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Haworth Village Trust
Last updated: 10/05/2014
haworth village

Contact: Nigel Ward (chair)

Email: mail@haworthtrust.co.uk

About Haworth Village Trust
A Charity dedicated to the future welfare of the village, watching over the development of both private and public enterprise ensuring they are of benefit to its inhabitants and environs.

The Trust is made up of Trustees led by a board of directors who are business, professional and ordinary people whose overall qualification is enthusiastic concern for the welfare of our unique village. Between us we have expertise in many fields such as applying for major funding, support from the Parish Council and many other skills. Together we become a strong collective voice of local people.

For just £1.00 per year you can become a member of the Trust. You are then an official supporter and are invited to be actively concerned if you wish. We are planning many fund raising events this year, and the more volunteers to help with this side of our work the faster we can achieve our aims. We welcome new ideas.

Obtained funding for the erection of a Village Notice Board outside the Primary School and opposite the Health Centre.

We saved the old village school from demolition and secured minimal residential development on the surrounding site. Established the need and presented the plan for a cycle route from Oxenhope to Keighley. Had a strong effect on the outcome of the new Conservation Area and the recent overhaul of the UDP.

HAWORTH VILLAGE TRUST MINUTES OF MEETING HELD April 30th 2014 At The Old White Lion – 7.30pm

Present: Directors; Ian Palmer, Peter & Gill Hill, Doran Waclawiak, Sarah Granby, Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen, Jens Hislop, Freda Conquest, John Sargent

Apologies: Nigel Ward, & Jackie Rogers

Previous Minutes: were read and approved by Peter Hill and Ian Palmer.

Matters Arising: It was noted that Le Grand Depart was incorrectly spelled. Minutes were seconded by Peter Hill not Ian Palmer.

Finance: Change of Bank Doran reported that Coutts Bank had changed their code of practice and were going to charge the trust £90 per quarter for the privilege of banking with them. It was decided that a new bank with facilities more to our needs was to be sought. After much deliberation it has been decided to change to the Charity Aid Foundation Bank, henceforth to be known as the CAF Bank. All Directors are in agreement. Forms have been duly completed and sent to their Head Office in West Malling, Kent along with the Banker’s Draft from Coutts to the value of £
Director Sarah Granby has been added to the cheque signaturies. Cheques will need two of three directors to sign. The other two directors authorized are Doran Waclawiak and Gillian Hill. Whoever signs any cheques are also to sign their initials on the cheque counterfoil. The forms and accompanying bankers draught were posted by Special Delivery mail at a cost of £10.15 on May 01/05/2014. Checked on web site as having been delivered on 02/05/2014
The new account should be up and running between 7 and 10 days hence.

Publicity: It has been agreed that the minutes should be published in full on the Trust’s web site with a shortened report made available to the Keighley News.

Current projects: The Bandstand opening ceremony was discussed and Freda reported that the programme was well advanced with various logistics also progressing. i.e. toilet provision, Marshalls, advertising etc. Peter is to handle publicity to local media, not forgetting Bronte Media. Gill is sending invitations to the opening that include people who have helped financially and to various Community leaders. The Lord Mayor has been requested and will reply officially after his Installation on July 10th.
Haworth Festival: John Sargent reported that events were progressing slowly with the full programme due to be reported in the June edition of the Worth Valley Mag. The new Logo for the Festival was mentioned and liked.
Memorial Garden : Gill reported on progress so far and said that she idin’t think the work done was worth the £2000. Invoiced to the Friends of the Park. Gill is to discuss with Mel Smith and Rebecca will mention it to cllr. Glen Miller.
Le Grand Depart: Road closures for the event have been released and will come into force from 6.30am on Sunday July 6th. Discussion followed concerning how workers were to get to their employment that day. Toilets, rubbish, and the Hub in the Park were discussed as points of concern to the general running of the village on the day.
Haworth In Bloom : Gill reported on the Spring judging and said the date for the Summer Judging would be in mid July, two weeks after Le Grand Depart. It was felt that a lot of repair work would be required after the race depending on the crowds. It was suggested that the Girl Guides and the Young Farmers might like to assist with weeding and watering.
No new projects were identified.

A.O.B. The village car park was again discussed as a major concern. Peter reported that the Parish Council are waiting to hear from Bradford Council about the possibility of the Village taking ownership.

Next meeting will be the AGM and is set for July 30th at the White Lion.

Meeting closed at 8.46pm.

