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Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town Group Minutes 2005 - 2008

This is an archive of Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town Group Minutes 2005 - 2008. The latest minutes here...

Haworth-Machu Picchu linking project Haworth Twinning meeting 12th Jan 05

present Rita, Andy, Paul and Paula.

Andy has been in touch with Kiya who report that unfortunately the situation at one of the homes is not good but were very pleased with the news that we have several sponsorships for them and also say they will welcome a visit from Rita to the home in Urabamba while in Peru.
Andy to send the sponsorship forms in.

Rita referred to the communications from Judith Condor-Vidal and said she is still waiting for the name of the Mayor. It was suggested that Judith is asked if she knows the Machu Picchu Mayor . Rita to ask COCLA for a MP contact.

We need other contacts in MP and Paul suggested he make contact with Margerita at Gringo Bills. Paul and Paula will also research the area and compare to find the similarities.

There was a discussion on when to involve other people and publicise what we are doing.
It was thought a brief mention on the display March 5th would be sufficient.
The school can be informed of the position so far just to remind them action Rita
It is too soon to invite UKOWLA .
Andy will write to Anne Cryer
Bradford council wanted an article for Community Pride but it is too soon.

Rita to find out from other twinned places in the area (Ilkley, Bradford, Keighley) what they are doing to keep it going and who and what is involved.

Meeting closed


Minutes of meeting 2nd June 2005-06-03

Present. Andy, Pauline, Rita.
Apologies, Paul and Paula.

1. The funding application to Community Chest was partially successful with the sum of £200 being awarded to provide set up costs. This is really good news and will cover such items as stationery, postage, advertising, posters etc and also the subscription to UKOLA (one world linking association) which is due for renewal shortly. The original joining cost (£30) was paid by Andy and can be re-imbursed after more fundraising.
Rita has thanked Community Chest for the assistance and Geoff Bennett has offered to discuss other ways that the council can help. A meeting TBA.
Dani Mistri a Bradford Council Policy Officer is looking to see whether the video camera can by found through the urban village project.

2.Fundraising gig. Pauline has been in touch with the Peace Artists who have offered to do a gig for expenses only estimated at around £120. Various dates and venues are being explored and it was thought to be useful for both sides to include it in the Haworth Arts Festival. Pauline to arrange. Suggested date of Sept 10th and possibly in Oxenhope if there are no suitable venues in Haworth. The Parkside social club to be tried.
Andy will look into the situation at the School Rooms.(as he is the culprit for the present one)
Andy to email MINKA to inform them of our project and ask whether there are any Peruvian artists available to come during this time. Can we find accommodation if there is?

3.Pauline has been in contact with Rosemary, a doctor, with whom we discussed the sending of medicines to other countries when they are perfectly good but out of date. The hospital in Anta which was visited expressed a need for this and we are waiting for more information from Rosemary before contacting Wilbert Rozas, the Mayor.

4.. After conversations with Triodos bank which is deemed to be the most ethical choice it appears that Nat West is more suitable and we now have the appropriate forms to apply for a charity account. Andy will fill in and put 4 names as a signatory. Andy, Rita Pauline and Paul or Paula.

5.Rita will contact Pauline at the primary school to bring her up to date and see how they can be involved. Rita discussed the project with a customer who visits the upper schools to deliver talks on citizenship and he will mention it to the teachers at Oakbank and Greenhead.
Briony, is organising two more Fair trade fashion shows one of which will probably be at Holy Family school in Keighley. This school teaches languages and Briony suggests that they are very keen to have information there on the night.
Rita had a customer whose colleague is soon to marry a Peruvian man from Cusco and they are going there to visit. As yet she (the colleague) hasn’t been in touch but was enthusiastically encouraged to do so.!

6.Paul and Paula have had a reply from Liz at Hotel Rio Sagrado in Cusco who are pleased to establish a link.

7. Pauline has had no response from an email to Jose. Rita will email to re-establish contact.

8 Andy will email Jesus at the Spanish School, (after he has seen the video so that he has a clue what it’s about.)

9. Rita now has all the videos on cd rom and dvd. They now need editing and Rita will do ASAP. When she has the facilities to do so. (laptop too lazy to do sound AND vision)

Meeting ends


Haworth-Machu Picchu Twin meeting 22 August 2005

Present; Paula Widdowson,
Pauline Brown
Karen Devine
Andy Wood
Rita Verity

Andy ran through last meeting and explained who else was there:

Mel and Pablo Met in Guatemala now live in Oakworth, work in special needs
Keith Young Builder interested in working for charity in developing country

And others who have expressed an interest or attended earlier meetings:

Sid Vera Born in Cusco now living in Bradford – recently visited Peru
Paul Widdowson Owner of The Old Registry guest house (with Paula)
Jane Hadani Head of 6th form and languages – Parkside School
Jayne Ricci Owner/manager Lindisfarne Care Home - Haworth
Kate Ryan Art teacher at North Halifax Grammar School, lives in Haworth
Lionel and Mary An actor and teacher living in Haworth
Shaun Hardcastle Lived and worked in Spain, now self-employed in Haworth
Selina Johal Teacher and chair of Haworth Arts Group
Ian Palmer Haworth Primary School governor and Parish Councillor
Mark Pullen Group Chair - 8th Keighley (Cross Roads) Scout Group

That appears to be 19 people interested or involved.

Rita mentioned seeing the scouts’ display at the Community Centre about their trip to Machu Picchu in 2006 and will contact Mark to see if they would like to bring it to Main St. next Sunday as a Peruvian musician will be busking outside Sonia’s Smile.
Paula agreed to make a poster with info about what we have done so far.
Andy to email Paula with relevant info.

