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Haworth Peoples Art
Last updated: 15/04/2014
haworth village
Valentia 18-20 Oak Street Haworth West Yorkshire BD22 8NW
Contact: Chris or Sandra McCarthy

Tel. +44(0)1535 647449
Email: chris.mccarthy4@virgin.net

About Haworth Peoples Art
For further details, please visit: www.haworthpeoplesart.com

We are a small and dedicated group, comprising two artists and other professionals.

Our aim is to organise an annual community art event for the residents of our village; helping to build bridges between all of the different socio-economic groups that share this wonderful place.

Photos of the Wall of Art 2010 exhibition here...
Photos of the Everyday Haworth 2007 and 2008 exhibition here...
360 degree view of the Everyday Haworth 2008 exhibition here...
360 degree view of the 2007 installation here...

24th May 2011
It is with sadness that Chris McCarthy announces the cancellation of this year’s Haworth People’s Art event. For once the reason is not lack of funds but simply ill-health.

Chris says: “What started out as a one-off event has run successfully for four years and we would like to thank you all for making it work ... and for raising so much money for charity through your generosity.

There is a fair amount of money left in the ‘Wall of Art’ bank account and we intend to have a final fundraising event in July to boost it even higher. That done, we will divide all of the money between Manorlands, the Air Ambulance and the PDSA; then close the account.”

Donations for an auction would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped off, either at the Kings Arms or 18 Oak Street (behind the Spar). Already there are some good items ... including a Leeds United football shirt, signed by every member of this year’s team.

“Thank you once again for your wonderful support ... Haworth is a great village.”

3 November 2010
All of the money raised by this year's 'Wall of Art' has been accounted for and paid into the bank.
We shall shortly be issuing cheques to this year's charities.

As a 'fund-raiser' for the next event we have been promised a Leeds United football shirt, signed by the whole team ... for a 'token' price (thank you Paul). Michael at the Kings Arms has offered to have it professionally framed and mounted for us. It will be displayed in the Kings, before being auctioned.

We have been approached by two seperate members of the Parish council regarding 'funding for local arts' ... we don't yet know what it's about; but we like the sound of it !

The theme for next year's wall is 'My favoirite place'. It can be anywhere, from your armchair to the Bahamas !

12 August 2010 (a really bad day for grouse)

Thank you so much to a generous local benefactor who has 'topped up' this year's fund to £2000 !
Time now to sort out all the paperwork ... and start on next year's project.

10 August 2010
We are suffering from a 'serious' book-keeping error (or 'Chris', as we normally refer to him!). So, does any-one who was at the auction remember who placed the final bid for the '3 sisters' skirts painting ? PLEASE. It was around the £20+ mark, but we can't find the bid slip.

3 August 2010
www.worthvalleymag.co.uk ... We are delighted to feature on the front cover of the current issue.

2 August 2010
Sorry for the delay in updating this page. After the annual auction, things tend to happen very quickly and we are too involved to write it up. However, we are now finding some breathing space, so I offer this brief synopsis:-
To date, the project has raised just under £1900 ... and counting. This assures next year's event will go ahead.
The Highest price paid for a single item at the auction was for Sally's 'fused-glass' panel which was purchased by the Lord Mayor of Bradford.
30+ people did not return their canvasses ... at a loss to us of £5.00 each.
The 'best' suggestion so far for next year's wall is 'my favourite place' ... but, can you suggest a better theme ?
More updates will follow over the next few days. Thank you all for your fantastic support. X.

29 July 2010


Why not come along to the KINGS ARMS on Main Street, Haworth, and grab yourself a bargain from the wonderful selection of canvasses ?

There is also a fantastic PRIZE DRAW and Raffle !

Free admission, catalogues available. A great FUN atmosphere guaranteed. Starts at 6.30 pm.

28 July 2010
The canvasses are all prepped for tomorrow's auction.
This year it is being held at the Kings Arms, Main Street, Haworth at 6.30 pm.

The standard is high ... so grab yourself a real bargain.

27 July 2010
There were more damaged canvasses this year than usual. This was partly due to the wall being in a more exposed location. But another major cause was the increased number of mixed-media contributions.

The equipment that we supply has been tested for weather-resistance, whereas other products haven't. Unfortunately a lot of the damage was 'secondary'; where the colours on one canvas have run down others.

We are repairing them as well as we can, given that the auction is on Thursday.

26 July 2010
The 'Wall' was dismantled today and the canvasses that weathered well were taken to the Kings. Others were taken to Haworth Art's studio for 'fettling' ready for the auction on Thursday 29th at the Kings Arms.
Chris and Sandra would like to thank Digiman Michael and Trevor for all of their help ... it was a bit damp and there was a party the night before (that we stayed at to the 'death') ... so our other volunteers couldn't make it. Bless ... lightweights !

