the tender of Mr John Binns for leading stone from Brow Top quarry, down Brow to Public Well and Stump Cross at 4 per load be accepted. That the tender of Mr Joseph Wood for leading limestone from Station between Lees Mill, Hall Green Chapel and Marsh Bottom at 111/2 per ton be accepted. That the tender of Mr John Binns for leading stone from Dimples quarry to Henfield Side Road at 10 per load be accepted.

1st July, 1884
The Waterworks superintendent reported that he had received Dr Atkinson's report on the samples of water from Hough reservoir sent to be analysed, which report was considered satisfactory by the Board.

It was resolved that the water be turned off every weekday from 6.30 in the evening until 12 o'clock next day, and from 1.30 in the afternoon until 5 o'clock in the evening, with the exception of Mondays when the water shall be turned on from 8 to 9 o'clock in the morning extra. That on Sundays the water be turned on from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the afternoon only.

That the Bellman be instructed to cry through the district cautioning consumers against wasting the water, and that the Waterworks Superintendent makes inquiries respecting putting fish into the Hough reservoir.

7th October, 1884
It was resolved that the overflow drain from Balcony reservoir passing through Old Hall Farm be repaired where it has been blown up.

The Clerk read a requisition received from the inhabitants of Greenfield asking the Board to place a lamp at the style, situated at the bottom of the Lane leading to Green Field Farm. On the motion of Mr Bland seconded by Mr Redman the matter was referred to the Gasworks Committee.

The Gas manager reported that he had received an application from inhabitants of Clarendon Road asking for a lamp to be placed there, it was resolved that the matter be referred to the Gasworks Committee.

4th November 1884
On the recommendation of the Waterworks Committee it was resolved that the best way of coming at water would be to dive a mine in F Bancroft's field above Hole Farm up Lanty Lane side and to start at the point marked on the wall above the gate.


3rd March 1885
The Clerk read a letter received from Mr George Bower respecting the 21st section of the Bradford Waterworks and Improvement Bill which if made law would give the Bradford Corporation power over Cow Sheds, Dairies, Milk Shops etc outside their own Borough. On the motion of Mr W Kershaw seconded by Mr Percy Redman it was resolved that this Board joined with the other Boards in the district in opposing the Corporation with respect to the said section

7th April 1885
It was resolved that the coping at Hough reservoir be repaired where necessary and that the two-inch valve be fixed at the Churchill reservoir for the purpose of attaching thereto a pipe for use when the reservoir is been cleaned out.

5th May, 1885
That the attention of the Midland Railway company be drawn to the dangerous state of the crossing at Haworth station.

2nd June, 1885
Haworth Urban Sanitary District
Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1884
Area, 1830 acres; rateable value (1884), £8,258
Inhabited Houses (1871), 656; (1881), 877; (1884), 930.
Population enumerated (1871), 2884; (1881), 3816; Estimated (1884), 4180.

Inspection and sanitary progress.- During the past year, this District has been regularly inspected by myself and the Inspector of Nuisances. I had hoped to have been able to complete a house to house survey of the district, but this work was unavoidably interrupted. I trust, however, to have the opportunity of finishing it within the present year.

Water supply.- During the prolonged drought of last summer, Haworth suffered greatly for want of water, and for a period of three months the water was only turned on to the town twice a day at stated hours. Not only was the supply thus rendered intermittent, but complaints were made of the quality of the water, probably due to this cause. I made an analysis of it, but failed to detect anything tangible. The Board have since had borings made in several places with a view to providing an additional supply.

By-laws.- It would appear that in the case of Haworth the present By-laws, which form part of a local Act would have to be repealed before the model code could be adopted. This is unfortunate, since the present series are as they stand practically useless; nevertheless, as under the existing By-laws the Board is empowered to act pretty much at its own discretion, this action can be, so far as practicable, in accordance with the requirements of the model By-laws, and thus these By-laws would be carried into effect, though not actually adopted.

Cemetery.- No steps have been taken during the year towards the provision of further burial accommodation, and this question is becoming more urgent each year, the churchyard been more than over full.

Scavenging.- The Board contract for the removal of the contents of the ashpits and privy middens, and this, upon the whole, is satisfactorily carried out.

Population- The population of this district at the census of 1871 was 2,884, and that of 1881 was 3,816, living in 877 houses. I have estimated it up to the middle of 1884 to be 4,180, living in 930 houses.

Births.- The total births registered in this district during the year where 106 in number, 55 males and 51 females. This is an increase of 10 upon last year, and is equivalent to an annual birthrate of 25.3 per 1000. The natural increase to the population is 18.

Deaths.- There where 88 deaths registered during the year, of which 45 were males of 43 females. This is an increase of 3 upon last year, and is equivalent to an annual death rate of 21.0 per 1000 living, and is for the third year in succession the highest general death-rate in the Combined District.

That the water it turned off from half-past six in the evening until seven o'clock in the morning.

17th July, 1885
It was resolved that if Mr Wm Brown proceed further with the rebuilding of the Sun Inn in the face of the foregoing resolution the resolution of the Board at the last general meeting with regard to the injunction to restrain him from continuing to rebuild be proceeded with and if he do not continue to rebuilt but only occupy the said premises he be proceeded against under the 34th section of the Haworth Local Board of Health Act 1872 in occupying the said premises before having obtained the necessary certificate from the Local Board.

21st July, 1885
That Mr Wm Brown's plans for the alterations of the Sun Inn be approved subject to the land coloured pink in the block plan deposited by Mr Brown being as stated on the said plan dedicated to the highway as an amendment. Mr James Ackroyd moved and Mr Walter Lambert seconded that such plans be rejected on the ground that the street in front of the buildings is a new street within the meaning of the Board's Building regulations and of insufficient width and therefore an improper street way. For the original motion there voted Mess Geo Merrall, J R Redman, Hoplini Bland, jno Lee, C E Sugden and Wm Binns. Against J Ackroyd and Walter Lambert. Neutral Jas Ogden. The original motion was therefore carried.

4th August, 1885
It was resolved that the surveyor be empowered to let the dyking required in New Road, Studding Lane and Hollings Road (from Sladen Bridge to Moor End).

2nd September, 1885
It was resolved that the water be turned off at 7 o'clock in evening until 11 in the morning and from 2 o'clock in the afternoon until five, if the water continues to go down in the reservoirs.

That the plan of proposed Coach House for Dr Ingham be approved.

