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Friends of Haworth Park
Last updated: 25/07/2016
haworth village
Friends of Haworth Park c/o WVP&CCP 28 Changegate Haworth BD22 8DY
Contact: Gillian Hill


About Friends of Haworth Park
Friends of Central Park Haworth
Regular Meetings are now being held on the second Tuesday of the month at Parkside Social Club, Butt Lane, Haworth at 7.30pm. After the meeting this is a good place for a pint and a natter with friends.

All interested in the future of the Park are welcome to attend to meet other ‘Friends’ and join discussions of future plans and events. We are in the process of forming a new committee. Present committee members were heavily involved in delivering the Bandstand project and wish to hand over the reins to new ‘blood’. In other words your Park needs you.

Memory Garden:
This project has been instigated by The Friends of the Park in partnership with Bradford Council in response to the necessary halt to the placing of Memorials and non indigenous plants on Penistone Hill and around the village.
This has identified a need for somewhere for people to place their memories of loved ones and as we had a spare corner of the Park where the old plant nursery garden used to be, the Worth Valley District Councilors found some funding to start to develop what is going to be a joint Community led project to create a Memory Garden. This is intended to be a restful place where plaques and other memorials can be placed. The format for this area is under discussion so please pass on any ideas you have for this. It is emphasized that it is not going to be a consecrated area and the burying or spreading of ashes is not going to be encouraged. There are Churchyards for that.
The latest idea is that we have a sculpture created for us by Craig Dyson of 2p globe fame. A metal tree with individual leaves that can be inscribed is a popular idea but we are still open to discussion about this, so if you have an idea, please come and let us know.

60’s weekend
It was decided that due to popular demand, we could try and resurrect the very popular 60’s weekend. It was too late to organise anything this year so it’s all out for 2016. There is to be a meeting on Tuesday September 8th this year to form a sub committee to work out a programme. We already have some volunteers, but we need more if we are to make it a success.

25th July 2016
Haworth Central Park Green Flag
Haworth Central Park Wins its 10th Successive Green Flag

The Friends of Haworth Central Park and members of Bradford Council’s Parks department gathered this morning to celebrate, as for the tenth year in succession this Park has won the coveted Green Flag an award that is presented to parks in the UK for maintained improvement and high standards over the year.

Chairman of the Friends Group Mrs Gillian Hill commented, “We have worked in partnership with Bradford Parks and Landscapes Department and despite major budget cuts this year, they have worked wonders with fewer staff and reduced finances to maintain this English Heritage listed park in such a good condition and to win this prestigious award for another year.”

photo by John Sargent

3rd August 2015
9th year running our Park has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag, awarded to show that the Park is a safe and vibrant asset in our community. The Friends Group works in partnership with the Council’s Parks department to keep the Park looking its best.

21st January 2015
To Book Haworth Central Park Bandstand Events Hub

Use of the Park and Events Hub is Free*

Contact Mel Smith at Cliff Castle, Keighley
Tel: 01535 618068
Email: mel.smith@bradford.gov.uk

Bookings will require a minimum of 2 weeks notice

Ideas for Events:
Music, Dance, Drama - suitable for all to enjoy

*You may be asked to contribute towards cost of electricity if large amount used.

The nights are getting lighter and plans for the summer ahead are getting under way. Now is the time to make the dreams a reality for our new Entertainments Hub in the Park. It’s a free to use stage that can be used for a variety of things. We showed a sample of uses at our grand opening last summer. There are a lot of talented people out there so now’s your chance all you bands, dance groups, actors or individuals. Get yourselves organized and put on a concert or show. You could raise money for your group or your favourite charity, you will need a special license to rattle a bucket in the streets but in the Park there is no such restriction. We have a unique position in that we have a lucrative tourist audience as the Tour de France proved last summer and with other themed weekends we should never be short of entertainment and fun. You will need to book at least two weeks ahead to avoid disappointment by contacting Mel Smith – tel: 01535 618068 or by email mel.smith@bradford.gov.uk
The Friends of the Park group needs to expand and involve more of the community. We have more than 100 followers on Facebook now. We need to get together and plan what we want for our Park in the future. With this in mind, we are looking for a venue that everyone can access easily, Any suggestions gratefully received. We can be contacted through our official address at the Contact Point. Tel: 01535 644001 and Haworth Park on Facebook.