News: Both Treetops Children's Centre and the Park Toilets have been saved for a further year, due to petitions and publicity by residents and backing from Worth Valley District Councillors.
Project News: Bandstand: MOD Contract was signed ready to return to Brad Met. There was an update regarding the visit to Elland to Andy Thornton’s works to see the new superstructure under construction. Also reported were plans for the official launch on June 22nd It was reported that with Cllr. Poulsen’s help Brad Met were prepared to stage at least one concert on the new Bandstand this summer. The newly reproduced photos of the Park from days gone by were shown to the meeting. It was suggested that a request for other old photos of the Park are sought in particular of the Bandstand for the display currently in the foyer of the Park toilets.
Memorial Garden: work is due to commence next week.
Le Grande Departe: An Officer from Brad Met visited Haworth Park to evaluate in respect of Park being one of three proposed Hubs. (central point with big screen and information for visitors during race) The final decision is due at the end of March. It was generally felt that the Tour de France organization has left a lot of the final decision making very late making it hard for the community to help with the benefits etc. The road closure list has now been released and the meeting discussed these. It was mentioned that this is going to produce major difficulties to residents who need to get to work etc. as there will also be no public transport.
Haworth In Bloom: It was reported that support for the group was growing. The new web site donated by Bronte Media is now live and can be viewed at www.haworthinbloom.co.uk with a link to the village web site. The Spring judging date is set for Tuesday April 8th in the morning. A leaflet promoting the new group has been finalized and is currently being printed and should be available for distribution next week. The Contact Point is to include the leaflet in its next distribution of The Haworth News in April to those residents along the route that the Judges will take. The Bloom Makers have decided to use the same route for the Judging as has been used in the past. The School, the Park, Mill Hey, Ebor Lane, Mytholmes Lane, The Parsonage, Main Street and Rawdon Road. A brochure showing how the group works is being made together with pictures of year round floral planting. The snowdrops in the Church Yard are of particular interest.
Haworth Festival: Plans are progressing with the final programme nearing completion. The dates have been finalized as Friday June 19th to Sunday June 29th.
A.O.B. The village car park at Weavers Hill. The Haw-Earth project masterminded by the Parish Council has begun clearing a community allotment, and the village car park is to have a face lift with the verges between the car park and the path to the top of Main Street being sown with poppies and wild flowers.
The future of the fire station is still in consultation by the Parish Council and the Fire Service. It was reported that the retained Fire Fighters have all been served with redundancy notices. This was expected and doesn’t have any direct effect on the current negotiations.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm with the next meeting to be held on Wednesday April 30th at 7.30pm

REPORT OF MEETING HELD JANUARY 29TH 2014 At The Old Hall Haworth – 7.30pm

Previous Minutes: were read and approved.
Matters Arising: Tree Tops Children’s Centre has a possible reprieve as Brad Met awarded extra cash from government.
Regarding the threatened closure of the Park Toilets members of the Parish Council had attended a full Brad Met council meeting to present the village petition and presented the case for keeping the Toilets open.
The Treasurer reported that the Trust was in a sound financial position and that there were sufficient funds to complete the bandstand project. The accounts will be ready for Companies House by the end of March.
Current Projects:
• Bandstand; The super structure is being fabricated by Andy Thornton of Elland who won the council tender. The Bandstand is on schedule for completion by March 31st The electrical supply for sound and lighting has been laid from the power source to the base. The Bandstand committee is busy organizing a grand ceremonial launch event in June. The date to be finalized in the next day or so and reported at the Trusts next meeting.
• Memorial garden: No movement as yet but The Friends of the Park have been assured that it is still scheduled for end of March depending on weather conditions.
• Le Grande Depart: There are to be three hubs scheduled at present as Ilkley, Keighley and Haworth. This will be decided by Feb.12th If Haworth is to have a Hub there will be funds available for events. The Fields of Vision funding has been approved with much of it happening in the Haworth area.
• Haworth In Bloom: The first meeting was encouragingly positive and much was discussed. It was voted that the Village was to enter the Yorkshire in Bloom competition again. Colour themes were discussed in light of the Grande Departe and Welcome to Yorkshire’s request to incorporate Yellow as a predominant colour along the route. The next meeting of the new group is on Tuesday Feb. 4th at The Old Hall at 7pm.
New Projects: The possibility of a series of summer concerts on the new Bandstand in line with other Park venues was discussed.
Any Other Business: It is expected that the Trust will have answers to its concerns regarding Tree Tops and The Toilets after the next session of Brad Mets full council meeting when the Budget for the year is to be set.
The rumour about Tesco opening at the top of Haworth was discussed. Trust members were in favour of another grocery outlet to serve that area of Haworth but not necessarily Tesco.
The imminent closure of the Post Office was also discussed and it was reported that the Parish Council was in talks with the Post Office about this.
The meeting closed at 8.39pm
The next meeting is to be on March 12th or 19th depending on availability of the room at the White Lion. To be advised.


Present: Chair, Peter Hill; Co sec; Doran Waclawaik, Directors, Nigel Ward, Ian Palmer, Sarah Granby, Gill Hill; district cllr. Rebecca Poulsen; co-opted directors, Freda Conquest, Jens Hislop; Trust member, John Sargent.

Apologies: Director, Rosemary Key; trust members, Linda Godden, James Young, Alan Watts. Angel Kershaw.

Previous Minutes; had been read by all and accepted as a true record.
Finance: Doran reported that there had been no change up to her receipt of the latest Bank Statement and the Trust’s cash total stood at £1198.00 of which £551.belonged to the Haworth Festival. The Friends of the Park ring fenced total stood at £16,625. This included £2, 000. Set aside for the proposed Memorial Garden. Gill reported that a further £250 from the Parish Council for the garden had been paid in but wouldn’t appear until the next bank statement.

