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Haworth Flood 2020

Haworth Flood 2015

Alan Titchmarsh

Haworth Bandstand opening

Tandem Tour de Yorkshire

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Make Poverty History

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Spar reopening after August floods

Bronte Way Fell Race 2004

Haworth Yorkshire in Bloom 2004

Keighley Tramways Centenary 1904 - 2004

Tour of Britain cycle race

Haworth Flood 2004

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Haworth Village News Archive

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haworth news07/05/2021 - Haworth needs scarecrows

10th to 16th May is Haworth needs scarecrows! And why not?! Build yours to show off during Christian Aid Week.

You can find the scarecrows around Haworth from 10th - 16th May.

Some people said they wanted to have a go, so this is just for fun as lockdown eases...

But also, before Covid, Haworth's annual Christian Aid Week Shop used to raise £2000 every year, so we really do need something to catch people's imagination and possibly raise a little money.

Haworth needs scarecrows fundraising for Christian Aid have a Just Giving page: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/haworthscarecrows

You can find out more about Haworth needs scarecrows on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/haworthscarecrows

haworth news22/07/2020 - Comet Neowise

Comet Neowise has been visible in the North West sky after sunset for most of July. Photograph was taken at Top Withens on 20th July 2020 at 1:30am.

haworth news21/03/2020 - Coronavirus outbreak

Events in Haworth have been CANCELLED for the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
For information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus

haworth news19/02/2020 - Yorkshire Air Ambulance at Haworth Brow

Yorshire Air Ambulance on an emergency call at Haworth this morning, 19th February 2020.
Information about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance more...
Yorkshire Air Ambulance website: www.yorkshireairambulance.org.uk

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

haworth news09/02/2020 - Haworth Flood 2020

9th February 2020: Haworth Mill Hey for the third time in 16 years has been hit by flooding. On the evening of 8th February storm Ciara hit the area with wind and heavy rain. At around 10:00am on 9th February Mill Hey was flooded.

From all the available historical records up to 2004 there has been only one previously recorded flood which had happened on 20th September 1946. Verbal discussion with KWVR members remember flooding problems primarily in the goods yard. If anyone has any record of flooding in the Mill Hey and Station Road area, and any photographic evidence please contact this website by email.

On the 31st January 2005 the Environment Agency Works carried out a Flood Risk Management for Haworth:
"JBA consulting carried out an initial hydraulic assessment of the watercourse to assess capacity of bridges and culverts and to provide estimates of flows for a range of flood events. This work is still in draft form and not yet available. Early indications from this work suggest that the flows experienced in August 2004 were exceptional and likely to be in excess of the 100-year estimate (i.e. less than a 1% likelihood of occurring in any one year)."

It has now happened three times in 16 years, the continual flooding contradicts the tone of the above statement that it is "exceptional and likely to be in excess of the 100-year estimate" Source; News Story published on this website on 5th Feb 2005 here...

The dates of the flooding on Mill Hey are: 9th February 2020, 26th December 2015, 10th August 2004 and 20th September 1946.

River level warning at Bridgehouse Beck Oxenhope https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk here...

Pictures of the 2020 flood here...
Pictures of the 2015 flood here...
Pictures of the 2004 flood here...
Picture comparing the 1946 and 2004 flood here...
2004 News story here...
2004 News story update here...

Haworth Flood 2020 video

haworth news18/01/2018 - Haworth Village Trust - Better Together Event

Community Centre, Butt LaneHaworth Village Trust - Better Together Event

In the last copy of Worth Reading, we outlined the idea for this event. Following the interest shown by a number of local organisations, the time, date and venue are now confirmed:

Thursday 22nd February at 7.00pm at The Village Hall, Butt Lane. Haworth

We are calling all local organisations in the area to send one or two representatives to this meeting to see how they can help and support each other with ideas, good practice and even equipment. If you hold public events, you need insurance, which can be expensive, so come and explore ways to see how groups can club together to ease costs, possibly share events and also avoid dates that clash. Fund raising, writing constitutions and running bank accounts can also cause problems for new groups – come and learn from the established groups in the area how they solved these issues.