The original plan for a presentation was to inform everyone and get additional support but as the project has progressed far more smoothly and quickly than expected, it seems now more appropriate to have a ‘launch’ as we are very close to completing. Andy to write up an agreement based on UKOWLA draft to send to Machu Picchu

Rita wrote on behalf of the group to Councillor Margaret Heaton (leader of BMDC) explaining what we have achieved so far and that we have the approval of the Peruvian Embassy. We have had a positive reply.

Pauline mentioned a press article stating that there is a shortage of linguists especially in China and South America.

There is a lot of interest from the press; YTV have expressed interest in doing a feature. Rita to inform when a launch date is fixed.
(Calendar team don’t film news at week-ends)
The bank account has been opened at Nat West and the cheque from Community Chest deposited. (£200). It was suggested that the Parish Council could be approached for funds when we require something specific. If anyone has any other ideas for funding can they let us know. We agreed to renew membership of UKOWLA and to join the Peru Support Group. The cost of UKOWLA is £35.
Andy to arrange renewal. Rita to find cost of PSG

The books have been presented to the Mayor of Machu Picchu when Sid went last month. He took a photo of the presentation. It has since been pointed out that the spelling of ‘twin’ in Spanish was incorrect! Thanks Jane for spotting that – too late to stop the first labels going out but it adds to our charm! The Mayor was very keen to go ahead with the twinning; we are in touch with his deputy.

Discussing the launch, it was agreed that if a member of the Peruvian Embassy and hopefully the Lord Mayor of Bradford could come we could have a more formal presentation with a signed agreement. It was thought that the Baptist Church was probably the most suitable venue if available. Possibly afternoon with children then the presentation and signing with a party later. If we can hire the entire building for the afternoon and evening we can have bands and beers downstairs and dignitaries and the video upstairs. A potential date of 21st October was proposed but this depends on the venue and people being available. More importantly it depends on getting the agreement back from Machu Picchu.

Paul Barker is editing the videos and hopefully we should have a short but inspiring presentation (There is plenty more footage with educational details for later use). It may be of use to the Peru Support Group who hope to encourage more places to follow Haworth’s lead.

Various dates were discussed and the following people to be contacted for availability

Rita Gareth at Cusqena Beer
Rita Elin at Kiya Survivors
Rita Peruvian Embassy
Pauline The Peace Artists (when date fixed)
A volunteer? Bradford’s Lord Mayor or representative. Rita has now done this
Rita Sophie, Peru Support Group

Recent communications have been Paul and Paula with Liz and Edgar in Cusco (they hope to come over soon)
Rita waiting for a reply from Jose Salas (Machu Picchu Mayor’s deputy) asking for the children’s emails and requesting an idea of which are the most suitable books for the library. (Umit from Bradford College is trying to get some Spanish books donated). Pauline is meeting Jane this week to discuss making contact in the new school year with the Machu Picchu secondary school.

Karen to check deadline for Haworth newsletter to announce launch
Pauline to find out about the Peruvian buskers in Leeds
(Andy to check with Mel who mentioned a band and also food supplier?)
Paula thought that we should have something to give/exchange possibly a small stone plaque.
Apologies to those who got the email too late to attend – we will try to give more notice next time and will now tend to fix dates rather than asking around first as this takes too long and gets tangled. Mel and Pablo emailed their apologies after the meeting (and their continued enthusiasm!).

Jayne dropped into the piano shop the day after the meeting and also apologised for missing the email until too late. Jayne is keen to involve the residents of Lindisfarne, some of whom are very well travelled and have very active minds. This could be a nice balance with the school contacts – hopefully both ends of the age spectrum communicating– our translators will be busy!

Any offers of help will be welcome – just email ideas or suggestions and we will try to get them in the next meeting – we can also use email to communicate and get things done between meetings as it is clear that not everyone will be able to attend.

Help with organising the launch would be most welcome


Twinning Group Mtg Sep 05: 20th September

Present: Andy Wood, Pauline Brown, Paula Widdowson, Rita Verity and Sid Vera.

Matters arising in order of discussion:

Event going ahead Friday Oct 21st to celebrate the twinning. 2 elements: daytime and evening (see details later). Invitations to evening by a guest list (very large already) which has been gathered with reference to the groups, individuals and organisations which are or will be involved with or can assist the current and future projects eg. Representative from Peruvian embassy and Peru support group; Bronte country partnership; schools; KWVR; Parsonage;churches, traders chairperson etc etc– action: anyone else who it is felt should not be forgotten on guest list please email Rita asap. Gail from Oates and Wiles to be asked by Rita to design the invitation which is to go out primarily by email and some by paper. Logo to include pictures and a suitable ‘saying’. Invite to suggest guest brings a relevant book or cd rom (either about the places involved or educational) for the library in Machu Picchu.
Peruvian band to perform at the evening event. Band to be paid going rate of approx £500 to cover their costs and lost revenue if they are available. Sid to contact Newcastle group Apu to check availability.
At the meeting Sid called the offices of the MP Mayor Oscar Valencia Aucca and although unable to speak to him established he is still in office. Action Sid to contact him to clarify the plan re sending and signing the agreement and get email contacts up to date.