Reports on current projects:
• Bandstand; Freda reported that the Tendering process had begun and that bids were to be with the council by Nov:20th. The contract is due to be awarded before Christmas with a completion date for the build as March 31st. (subject to weather conditions)The Collection boxes were to be distributed around the village again next Spring to help raise funds towards local events on the Bandstand. Ian asked if all the Tender designs were to be the same. Freda explained to the meeting the situation with the council and the procedure they had to follow. The launch of the Bandstand was discussed briefly and the meeting informed the Bandstand project committee had this underway and would report in due course.

• Memorial Garden; Gill reported that she had not been told anything to the contrary concerning the plans already in place.

• Le Grande Depart; John Sargent reported that the funding bids were in for the Art projects and that decisions were expected early December. Discussion was held as to the possible role of the Trust. It was decided that a passive role was best at present with the Trust on standby to help with constitutions and financial matters to new groups as per its remit. This is to be carried forward to the next meeting for further discussion.

• Haworth Festival; John reported that the dates for the Festival next year had been set for June 21st to June 29th 2014. They are planning a Community Event on the first weekend with the possible revival of the Haworth Gala. Peter is to look into the possibility of any residual funding left over in Barclays Bank from the last Gala held in the 1980’s. Gill to liaise with John if required as she served on the last Gala Committee.

New projects:
• Park; Mike Hutchinson has enquired if a permanent fixing of some kind could be erected along the railings on Rawdon Road for Christmas lights. Gill is to have a word with Mel Smith about this and also enquire about the Banners that keep appearing on the railings.

• Haworth In Bloom; Gill reported that Angel Kershaw had contacted her and that the parish Council Environment Working Group were in the process of resurrecting this at present defunct organisation. It is thought that the group suffered volunteer fatigue and that if the reins were held by the Parish Council this would be less likely to happen again. Gill is to attend the next meeting of the EWG on Dec. 4th. Sarah suggested that the Young Farmers were always looking for something to do and could be a possibility to help with watering etc. during the summer.

• Threatened closure of public toilets in the Park; without exception the meeting was outraged at this possibility. There are petition forms already in place around the village for people to sign. Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen has taken up the cudgels and is organizing petition signing during the Victorian Christmas Market this coming weekend. Peter is to write to the Council from the Trust stating our objections to closing this vital facility. Rebecca is to raise the question about the facilities on Penistone Hill & at Cross Roads. Rebecca is to raise the question about the earnings from the park Toilets.

• Threatened closure of Childrens’ Centres; Tree Tops has not been threatened with actual closure but the withdrawal of funding, which would effectively lead to closure. Peter is to write to the council with our concerns about this considering the rural deprivation in the poorer areas of Haworth.
Any Other Business: Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen reported that the Local Development Core Strategy Plan has changed its policy concerning new build houses in the Haworth area in favour of a reduction from 600 to 500 new homes to keep in line with National Bird Protection programmes.
Gill showed the new Haworth leaflet launched by English Heritage to everyone.

Next meeting; The meeting closed at 9pm with the next meeting scheduled for Wednesday January 29th. 2014 Venue to be advised as White Lion room unavailable that night.

Haworth Village Trust Minutes of Meeting held October 1st 2013 @ 7.30pm

Present: Chair; Peter Hill. Directors: Ian Palmer, Gillian Hill, Sarah Granby, Jens Hislop, District Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen, Trust member: John Sargent.

Apologies: Nigel Ward, Freda Conquest, Alan Watts.

Disclosures of Interest: None.

Minutes of Previous meeting & matters arising: Minutes were approved by all present. Litter Bins; Peter Hill Reported that the pavements at the bottom of Main Street were privately owned and has been told that the bin could be moved but a new site is still being sought. Ian Palmer suggested removing the bin altogether, but it was decided that this wasn’t an option. The Trust will continue to monitor the situation.
The Church Clock is now operating again after safety work was completed on the internal stairway.
Repainting the double yellow lines on Main Street after the repairs to the cobbles was discussed and Peter reported that there was to be a special meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum on October 23rd where traders and residents can air their views concerning Parking in and around Haworth in general, both Highways and Conservation will be represented.

Current Projects:
Bandstand. Gill reported that she had been in touch with Brad Met to see how things were progressing to be told that the job had to go out to Tender and due to pressure of business the Tender hadn’t yet gone out.
Tour De France Le Grand Depart: John Sargent has been attending the Worth The Tour meetings and reported that there was loads of things being planned for the 100 days lead up to the race. The groups next meeting is on Monday October 7th at Central Hall, Keighley. Sarah & Gill are to attend to assess how and if HVT should be involved. Peter said that the Parish Council had funding available of up to £500. subject to certain conditions. The “Nude not Rude’ postcard project is to be shelved as lack of volunteers from within the Village weren’t forthcoming. Gill is to approach the Bowling Club and the W.I. about the possibility of staging a Petanque/Boule contest during the 100 day run up.
The meeting was informed that the final route would be announced officially on October 23rd
Cycle Track: Peter has approached Glen Miller who in turn approached the Leader of Council about the possibility of doing something constructive as a commemorative legacy of Le Grand Depart. The Council have no plans to take this project forward. It was suggested that Pennine Prospects and SUSTRANS could be interested. In the first instance Peter is to talk to local MP Kris Hopkins.
Memorial Garden: The Parish Council have awarded a grant of £250. Towards this project. Gill is to speak to Mel about commencement dates etc. also to see if Park Railings can be painted before Le G.D.
Car Parks: The Parish Council have approached Brad Met about the P.C. Taking on the running of the Jaggers Quarry Village Car Park which would be a lucrative source of Community Money. Brad Met are in process of reviewing all Car Parks and their management within the Metropolitan District. They have cut the grass and the undergrowth, but left the litter!