Existing groups are welcome to use a table to demonstrate what they do.

Members of the public are also welcome to come and meet the people running the amazing and diverse organisations in our locality.

Refreshments available.

haworth news25/07/2016 - Haworth Central Park Wins its 10th Successive Gree

Haworth Central Park Wins its 10th Successive Green Flag

The Friends of Haworth Central Park and members of Bradford Council’s Parks department gathered this morning to celebrate, as for the tenth year in succession this Park has won the coveted Green Flag an award that is presented to parks in the UK for maintained improvement and high standards over the year.

Chairman of the Friends Group Mrs Gillian Hill commented, “We have worked in partnership with Bradford Parks and Landscapes Department and despite major budget cuts this year, they have worked wonders with fewer staff and reduced finances to maintain this English Heritage listed park in such a good condition and to win this prestigious award for another year.”

photo by John Sargent

haworth news26/12/2015 - Haworth Flood 2015

26th December 2015, Haworth Mill Hey has once again been hit by flooding, with a section of the Royal Oak pub destroyed. The pub was due to re-open in spring 2016 as a brew house, website: www.millheybrewhouse.co.uk

Mill Hey has had a major flood on two previous occasions: 10th August 2004 and 20th September 1946.

Pictures of the 2015 flood here...

Pictures of the 2004 flood here...
Picture comparing the 1946 and 2004 flood here...
2004 News story here...
2004 News story update here...

haworth news12/11/2015 - Winifred Gérin: Biographer of the Brontës

A new book by Helen MacEwan explores the life of the Brontë biographer Winifred Gérin, who lived in Haworth in 1955-65 while researching her biographies.

Winifred Gérin (the name was that of her first husband, a Belgian cellist) became a biographer after a first visit to Haworth in 1954 at the age of 53, having previously tried poetry and playwriting. Haworth completely bowled her over. She felt that it was only now, having seen the Brontës’ environment, she was beginning to understand them. On that first visit she met her second husband, John Lock, also a Brontë enthusiast and keen walker. The following year they married and moved to Haworth, where they bought the house in West Lane that still bears the name they gave it, ‘Gimmerton’.

She and John Lock walked the moors in all weathers to gain the authentic Brontë experience.

Between 1959 and 1971 Gérin wrote lives of all four Bronte siblings, starting with Anne, the least known of the quartet. They were for a long time the standard biographies; before Juliet Barker became ‘the’ Brontë biographer with the publication of her book on the family in 1994, Winifred Gérin was often considered ‘the’ Brontë biographer. Her husband John Lock wrote the first biography of Patrick Brontë, A Man of Sorrow (1965).

The story of how Gérin discovered both her vocation as a biographer and second love on her first visit to Haworth is a romantic one. But it forms just part of an eventful and romantic life.

Her childhood and youth, rather like the Brontës’, was characterised by an intense imaginative life shared with her sister and two brothers, and by family tragedies (the loss of two siblings in early life). In the 1930s she lived in Paris with her Belgian musician husband. They were in Brussels when the Germans invaded in May 1940 and in the first years of the War had a series of hair-raising adventures in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. Trapped in France for two years, the couple became involved in helping Jews to escape arrest under the Vichy government. Having finally managed to escape back to England, they worked for Political Intelligence near Bletchley Park.

Gérin also wrote a life of Elizabeth Gaskell, among other writers. This book, which makes her life story known for the first time, is based on her letters and her unpublished memoir.

Helen MacEwan lives in Brussels, where she runs a branch of the Brontë Society. She is the author of The Brontës in Brussels, a guide to Charlotte and Emily’s time in the city. She first became interested in Winifred Gérin because of Winifred’s links with Belgium, and was able to meet the Gérin family and read hundreds of letters written to them by Winifred over 40 years. She often visits Haworth for Brontë Society events. While researching Winifred’s time in the village she was helped by contacts in Haworth including Steven Wood. The photo for the book cover was provided by Ian Palmer.