20 July 2010
The auction will take place on 29th July 2010 at the Kings Arms, Haworth Main Street; starting promptly at 6.30 pm.

If you can't make it, you can leave reserves or sealed bids with the barstaff, in advance. Whilst we prefer payment on the night by cash; you may pay by debit or credit card at the bar. Catalogues are now on sale.

If you want to see the wall in all its splendour, you have until Sunday night. We are dismantling it on Monday morning, ready for the auction.

16 July 2010
This year's auction catalogue is now finished and is currently being printing off, ready for sale at the Kings Arms on Main Street from tonight.

It is a full colour A4, heat-bound, card back with clear front, production !

The price is £1.50 per copy ( minimum - please pay more if you want to ).

Copies can be posted out if required, at whatever 'standard postage' is this week.

14 July 2010
The launch on Saturday went spectacularly well.

We are indebted to the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress for a being good sports, Mike Raffone & the Blue Tones for a stunning set, Oggy for holding the fort so well, Ian Palmer for his generosity, Matthew Ellison for saving the day ... and all of those who worked and helped to make the event go so smoothly.

Chris is currently working on the catalogue, which should be ready for sale on Saturday.

Sandra and Linda are chasing up missing canvasses ... so far we are £160 down.

8 July 2010
113 finished canvasses returned so far, plus 30 or so unfinished ones. This means that around 50 are still 'somewhere else' ! ... Linda is chasing them up as I type this.

I've pre-fabricated the first section today ... 20' x 8'. Tomorrow I shall start fitting the mounting beams from 9.30am with the invaluable help of Sandra, Michael, Sue and Steve.

Christine and Alana Meltham posted a Saturday timetable to every door on Main Street this evening.

We are all dreading a sudden last-minute rush of late work ... but it happens every year !

6 July 2010
Please note that only this site and www.haworthpeoplesart.com carry the correct information about this year's event.
The 'village' site www.haworthvillage.co.uk is still publishing last year's information, despite numerous requests for them to delete or ammend it. Thank you.

5 July 2010

2.00 - 4.00 ... Big 'OGGY'(50s DJ) playing all your favourites from the decade.
3.15 ...Arrival of civic entourage at Rose & Co.
3.30 ... Unveiling by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford.
3.45 ... Departure od civic leaders.
All day ... Street entertainers at various times and locations.
7.00 - 9.00 ... 'MIKE RAFFONE and the BLUE TONES' fabulous 50s Rock'n'Roll band from Leeds, playing LIVE at the Kings Arms ... followed by ...
9.00 - late 'Bop til you drop, record hop'

29 June 2010
We received confirmation this afternoon that the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Peter Hill, has offered to unveil the Wall of Art between 3.15 and 3.45 pm on Saturday 10th July.

It is a community project that he has supported from day 1... and we are delighted that he still supports us; now that he has reached such dizzy heights.

23 June 2010
I0 July Wall of Art launch.

The Prize Draw tickets have finally arrived (5 for £1.00).

'Mike Raffone and the Blue Tones' have confirmed they will play from 2 - 4 pm.

Big'OGGY' will spin the discs after 7.00 pm launch.

Cameras and video sorted.

Found potential studio for 'finishing-off'.

Some canvasses still left ... please tell your friends.

Sorting out the frame system now.

Lets get ready to rock !

12 June 2010
The first week of distribution has seen 80 canvasses go out ... better than last year, but still 120 to go !

Remember the '50's ? .... heard or read about them ? Why not join in ?

It's totally free of charge. It's fun. It's for YOUR community ... and it raises funds for local charities. You really can't lose !

The prize draw tickets will be arriving in the next few days. Five for £1.00 .. prizes include an evening meal for two, with a nights accommodation and breakfast at the Kings Arms, a commissioned painting by me of your favourite Haworth view, £100 cash .... and more !

7 june 2010
Canvasses etc., are now available from The Kings Arms on Main Street, Rhodes Hardware on Mill Hey, The Wuthering at Stanbury and 18-20 Oak Street.

Soon they will be available at venues in Cross Roads and Oakworth.

Remember ... it costs nothing at all to take part ... it's a great community event ... and it raises money for local arts and charities ... it's also a lot of fun :-)

So c'mon ... please join in!

Please ignore any postings on the 'Haworth Village Association' site, as they are now 12 months out of date, despite several requests for them to update information.

Please note also that we are in no way associated with, or affiliated to, any other group. The recent 'Parish Newsletter' listed us as part of the Haworth Arts Festival. This is not the case.

5 May 2010 ...
The theme of this year's Wall of Art event is the 1950's and it will be constructed of 200 separate canvasses, each individually painted by members of the local community. The event attracts participants of all ages and abilities and is now self funding.