14th September 2014
To Book an event on the Bandstand
Apply to Mel Smith, Parks department at Cliff Castle (01535) 618068 or email to mel.smith@bradford.gov.uk

Other enquiries to wvcontactpoint@yahoo.co.uk Telephone (01535) 644001 where your message will be dealt with during their opening hours 12 noon to 4pm Tuesday to Friday inclusive.

Any vandalism should be reported directly to the Police Tel:101

15th June 2014
The 40 Year Wait is Finally Over!

The Friends of Haworth Park announce the official opening of the new Performing Arts Bandstand in Haworth Central Park by The Lord Mayor of Bradford, on the afternoon of Sunday 22nd of June 2014.

2.45pm Official Opening by The Right Worshipful, the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr. Michael Gibbons

Haworth Central Park Bandstand 3.00pm A programme of entertainment during the afternoon led by Haworth Brass Band.

The Friends of Haworth Park have been working for the last ten years to raise finance for a new version, fit for use in the 21st century. As you will see from the photo above, we have done away with the usual plinth, making it suitable for users of all abilities and allowing larger bands to perform without crowding.
Further innovations are a wood strip floor and a cantilevered top which has no supporting poles at the front, allowing drama, dance and other forms of music to be performed. This makes it far more useful for the community, yet still fitting in with the original 1920’s park design, now a conservation area and an English Heritage Grade II listed Park.

Haworth Central Park opened in 1927. The first performance on the new bandstand was by Haworth Brass Band.

Haworth Urban Parish Council was subsumed into Keighley in 1938. WW2 began the following year and post-war, there was little or no money for anything but essential maintenance.
By the early 1970’s, the structure which had had no maintenance since 1927 was in an unsafe state and it was dismantled and taken to Cliffe Castle in Keighley to be refurbished.
At this point the trail is lost. It may have been that during Local Authority reorganisation in 1974 when Keighley itself was subsumed into Bradford that this project fell through the cracks. Despite local people campaigning for its return, no trace or record of it remains.

The advent of Haworth, Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council in 1999 provided a voice and a petition was put in local shops in 2004 asking residents if they would support the return of a bandstand in Haworth Central Park. In just four days the petition received over 300 signatures, underlining the community support for its return.

In 2006, a Friends of Haworth Park Group was formed in partnership with the Parks Department and one of its briefs was to start the process for the return of this much loved focal point in the park.

A New Design
A design brief was produced and it was decided that as brass bands tend to be bigger than pre-war and to meet with the current disability legislation to do away with a raised plinth. A further innovation was to create a performing arts structure - a bandstand in appearance, but with a cantilevered front canopy so that two of the vertical posts could be omitted, to provide a proper stage, suitable for a wider range of different entertainment than a traditional bandstand. Help from Bradford Council in the form of design & planning permission – which included Conservation Area and English Heritage approval - helped to move the project forward.

People Power
Small grants from the Parish Council and the Keighley Coordinators Community Chest started the ball rolling. Collecting boxes appeared in local shops, with generous contributions from the public. Local fund raising events helped and then a major windfall came when the Worth
Valley Ward Councillors donated £10,000 from their fund following sale of Leeds Bradford Airport.

This, with money from the collecting boxes, private donations and generous help from Bradford Council saw the old base to be removed; new foundations, a new ground level base with a weather proof wooden strip floor and a new electrical supply put into place.