That the Midland Railway Company be requested to construct a bridge over the level-crossing at Haworth Station.

It was resolved that the question of numbering the buildings in the district be referred back to the committee with power to act as they may think best.

6th October 1885
It was resolved that notices be posted giving defaulters in gas rents 21 days in which to discharge their accounts before taking proceedings.

It was resolved that the Clerk make application to the magistrates for an order to commit Daniel Wiley and Martha Whitaker to prison for non-payment of rates they having no goods upon which to ?stain

3rd November, 1885
That the surveyor order the requisite quantity of numbers for numbering the houses in the district from the Patent Enamel Co. The pattern to be the one marked 19A on their list, having a blue ground and white figure. That the surveyor order the requisite quantity of street nameplates for naming the streets in the district from the Patent Enamel Co. The plates to have a white letter on a blue ground.

The same committee reported that they had been round the Board's district and fixed the names of the streets and the numbers of the houses and they recommend that they be in accordance with the list produced by them.

That the gateway at Dimples used for tipping be walled up, the scavengers to go off the end of the wall for the purpose of tipping.

That General Rawdon be noticed to abate nuisance on premises belonging to him at Town End and occupied by Mrs Betty Binns, the nuisance been caused by liquid from manure heap running on to the street.

That the Nuisance Inspector be instructed to prepare a model of privy on the Excreta and Ash Tub system to take the place of the model at present in use.

That notices be posted in Mytholmes district warning persons against breaking lamp glasses.

1st December, 1885
That Mr W Foster of Bingley, Contractors for the new Engine House to be built at Bridge House Mills be supplied with water for building purposes at a charge of £1.1. 0

The Clerk reported that he had received from the Local Government Board a notice stating that Stephen Harding Terry Esquire had been appointed to hold an inquiry on the 9th as to the application of the Oxenhope Local Board for sanction to borrow £3000 for providing a cemetery for their district. It was resolved that a deputation to attend before the Inspector on behalf of this Board to oppose the granting of such powers on the ground that a seperate Burial Board embracing the district of the Oxenhope Local Board, Haworth Local Board of Health and Stanbury would be much more beneficial for the inhabitants generally and less costly.


5th January 1886
That the list of street names as already passed be altered in the following manner; in place of South Street, Sun Street; in place of Lillycroft, Belle Isle; in place of Ivy Street, Ivy Bank Lane, and that the persons at whose request these alterations have been made defray any necessary cost the Board may be put to on account of such alterations.

That the resolution instructing the Nuisance Inspector to prepare a model of a privy on the Excreta and Ash Tub System for the Board's use be rescinded.

It was resolved that placards be posted prohibiting ashpits being used as receptacles for broken pots, old paper and other rubbish.

2nd March, 1886
That the Church Hill Reservoir be cleaned out next month.

The Clerk read a letter received by him from the Midland Railway Company respecting footbridge at Haworth Station. It was resolved that the Clerk write the company acknowledging the receipt of the letter and say that in the event of any accident happening the Board having brought the matter before their attention consider they will be freed from all blame.

The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board enclosing a copy of letter and memorial received by them from the Reverend J Wade of Haworth respecting the formation of the cemetery for the township of Haworth, it was resolved that the mattered be referred to the Cemetery Committee.

6th April, 1886
It was resolved that the Clerk write the Salvation Army stating that a nuisance is complained of, caused by the stopping of large numbers of people on the highway by them and that the Board have no wish to act harshly or rigorously in the matter, but they cannot allow their highways to be obstructed in such manner.

Haworth Urban Sanitary District
Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the Year 1885
Area, 1,830 acres; Rateable Value (1885), £8,326; Inhabited houses (1871). 656; (1881), 877; (1885), 940; Population enumerated (1871), 2,884; (1881), 3,816; estimated (1885), 4,300.

Inspection of District.- This district has been regularly inspected during the past year by myself and the Inspector of Nuisances. I have, however, not proceeded with the house-to-house survey since the Board decided to name the streets and number the houses throughout the district, as when this is completed it will greatly facilitate the inquiry, and also add to its value.

Cemetery Condition and Progress.- Water Supply.- The town of Haworth possesses a public supply. Original works were constructed in the year 1851, and the water supplied by gravitation from a reservoir having a capacity of 185,760 gallons, at an elevation of 900 feet. A new additional reservoir of capacity of 750,000 gallons was completed in the year 1880. In spite of this, however, the supply has during the last two dry summers been frequently short, and for a period of two months was only turned on to the town at stated hours. The Board of taking steps to increase the supply as well as the storage capacity. Many houses in the outer districts of the town are still dependent upon shallow wells for their supply, and these must at times be liable to pollution. 14 houses have during the past year been connected with the public supply. Complaints were made during the month of June of the quality of the public supply when it was said to have a fishy smell and taste. This was similar to the experience at Skipton this year. The results of analysis only pointed to a slight excess of vegetable matter, and there was no illness or other injurious effect caused by the use of it.

Sewerage and Drainage.- There is no complete sanitary system of sewerage in Haworth. The original drains both main sewers and branch drainage were constructed of rubble. These have been replaced in different parts of the town and at different times by a proper sanitary pipe mains, and in all new houses during the past 14 years the branch drains have been laid in pipes. The drains from some houses in Main Street, Change Gate, and Brow, do not empty into the mains, but discharge on to gardens and land at the back of the premises. The sewage is irrigated on to land at the out fall from Main Street which brings the sewage from the upper part of the town but the outfalls from Coldshaw and Stubbing Lane, Bridgehouse Lane, part of Main Street and Hall, Station Road and part of Brow, and Mill Hey; all discharge direct into the river.

Ages at Death.- It will be seen from the above table that the rates are all considerably lower this year. The infant mortality, or proportion of deaths of children under one year to births, is 11.9 per cent. That for England and Wales this year it is 13.8. There is also a satisfactory decrease in the deaths of children under five years (26.8 per cent.), which is lower than it has been since 1878. Of the total deaths, 20 were those of persons aged 60 years and upwards, or a percentage of 29.8.

Mean Age at Death.- The mean age at death for 1885 was 35.7 (37.1 for males and 34.0 for females). This is lower than last year, when it was 36.0, and not so low as in 1883, when it was 34.7.

Measles.- Six cases of measles were reported in West Lane and North Street in June last. Precautions were taken, and the disease did not spread.

Whooping Cough was prevalent in Haworth in September, and caused one death in a child, aged four months, at Mill Hey. A case of diptheritic throat occurred in a man aged 38, at Coldshaw, in April. A stopped drain was found upon the premises, which caused the sewage to back on to the cellar floor.