Any Other Business: Ian Palmer and John Sargent are to discuss the Trust’s website. Eagle Media are keen to have a link to the site, but his site isn’t relative to the Trust’s Interests. Peter to inform Roger of the Trust’s decision.
The new English Heritage Bronte Trail leaflet was discussed. Gill to bring a copy to the next meeting.
Gill is to contact the Parish Council Environment Group about re forming Haworth In Bloom to continue the good work started by the old group and make sure that the village is looking its best for Le Grand Depart.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

The Next Meeting is to be held on Wednesday Nov: 13th at 7.30pm

Minutes of Meeting held after the AGM July 16th 2013 -7.50pm

Present: As at AGM
Apologies: Nil

Minutes of previous meeting: approved by Ian Palmer seconded by Rosemary Key.
With nothing arising.
Finance: dealt with at AGM plus £15.00 membership subs for 2013

Current Projects; The Bandstand; Gill & Freda announced that the MOD community grant application has been approved for the full £30,313.00 applied for and will be paid to Brad Met to deliver the project. The next step is for the Council through Gill Biggs of Parks & Leisure to tender for the job. Members of the Trust welcomed the news.
Peter then explained to members that he had proposed that Haworth becomes a Forces Friendly Village. This idea has been welcomed by some but further discussion will determine or reject this proposal. Members discussed this but no conclusion was reached. Meetings and discussions with other groups within the village will continue with this proposal.

Haworth Arts Festival; John Sargent gave a brief synopsis of the two week long event reporting that generally this year it was a resounding success. Members of the Trust who attended some of the events said that the variety & organisation was better this year and attendances were up. The Zombie run was a particular success. Financial figures not yet completed but approximately £400.00 in profit. The Members congratulated John on a job well done. The 2014 event will take place during the last two weeks in June and will possibly link in with the Tour de France Grande Depart.

New Projects; Le Grande Depart. Welcome to Yorkshire is to mastermind the 100 day lead up to the race with events across the region. Sarah reported to members that both she and photographer Paul Barker would like to produce a set of postcards sensitively depicting, as with the recent Calendar, nude people with bicycles. Peter & Gill reported that they knew the whereabouts of some antique bikes. This project was received with enthusiasm by members so Sarah is to proceed with this. .Money raised would go to Manorlands Hospice and The Friends of the Park (to help sustain the proposed Memorial Garden).
Nigel stated that it was important that the village reaps benefit from this once in a lifetime event. The Trust has in its possession a copy of the Feasibility Study compiled by former Trust Director David Pearson to create a right of way for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, from Oxenhope to Keighley along the Worth Valley bottom. It was proposed that this project should be resurrected as some of the objections encountered then were no longer an issue. Gill to bring report to next meeting.
Other events discussed were a Petanque competition in the Park. Gill suggested that the Bowling Club and the WI join forces to do this. Gill to pursue.
Liz Barker has formed a group called Worth The Tour. Sarah & I would like to attend their next meeting to find out and liaise events and talk about creating a Haworth Logo.
Peter to explore what other areas along the route are doing.
Steve Thorpe looking in to the possibility of red white and blue planters in the village.
Friends of the Park are to ask Mel Smith if the railings along the Rawdon Road edge of the Park can be painted.

Memorial Garden Gill presented an illustration of the proposed plan that will constitute the basic idea of the garden. The Parks department are planning to start work on the project in the Autumn when the main growing season has ended.
Litter Bins. Discussion is ongoing with the Council regarding the repositioning of Litter bins in Main Street.

Any Other Business
The Church Clock is still not operating as a new ‘Kite Marked’ ladder is required and all money raised at present is being spent on the roof repairs.

There was discussion about replacing the yellow lines in Main Street. It was felt that the Street looked far better without them and it was suggested that an ideal situation would be that delivery vans etc. should only be allowed in the street before 10.0 am and after 4.0pm. Only designated residents parking should be allowed.

Nigel to look into and take forward making the Trust into a C I O in time for the 2014 AGM

Freda suggested other village groups to be invited to the next Trust meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm
Next meeting Tuesday October 1st 7.30pm at The Old White Lion.

News from Meeting held April 16th 2013 7.30pm

Present: Peter Hill Chair: Doran Waclawiak Company Secretary: Directors: Gill Hill; Sarah Granby; Ian Palmer; Rosemary Key; District Councillor:Rebecca Poulsen Co-opted; Freda Conquest; Jens Hislop; Trustees and visitors: James Young; Roger Poultney; John Sargent; David Evans; Roger Suckling.