The agreement to be translated asap (see attached) so it can be sent in person by post or both. Pauline had idea of all parties/representatives involved to sign it eventually and have many copies around eg. Mayors, schools, hotels, railways, residential home etc. Could be done in stages.
Plan for daytime: Pauline Brown is co-ordinating: 1-3pm at West Lane Baptist Church.
Minibus coming from Parkside School with Jane Hadani and a similar amount of children coming from Haworth Primary School – maybe the Spanish club? with Teachers and Parents. General outline – Welcome and intro, watch film upstairs and have talk with slides by Ellen from Kiya. Downstairs will be displays and tables with resources for activity which may be writing letters to be sent over, Vox pop messages on video, and a group photo. The guests from Peruvian Embassy Peru support group etc will be involved – need to sort out timings so that they don’t have to watch the film and Kiya presentation twice (all)? May not be time to visit Peruvian artefacts which are due to be displayed on the Bronte Parsonage area next to shop (on loan from museum) Alan is contact at Parsonage. Video needs to be taken during the day. TV cameras from Calender are due to film the events during the day and broadcast on the 21st. Andy has already done a short interview to go with this. Please contact Pauline if you can help during the day.
After 3pm if the weather is ok there is the suggestion of a walk from the buildings at Hill top to Top Withins for the guests and any others who would like to join. Phil Lister, the village guide has offered to do a free tour of the village following this. Then there is free time for the guests to go and get ready for the evening etc. Tour the Parsonage on Sat morning – at their leisure ?

Evening at WL Baptist church : Rita is co-ordinating: 6.30pm – 10pm.
Mike Hutchinson to be approached as new village cryer to do some introductions and crying etc. Morris dancers to be asked to be dancing outside as people come in. (both Rita). Simon Warner to be asked about putting his installation on the church and if possible putting some of MP and maybe Peruvian dancers (Andy to do). I have written down bellringers and I don’t know why sorry!
As people come in need a table for books and eg post it note pads for people to sign their gift for registering later and a person manning it? Inside event starts upstairs with Welcome and introduction then the video which Paul Barker is currently editing. Then introduce Ellen from Kiya (her required facilities to be confirmed – Pauline) Then possible few words by Peru Support Group and Scouts about their trip,Then Town cryer introduction and the ?signing and exchange of the agreement with (need to confirm where and when the signing is to be done).
Then downstairs: Video running in corner. Displays by Kiya, PSG, Scout group, TRIBES tourism in Peru, Café Direct, Cusquena beer, Haworth Fairtrade group, Twin group. Soledad making a flag. Others ?? (need to confirm when the room is available for setting up on Thurs? Paula)
Buffet being arranged with friends of Soledad will include Peruvian food. Exact type depending on funding. Could ask hotel/ pub in village to provide an English buffet too if necesary?
The band Apu will hopefully be available to entertain.
Cusquena beer not confirmed about supplying free yet.
Table of books in room to look at?
Few words of thanks etc 10pm Close.
Funding: Only have £150 in the kitty at present. Ongoing with Craven trust (would be less than £500) and Bradford Vision, through Sam Keighley and Olivia Butterworth. Needs firming up asap. Old Registry providing 2 nights free B&B for Peruvian embassy representative. Food, band, screen hire, video camera and film, flag, invites and potentially beer to be paid for.
Saturday music and display on the street either buskers or through sound system (Rita to check with Mike H).
MP is featured on www.N7W.com this is a site which is aiming to protect the world’s cultural heritage and is organising a vote for the new 7 wonders of the world to be announced on 1st Jan 2007. MP is apparently in danger of losing it’s status if it is not voted for. Check it out and see what you think.
Rita has now got links with a company who send out empty large goods containers to Peru and who would be willing to link up with us to potentially send books and medication.

Next meeting tba.


Twinning Group Meeting: 6th December 2005


Present: Pauline Brown, Lorraine Clarke, Jeremy Keates, Rita Verity, Jen White and Paula Widdowson. Apologies: Sid Vera and Andy Wood.

Matters arising:

· Jeremy Keates from Teach Peru came over from Leeds after seeing the twinning display in Ritas shop to discuss any help he may be able to give re. a teacher from Haworth going over on a sabbatical to teach in the Machu Picchu Pueblo primary or secondary schools (good English language skills are important for the young people’s ability to find employment). Funding may be required to assist the teacher (once they are identified) in acquiring Tefl (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualifications – depending on their level of experience/ confidence in teaching English to foreign language speakers. Firstly, further contact needs to be made with the schools who have not been responding via email. They may be having difficulties because the computer they use is at a different site. Action: Redouble efforts; Rita has contacted Jose, Pauline to email Eduardo and contact tourist info again, Paula to try Gringo Bill’s, SA explorers club ask Sidney to telephone again. Decide on date to aim to send a teacher by considering their school year is Jan to Dec.

· Now that the Twinning event has been a success, projects that are under way need to be progressed. A committee was officially formed so that good records can be kept and, fundraising efforts can be transparent.
Rita Verity to be Chair, Lorraine Clark to be Vice-Chair, Jenny White to be Treasurer and Paula Widdowson to be secretary.
Action: A file with all minutes and correspondance to be set up by Paula and brought to each meeting. Twinning agreement and background emails to be circulated to new members. A copy of the group constitution to be got from Andy.

· Video camera to be purchased for group and schools use and to offer as a community resource. Action: Jenny to liase with Haworth Parish Council re funding available and report back. Rita and Paula Liase with Keighley college and Cavendish cameras re advice on best purchase and possible discount.

· Need to copy and send out more of the dvd shown at the event. Need to have a voice over done in Spanish to send. Action: Rita to liase with Kevin and Sidney.

· Suggestion made by one of Rita’s contacts to try to get assistance and funding from the owner of Orient Express Hotels – James Sherwood – as they have bought the hotel at MP site and may wish to support a project as part of their corporate social responsibility budget. Action; Rita to follow up and report back.