Fever.- One death was returned from Typhoid Fever in August, from Clarendon Road, Brow, in a woman aged 52. The disease appeared to have been imported from Ingrow. There were no other cases of fever reported in this district during the year.

Slaughter houses, Common Lodging-Houses, &c. - There are 3 registered slaughter houses, and one common Lodging-House in the district. These have been inspected with regularity by Mr Readman, and are fairly well-kept.

No cases of overcrowding have been reported, nor have any instances of the exposure of unsound food for sale come under my notice.

There are no noxious trades in the district, and no legal proceedings have been necessary this year.

The matters which require the attention of this Board are:-
1.- Steps should be taken to augment the present water supply in order to avoid a repetition of the scarcity experienced during last summer.
2. - The adoption under the present bye-laws of the requirements, as far as practicable, of the model by-laws, with respect to "New streets and Buildings."
3.- The provision under the Public-Health (Internment) Act, 1879, of a Cemetery for the district.
4. - The further improvement of the Privy-accommodation.

3rd August, 1886
That Mr Ellis Ratcliffe been noticed to refix the number plates of his house which he has taken down and that notices be posted in the Board's district warning persons against damaging or disturbing the street name and house number plates. That the street nameplates be repaired where necessary and that the numbering of the houses be completed.

7th September, 1886
It was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write to the trustees of the Hall Green Chapel stating that the Board have considered their request with respect to the permanent removal of the street name plate from the chapel to some other place and inform them that the Board cannot consent to such removal, and further that the trustees be required within seven days to cause the street name plate to be reaffixed, failing which proceedings will be taken against the person who removed it.

8th October 1886
It was resolved that the tender of the Mirfield Coal Company for the supply of three thousand tons of coal be accepted, Mirfield Black Bed Screened Gas Coal at 10/- per ton.

2nd November, 1886
It was resolved that the plan of proposed urinal to be erected at the top of Changegate submitted by the Nuisance Inspector be approved, the Board to enter into an agreement of tenancy and pay to General Rawdon a yearly acknowledgement of one shilling for the ground upon which the urinal is to be erected.

7th December, 1886
It was resolved that the surveyor be instructed to make periodical inspections of the street nameplates and house numbers and wherever he shall find one or the other removed or defaced that he reports the same to the Board and further that where such nameplate or numbers have been removed or defaced maliciously that the Clerk be instructed to take proceedings against the party or parties so removing or defacing them.

Plan of new school at Mill Hey for the Primitive Methodist Chapel Trustees approved.


1st March, 1887
A deputation waited upon the Board with at memorial to the Great Northern Railway company praying for the extension of that company's line into Lancashire and requesting the Board's approval which was given and the memorial sealed and signed.

The Medical Officers' report of the health of the Board's district for quarter ended 31st December, 1886 was read and considered very satisfactory, it showed that the deaths for the quarter had been 16, equivalent to an annual mortality of 14.9 per 1000 living, and the births 22 equivalent to an annual birth rate of 20.5 per 1000 of the population.

4th May, 1887
It was resolved that Mess Ackroyd, Bland and Ogden be the representatives of this Board to confer with the representatives of the Oxenhope and Oakworth Local Boards in the matter of appointment of Inspector under the Dairies, Cowsheds and Milk Shops Order 1885.

On the recommendation of the Cemetery committee and on the motion of Mr Ogden, seconded by Mr Kay it was resolved that the Clerk make inquiries as to the suitability of four fields on the South East side of Marsh Lane part of Marsh End Farm for a cemetery and if satisfactory trial holes be made. That three trial holes be made on the moor on the higher side of the road and falling to Sladen Bridge for the purpose of ascertaining if that ground be suitable for a cemetery. That the Clerk write to the owners of the above properties and also the owners of Town Field asking what price they each will accept for the land for a Cemetery in case one of the sites is found to be satisfactory.

7th June 1887
That small bills be printed and posted in the water supply district cautioning persons against using the Board's water for swilling causeways and windows, and against allowing water taps to remain turned on, so as to permit water running to waste, and that the Bellman be sent round the district informing persons to the like effect.

That the Clerk be instructed to ascertain what the rights of the freeholders and Lord of the Manor on Haworth moor. That Mr J B Bailey be instructed to stake out ground on the moor for a Cemetery on the basis of the probable requirements of the district for the next hundred years and draw up a rough plan of the same.

15th June, 1887
The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Mr Middleton, Mr Ferrand's steward respecting the ground which the Board propose to take on Haworth moor for Cemetery purposes, resolved that the Clerk be instructed to have an interview with him on the question.

5th July, 1887
It was resolved that proceedings be taken against Richard Sunderland of Oxenhope under the Towns Police Clauses Act 1847 incorporated with the Public Health Act 1875 for placing a heap of stones upon the Highway between Stump Cross and Haworth.

It was resolved that the plan prepaired by Mr J B Bailey and produced to the Board of a portion of land on the Haworth Moor suitable for Cemetery purposes containing five acres or thereabouts be adopted and the Clerk be instructed to forward same to Mr Ferrand with a view to his selling to the Board the land for the said purpose.

2nd August, 1887
It was resolved that the Board operate with the Justices of the West Riding for the carrying out of the By-laws of the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act 1878 and that arrangements be made with the Midland Railway company for the Board to be allowed to use their machines for weighing any carts or wagons as may be required.

To form a sub-Committee and be empowered to make arrangements for the purchase either by compulsory powers or private negotiations of land on Haworth Moor for the purpose of a Cemetery in accordance with the plan already prepared and approved by the Board.

1st November, 1887
It was resolved that powers be given to Waterworks Committee to employ the services of such men (professional or otherwise), as they may think fit, and to sink trial holes and execute such other works, so as to be able to recommend to the Board some definite proposal, with an estimate of cost of procuring a further supply of water.

6th December 1887
It was resolved that J B Greenwood Esquire be written to, or waited upon, asking him if he will allow the Board to search for water in a field owned by him off Marsh Lane called West Ing, the Board in the event of being unsuccessful in the search to pay for all damages and make all good again, and should they succeed in finding water, at what price he is prepared to sell the field to the Board.

The Clerk read copy of a letter sent to the Midland Railway company respecting bridge over the level crossing which was approved.