A contribution from The Lord Mayor of Bradford’s charity appeal 2010-11 added over £13,000 to the project and finally, in 2013, a Military Community Covenant Grant of over £40,000 was won, providing sufficient capital to complete the structure.

The project went out to tender in late 2013 and the performing arts structure was built by Andy Thornton Ltd and completed in early April 2014.

The 22nd June has been chosen for the official opening as a part of the week long Haworth Arts Festival, now in its 4th year.

Support For Our Armed Services
Haworth has proved over recent years to be a major fund raiser for service charities and part of the idea behind the Military Covenant Grant is to improve the interface between our armed services and the general public.

To this end, a series of band concerts are already in place for 2014, with other entertainments in the planning stage, all of which will be attended by military charities, helping to improve public awareness of the role our armed services play in the world.

Haworth Central Park Bandstand5th April 2014 Bangor Male voice choir launches Haworth Bandstand.

Haworth Central Park Bandstand30th March 2014 Former Guardhouse School headmaster Dave Farrell will be making an extra special return to the Haworth area on Saturday.

This Saturday, April 5th, Dave returns to the Haworth district as part of the choir who have two important dates in the village.

During the afternoon the 25-strong touring choir party will become the first artists to perform at the newly-erected bandstand in Haworth Central Park. At 3.00pm the Choir will give a 30-minute performance on the new bandstand in Haworth Central Park - weather permitting.

Gillian Hill, Chairman of the Friends of Haworth Park, commented, "This highlights what the new Performing Arts Bandstand is for and it is great to welcome the City of Bangor Choir to Central Park."

02nd August 2013
The Bandstand is Coming Back!
The Friends of Haworth Park in conjunction with the Haworth Village Trust are delighted to announce that on the 9th July they received the news that they have secured an Armed Forces Community Covenant
Grant of over £30,000 to complete the restoration of the bandstand in Haworth Central Park. To fulfil the terms of the grant there will be a programme of concerts and events to bring the public and our armed services closer together and raising funds for the service charities that do such a splendid job caring for our wounded and ex-service personnel and their families.

Many local groups, including Haworth Festival, the Primary School and other interested parties have come forward, wishing to hold events on the new bandstand. The original bandstand was removed from the park as unsafe around 1974 and never came back. In 2003 the Parish Council consulted Haworth residents who overwhelmingly said they wanted a bandstand back in the park.

In 2006 the Friends of Haworth Central Park was formed and fund raising began. Haworth Primary School held a logo competition for the group and the winning design was finalised by a professional designer. Collecting boxes appeared in local shops and over the years has resulted in many hundreds of pounds being collected towards the project. 2008 saw the Friends Group receive a generous £10,000 from the Worth Valley Ward Councillors airport fund and that, with help from the area committee plus many other donations and work by Bradford Planners, Architects, Conservation and Parks Departments saw the removal of the original unsafe plinth and work commenced on a new ground level plinth and
electrical supply. The Lord Mayor of Bradford 2010/11 gave over £13,000 from his appeal, which with
the Military Covenant Grant will see the centrepiece of Haworth Park restored to its former glory. The tendering process is underway for the new top and the work is scheduled to begin on this final stage later in the year. For further information contact: Gillian Hill Tel: 01535 646999

15th May 2013
Minutes of Meeting held at the Old Hall on Thursday May 9th 2013

Purpose of this meeting to discuss proposed Memorial Garden within Central Park, Haworth.

Present: Cllrs Glen Miller, Rebecca Poulsen, & Russell Brown. Friends of Park: Peter & Gill Hill, Freda Conquest, Lynda Godden, James Young, Alan Watts, Mel Smith, Mike Hutchinson, Ashna Yates, Jane Ashmore, Sharn Fuisdale, Jane Ashmore.
Apologies: John Huxley, Peter Mayo Smith, Sarah Granby, Angel Kershaw,
John Sargent.