· Group website to be set up and a newsletter format to be organised with an emailing list and a copy to go to the Community point newsletter and Kath Gower of the Keighley news. It was agreed that the emailing list should have a disclaimer asking people to notify us if they wish to be removed from the list and that the email addresses could be listed. Action Paula and Rita

· Pauline reported that some of the young people involved with the Calderdale youth offending team who are making reparations have adopted Amigos school in Cuzco and there are various ideas as to how they may help including sending books for a library. See emails attached. Amigos website www.spanishcusco.com

· Rita is looking at ways of linking with a project to get water to a school in Anta.

· Good publicity has been generated following the event – T&A, Calender, Keighley news, BBC world service and The Guardian – all on file. Also appeared on a couple of listings sites eg digyorkshire.

· Pauline and Rita attended the Peru support group AGM. They reported that the PSG has been instrumental in Haworth and Machu Picchu linking and will provide useful updates re democracy, human rights and trade issues in Peru and South America. The group decide to keep up membership of the PSG.

· The Peru day/week/event. Discussions about when would be best to aim to have this – consensus was end of May or early June so as to come after the SATS exams so schools could be involved.
Action: confirm date and events

· Also discussed that a good aim would be to install broadband wifi internet and webcams in the Machu Picchu schools.

· Also decided to keep John Swinburn (head of Bradford Tourism) informed of progress as any publicity generated will help fuel progress with the various twinning projects.


Minutes of Haworth Twinning Group meeting Feb 7th 2006 The Fleece 7pm

Present: Rita Verity, Janet Parkinson, Lorraine and Peter Clarke, Pauline Brown, Paula Widdowson.

Apologies: Bev Dickinson, Jen White, Andy Wood

1. School Report from Haworth Primary School: Janet Parkinson.
Recent big article in the Telegraph and Argus about the Spanish club and their plans to email Machu Picchu in a cultural exchange. Article to be copied and laminated for future display
Possibility that the Spanish club could be opened up to Parents/ Adults to be looked at.
Bev Dickenson who is the new Parent Involvement Worker is to come to twinning meetings as part of her job.
Money from upcoming non-uniform day to go towards twinning.
2 pupils interested in starting FT shop.
Yr 4 pupils to take on twinning as their special project including learning Peruvian songs and perhaps dances.
Possible aim to perform this at the Fun day 17th June.
Possibility of having stall at funday to raise awareness and money or books? Future selling of Blankets from Anta ?
Possibility of Peruvian songs and dances to be performed by children at the Haworth arts festival in September?
Possibility of Bolton Museum visit or Curator to visit school re Peruvian artefacts.
2. BBC2 The Culture Show. Rita
Sandy Raffan the producer has been in touch with Rita to say they would like to do a feature on the twinning. Group agreed that this info could be used to encourage the Orient Express group who now own the hotel at the Machu Picchu site to become involved in using their social responsibility budget to help the schools and local projects.
3. Leeds Playhouse talk. The group has been invited to do a talk on the twinning. No-one able to make the date.
4. Feedback from Peru. This is ongoing with Jose Romares and Tomas Lees keeping up contacting.
5. Cyclists visiting MP. Rita to contact them re exchanging items from both schools.
6. Signs. On Haworth signs when entering the village, the twinning should be displayed.
7. Peru support group FT event. Rita told how PSG and FT
Linked this year in their event for the 1st time.
8. UKOWLA the year booked for the Uk One World Linking Assoc has been updated by Andy to show that we are now twinned.
9. Book labels to be done on computer by Amy.

Paula to laminate

Janet and Bev to liase with Katy Yieldiz

Rita to liase with Judith re choreography
Janet to liase with Friends group. Pauline to liase with Rainbow centre re blankets


Rita to contact OE

Rita to feedback


Lorraine to bring up with Travel plan.

10 Awareness raising event/ Peruvian day/ Arts Festival:
Ongoing. See above possibility of years 4 children performing song and dance as part of something – not as main event.
11. Accounts. Jen is away but all records have been passed to her to be looked at.
12. Public Recognition mention/ thanks to Lorraine Clarke and those who put together the Haworth Transport plan for consultation for incorporating Haworth’s fairtrade aims/interest into the document.

Haworth Gala: aim to be able to march along with banner and have stall at the cricket field to raise awareness and money. Lorraine and Peter volunteered to organise the stall and will need more help on the day.
Teacher placement in Machu Picchu Pueblo. Jeremy ongoing with this.
Spanish lessons for the community. Idea that this could be incorporated into family learning aim at Haworth Primary.
Need choreographer to assist at school – Lorraine to look into peripatetic teacher.
Need video of Peruvian dancing.
Need more discs copied of presentation video – also translation
Welcome to Peter Clarke who would like to join the group.

Date of next meeting TBA


Minutes of the Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town Group Meeting held on 04 May 2006

Jen White, Rita Verity, Lorraine Clarke, Ross Parton, Bev Dickenson,
Pamela Barnes

Apologies Andy, Paula, Jane, Pauline

Minutes of meeting held on 7 Feb 06 accepted as a true record.

Scout trip to Peru
The West Yorkshire County scouts have a trip organised to Peru, 23 will be going in total with 8 from the Keighley District. The trip will involve visiting the ruins and the Inca trail, five days in the rain forest and then on to Barbados. It is expected the scouts will spend some time at the school teaching the children games. The scouts will be leaving on the 23rd July.

Scouts are taking games over with them. Every group is putting together a pack including first aid and education books, they are having a collection, tooth brushes have been requested. There is free air transport for three containers to Lima. A Scout group at Lima will meet them with a wagon. Need to confirm that these are for Machu Picchu rather than Peru generally.

It is hoped that another visit is made soon to have a presentation for the people of MP and celebrate the signing of the agreement.