It was resolved that Mess W & J B Bailey's estimates of cost of propose Cemetery as follows be adopted, viz. "Our estimates of the cost of the propose Cemetery is £3,750 this amount includes two chapels, registrars house and Board room, boundary walls, (the front with railings) gates, forming and making the roads and drains, a small amount for planting, Architects Commission, legal expenses, the cost of widening and stoning the road from the highway to the end of the cemetery, and the land, the latter we have put down at £50. If only one chapel is required the cost will be about £3,100."


7th February, 1888
It was resolved that Mr Julius Spencer be instructed to take samples of water in field known as Westing Field, off the Marsh (containing two acres and 17 perches) and belonging to Mr J B Greenwood, and submits the samples to the Medical Officer of Health for analysis.

14th February, 1888
To prepare plans and specifications and advertise for tenders for an enlargement of the Church Hills reservoir to the extent of the present ground belonging to the Board, with a concrete Bottom and side walls, the side walls to be faced with a stone wall built in cement.

6th March, 1888
That advertisements be inserted in the Keighley News and Keighley Herald inviting tenders for the Board's Scavenging required to be done from the 25th March, 1888 to 25th March, 1891.

That the two public wells in Well Street and Main Street respectively be cleaned out and that placards be posted in the vicinity warning people against throwing rubbish into them.

13th April 1888
The Clerk produced an agreement between the Board and the owners and occupiers of property at a Rough Nook, Hollings and Dyke with regard to the proposed cemetery site, containing a clause to the effect that whenever in the opinion of the Medical Officer of Health the water which supplies the said property is contaminated by reason of the said Cemetery, the board will lay water mains to the property free of cost to the said owners and occupiers.

50th June, 1888
That a deputation be appointed to wait upon all the persons who are interested in the water flowing through the field belonging to Mr J B Greenwood at Marsh and ascertain their rights, and that the Clerk be constructed to inquire of the trustees of Bowcocks Charity for Keighley if they will grant permission for right of way (through land belonging to them at Marsh Lane) to the said field for construction of reservoir and repairs.

3rd July, 1888
It was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write Messrs J R Redman and Sons asking if they are disposed to sell the field on the high side of Hebden road at the North East corner of farm buildings for the purpose of water supply, and also if they will grant a right to collect such water in the immediate vicinity for conveyance into the said field, and if so, to ask if they will state price and upon what conditions they are prepared to sell.

That the plan of Conservative Club proposed to be erected at Mill Hey be approved.

It was resolved that the draft agreement between the Guardian's of the Poor of the Keighley Union and this Board respecting the admission of persons suffering from infections disease into the Workhouse Infirmary be approved.

21st August, 1888
It was resolved that the Clerk write the Keighley Corporation asking upon what terms they would supply the Board with water.

It was resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write Messrs W Byles and Sons of Bradford the publishers of the Keighley News stating that the Board are surprised to find that in the report of the Ordinary Meeting of the Board held on the 7th inst and contained in the Keighley News of the 11th inst the question of water supply is referred to in three separate places not withstanding that the Chairman requested their representative not to report the discussions and resolutions, as the matter was in its infancy and involved negotiations respecting the purchase of lands; and that the Clerk ask what explanation their representative has to offer.

4th September, 1888
The Water and Fire Brigade Committee recommended that the Board's Fire Brigade Station be close, and that the firemen be dismissed and their wages paid up to the end of August. Mr J H S Redman seconded that the closing of the station be allowed to stand over for the present. Upon a vote been taken the chairman declared the amendment to be carried.

It was resolved that the tender of Mr David Speight for 900 yards of setting in Station Road at 4/7 per yard be accepted. The contractor to be allowed to get the setts at Dimples Quarry without any charge for the same and that the joints be completed and run with boiling asphalte. That notices be posted in the Board's district warning persons against taking sand from off the highway.

2nd October, 1888
It was resolved that Mr P Nicholson be appointed lamplighter for the Brow district for the coming season at 11/- per week, and that Mr W Parker be appointed Lamplighter for the West Lane district for the coming season at 11/- per week.

6th November, 1888
That Messrs B Whitaker and J Redman along with the Clerk be appointed a deputation to wait upon the Water Committee of the Keighley Corporation respecting a supply of water by meter.

20th December 1888
It was resolved that the petition of the Board to the Local Government Board of their desire to put in force the powers of the Land Clauses Consolidation Acts with reference to the purchase of Lands otherwise than by agreement with respect to a plot or strip of land situated on Moor commencing at the junction of the moorland track or road (leading out of the Haworth and Stanbury highway across the said wastelands to Dale Moor Farm) with the said Highway and extending thence in a westerly direction to the north westerly corner of the land secondly hereinafter described which said strip of land now being firstly described is 478 yards long 12 yards wide (except at the junction aforesaid) contains in the whole 5405 square yards includes so much of the said moorland track or road as is coextensive therewith, and secondly, a plot of land, also parcel of the said, common or wastelands which plot of land lies on the southerly side of the land firstly herein before described at the westerly end thereof and measures in length from East to west 450 ft or thereabouts and the width at the easterly end thereof 111 ft and at the westerly end thereof 154 ft and contains in the whole 6937 yards, and thirdly a plot of land situated as aforesaid, also parcel of the common or waste lands which plot of land lies on the southerly side of and is coextensive with the land in before here described and measured in length from East to west 450 ft and the width from north to south 300 ft and contains in the whole 1500 square yards, for the purpose of constructing a Cemetery thereon, be signed by the Chairman and sealed with the Board's Common Seal.


5th February 1889
Nine plates be purchased with the word "Fireman" marked upon them and that one be placed over the doorway of the dwelling-house of each fireman.

5th March, 1889
That the charges made by the Water and Fire Brigade Committee for the use of engine, wages, and damage to hose and suction pipes, in connection with assistance rendered during the late fire at Messrs Townend's mill be confirmed.

Mr B Whitaker gave notice that, at the next ordinary meeting of the Board, he would move the following resolution: that a supply of water for the Board's district be forthwith obtained from the Keighley Corporation.

7th May, 1889
It was resolved that the estate plan submitted by R L Hattersley Esquire of 7 proposed new streets at Mytholmes be approved.

That the Town's water be turned off every night at 9 o'clock and be turned on each morning at 7 o'clock, and that it be left in the discretion of the Water Superintendent to shut off the supply for a longer period should the diminution in the supply at the reservoirs make it appear advisable.