Apologies: Nigel Ward; Allan Watts; John Huxley; Kath Gower;
Matthew Stroh; Mel Smith.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm when the chairman welcomed all present and explained to newcomers the objects of the Trust.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved by Peter Hill and seconded by Sarah Granby
Matters Arising: John Sargent has been requested to research for stories of old Haworth through the Story Telling Group for the Distinctive Haworth Project being carried out by the Bradford Council Tourism section.

Petitioning by Haworth residents has resulted in the Sugden End Tip closure to be delayed by a year and everyone has been urged to use the tip as often as possible to register numbers in continuing fight to keep Tip open in future.

Finance; Doran stated that the annual accounts had been submitted to Companies House. Oran also reported that the highly successful Calendar project has been finalised and the project is now closed with all monies raised allocated to the Church Roof and Bronte Spirit funds. The Haworth festival are in the process of opening their own Bank Account so all monies still held by HVT from last years event were handed over to the Festival and the Trust were thanked for their support and help.

Bandstand: Freda reported that the funding application to the MOD for the Bandstand Superstructure was ongoing with Gill stating that she was in touch with Helen Johnson from the Bradford end who reported that the application sailed through the first stage and is now awaiting judgement from the London Headquarters.
Jens again asked about the cost and was reassured by Freda that we were in possession of the keenest possible costings, but when we receive favourable news Brad Met will be putting it out to Tender as is usual. Freda also reported that other sources of funding would be sought if our current bid proves unsuccessful.

Festival: John reported that the Festival programme was near completion and gave us a rundown of some of the events organised. The Festival will run from June 21st to 30th It was suggested that Tree Tops Childrens Centre might like to do something in the Park as the Friends were not able to hold an event for the Festival this year.

• Tour de France: There is to be a meeting at 2pm at The Old Hall on April 22nd by the Welcome to Yorkshire organisation to explain and make people aware of how Haworth would be involved when the Tour de France opening stage comes through the village at the end of June 2014. All present expressed that HVT should be involved. Sarah suggested that the Trust could raise funds to install adult static Gym equipment in the Park. Another suggestion was to produce a set of Post Cards depicting Bicycles through the ages with another Haworth couldn’t wear less theme.

• Memorial Garden: Gill reported that the Worth Valley Ward Councillors had awarded the Friends of the Park £2,000. towards setting up a Memorial/Sensory Garden within the Park to counteract the placing of any further benches and the illegal planting of non indigenous plants on Penistone Hill and give relatives and friends a space where they can have a memorial of some sort. This is to be discussed at an open meeting on Thursday May 9th where Mel Smith of ‘Parks’ can say what is possible and give some idea of costings.

• Litter Bins: Sarah asked if anything could be done to move two existing litter bins that were placed by the Church steps and outside the Fleece as these bins spoiled iconic photographic views of the village. Also residents rubbish disposal needed reviewing as this was also causing an eyesore. Rebecca said it was a district council job and would look in to it.

• Web info: Roger Poultney asked if HVT could pass press releases and other news to info@eagle.co.uk where he could link it to the Bronte Country and the Haworth Village web sites. Ian said it would be helpful if an edited version of the minutes excluding sensitive matters could be forwarded to him to put on our existing web site. Gill said she would do this in the form of a Media release.

• Fire Station: Peter reported that things were moving forward but were still at a sensitive stage and not ready for Public info yet.

• Haworth Band: It was noted that Haworth Band had had a change of leadership again and they were advertising for new members.
Meeting closed at 8.38pm.

The next meeting is to be the AGM on Tuesday July 16th at The Old White Lion 7.30pm

Minutes of Meeting held December 4th 2012 at The Old White Lion Hotel Haworth
Meeting commenced at 7.30pm
Present: Chair; Peter Hill, Directors; Ian Palmer, Sarah Granby, Gillian Hill,
Clr. Rebecca Poulsen. co-opted directors; Freda Conquest, Jens Hislop. Others; James Young, Kathy Quail.
Apologies: Nigel Ward, Doran Waclawiak, Alan Watts.
Minutes of previous meeting were approved by Ian Palmer & seconded by Peter Hill.
Matters Arising; Nigel will report at next meeting about possible changes to the constitution.
Ian had nothing to report about the Pennines Local Nature Partnership as the last meeting held was for businesses to air their views and concerns. It was felt that it would be useful for the Trust to receive a copy of the minutes. Ian to follow up.
Finance: Company Secretary Doran Waclawiak unable to attend but sent a message to say nothing to report. Cheque signatories will be discussed at next meeting.
Freda banked £62.58from Bandstand collection boxes.
Sarah reported that the total amount raised by the calendar was £7,000.00 working out at £3,500 each for Bronte Spirit and the Church roof fund. The Church wished to register a vote of thanks to the Trust for acting as banker for this project.
£1.00 membership fee was received from Kathy Quail.
Project updates: Freda & James reported that they had a positive meeting in the Park with Philip Dunn from Andy Thornton’s of Elland about the construction of the metal superstructure for the Bandstand. Gill Biggs from Parks & Leisure also attended. This resulted in a quote for £36.246.00 + VAT dated 25/10/2012 This quote was valid for 1 month but gives us an idea of what funding to seek & is vastly less expensive than original quote by Marshalls.The hunt for funding will be pursued in earnest once the festive season has ended. Peter & Gill to do.
Any Other Business. Sarah Granby attended a meeting concerning Distinctive Haworth and remarked that long standing residents should be invited to be involved and tell stories of old Haworth. It was suggested that John Sargent might like to follow this up through the Haworth Story Telling group. Peter to email him.
The possible closure of Haworth Fire Station was discussed. Possible outcomes are to use building for the community and have a smaller appliance in situe. Clr. Glen Miller has reported that 12,000 responses had been registered on Facebook against closure.
Rebecca reported that the Haworth Christmas Market that was held in the Park in November was over subscribed and a great success with an extended footfall for Main Street Traders. Tony Stevens, the Brad Met officer in charge of markets expressed concerns over the lack of traffic management and Freda reported that large vehicles wrecked the entrance flower beds. It was felt that the council were responsible for damage and should have had a better plan in place. Freda suggested that there was a need for better publicity for Haworth events.
Other Village business discussed concerned he imminent closure of the Post Office due to retirement and the future of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill as their lease is due to end. It was suggested that the future of Weavers Hill Car Park be kept on our Agenda.
Next meeting; it was stated that the Trust need to have a recruitment drive to attract more members. Tuesday January 29th is to be a social evening with a raffle, tombola etc. at the White Lion. Gill to research possible food cost etc.
Meeting closed at 8.15pm.