Events on Friday 9th June
The school are holding a Spanish day on Friday 9th June, there will be Spanish workshops and dancing workshops throughout the day. Each class has been asked to pick a Spanish speaking country and learn about it. As year 3 and 4 are twinned with Peru they will be concentrating on this. Spanish food will be provided at lunch time and it will be a non uniform day. The school are very interested in establishing stronger links, possibly through a pen pal process.

Haworth Gala
The Haworth Gala will be held over the Bank Holiday weekend, a stall will be staffed for Fair Trade and twinning and volunteers are requested. Bank Holiday is over the weekend of the 28th. There is no fee for stall space, Lorraine will book it this weekend. Ross volunteered to staff the stall. Ross and Rita are raising money for fair trade 11 – 12 , Rosie and Lorraine to give a break at 2 and then swap back. A separate meeting is needed to organise full details.

Exchange of items for Machu Picchu
One of the aims is to provide resources or to exchange between the two areas. If people are visiting Machu Picchu then they are often willing to take resources with them. These can be handed over at reception at the Hotel on arrival. There is a trip leaving in May that has agreed to take books to the library, there are also aerial photos of the area donated by the parsonage and TIC, we have a photo of the MP Mayor with the book. Bronte books donated by the parsonage to be taken over.

Discussed the need to keep a record of what has been done, also need information on what is required especially any assistance to learn to read English.

Arts group – Andy has given an invoice to the Arts group who agreed to pay for the musicians for the presentation which cost £500. Agreed to request £250 from the Parish Council for £250 for room hire, hospitality, accommodation and travel.

Currently signatories for cheques are Rita, Andy and Pauline, could add Jenny as Treasurer. Jen to email Rita details and Rita to check with bank what needs to happen.

Carnival scheduled for Monday 28th August.

Next meeting
Date 21st June
Time 7:00 pm
Venue Room in fleece


Minutes of Haworth – Machu Picchu Twinning meeting Wednesday 21 June 2006

Present, Rita, Pamela, Lorraine and Peter.
Apologies, Jen, Andy, Paula.

*Haworth is to have a library and the group are to request that we ensure an Inca/Peruvian section. Peter is to propose the idea of some donations from Oakbank school who have a large budget.

*Rita to follow up on the letter to the Parish Council drafted by Jen requesting the funding for the presentation. No action/movement on the account, need to reimburse everyone including Amy who has done the self adhesive book lables.

*Report on books taken by Kathleen and Christine and Martin.

*Discussed how to move forward with the MP signs at entry to the village locations. (A visitor came last week to take photos, asked at TIC) Lorraine reported that it is all in the Travel Plan but could take quite a long time before it is implemented. Letter to Parish Council (action Rita)
Suggestions requested for design/logo.

*Spanish day at the Primary school was a great success. A full day of activities including dancing singing, craft making. Darryl, Silvia Rita and Pauline answered questions from the children about Peru after watching the DVD. The children later wrote letters which were handed over to Silvias mother to take back to Peru.

*Silvia had a display of the water project at the Fun Day at school last Saturday.

*The West Yorks Scouts are leaving on 23rd June to go to Peru. Plans to involve them in the Machu Picchu presentation unfortunately not come to fruition.

*Update on Kiya Survivors. £40 so far has been donated and Peter Ball in Bingley is holding an open garden day and donating the proceeds. Low energy light bulbs are being sold at Sonias Smile and Pied Piper Pianos for £1 each which should raise over £100.

*Haworth Carnival bank holiday Sunday and Monday. Lorraine has booked a stand. Need a display, Kiya sponsor forms, table (possibly loan from schoolroom). Shared also with FT group and possibly tools for Africa. (Rita to contact Mark Chesney in Bingley). Ross and Pamela so far offered some time to man the stand. Discussed getting a banner, cost about £60.

*We have now got the contact number for the lady who has llamas and hopefully we can incorporate this at some event. (carnival?)

*Pamela is going to look into the Local Government International Bureau funding regards sending a teacher.

*Discussed having a leaflet to give to travel agents to pass on to visitors to MP and take a message/book.

*Joanne Harris has sent us 5 copies of a book in Spanish.

*James Sparshatt who has a display of Peruvian photos in the National Theatre has been contacted to see whether we could have it here. No response so far.

Meeting closed


Minutes of the Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town Group Meeting held on 22nd August 2006

Jen White, Rita Verity, Ross Parton, Bev Dickinson,
Pamela Barnes

Apologies Lorraine, Peter, Paula

Minutes of meeting held on 4th May 06 accepted as a true record.

Matters arising

Rita has contacted Kris Hopkins to raise the issue of replacing signage on entrances to Haworth to reflect the twin town status. A positive response has been received and a meeting is to be arranged with representatives from CBMDC and the Parish Council. Rita would be good as our representative alongside Andy. A meeting will be arranged for a date after 3 September.

2.School visit
Christine and Martin Wade went to Machu Picchu and have put together a video and photograph collection. The video is about 35 minutes long and shows their trip including footage of the Machu Picchu school. They would be very keen to show it at the school. School re opens early September and may be keen for a presentation, possibly an assembly.

3.Yorkshire Day
Rita had a display at her shop on Yorkshire Day jointly for Fair Trade and the Twinning with Machu Picchu. The twinning generated a lot of interest and highlighted the importance of raising the profile. Clearly showed the impact signage could have. Two Peruvian women visited the shop with their partners, one of whom is a professional photographer who offered to visit the school to show their display of Machu Picchu. He also does videos and events.

