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Last updated: 02/05/2015
haworth village
2 lodge st Haworth
Contact: Ashna

Tel. 07720751752
Email: ulfhednarvike@gmail.com

About Ulfhednar
Ulfhednar Vikings is based in Haworth, was established 3 years ago. We train in all things Viking weekly for 2 hours, we have land in Thornton for outdoor training.
Training is on Sundays between 1pm & 3pm.
Costs are membership for Adults 20 per year colectern at 2 per week at training or can be paid as one payment.children's membership is 50p per year.
A interset in history, crafts, warriors & acting would help but you can also simply be a villager. We do TV/Film work during the year & attend events so camping must be something you are willing to do for many weekends per year.Benefits you can train as a warrior (18+) learn skills with many weapons of the period.You can learn crafts of the period such as weaving, nail binding, dyeing using herbs, making things from leather.You can learn to act & take part in live shows as actor. We also get got stay in some beautiful castles and buildings.
contact Ashna on 07720751752 or email ulfhednarvike@gmail.com or view our Web site at


We are at

Bradford Industrial museum on Monday 4th May come along and see us lots to do as its the museums open day

Go on take the kids out it costs thee nought

Well actually it might our blacksmith is making ships nails for children with their in tails in them
or you might fancy a thors hammer protect you from our gods. Kids get to try holding weapons and chain mail

They can have a picture taken with vikings over for the day

Next show after this is Whitby Abbey end of May

Whats On
weekly training sessions for warriors
Weekly craft sessions for villagers
Weekly acting classes for members
Kit making sessions.

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