Haworth Village Trust Minutes May 24th 7.30pm at The Old White Lion, Haworth.

Present: Chair Peter Hill, Co. Sec. Doran Waclawiak, Directors; Sarah Granby, Ian Palmer, cllr.Rebecca Poulsen, Gillian Hill, Freda Conquest & Trust member John Sargeant, visitor Alan Watts.
Apologies: Nigel Ward. Rosemary Key.
Minutes of previous meeting were approved by Doran W & 2nd by Peter H.
Matters Arising: Peter H reported on the very successful 40’s weekend and invited members to a public meeting on Tuesday May 29th where a breakdown of the event is to be discussed.
Sarah G reported that the Beer Festival held at the Bronte Schoolrooms was very successful and that a possible second event was to be organised later in the year.
Finance: Doran W reported that from the middle of May Monies in the Bank amounted to £21,804.04 of which £14,560.was ring fenced to the Friends of the Park, and £6,334.00 was for the sale of the HCWL Calendars leaving £1214.04 in the Trust. £35.00 was paid to Freda C. for Bunting and £202.82 for Public liability Insurance for events in the Park from the Friends’ account. Ian P was paid £ renewal fee for the web site.
Freda C & Gill H reported that the Jubilee Mad Hatter’s Tea Party event on July 7th had secured funding. £250 from the Parish Council & £250 from the Area Committee Jubilee fund with a private donation of £50 by Mike Hutchinson who has also offered to run a cake stall during the event. Any monies raised will go to the Bandstand project.
The Calendar money is still coming in and stands at £6,334.00 so far. Averil Kenyon is to be asked about a ‘large’ size cheque handover for publicity.
The New Haworth Festival haven’t as yet organised a bank account for themselves . Doran is to contact their treasurer to discuss. Peter is to ask Nigel to draw up a legal document stating that the Trust will not be held liable for any shortfall in the Festival’s account should we act as their bankers. Peter proposed, Freda seconded.
Doran is to contact the Bank to update signatories.
Project Updates: Peter reported on the recent Green Flag Judging for the Park.
Bandstand: Freda & Gill reported that the ‘40’s weekend used the new base and the electric supply on both days & the Swing Jive Dancers reported that the new surface was a lot nicer to dance on than the tarmac. The funding search is still ongoing for the new top. New loose change collection boxes have been put back in local shops.
Phone Box at the bottom of Main Street: Peter reported that he had reported to BT that it was a Listed Building in a Conservation area. It is hoped that it will eventually be restored to a proper working ‘Phone Box.
Yorkshire Garden at Chelsea Flower Show: Sarah had hoped that this could be installed somewhere in Haworth as a fund raising venture, but learned that although we could have the Garden for free, it would cost in the region £25.000. to move it so it was decided to leave it in Chelsea!
Haworth area Moorland; Ian concerned that the unique moorlands in our area were not being managed with regard to habitat for native species of animals, birds, and flora. He felt that the Trust should consider applying for World Heritage status which would encourage a proper framework for protection and sustainability. Peter said he would put Ian in touch with Dave Melling from Brad Met and also Pennine Prospects to take this forward.

The Meeting closed at 8.30 The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 26th at 7.30pm.