4.Update on group
The group had a general discussion around future activities and how to raise the twinning profile. Felt that since the twinning event there has not been as high a profile as we might like. It is important to keep the profile high. Discussed how this could best be achieved. A presence at Haworth events is important.

May also be able to hold an event, one suggestion was a celebration one year after the initial ceremony took place. The twinning event was held on 21 October 2005 so timing would be quite good. It would be an opportunity to involve more people and get a focus on areas of activity for the next year. May be able to get sponsorship and have small give aways, bags with small gifts – recyclable and meaningful for twinning, Peruvian focus.

All Bradford Twinnings are listed on the website Haworth is listed as a friendship link. Rita requested details of person who updates it.

Action: Jen to check
Action: Jen to check on who leads on friendship links for CBMDC and find out what support is available if any.

Rita has requested a table for the carnival and maybe a gazebo although these can be difficult in high winds. Rita is working on the display on 23 August and may need some assistance.
Action: Email Jen if assistance needed

Need to up date contact list
Action: Jen to prepare a contact list and circulate with minutes

7.Additional links
Rita has linked with women who has Alpaca farm, they have been used to do educational stuff at schools. Quite keen to create a small educational site at farm, may be possibility of funding from DEFRA for a small visitor centre. Potentially a very good proposal that could be linked to twinning.

8.Library development
Proposed library developed at community centre may be an opportunity for further links with Machu Picchu.
Action: Jen to check on progress and who is leading on this.

9.Local Government International Bureau Funding (LGIB)
Rita has discussed possibility of funding with Joyce Lee, difficulty arises as not EU or old Commonwealth. Suggested look at British Council Global School partnership but no money available. Programme makes twice yearly grants, Joint curricula work so must be reciprocal. Perhaps consecutive visits with exchange of teaching staff with Machu Picchu. This presents many challenges especially around language. Very interesting proposal that needs some work.
Action: Bev to discuss with Janet the head and report back at next meeting and include this as an agenda item

10.Multicultural books
Contact has been made with the multicultural bookshop, they have some beginning reading books. Need to check standard is appropriate for adults.
Action; Pam to report back at next meeting

Letter to Parish Council
Confirmed group address as
Machu – Picchu Twinning Group
85 Main Street
West Yorkshire
BD22 8DA
Action: Jen to insert address in letter and send to Rita for signing.

Arts festival paid for a band, now been banked, needed an ethical bank account cheque expected shortly. A cheque has also been written to cover the cost of printing the book labels.

11.www.twinning.uk emailed Rita compiling list, Rita has included us in this at no charge, she has provided details and the minutes of meetings.

12.Suggestion of having our own web site, seems a good idea, currently all minutes are on Ian’s where we have a page. There is a need for a web site, it would allow a wider input with a guest book so Peru could contribute.
Action: Rita to get more information on this.

Keighley Historical Society has a good site, could look at this for ideas. Best to keep it simple with an emphasis on not exceeding capacity and keeping all information updated. Other sites are established and then not kept up to date which we would want to avoid.
Action: Rita to ask Jamie to attend meeting and discuss all our ideas and questions

13.One of Rita’s customers is going to Machu Picchu to teach RE, unable to attend this meeting but willing to take books etc with them.

14.Rita has raised £200 from the sale of light bulbs and has sent the cheque off. Congratulations – really well done. The school raised around £110 from their none uniform day.

Date of next meeting: September/October
Venue: The Fleece


The minutes of the Sep/Oct meeting are not yet available.


Haworth Machu Picchu Twin group meeting 7pm February 7 2007

Fleece Main Street
Present Rita Vaughan, Janet, Pam .
Apologies Pauline, Andy

Janet Hill joined the group and is very keen to be involved. She works at a special school in Bradford and would like to work with her children on a project. She has books available for the Machu Picchu school and many can be taken at the 2008 trip. Pam mentioned that the airlines often allow extra space for such visits.

Update signs. Andy reported that there is no news and he will follow up with Bfd council.

Rita reported on the last visit by Gwenda who was taken into the school and spent time teaching both children and adults. She spoke with the Mayors assistant and left dvds at the Sanctuary hotel.

Update bank. We still have £851 but have now purchased a Sony camera for £180 (plus accessories, price as yet undetermined) Rita to be re-reimbursed.

Rita mentioned UKOWLA (One World Linking Association ) and the fact that although we are members we are not really getting involved and asked if someone would like to take over the task of reading the communications, newsletters etc and feedback to the group. Pam offered to take a look.

Peace Artists party.
The Christmas party was a huge success and we benefited from the door takings, raffle and sale of donated knitwear. There was interest in the twinning and several names put forward for the group visit. A display by the Calderdale youth offending team and Haworth school.
The proceeds have been split between Jose Umeres for the Vilcabamba project, the Rainbow Centre and the video link at Machu Picchu.

Pam has purchased the dual language book from the multicultural bookshop (to be reimbursed). Apparently there are some others at Salts Mill and Pam will investigate.

Amy Hield has offered to try and get a Spanish class together over the summer. It is thought this would be quite well supported, contacts have been given and she will follow up.

Pauline had discussions with Janet Parkinson with regard to a Peruvian teacher coming here and spending time in the Primary school. She is happy that there will be some scope for this depending on the time of the school year. It is thought that Parkside may also be interested. The benefit of a visitor being here for some time would be a huge move forward in the twinning process.

Haworth Arts group are interested in having APU the Peruvian band at the festival which is 30 Aug to 2 Sept. Action Rita . Also agreed that the group will have a display at the Arts festival launch on Sat 14 April. Action Pam

Vaughan reported on the 2008 group visit.
17 people already expressed interest and it is thought that a figure of between 20 and 30 would easily be reached. The cost could be about £1600 and a deposit of £200 would be required by September. The suggested time to visit is June/July. We need serious enquirers now as the Inca Trail is limited for numbers and needs to be booked. Vaughan will follow up all interested people and we can have it mentioned in the Haworth newsletters.