4th June, 1889
That permission be granted to the buildings and nuisance Inspector to order numbers for the following streets viz Regent, Pink, Rose, Cold, Lyndon, Jay, Prince, Victoria Road, Apsley, Lord, Earl, Fir, Minnie, Dean and Carlton.

That the amended plan of two proposed dwelling houses in Station Road to be built for Messrs Briggs and Lambert be approved

24th June, 1889
Resolved that the petition in favour of the "Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday Bill" be signed by the chairman on behalf of the Board and that copies of the petition addressed respectively to the House of Lords and to the House of Commons be sent up for presentation, the former through the right Honourable the Marquess of Salisbury and the latter through Isaac Holden Esquire MP.

2nd July, 1889
That a portion of Main Street (about 60 square yards) near the Fleece Inn be set at an estimated cost of £4 - 10 - 0

That 300 yards of flags be purchased from Messrs C Barrett and Sons at 1/9 per yard delivered at such times and places as the Board's surveyor may from time to time require.

It was resolved that, before proceeding further to obtain compulsory possession of the land required for a Cemetery, the successors of the late Mr Ferrand be approached with a view to the site being purchased by private treaty.

6th July, 1889
Mr George Sladden, the superintendent of the Haworth Local Board Fire Brigade be appointed the officer for the purpose of taking proceedings against Messrs Townend Bros for the recovery of £25 being the balance due to the Board for expenses incurred in respect of the fire at Hollings Mill.

6th August, 1889
That the plans submitted by R L Hattersley Esquire of 13 houses proposed to be built at Mytholmes be approved.

3rd September, 1889
That the lighting of the public lamps be commenced on or about 14th September instant.

5th November, 1889
That the lighting of the public lamps be commenced at dusk in the most populous parts of the Board's district working towards the extremities and they been extinguished at the extremities of the district at 10:30 and worked towards the centre.

That legal proceedings against Charles Overton of Dam Emis Road Ingrow for having on the 25th October, 1889 ? the highway at Lees Lane by allowing the nose of the slipper attached to his dray to dip too deeply.

That a letter be sent to the Midland Railway company calling their attention to the insufficiency of the present bridge as a means of crossing and also to the lack of traffic and station accommodation.

Appointed a sub-Committee for the purpose of selecting land which they consider suitable for a sewage farm.


7th January 1890
That the Gasworks Committee be requested to erect a sufficient number of two light lamps to thoroughly light from the top of Bridgehouse Lane to the Wesleyan Chapel at West Lane. On the motion being put the whole of the members present voted for the motion except the Reverend F Harper who voted against. The motion was therefore carried.

4th February, 1890
That John Appleyard of Mount St be given notice to abate a nuisance caused by excreta being deposited on the surface of Mount St.

That a memorial be prepared and a plan drawn to present to the County Council, requesting them to declare the Sladen Bridge Road a main road.

The Clerk presented petitions to the Houses of Parliament in favour of the North West Central Railway .

4th March, 1890
That notices to abate nuisances be served upon James Hey of Duke Street nuisance caused by ash pit being uncovered, Edward Sutcliffe of Gaugers Croft nuisance caused by dilapidated privy in West Lane, Willis Howker, caused by uncovered Privy tank in Violent street and Ward Peacock nuisance caused by his emptying excreta down grate in Main Street.

To erect gas lamps as follows viz: One lamp at Mytholmes, one lamp at boundary at Hawcliffe, one lamp at boundary of Board's district at Lees.

1st April, 1890
That the Board Scavenger be requested to cease tipping towards West Lane at the Board's tip in West Lane and that such tip be smoothed over and sloped down and sown with hay seed.

3rd June, 1890
The Clerk write W Pattersall requesting him to use his influence to supply Haworth with a Sunday postal delivery and dispatch.

That W C Stansfield be allowed to cross the Main Street with his Telegraph wires provided the poles be not erected in the Street and the wires cause and be not likely to cause any obstruction.

13th June, 1890
Mr Hinchcliffe attended the meeting and produced the contract between W Ferrand and the Board for the purchase of the manorial rights in the land sought to be acquired for the purpose of a cemetery. It was unanimously resolved that the contract be sealed with the Board's seal.

4th July, 1890
The members present, along with W R Broster surveyor inspected two fields known as Large Holme and Low Holme belonging to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire with a view to ascertaining their suitability as a site for a sewage farm for the treatment of the sewage in the Board's district

16th July, 1890
It was unanimously agreed that an offer made by the Commoners Committee to sell the commonable or other rights in the land required for Cemetery purposes for £5 be accepted by the Board.

5th August 1890
That the gas stoves in stock be sold at a reduction of 70% off the list price and that new Stoves be sold at a reduction of 50% off the list price and that small handbills be issued giving notice of such reduction.

2nd September, 1890
It was unanimously resolved that Ward Peacock and Benjamin Nicholson be appointed lamplighters at 13/-each per week.

7th October, 1890
A new Wesleyan school proposed to be built on Station Road be respectively approved.

That the draw well in the field at Hole Farm be bored to a further depth of 30 feet at an estimated cost of £5

That the time for extinguishing the public lamps be as follows viz:- Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday nights 10 o'clock Saturday night 10;30 o'clock Sunday night 9 o'clock.

2nd December, 1890
That tenders be invited for walling the four sides of the Cemetery site, for levelling and laying out the ground for making the road thereto and for the erection of a chapel. That the Clerk be instructed to borrow £1,000 for Cemetery purposes.


6th January, 1891
That the tender of Messrs Murgatroyd & Wood for erection of boundary wall for Cemetery amounting to £523.10.0 be accepted. That the plan submitted by Mr JB Bailey of proposed laying out and levelling of Cemetery and the making of roads therein be approved.

10th March, 1891
The Clerk read a letter received by him from the town clerk of Keighley requesting the attendance of representatives from this Board at a conference of local authorities to be held at the municipal offices, Keighley on the 11th inst with respect to the question of the pollution of the River Aire.

7th April, 1891
That Mr Bland be appointed as representative of the Board to attend in London upon the question of the conservancy of the River Aire and other matters relating thereto.

16th April, 1891
To manage all matters connected with the Board's interest under The Keighley Corporation Bill at present before Parliament and the Board's opposition and theirto with full power to engage and retain Council interests and agents for power to attend in London or elsewhere, to make or accept any offer or arrangements and generally to act as fully and effectually as a Board could do in the premises.

5th May, 1891
That the plan submitted by Mr Edmund Brown of eight houses proposed to be built in Princes Street be approved.