HAWORTH VILLAGE TRUST Minutes of AGM held at the Old White Lion, Main Street, Haworth. July 28th 2011

Meeting opened at 7.30pm
Present: Directors – Rosemary Key; Nigel Ward, Sarah Granby, Peter Hill,
Gillian Hill, (minutes secretary) Doran Waclawiak (Co. Secretary)
Co-opted Director Freda Conquest.
Trust Members Andrea Hislop; Nigel Godden.
Apologies: Ian Palmer; Jens Hislop; Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen.
Chairman’s Welcome: Peter Hill stood as chairman and welcomed everyone to the meeting. All present expressed regret at the sad passing of fellow Director Mary Ward who apart from her friendship was a stout supporter of everything connected to Haworth and its environs and will be sadly missed.
Tabling of Accounts; Doran Waclawiak reported that the Trust was solvent and had a total fund of £5145.20 in the Bank of which £3946.16 was in keeping for the Friends of the Park Bandstand project and £1199.04 for HVT itself. The accounts were agreed – proposed by Nigel Ward and seconded by Peter Hill.
Election of Directors; The following Directors stood down by rote: Nigel Ward, Sarah Granby, Peter Hill. Co-opted Directors are reviewed annually. All Directors and Co-opted Directors were willing to stand again and were duly elected with the addition of Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen who is to join as the City Council member in place of Peter Hill who retired from Council in May. Peter will remain with Rosemary Key as representatives for Haworth Parish Council. The list of Directors for the year 2011/2012 is as follows:
Sarah Granby
Ian Palmer
Nigel Ward
Rosemary Key
Peter Hill
Gillian Hill
Company Secretary Doran Waclawiak
Cllr. Rebecca Poulsen
Co-opted Directors: Freda Conquest and Jens Hislop.
Restricted Funding; Doran asked that it be made clear officially about restricted funding that was ring fenced for specific projects managed by the Trust. It was decided that rather than attack changing the constitution it was agreed that funding raised for specific projects be laid out clearly as restricted funding in the accounts that are submitted to Companies House annually. This will ensure that when the Trust has more than one project in hand funding raised is ‘Ring Fenced’ for the project for which it has been raised. The Company Secretary is to ensure that separate accounts within the overall village trust account are to be kept for each project by that projects treasurer.
Project Updates; The base for the new Bandstand has been installed all but the electric supply. YEDL are to connect ASAP. Gill Hill to chase up. It was suggested that an opening concert was arranged anyway with the council/YEDL providing a generator if electric still not connected. Peter Hill said share of Lord Mayor’s Appeal fund for superstructure to be in region of £14.000.00 final total due soon.
• Co-op Fields; Original point of contact now defunct. As the land is part Green Belt part Village Green Space there is no chance of the current owners building on it. It was decided to wait and see for a while.
• Jaggers’ Quarry/Village Car Park. Discussion was held regarding the general state of the car park and the paths connecting it to the top of the village. It was generally felt that this car park could be a great source of income for the village and discussion with Brad Met who own it should be entered into again ASAP Peter Hill and Rebecca Poulsen were thought to be the most suitable people to follow this up. Peter as Parish Council and Rebecca as City Councillor.
• Signage; Signage throughout the village is sadly lacking especially where car parking is concerned. It was reported that the Parish Council had looked at this problem but had no money to do anything. It was suggested that if Villagers made a sign themselves it would force the council in to doing something. Although the Area Committee has lost half its funding and there is no Tourism Budget in Bradford it was thought that costings should be worked out to illustrate the size of the problem and so address. Peter and Rebecca to work on this.
• Old Schoolroom; The Trust is alive to the problem but unsure how they could help
• Parish Plan; The Parish Plan is due for updating. The Trust can be useful as a mouthpiece and available to help if requested by Parish Council.
• Haworth – New Jersey; It was agreed that the twinning process be resumed. Sarah Granby reported that 35 (or so) years ago Pen Pals had been a feature between both Haworth Schools. Peter & Gill reported on the level of Volunteer work that happens in New Jersey and how the needs differed between the two communities. Discussion was also ongoing as to how community spirited were our local Young Farmers group providing a great example to the local community.
• Publicity about the Trust; Nigel Godden stated that support for the Trust needs looking at and publicity through posters and articles in local magazines should be high on the agenda.
• The Community Centre replacement was discussed. The money has been put on hold pending future financial developments due to the change in leadership at Bradford Met. Gill to look in to writing to the Council about this. She is to seek advice from our local city councillors first to ascertain current status of project.
• It was unanimously decided to renew our domain name. Doran to see to that with Ian Palmer.

Finance; Doran to be reimbursed £ accounts expenses
• Doran to have accounts up to date for next meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.

The next meeting will be on Thursday October 13th – 7.30pm at the Old White Lion.

THE HAWORTH VILLAGE TRUST NOTIFICATION OF AGM at the Old White Lion, Haworth Thursday 30th July 2009 7:30pm.

Everyone welcome

A great platform for airing your views on what is happening within the village, or to suggest new projects.


Present: Trust Directors: Nigel Ward, Jens Hislop, Ian Palmer, Sarah Granby, Gillian Hill, Cllr Peter Hill, Co Secretary Doran Waclawiak, Trust members: Freda Conquest, Rosemary Key
Apologies: David Pearson, Cliff Simmonds.

1. Chairman’s Welcome; Nigel Ward agreed to chair the meeting and welcomed everyone present. He reported on the Trust’s activities throughout the year:-
a) The completion and erection of the Village Notice Board which is being well used by villagers.
b) Agreeing to oversee The Friends of Haworth Park’s finances and activities in the Trusts capacity as a registered charity. Otherwise a quiet year although Nigel registered his disappointment that after all the previous work carried out by the Trust in trying to secure a sensible plan for the future of the Butt Lane site that was to include a Village Square as well as refurbishment of the Community Centre, came to nothing as Bradford Council made it impossible to work with them on this scheme, and although they had carried out and paid for a feasibility study for this project the developer of the adjoining Old School Site had unbeknown to either the Parish Council or the Trust applied to Planning for a minor amendment to erect a high, gated security fence around the Old School development. Both the Trust and the Parish Council are to look into the ‘loop hole’ in Planning Law that allowed this.