Haworth Machu Picchu Twin Meeting Thursday 19 April 2007

Fleece Main St

Present; Pauline, Rita, Judy, Lorraine, Peter, Bev, Andy, Vaughan, Jeremy, Hannah (Pam later)

Apologies; Jen, Shiona, Sid, Janet Hill

Discussion with Jeremy from Teach Peru. (Pauline to report

Peter handed over £20 to start the teacher fund.He organised an interyear football tournament at Oakbank school. Letter of thanks to the head. Action Rita. Thank you Peter!

Report on the LGIB workshop in Halifax attended by Pauline Rita and Judith. It was an interesting meeting and we shared experiences of twinning with over 30 other people. A member of the Sheffield association has been in contact. Pauline is liasing.

Judy is working with the children in Haworth Primary school and has now got the contacts from Gwenda's visit and has written in Spanish to Emma at the MP Primary school.

Bev reported that the school is very actively promoting Peru and the link, feeding it in whenever possible.

Andy reported on the village entry signs and is following up on the meeting with Peter Hill and Ian Palmer.

Discussed the 2008 trip.Concerns about making sure that the travel company has ethical/fairtrade policy.Rita to contact Yannina in Lima for prices. Mini meet needed to determine serious travellers and whether it is worth organising a group or letting people travel on their own and meet up. It would be expected to be just as Judy finishes the 6 week or so visit.

General discussion that mini meets would now be appropriate. Judy Pauline and Jeremy re the school visit.
Rita mentioned that there have been events/ideas which we havn't taken up but they were mainly for the benefit of Haworth and raising awareness here and took a lot of organising. This focus is not really helping the link and the proposed visit/exchange is what was originally hoped for.This is what we should concentrate on but still try and get the commiunity involved and kept informed.

Videocam now purchased and will be recording the Global Journey Banner procession on Sunday 22 April to start the dvd .


Haworth-Machu Picchu twin meeting Tuesday July 24 2007

Cobbles and Clay, Main St

Present....Janet, Annie, Judy, Ross, Bev, Rita, Krysia Pam
Apologies..... Andy, Pauline, Janet Parkinson, Kay, Vaughan, Sid. Jen, Katy, Carol, Lorraine

Rita spoke about startup and events so far for newcomers.
We should shortly have news from a family who were there last week and left books at the Sanctuary.

Bev mentioned the many school activities/involvement. The children made a large model of Machu Picchu as part of Keighley Festival which is now housed in the school. We need brief report and photos for our records. Rita thanked the school for their continued support.
There are 40,000 scouts at a Jamboree in Essex next week and some are from Peru.
(Krysia got in touch after the meeting saying she had phoned the scout organizers and left her number as she will be in the area and hopes to make contact)

Janet Hill suggested she would look into the possibility of fundraising for a computer for the High school in Machu Picchu to establish email contact. Also to look at getting space donated in a container to Lima from where it can be taken by train. Annie will talk to Oakbank about their involvement as some children who were in the Spanish class will be going there and could continue the link.

Judy spoke about the letters the children at the primary school have received from the village in the mountains organized by Daryll and Sylvia. The adult Spanish class has yet to be sorted but there was quite a lot of support.

Krysia has joined the group and has a background in International exchanges so will look at funding opportunities with the British Council and others.
She felt that as an outsider there wasn't enough awareness of our link and suggested more communication with a wider area, also having a 'friends' £10 subscription.
It was mentioned that we are supposed to be getting signs at the village entrances.
(Judy phoned Peter Hill after the meeting and it appears we are no further on)

2008 trip discussed. There are still several people wanting to go but it was thought that fixing a date and letting people make their own arrangements may be best. Vaughan had previously come up with details but came to the same conclusion.

Pam to apply to Community Chest for funding for a display so that we can have it permanently on show at events/somewhere so that the public are aware.


Haworth - Machu Picchu twin meeting Monday 1st October 2007

Fleece Main Street 7pm
Apologies; Pauline, Janet Hill, Judy, Bev, Vaughan

Present; Pam, Krysia, Kay, Rita, Liz

Krisia has had all the books and info and updated/filed everything.
Finances. This needs thorough checking before someone takes over as treasurer. The account appears to be in credit but this is because Andy and Rita have still to be paid an outstanding amount from the signing celebrations plus some bills accrued since. Rita and Krysia to go through in detail next month.

Funding. Krysia followed up an email about funding sent by Jen and has located one with a longer lead time and more suitable to our needs. Grant for Growth is for ongoing projects and we discussed how to use it to raise awareness which we have identified as a priority. ACTION KRYSIA.
This will be to fund firstly a four page spread in the centre of the Worth Valley mag setting out our aims and objectives and explaining what we have done, inviting new members and 'friends'. Liz has costed this at about £550 including delivery to 6000 households. She is going to explore also the cost of having a copy of the promotional dvd to accompany this to be attached to the magazine. ACTION LIZ
Kay suggested adding some info from the Rainbow Centre to the dvd. ACTION KAY
Discussed logo and thought that Shefalis image as used on the book stickers was best. Will ask Shefali for thoughts on using as a gift/christmas card ACTION RITA

Discussed the idea of a regular fundraising music night at the Bronte schoolrooms. RITA to ask Jenny if they would like to do as a joint awareness raising for their link in the Sudan.
Suggested music from friends of Krysia, local artists etc. Julia has offered to talk to her contacts at the Tree House cafe where they have regular musicians of all nationalities.
We can have food but no alcohol (BYO ok)
Need to check food and music license situation. ACTION RITA

Pauline handed over some books for the Machu Picchu library from the users of Halifax Scope in the Community, a day centre for adults living with a disability where she had given a talk about the twinning with one of the young people from the youth offending team with which she works. They were very interested and would like to be kept informed of progress.
Thanks to be sent to them ACTION RITA. Rita to inform when and by whom they are sent to Macchu Picchu.