That the plan of proposed enlargement of Bridgehouse chapel be approved.

That 18 dozen brass caps be purchased to fix in place of lamp governors at an estimated cost of £1

25th May 1891
That the previous resolutions of the Board deciding to form with the other authorities in the Keighley Union in the formation of a joint Infections Hospital be rescinded and that this Board do not join in the scheme -Carried.

2nd June, 1891
That the plan of summer house proposed to be erected by Mr Percy Redman be approved.

That an iron grate be placed in the outer wall of the urinal at Butt Lane Top in place of glass, and a brick wall be built against the inner wall of the said urinal.

2nd July, 1891
That the agreement produced by Clerk between the Keighley Corporation and this Board for a supply of water from the said Corporation be approved, sealed with the Boards, Common Seal and signed by the Chairman. Carried.

7th July, 1891
That the chairman and Mr A Merrall be appointed a deputation to assist the Keighley Corporation in endeavouring to obtain the widening of Ingrow Bridge and that if requested the Board seal a petition in favour of such object.

4th August 1891
That J D Carras be requested to have Common Lodging House kept by him at Rough Nook registered under the Board's New Bye Laws for the regulation of Common Lodging Houses.

That Mr James Smith be charged 10/- per year for water used by him for Greenhouse purposes

That the Midland Railway company be charged 10/- per year for water used through tap on Station premises.

That the National Telephone Company Ltd be permitted to erect telephone poles on Main Road in the Board's District on conditions that make 1/- per pole per year and enter into an agreement satisfactory to the Board.

That the law Clerk be instructed to reply to letter from Local Government Board of the 31st stating that it is the intention of the Local Board to dedicate the Cemetery and that they do not anticipate any difficulty in regard to consecration and that the Board are by covenant bound to enclose the ground in which it is now proposed to erect Chapel.

1st September, 1891
That the plan of warehouse proposed to be built by Messrs Redman and Sons at Bridgehouse be approved.

That the request of Messrs Balfours and Co Limited asking for permission to fix Automatic Delivery Machines on the highways in the Board's district be granted on condition that they pay an acknowledgement per machine and enter into an agreement satisfactory to the Board.

That a deputation consisting of Messrs H Bland and James Ackroyd wait upon Mr W Brown to ascertain at what price he will sell land in West Lane to be used for the purpose of widening street.

Mr James Ackroyd moved and Mr A G Merrall seconded that the Reverend F Harper and Mr E J Nuttal wait upon Mr Wade to enquire whether he has any objections to a public lamp being erected in the Parish Church yard.

14th September 1891
A special meeting on the site of the new Cemetery was held on this day
Present Messrs H Bland (Chairman), J Ackroyd, K Barrett, D Kay, F Murgatroyd, J H J Redman, R Shackleton, B Whittaker, Reverend F Harper.

The Reverend F Harper moved and Mr K Barrett seconded that the cemetery chapel be erected on the lower circle of ground within the Cemetery as shown on plan prepared by Mr Bailey:-carried.

On the motion of Mr James Ackroyd seconded by Mr D Kay it was resolved that the architect be instructed to ask for tenders for laying out and planting the Cemetery.

Mr James Ackroyd moved and Mr J H J Redman seconded that the architect be instructed to get out specifications and obtain tenders for walling off the bottom portion of the Cemetery ground with a 5 ft 6 in fence with a "V" worked top dry wall limed top. Also quantities for making the road from Cemetery to West Lane. The contractors to be allowed to get the stone for the forgoing work from the Cemetery.

6th October 1891
That placards be posted in the Board's district cautioning persons against defacing or taking numbers from doors or removing or damaging street nameplates, in default legal proceedings will be initiated against persons so offending.

That a letter be written to the Keighley Corporation drawing their attention to their advertisement for tenders for water mains to Haworth and saying that the Board do not intend to demand water until the filter beds are constructed.

3rd November, 1891
That Mr Bailey be instructed to prepare specification for a road 15 ft wide from boundary wall of Cemetery to be trenched 15 inch deep and made at an even gradient in accordance with the roads, the soil to be lifted on to the surface and planted with 600 shrubs and trees each kind of plant to be specified and the number of each and height and that grass sods 18 inch wide be laid by the contractor at his own expense on the side of the roads as now constructed within the Cemetery at the same gradient as the roads also to plant the centrepiece.

That the Law Clerk be instructed to write the Local Government Board explaining in detail the virtue of the Cemetery ground and that it will take more money to put the ground into a satisfactory condition than was first anticipated and that they be asked to empower the local Board to borrow a further £200 for the said purposes.

That James Ogden of Main Street Haworth registrar of births and deaths be elected a member of the Board.

That the public lamps be lit at 5 o'clock and allowed to burn till daybreak during the months of November December January and February.

1st December, 1891
That the law Clerk write Mrs Touse drawing her attention to the fact that she has exposed her son who is suffering from an attack of Scarlet Fever both before and after being warned by the Nuisance Inspector and that if the Board have further cause for complaint legal proceedings will be instituted against her.

That a lamp be fixed in the churchyard near the steps leading to the upper portion of the churchyard.

That the National Telephone Company Ltd be permitted to erect telephone poles in Sykes Lane on condition that they pay one1/- per pole per yard and enter into an agreement satisfactory to the Board.


5th January 1892
That street name plates be ordered as follows: "Apsley St" "Lord St" "Thomas St" and "Fir Street" also a quantity of house numbers.

A letter was read from the Keighley Union stating that the infectious wards at the Workhouse Infirmary are full and that the Guardian's will not in future be able to accept male infectious cases in the Infirmary sent by any one of the Sanitary Authorities in the Union.

That the Clerk be instructed to reply to questions asked by the Mayor of Eastbourne respecting Salvation Army processions in the local Board's district.

That a grate be fixed at the corner of the Smithy at the top of Butt Lane without prejudice to the Board's liability to repair such Lane or otherwise.

2nd February, 1892
Before the regular business of the meeting Mr Harry Redman moved a vote of condolence with their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales and with the Princess May in the great bereavement caused by the death of Duke of Clarence and Avondale. The motion was unanimously carried by all the members rising.

that the plan of proposed enlargement of bakehouse in Sun Street for Mr Willie Howker be disapproved on the ground that kitchen chimney is not shown to be of sufficient height.

5th April, 1892
That the Law Clerk write to Mr Thomas Mitchell stone merchant Cross Roads requesting him to cease the use of shod slippers to his waggons when passing through the Board's district in default that legal proceedings be instituted against him.