2. Tabling of Accounts by Company Secretary: Doran reported that to June 30th 2006 there was income accrued of £339.00 and expenditure of 2014.00 that left a balance of £1440.00 in the bank. Please see financial report attached. The Friends of Haworth Park sub bank account will be accounted for under 2006/2007 accounts. Cllr. Hill proposed the record as accurate, seconded by Jens Hislop.
3. Election of Directors for 2007/2008: According to the statutes laid down the following Directors, by rote, stood down: Alan Bentley, David Pearson, Cliff Simmonds, Nigel Ward. All were willing to continue for a further term and were subsequently re-elected. Therefore the Directors for the year 2007/2008 are: Alan Bentley, Sarah Granby, Gillian Hill, Cllr. Peter Hill, Jens Hislop, Ian Palmer, David Pearson, Cliff Simmonds, Doran Waclawiak (Company Secretary), Nigel Ward. Co-opted Director; Rosemary Key.
4. 2006 Charities Act; Nigel reported that a new act had been passed
5. Trust’s future plans; It was agreed by all that as nothing significant was happening at present that apart from ‘The Friends of Haworth Park – Bandstand project’ the ‘Trust’ was to go into ‘sleep mode’ and only meet if anything contentious arose that needed the Trust’s attention. The Bandstand project operates under its own sub committee that can report to directors by email of progress.
6. Any Other Business:
• A request by David Pearson asked if the refurbishment of the old village sign outside the Old Hall at the junction of Bridgehouse Lane, Sun Street and Main Street could be listed as a project for the Trust to consider. Ian Palmer was to ask local historian Steve Wood to help him research ownership (public land?) and estimate costings for this.
• Freda reported that on May 26th 25 collection boxes had been placed in various shops, pubs and restaurants in the village for collecting ‘loose change’ towards the Bandstand fund. In just over a month £58.07 had been collected and the boxes are still out. This exercise helps to demonstrate residents’ support which will be an essential element when applying for the major funding required. Freda thanked the Trust for supporting the project.
The meeting closed at 8.25pm.

HAWORTH VILLAGE TRUST Minutes of Meeting held at The Old White Lion
Thursday Nov 2nd @7.30pm

Present: Board Directors: David Pearson, Cllr Peter Hill, Sarah Granby, Ian Palmer, Julia Lindsay, Gillian Hill. Friends of Park: Freda Conquest, Rosemary Key.

Apologies: Nigel Ward, Cliff Simmonds, Doran Waclawiak.
Minutes of last meeting (informal) were read.

Matters arising:
a. The Parish Plan. The Board directors present felt it would be sensible to inform John Huxley and Sam Keighley, Parish Councillors responsible, of the projects that the Trust were currently involved in. It was suggested that Gill would draw up a list, email it to the Board members for comment, then for the Trust to hold a special meeting to discuss if required before submitting to the Parish Council.

b. Village Field. This field by the Quarry Car Park, behind the Old Hall is at present owned by a Mr. Aziz we think. David Pearson is to write to the Estate Agent, David Hill to determine who the owner is. At present it is rented out to Paul Leadbeater for grazing rights.

The Trust feels that this could be a very valuable space for rural village events, such as sheep dog trials, horse shows, dry stone walling contests, nature reserve, picnic area, etc. with land rented out for grazing when not in use by village to keep it in good heart. Gill is to research lottery funding possibilities. The Land is in a definite Green Belt Area.

c. Community Centre ‘drop in’ proposal. Julia Lindsay reported that a grant had been applied for sanctioned by the Parish Council for refurbishment costs for the library and kitchen areas in the community centre. One afternoon a week villagers will be able to drop in and use the library facility, children can have a story time etc. and refreshments will also be available. The Trust suggested that Julia also applies for a Community Chest ‘Start Up’ Grant.

Friends of Haworth Park. The Bandstand project had hit a hiccup with the conservation department, but a meeting was planned when a solution would be sought. Otherwise the project is progressing, with the council’s architect department in the process of drawing up the plans and costings, ready for submission to the Planning Panel, and for grant applications. It is hoped that a draft plan will be ready in time for the next Friends’ meeting on Wednesday Nov 29th at the Old Hall.

Correspondence. Gill Hill reported that letters of thanks had been delivered to Haworth School and to CD Construction.

Finance. No activity reported since last meeting.

Any other business.
Date for next meeting. It was decided that a date for the AGM in the New Year would be announced later unless any member called for a meeting in the interim.

The Meeting closed at 9.00pm

Whats On
The next meeting is the AGM and is set for July 30th 2014 at 7.30pm at the White Lion, Haworth.

Everyone welcome

A great platform for airing your views on what is happening within the village, or to suggest new projects.

The meeting is open to local residents who are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.

The Trust has a membership of £1:00 a year.

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