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Haworth Cross Rds Stanbury Parish Council Planning
Last updated: 15/04/2014
haworth village
Clerk to the Parish Council 5 Mill Court Oxenhope BD22 9HF
Contact: Lisa Balderstone

Tel. 07432 092728
Email: clerk@haworthparishcouncil.gov.uk

About Haworth Cross Rds Stanbury Parish Council Planning
Please Note: These Parish Council minutes in electronic format may have errors and omissions. Only the signed copy of the minutes will be accepted as the true minutes of the meeting.

26th September 2012
Contact details for the Clerk to the Parish Council added.

Planning Committee Meeting of

Haworth, Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council

Held 7.45pm on Tuesday 6th November 2007
West Lane Baptist Church



Cllr Anne Knott, Chair Planning
Cllr Alan Watts
Cllr Barry Thorne
Cllr Beverley Watts
Cllr Ian Shackleton

1 Member of the Public
Glyn Broomhead, Clerk to the Parish Council

1 Apologies offered

Cllr Sam Keighley
Cllr Rosie Broomhead
Cllr Rosemary Key
Cllr Peter Hill, Chairman
Cllr John Huxley
Cllr Philip Jolly

2 Declarations of interest relating to items on the agenda


3 Approval the Minutes of Meeting, held 24th September 2007

Proposed by Cllr Barry Thorne, Seconded by Cllr Ian Shackleton that the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held 24th September 2007 were a true record. All agreed.

The minutes, were signed by Cllr Anne Knott as a true record of the meeting.

4 Correspondence received


5 Decisions made by the Planning Authority (For information)

5.1 Grants

5.1.1 07/07208/CAC Bridgehouse Mills, Bridgehouse Lane, Haworth
Demolition of industrial sheds

5.1.2 07/05386/FUL 5 Parkside Court, Cross Roads
First floor extension above garage and study

5.2 Refusals

5.2.1 07/06909/FUL 35/37 Sun Street, Haworth
Construction of external stairs

5.2.2 07/06802/FUL 32 Sun Street, Haworth
Single storey extension to form bedroom

5.2.3 07/07074/LBC Fleece Inn, 67 Main Street, Haworth
07/07075/FUL Retrospective installation of canopies to front

5.3 Appeals (Secretary of State)


5.4 Applications Withdrawn

5.4.1 07/07067/FUL Upper Heights Farm, Stanbury Moor Road, Stanbury
Single storey extension and alterations

5.4.2 07/05969/FUL Former Three Sisters, Brow Top Road, Haworth
Single storey timber hut

Proposed by Cllr Anne Knott that Standing Orders be suspended to allow members of the public to speak on Planning Application 07/08255/FUL. All agreed

6 Discussion of Planning Applications received for consultation

6.1 07/08028/FUL 30 Hebden Road, Haworth
Replacement of existing dormer window

The PC is against this application, the proposed window is substantially larger than the existing and will dominate the building

It will be detrimental to visual amenity of the area.

6.2 07/08255/FUL 2-3 The Fold, Haworth
Conversion of single dwelling into two properties with parking

It would appear that the plans as submitted are not accurate, as there is a building attached to the Kings Arms, in the entrance to The Fold which is not shown. The entrance is therefore narrower than shown.

The ownership of the land proposed for parking is questioned as not being within the curtilage
of the building. It is believed to be unadopted highway. Therefore the developer is not providing any off road parking.

The development has already been started, this is a retrospective application

6.3 07/08660/FUL Land to side of 21 Laburnum Grove, Cross Roads
Detached dwelling

Concern was expressed re proposed parking, it appears that the existing property will loose one off road space to allow two for the new build.

It was questioned whether the height proportions were in keeping with existing houses.

7 Dates of the next meetings

Provisional 7 January 2008

Meeting closed at 8.10pm

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