This year the exhibit will be fixed to the front of the building between 'Emma's' cafe and 'Passion' (facing the Souk) on Main Street, Haworth.

Launch day is Saturday 10th July and will be marked by live 1950's-style entertainment and a 'Record Hop' at venues to be announced later. Period costume is encouraged. There will also be a big prize draw with excellent prizes, tickets for which will be available soon.

The exhibit will be dismantled after two weeks and the individual works auctioned off at Kings Arms, Main Street Haworth. The auction is always a spectacular 'crowd pleaser' of an event in itself, with a very lively atmosphere!

Profits from this year's event will go towards staging next year's event...with the excess being split between Manorlands, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the P.D.S.A.

27 April 2010 ...
After the deselection of the Black Bull as this year's venue a number of other options were looked into.

By far and away the best option was the offer of the wall at the end of 'Firths' and the village Post Office. It is a good size, flat and can be seen from a long way down the street.

Unfortunately the manager of the Apothecary Tea Rooms would not allow us access across their front car-park / dining area to erect the exhibit. We were advised that we could 'force' access via our solicitors, but that didn't sound like a good way to start a charity event !

So, this year's event will grace the wall between 'Emma's' cafe and 'Passion', facing 'The Souk'. Thank you all for stepping in to help... we just have to accept that not everyone cares as passionately about our village and local charities as we do.

Posters are now being printed for the event which will take place on 10th July.

13 April 2010 ...
Tomorrow night's committee meeting at the King's Arms looks like being an 'open, free and frank exchange of views'.

However ... it will result in a series of decisions, finally allowing us to move forward with preperations for this year's spectacular event.

31 March 2010 ....
Things a looking a lot better for this year's project now and we are almost back on track, having been 'de-railed' by the sudden closure of our usual venue.

As always, the local community came to our rescue, with suggestions and offers of alternative venues.

We have almost decided on the revised venue and format for this year's wall and will be announcing details after our next meeting, on the 14th of this month.

Rest assured that the event will go on ... and it will be the biggest, brightest and best yet !

12 February 2010
Disaster has struck !

It just goes to show that you can't plan for all eventualities. We've got the paints, brushes, canvasses, team and volunteers in place ... now the venue has closed down !

Yes, it's perfectly true; the historic 'Black Bull' at the top of Main Street, where we display our annual exhibit has closed and now sits empty.

No-body seems to know what is happening to the pub but up to press ... we appear to be without a suitable venue for this year's event.

Helpful suggestions regarding alternatives would be appreciated.

17 November 2009
We are delighted to welcome two new volunteers to 'Haworth People's Art', this month.

First we have Tracey Kaye, who is joining as event's organiser and promoter. This is an area where we have struggled to keep on top over the past years, and so her expertise is extremely welcome.

Our other new colleague is Phil Doyle, who joins us as event's fundraiser. He is an expert in the mysterious arts of running raffles and prize draws !

These two appointments will allow us more time to concentrate on what we do best ... 'the arty bits'!

With the date set, materials already being delivered and an increasing number of local businesses showing an interest, next year's event lokks set to be the best yet.

Article for the 'Newsletter':
This year’s ‘Wall of Art®’ was the most successful event that we have staged to date, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and enthusiasm. Because of the support that we have received over the past three years, we are now in a position to fund next year’s event without having to apply for grants or hand-outs of any kind. However, that doesn’t mean that we would refuse any financial help if it were offered !
Whilst a great many people helped us through the traumas of this year’s event, we would like to single out the Parish council for a special mention. We were literally down to using our own money to pay for the last items that we needed, when they stepped in to help. Their support over the last three years has been unwavering ... and greatly appreciated. Now though; it’s time for us to stand on our own. So ... Question: “How is 2010’s project shaping up ?” ... Answer: “Even by our standards; Bizarrely !”

The most popular choice, and therefore the theme for next year’s event is: ‘1950’s’! As always, the title is simply a guideline to be interpreted in any way you wish. Think: Suez, Teddy boys, rock’n’roll, Festival of Britain, de-mob, cool cars, motorcycles, industrialised Haworth, coal, steel, smog, school meals, NHS, King Cotton, Bri-nylon, brylcream, Korea, Woollen mills, Black and White television, Elvis, trams, gas works ... to name but a few.

Our suppliers, Royal & Langnickel, have already delivered the paints and brushes. Grantham’s ‘art discount’ have agreed the canvas prices and we’ve set the launch date for Saturday, 10th July 2010.
Three village pubs have offered to stage ‘themed’ events on launch day and a ‘1950’s D.J.’ has offered his services for free ... and we still have over eight months to go! We never cease to be amazed at the way this village pulls together to support us. Thank you.

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