Judy sent a report that the schoolchildren are still very keen and doing well with the spanish lessons. They have written letters to send and Judy has sent emails out to various addresses in Peru for details of a contact.

Claudias visit to Haworth was very successful and she has been in contact since she returned to Peru. She was hoping to have a meeting with Gonzalo and explain exactly what our aims are. She suggested that she will be able to get publicity in Peru.

Rita mentioned the moonlit sponsored walk that Kiya are doing in Brighton and and suggested that we do one here at the same time and donate money to them. It was thought that 2 Nov probably is not a good time as there will be bonfires and no-one available. It was thought that carol singing would be good and Krysia, Pam, Kay and Liz will organize inviting the school and children to sing possibly a song in Spanish.

Pam will pay in the £400 funding from Community Chest for the display board and look into purchasing one next week. (well done Pam, thank you!) Need to get photos/wording together and laminated. ACTION PAM and ROSS (offered at earlier meeting)
Krysia suggested using an empty shop for the display over the busy Christmas season. Liz will contact Mathew Bateman. Rita to contact the TIC and find out about available space/dates. ACTION LIZ and RITA

Date of next meeting Wednesday 14 November


Minutes of the Machu Picchu Twinning group held at the Fleece on Wednesday 14 November 2007

Present: Rita Pam Krysia Vaughan

Apologies: Bev Andy Judy

1)Matters arising from the previous minutes:


Rita and Krysia have not met since the last meeting to look at the finance as Krysia has been away. Finances will be looked at in detail and members will be updated at the next meeting.


Krysia will send the application for ‘Grant for growth’ in next week.

Krysia to contact Jenny re the use of the Bronte School rooms and look to see if the group can ‘work together’ with Jenny to raise money. Krysia will also contact a local ‘cover’ band who are interested in helping in raising funds.

Pam suggested that the group contact local musicians/artists for future events. (Anyone with any contacts please let Krysia know. Krysia is putting a list together. Tele: 644581.

Carol Singing

Still waiting a reply from Bradford Council re licence for carol singing. However, it was decided that the carol singing be left for next Christmas. (Unless there are people who really want to sing? If you are interested, please contact Krysia).

Christmas Cards

Shefali agreed that the group may use her image in any literature/cards etc. (The group will always make a reference to the source). It was thought that it was too late to produce cards for this Christmas but costs for printing should be looked into for next year. Pam to ask her daughter re design and art costs.


Rita suggested that the group be more involved with UKOWLA as the group are members of UKOWLA. UKOWLA are forming a new partnership with GLADE (The Centre for Global and Development Education). GLADE is a highly respected Development Education Centre.

Notice Board

Pam in discussion with Bev about the school helping with the purchase of a display board. (Money received from Community Chest).

Are there any volunteers who could offer help with display material?

Learning Spanish and Model of Machu Picchu

Judy sent a report to say that the children are still very keen on learning Spanish and that there are more children than can be accommodated.

Bev sent photo of Mach Picchu model that is on display in the school for the files.

2)Any Other Business

A new contact has been found in Machu Picchu. Lou Van Zwanenberg. Lou works for a travel agent and is interested in the twinning group. Krysia agreed to contact Lou and report back to the group.

3)Date and time of next meeting

Date and time of next meeting to be arranged.


Claudia contacted Rita after the meeting:

Claudia has been in contact with Gonzalo who is very keen to help Claudia. Claudia has also contacted Violeta Casapino via email. Violeta works for the Peru Rail and works directly with Andean Communities and Machu Picchu. Violeta says that she would love to help and would like to talk to Claudia.

Claudia is hoping to make a ‘direct connection’ between Haworth and Machu Picchu.


Haworth Machu Picchu Twin Group Meeting Wednesday 2 April 2008 Fleece Main St 7pm

Present Liz, Krysia, Rita, Julia, Pam (later) Kay

Apologies Andy, Vaughan, Janet H, Joanne, Pauline, Jen

Copies of the all the policies Krysia has obtained (and adapted from 50/60 pages down to 6)which are required for the funding were discussed and slight amendment made before they were agreed. (Named persons have not yet been agreed)
Equality and Diversity Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Financial Procedures
Child Protection and Vulnerable adults

The original draft Constitution was discussed and agreed with the addition that the positions could be re-elected every three years.

The dvds were discussed and it was decided that as the cost of each was more that originally thought delivery would be concentrated on an area closer to Haworth and a note inside the mag saying where one can be collected. The pages were reduced from 4 to 2. Krysia will contact Cnet to confirm the changes.
Rita and Liz will get the editorial together by 20th April for inclusion in the May issue.

The appointment of a chair, treasurer and secretary has been put on hold until after the promotion, Krysia expressed a wish not to be part of the group but offered her help whenever requested. Julia thanked Krysia for all the valuable policy work and funding help.

Julia, Rita and Kay discussed World Fair Trade day May 10th . Resources have been ordered, balloons, posters etc and it is hoped to find a venue for some Peruvian storytelling (Julia) and Fairtrade coffee/tea. Rita to contact Ed Savage, Kay will contact the primary school to talk about how we can include the children.

Meeting closed
Next meeting TBA



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