The deputation to meet the deputations from the Bingley and Oxenhope Local Boards to confer with them as to the formation of a joint Fire Brigade District.

10th June 1892
That the estate plant submitted by Messrs Merrall and Son Ltd of land proposed to be laid out for building purposes at Lees Lane be approved and that of land to be laid out at Mil Hey disapproved on ground that section of drain not shown.

That Mr Thomas Walker steward to General Rawdon be given seven days' notice to effectively drain the property known as the "Black Bull Hotel".

That the Haworth Co-operative Society be given notice to abate nuisance caused by their throwing rubbish into public well in Main Street.

That the Keighley Corporation be requested to make certain connections between the water main from Denby Hill (about to be laid to Churchills Reservoir) and the Board's water mains in West Lane, Cookgate and North Street and put in Valves and Hydrants as shown on tracing submitted to this meeting at the estimated cost of £20.

That the Several boys charged with damaging a notice board belonging to the Board be asked to attend before the committee at their next meeting and that legal proceedings be commenced against such as fail to do so.

To attend the conference at Leeds re-the purification of the River Aire on the 23rd .

That no plans of back to back houses be passed in future unless they strictly conform to the bye-laws and that the District be placarded to that effect

That the Highways Committee view the property of Mr Rawdon in Sun Street and consider the advisability of purchasing the same to widen the street.

5th July, 1892
That the sewer in the field known as "Honey Pot" be laid a further distance of 20 yards with nine-inch pipes at an estimated cost of £2.10. 0

2nd August, 1892
That notices be posted near the well in Main Street stating that the water contained therein has been condemned by the Medical Officer as unfit for drinking purposes.

That £10 per year be offered to the Bingley Local Board for continuing to take the sewerage from the privies from Messrs Merralls Mill and that Messrs Redman and Ackroyd be appointed a committee with power to settle the question of dealing with such sewerage in the manner they consider most advantageous .

6th September, 1892
That 1000 handbills and 50 posters containing precautions for the prevention of Cholera be ordered and that the former distributed and that the latter be posted under the directions of the Nuisance Inspector.

That a notice be served on the owner of property known as a the Black Bull Hotel to make a drain emptying into the sewer in Main Street as specified by the Nuisance Inspector.

That a letter be written to the Keighley Corporation calling their attention to the unsatisfactory conditions of Streets and Roads where the main water pipes have recently been laid.

4th October, 1892
That the plan of coach house and stable propose to be erected in Carlton and Ann streets for Dr Nuttall be approved.

1st November, 1892
That the Law Clerk reply to the letter from the Keighley Corporation of the 19th inst stating that no agreement such as that stated was come to between a deputation from this Board and the water works superintendent of the corporation, that the Board do not require the water at present and that as soon as they do they will demand a supply in accordance with the agreement between the corporation and the Board from the date of which demand the Board will be prepared to pay for water as per the terms of the said agreement and pressing that the filter beds be proceeded with, with all practicable speed.

17th November, 1892
That as the Board have at present a Fire Brigade and appliances, and are considering the advisability of purchasing a new apparatus they at present decline to join in the formation of a joint Fire Brigade with Bingley, Oakworth and Oxenhope Local Boards.

6th December, 1892
That the plan submitted by Mr Nathan Wright of Blacksmiths shop proposed to be corrected in Ouse Street be approved.

That the Police be requested to use, their best endeavours to stop sliding on the highways and public footpaths in the Board's district and to prosecute any offenders.

15th December 1892
That the Bishop of Ripon be asked to dedicate the Cemetery.


3rd January, 1893
That Mr George Hopkinson be appointed caretaker of the cemetery for three months at 5/- per week and that at the end of the three months the whole question be reconsidered.

That Mr Baileybe instructed to prepare a draft plan of grave spaces in Cemetery allotting 8 ft by 4 ft to each space.

The Clerk having produced a notice of an application by the North West Central Railway company for an extension of time for the completion of their works it was resolved that the Board remain neutral in the matter.

7th February, 1893
That all the outside iron and woodwork at the cemetery be painted. The ironwork to be scraped and given two coats, the woodwork to be painted one coat only. The colour to be Indian Red.

That a letter be written to the Keighley Corporation respecting question of water supply to Haworth and the following matters be raised:-that the Board begin to pay for the water from the date of the demand.

4th April 1893
The Clerk reported having received from the County Council a Parliamentary order declaring the Toller Lane (Haworth) and Blue Bell Highway to be a main road, on condition that the road be handed over to the Council in a satisfactory state of repair on or before the 19th June, 1893

That the Clerk be instructed to write the Bishop of Ripon respecting his letter of the 16th January last with reference to dedicating the Cemetery .

17th April, 1893
That the Keighley Corporation be requested to turn their water into the Haworth reservoir forthwith.

2nd May, 1893
The deputation appointed by the Board met the water Committee of the Keighley Corporation on the 24th April. The deputation thereupon formally demanded the water which was turned on the following day 25th April .

6th June, 1893
That the Clerk reply to the letter from the County Council dated the 19th May, 1893 respecting the purification of the River Aire stating that the Board have been in communication with the Bingley Local Board with a view to their taking this Board's sewage and that a definite reply will be sent to the County Authority are soon as the matter is sufficiently advanced .

That the Clerk be instructed to invite the Rector of Haworth and Ministries of the various denominations in Haworth to be present on the occasion of the dedication of the Cemetery by the Lord Bishop of Ripon on Thursday afternoon next at at 2.30.

8th June 1893
The Lord Bishop of Ripon this day dedicated the new cemetery of the Board.

20th June, 1893
The registrar reported that he sold grave number 40 in section D to Mr Edward Feather and that an internment would take place on Thursday next.

That the Cemetery Registrar's Office be situated at the Board's offices Mill Hey.

4th July 1893
That the ground at West Lane now used as a tip be walled round at an estimated cost of £20.

That a renewed application being made to the County Authority for the taking over of Blue Bell and Toller Lane Roads.

1st August, 1893
That Mr James Feather be supplied with water to two troughs in fields at Mytholmes for cattle at the rate of 3/-per year per head of cattle.

That posters be put out in the Board's district offering 10/- reward for such information as will lead to the conviction of any person for damaging the public lamps in the Board's district and that two notice boards be put up in the land at the gasworks warning persons against throwing stones and rubbish into the land belonging to the Board around the gasworks.

