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Gardening Diary August

Gardening Diary August

August - overview

The vegetable garden will be in full swing, continuing to harvest peas, broad beans, courgettes, cabbage, lettuce, french beans and sweet corn should be ready.

OnionNow is the time to harvest the onions, they should have bent their necks and the bulbs should be a good size if any are still growing you can leave as they are or bend the neck over. You can leave them in the ground to dry for a few days. When ready to harvest use a fork to loosen out the ground, don't pull them by the neck as this can damage the base around the roots and can affect their storage. Remove the soil from the roots and dunk in water to wash any excess soil off and leave to dry in the sun for a couple of hours. Sort the onions into ones that will keep and others to eat straight away.

PotatoAny remaining Potatoes should be harvested as leaving in the ground too long will result in pest damage, particularly if August is wet.

Courgette plants; towards the end of the month it's worth leaving some to grow into marrows

If you are growing pumpkins, check their condition and make sure they are not sitting on damp soil, if they are put something like an old slate under them.

Sweet CornDuring the month check to see if the sweet corn is ready, the tassels on the end of the covered cobs should be going brown. If you think the corn is ready, pull open the leaves and check to see if the corn is yellow, if it is, squeeze a piece of corn with your thumbnail. If the liquid is creamy colour then they are ready to harvest. Fresh sweet corn is best eaten as soon as you have picked the cobs when they contain the most amount of sugar.

BrocolliSome crops will be past their best, harvest the produce and remove the foliage and compost. If it's the legume family (peas, beans) make sure you leave the roots in the soil as they will have produced nitrogen.

You can consider trying to grow onions over winter, such as the Japanese onion which will grow slowly over the winter months, giving you onions usually next January onwards. It can be worth a chance to try to grow new potatoes for Christmas, you need specially prepared seed which will sprout as soon as planted. Their success depends on how mild the weather is. It is advisable to use a fleece or cloche to protect the crop during cold weather.

Comfrey leavesAdd Comfrey leaves to rain butts to make liquid fertilizer

Greenhouse; plants such as tomato, peppers and cucumbers should be harvesting well, water in the evening and morning. Tomatoes will need supporting and side shoots will need pinching out. To help pollination shake the main stem daily. Check for any pests such as greenfly and whitefly.

Key dates:

If you have any advice or tips about gardening relating to this month contact us and if suitable will add to the page - please local to Haworth and the surrounding area only.

Gardening Diary

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