Gill Hill welcomed everyone and explained what the reason for the meeting. It was felt that as benches and non indigenous plants were appearing on Penistone Hill that a space in the Village was needed for this expression of remembrance. The Worth Valley Ward Councillors have managed to secure £2000.00 advanced funding for this project. As Penistone Hill is Common Land and managed by the Council for the benefit of everyone for fresh air and exercise no more benches were going to be allowed, and notices were to be erected to this effect.

Mel Smith from Bradford Council’s Parks department told the meeting that the proposed area envisaged for the Memorial Garden was below the entrance on Bridgehouse Lane, but above Stone Lea, the first house on the left going down. In the past this area was used as the nursery garden for new plants for the Park before all planting was centralised in Bradford. Since that time the area has been left fallow. Mel showed a draft of a plan of the area as it could look. The present gap in the hedge would be centralised with a path leading to a central circular raised flower bed with a tree in the centre. The type of tree to be determined at a later stage. Benches would be positioned round this area which is to be grassed. These benches will be similar to the ones already in the Park that are vandal resistant. Various ideas were discussed concerning the placing of memorial plaques.

Glen said that the area is to be wheelchair friendly and it is envisaged that young and old will be able to come together in understanding and remembrance of loved ones which should help minimise the threat of vandalism.

Gill stated that it would not be a consecrated area meaning it was to be a Garden, not a Cemetery.
It is envisaged that this garden would evolve as peoples’ needs and feelings become known and the basic plan presented by Mel Smith was approved by all present.

Mel will develop the plan and work out some costs and stated that he hoped to start work on the Garden at the end of October or early November.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Bandstand Update 26th January 2012
The base of our new bandstand, with its full power supply, was used for the first time in the autumn of 2011. The Friends of Haworth Park are looking to create a group of volunteers to complete this project.

A bandstand programme with events for all ages is planned. In particular, a Jubilee celebration in early June 2012. This, and future events, are for residents of Haworth and surrounding villages.

Your views are being sought.
Your expertise is needed.
Please join the fundraising team.

A public meeting is to be held on Thursday 1 March 2012 at Haworth Old Hall at 7.30pm.

Please come along, show your support for the Park and help us to make the vision a reality.

Bandstand Update 19th September 2011
At 2.00pm on Sunday 18th September 2011, the new base for the Haworth performing arts bandstand was officially launched with a concert by The Haworth Band, directed by Tony Jaegar-Fozard.

Video by Clockwork Eye Productions

Despite some rainy showers, a large crowd of local people and visitors enjoyed the afternoon entertainment which included well known local poet Ledger De La Bald, proving how other art forms will be able to use the facility.

The afternoon was introduced by James Young of the Friends of Central Park who outlined the history of the old bandstand and how it was lost to Haworth and the plans to make it a performing arts bandstand in the near future.

Parish Council Chairman Cllr John Huxley welcomed everyone and congratulated the Friends group for this major step forward to enhance Haworth Park

The afternoon performance presented the story so far to the village. It showed what will be possible once sufficient funds are raised to complete the project, with theatre, poetry and dance as well as music in the park.

The Friends of the Park would like to thank the performers; Nicki and Ric Carrol for providing the seating and Cllr Alan Watts for the public address system.

The whole project is a partnership between the Friends of the Park, Haworth Village Trust, the Parish Council and Bradford City Council.

About Haworth Park here...
About building Haworth Park here...
The Haworth Band website www.thehaworthband.co.uk (opens in a new window)
Ledger de la Bald on Facebook here... (opens in a new window)


On Saturday May 1st. The Haworth Bandstand Committee held a fund raising concert by the Taverham Brass Band from Norfolk at the Haworth Community Centre. This Band specialises in fund raising for charity and after reading about the Friends of the Park’s Bandstand project on the Haworth Village website, offered to come and give a hand as they were touring Yorkshire during the May Bank holiday weekend. They played a cross section of well known musical pieces, including selections from Les Miserables and Jesus Christ Superstar, through to a rousing rendition of the Batman theme and finishing with The Floral Dance as an encore. There were over 30 musicians performing including some juniors. The performance was slick and positive in approach with their Musical Director and Conductor Ian Colman interspersing the numbers with well delivered anecdotes and jokes that entertained and kept a happy atmosphere throughout the concert.