That the grant of a right of grave No 1 in "section" D to Percy Lambert be signed and sealed.

5th September, 1893
The Medical Officer reported that he had examined the premises at 2 Carlton Street owned by Mr William Brown and occupied by Mrs Lund and her family and that he considered the house to be in a state so dangerous and injurious to health to be unfit for human habitation. Resolved that Mr William Brown be given notice requiring him to carry out the necessary alterations to put the house into a state fit for habitation and in case of default that he be proceeded against under section 32 of the "Housing of the Woking Classes act 1890".

That if the consent can be obtained from Mr Thomson Lord of the Manor to cut at trench behind the Cemetery walls.

That the grant of a right of grave to Annie Lee (number 56 section B) and Robert Howker (No. 4 section D) be signed and sealed.

3rd October, 1893
That the Clerk write to the Bingley Local Board and the Oakworth Local Board asking if they will join in with the Haworth Local Board in the cost of providing boundary stones at the boundaries of the respective districts.

That the grant of a right of grave number 52 section B to Mr John Henry Shackleton and number 54 section B to Mr Edward Mann.

7th November 1893
Mr Ackroyd moved and Mr Kay seconded that the best thanks of the Board be given to the chairman for a kind manner in which the members were entertained by him on the opening of the new offices, the motion was carried unanimously and the chairmen responded.

5th December 1893
That the following persons be given notice that unless they keep the pigs and pigstyes belonging to them at the places respectively named in a satisfactory condition that the Board would give them further notice requiring them to remove the pigs and pigstyes forthwith viz:-
Betty Hoyle in Sun Street
Nathan Wright in Ouse Street
James Shackleton in Minnie Street

The Inspector of nuisances reported that a quantity of rubbish and solid refuse had been deposited in the river course adjoining River Street, Oak Street, and Bright Street. It was resolved that after this date legal proceedings be instituted against all persons offending as aforesaid.

That the grant of a right of grave to Mr Charles Parker number 50 in section B be signed and sealed.


2nd January, 1894
That the chairman, Mr Bland and Mr Ackroyd form a deputation to wait upon Messrs Edwards and Teasdale at Wakefield with respect to taking over the Lees and Toller Lane Turnpike road.

6th February, 1894
That a letter the written to the Lcal Board of Oxenhope in reply to their communication suggesting that Haworth and Oxenhope should join in conveying their sewage to the Oakworth Farm saying that the Board consider the suggestion a feasible one but they could not at present deal with the matter as they are in negotiation with others.

6th March, 1894
That the grant of a right of grave number 118 section D to George Gill be signed and sealed.

That a letter be written to the Midland Railway company drawing their attention to the bad state of repair of the footpath leading on to the highway between the platform and Magson's Mill and asking them to keep the same in a better state of repair.

3rd April, 1894
That the surveyor be instructed to level the present Tippings on the sides of the road leading from West Lane to the cemetery and to put up a notice informing persons that no further tipping will be allowed and that he be empowered to institute legal proceedings against any person offending after such notice.

1st May, 1894
That Mr Abraham Roper be given 14 days notice to abate nuisance caused by smoke and stench arising from boiling offal in River Street.

The Clerk reported that he had received from the West Riding County Council confirming order declaring the Toller Lane Haworth and Blue Bell Road a Main Road under the provisions of the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act 1878.

11th May 1894
That the Clerk be instructed to forward a petition to the County Council praying to be heard in the event of any inquiry being held which might effect the Lees and Cross Roads district.

5th June, 1894
That legal proceedings be instituted against Mr Abraham Roper to compel him to abate nuisance caused by smoke and stench arising from boiling offal in River Street and that he be given 14 days notice to pull down a chimney erected by him without first having obtained plans approved in connection with stable in River Street.

The chairman laid before this committee a letter received by him from Mr J F Eddington Baines of Dorchester respecting the proposed new Midland and North West Central Railway.

That a grant of a right of grave number 20 section B to Mr James Templeton be signed and sealed.

3rd July 1894
That the plan submitted by Mr Feather Sutcliffe of three stalled stables and loose box also alteration of present boiler house into one stalled stable and coach house off Sun Street and King Street be approved.

That the Clerk write to the agents to the Lord of the Haworth Manor asking for permission to make an entrance into the cemetery from the moor on the top side of the cemetery.

7th August 1894
That a 4 ft doorway be made out of the Cemetery on the top side thereof on to the moor and that the terms of the Lord of the Manor viz that an acknowledgement of 10/- per year be paid by the Board for the privilege be accepted and an agreement entered into.

That a note of thanks be given to Mr C E Sugden for his offer of seats for the Cemetery Road and that the matter be left in the hands of Mr Redman and the surveyor to confer with Mr Sugden as to the positioning of the seats with the understanding that they be fixed at the boundary of the Board's land.

4th September, 1894
That Mrs Rawdon be approached with a view of ascertaining what price she would take for a piece of land alleged to belong to her in Sun Street including the buildings thereon the Board to take as much of the ground as they require such a portion to be staked out by the Highways Committee with the assistance of the surveyor.

2nd October, 1894
That posters be put out in the Board's Sanitary District warning persons against breaking into the Highways for any purpose whatsoever without first having obtained permission of the Board and that if after the date of the said notice any persons offend proceedings will be instituted against such persons.

That the question of the proposed alterations by the owners of the Yorkshire Penny Bank be referred to a joint committee consisting of the Buildings and Nuisances Committee and the Highways Committee with power to act.

That a grant of right of burial to Hanna Astin number 171 section B be signed and sealed.

6th November, 1894
That the Clerk be instructed to obtain estimates for the supply of a common seal for the use of the new Urban District Council for Haworth.

That instructions be given to the police to prosecute any person found trespassing in the cemetery or doing damage thereto.

That the seal of the Board be affixed to the petition to the Midland Railway company asking for additional accommodation and the removal of the level crossing.

That the grant of right of burial number 4 section 46 to Mr Anthony Jowett be signed and sealed.

4th December 1894
The Clerk reported having received a letter from the West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board asking that the Local Board will before the end of the present year state to them what steps have been taken with a view to prevent the pollution of the River Worth by sewage from the Board's District. Resolved that the Clerk reply stating that the matter will be considered at a special meeting of the Board to be held later in the month.

28th December, 1894
On the recommendation of the Cemetery Committee that the charge for pauper burials be a uniform one of 6/6 each burial.

That the grant of right of burial to Mr Edward Crossly in section B number 44 be signed and sealed.

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