The bandstand committee would like to thank the many local businesses for the large number of raffle prizes donated and the first four Pubs approached, namely The Olde Hall, The Black Bull, The Kings Arms and The Sun who kindly supplied sandwiches for the band. The evening was a great success; the Band received a standing ovation from a full house and a total of £401.00 was raised towards the new bandstand for Haworth Central Park.

They have an extensive and interesting web site: www.taverhamband.org

Central Park Haworth awarded Green Flag 25th August 2009
Central Park Haworth has been awarded the Green Flag for the fourth year running. This prestigious award used to be judged by the National Civic Trust, but this year, the competition has been encompassed by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign so the Village is especially proud to continue to be one of the more than one thousand Parks and Green Spaces in England and Wales that are judged to be clean, safe and welcoming places in which to spend time.

Of the many strict criteria to gain a coveted Green Flag, the evidence that improvements are ongoing in the Park is very important and the Judges were impressed by the plans for the new Bandstand and children's Play Area that are all in place and for which funding is now actively being sought.

Bandstand Update 21st July 2009
While waiting for the results of the funding applications we have outstanding at present, the Friends of Central Park Haworth’s Bandstand Committee would like to thank residents for their generosity in popping loose change into the boxes placed in shops and pubs around the village. It is amazing how this adds up and continues to show valuable community support, an all important part of the funding application process. Since the boxes first appeared we have collected £809.88. Our Pop In The Park village event held on 60’s weekend raised £104.47 of this total. Well done: keep the coins rolling in.
Everyone enjoyed Al’s Disco in the Park on the Saturday, and Al himself is already planning how and what to do next year to bring you an even more spectacular show,
including his amazing Tommy Cooper style card tricks that totally mystifies the children!

Bandstand Update 19th March 2008
What a wonderful thing is the web. Those of you cognisant with the wonders of modern technology, are no strangers to the way our lives have been opened up by the world wide web phenomenon. What has this to do with the Bandstand project?

It has been brought to our attention that our local village website has a far reaching audience.

A Gentleman who is a member of the Bronte Society but now living in Hong Kong did a random Google search on Haworth and came across our website with the news of our funding appeal efforts for the Bandstand. This prompted a generous gesture in the form of sending to the Friends of Haworth Park two £5.00 Bronte Society Gift Vouchers that he had been sent and rather than consign them to the bin as he had no way of realising their value himself in far away Hong Kong, he sent them to us where they can be recycled to a good cause.

We have some brilliant news for you this time as The Ward Investment Fund that is being distributed around our area from the recent sale of Leeds Bradford Airport has granted the Bandstand project £10,000.00 which is a tremendous boost and brings the total raised so far to £11,302.95. Please keep those donations coming in and we can start building the base this year. Building the base will give us a platform for further fund raising events. Lets pull together and get this Bandstand built.

Fashion ShowFashion Show30th October 2007 The Haworth & Worth Valley Rotary Club hosted a Fashion Show to help raise funds for the Haworth Bandstand appeal. The show, held on Wednesday October 24th was beautifully choreographed by Colleen of Mine Creative at Cross Roads, for Abbie Tillotson of TCS The Clothes Shop, Mill Hey Haworth. It was a great success and together with the raffle raised £644.66.

The Bandstand fundraising group would like to thank the models and everyone, not forgetting Duncan & his food team, who helped make this event a great success.

The Bandstand fund raised totally by the village so far stands at £1134.70.

Watch this space for more fundraising news.

28th September 2007 - Bandstand update

The plans for the Bandstand have been passed by Bradford Council so we are now seriously fundraising. From the boxes situated in shops etc around the village, we have raised in excess of £400.00. Most of these boxes have now been collected in. Thanks go to everyone who has generously popped loose change into our boxes it has been a very encouraging start.

Presenting our project to major commercial funders is our next priority and all our efforts are now proceeding in that direction. If anyone, or group of people would like to help our efforts with a coffee morning, bring and buy sale, or any other money raising idea it all helps and we would love to hear from you.

The Haworth & Worth Valley Rotary Club are assisting us in holding a fashion show to be held on Wednesday October 24th at the Baptists Chapel, West Lane at 7.30pm tickets are £12.50 each which will include light refreshments. Tickets will be available from 'TCS the clothes shop' on Mill Hey, tel; 01535 643284 open Wednesday to Saturday and 'Mine' the photographers at Cross Roads, 01535 648487 open Tuesday to Saturday and The Worth Valley Contact Point, Changegate, We will keep you posted with regular updates on our fundraising progress.
Gillian Hill

27th April 2007
Notes from Meeting held on Wednesday April 25th 2007 at The Old Hall

Edna Thornton, Keith Dredge, Ian Shackleton, Mike Hutchinson, Peter & Gill Hill
Apologies: Jaiq Carter, Freda Conquest, Alan Scriven, Gerry Mitchell.

1. Edna reported that although the floor and kitchen units had been replaced within the Bowling Green Pavilion, the workers had left a hole accessible from outside into the cellar. Children have quickly found this! Mel Smith has been contacted and has said that the hole will be bricked up incorporating an air brick for ventilation. Gill suggested the possibility of applying for a small grant to decorate the inside. This idea is to be put to the Bowling Group Committee. It was also suggested that the cellar could be used for Bandstand props storage.

2. Ian Shackleton together with Maryke Woods of the Parks dept. and Gill Biggs of the funding Dept. at Keighley Voluntary Services are starting to form ideas for the refurbishment of the children’s play area. Discussion ensued concerning the nature of the play area required for Toddlers through to Teens, whether to incorporate a skate Board Area with an Adventure Playground as well as traditional equipment. Ian is to prepare details for presentation to Haworth School and others to determine what the children want in their playground. Fencing was discussed and will be considered in the final plans. Ian indicated that there was funding available from the Waste Management services, eg. WREN etc.

3. Concerning Bandstand Fundraising news, Gill reported that letters had been written to Haworth Freemasons, Haworth Rotarians, Haworth Band and others asking them for a donation or to hold an event to raise funds. A letter is to be sent to businesses asking for Donations. Collecting boxes are to be placed in various outlets within the village asking residents for loose change. All these measures are to show that the Village is behind the project and to reassure and attract outside funding bodies for the large amount required. Results of fundraising efforts will be published in the Parish Newsletter and also be placed on the Village Notice Board outside the School. Keith Dredge wondered if Gift Aid tax relief could attract decent donations. Gill and Freda are to research this possibility.

4. The Haworth Village Trust are to hold their AGM on Thursday June 14th at the Old White Lion in the function room and have invited the Friends to join them to hold a fundraising event after the AGM business has been completed (usually around half an hour) Ideas and volunteers please?
5. Gill reported that she has made an appointment to meet the Head of Haworth School in June to discuss the possibility of holding a competition to design a logo for the Friends of the Park.

There will not be a meeting at the end of May as it is Bank Holiday week when the Schools and half the village will be on holiday.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday June 27th at the Old Hall


Bandstand draft planBandstand draft plan03rd February 2007 The plans for the Bandstand/Performing Arts Structure, supplied by Gareth Jackson Architectural Services. Click on thumbnail for bigger picture.


Haworth Park Green Flag judging 8th June 2006 Cllr Peter Hill with Friends of Haworth Park and members of Haworth in Bloom were in Haworth Park to meet the judges Paul Varney from Barnsley Parks dept, and Simon Frosdick from Leeds parks dept for the Green Flag judging.

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