More details of the book here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Winifred-Gerin-Biographer-The-Bront%C3%ABs/dp/1845197437

haworth news17/12/2014 - Save Haworth Fire Station

Update 11 September 2017 Haworth Fire Station has been bought by a private company for £340,000; £65,000 above the asking price.

Update 24 July 2016 The Fire Station is now on the market bringing an end to 200 years of Fire Fighting in the Worth Valley.

Update 26 January 2015 Friends of Haworth & Worth Valley Fire Station has been formed to Save Our Station. Updates are on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Haworth-Worth-Valley-Fire-Station

Save Haworth Fire StationJoin the March this Saturday 20th December, meeting at Haworth Fire Station at 1pm This is about everyone in the Worth Valley which Haworth Fire Station has served. Image left; March on 20th December 2014.

Haworth fire station is due to close at midnight 31st December 2014. Local people are trying a last bid attempt to stop its closure, this is the last chance, once it has gone it will end 148 years of fire service for the people of the Worth Valley.

Keighley Fire Station has been reduced from two fire engines to just one, this will impact on our safety, not just fires to put out, road traffic accidents, cellars to pump out, moor fires. Two major incidents that have tested the fire services in the past 10 years on this website are the Floods of 2004 here... and Ebor Mill fire in 2010 here...

If you care about the safety of our villages. please join in the march this Saturday and show your support.

Updates are on Facebook: www.facebook.com/save-haworth-fire-station

The History of Haworth Fire Brigade
In 1866 Haworth Fire Brigade was formed:

30th January, 1866
That the Clerk make as much inquiry as possible about the cost and practical working of fire engines and order one as soon as possible.

4th July 1871
That the fire brigade be allowed £5 a year as remuneration for keeping the engine and apparatus in efficient working condition.

2nd January, 1872
The Clerk also read a letter from the captain of the fire brigade of which the following is a copy.
I wish to bring before you the following for your consideration. We are in want of 200 yards of canvas piping, a new set of suction pipes, one new stand pipe, and the old one repairing that was broken by the surveyor so that he can use it any time without fetching ours. If we get the new piping the surveyor can have one or two lengths of the old for his own use as we wish to have ours to ourselves. Also we wish you to grant us £10 a year instead of the five you have granted us so that we shall not have to go round at Christmas. Waiting for your reply I am gentlemen your humble servant.
W Greenwood
Captain of the fire brigade

17th November, 1892
That as the Board have at present a Fire Brigade and appliances, and are considering the advisability of purchasing a new apparatus they at present decline to join in the formation of a joint Fire Brigade with Bingley, Oakworth and Oxenhope Local Boards.

4th January, 1910
That the number of firemen be increased to 10 and two of them live at Cross Roads and be responsible for keeping the equipment there in good order, and two to be responsible at North Street and the remainder of the men be responsible for the apparatus at Belle Isle.

1st March, 1910
That a contract be entered into with the National Telephone Company Ltd and for telephones and alarm bells for fire brigade purposes as per their specifications A & B. in the sum of £28, and that three firemen live at Cross Roads and three at North Street within 300 yards of the respective fire stations instead of two in each case as set out in minute of Council, 4th January, 1910.

4 June 1912
that the old tool house behind the Council's offices be altered and made suitable for central fire station and that the Fire Brigade Sub Committee be empowered to carry out the work necessary at an estimated cost of £12.

January 2, 1917
That a letter of sympathy be sent to the family relations of Garnett Walton, a member of the Council's Fire Brigade who has been killed in battle in France.

July 3, 1923
That the Chairman of the committee and Messers Wood and Whitaker look into question of repairs to doors at fire station, North Street, obtain tenders for the work and report to the next meeting of this committee.
January 5, 1932
That a letter be sent to the Fire Brigade Superintendent, John K Toothill, on the resignation of his office, thanking him for his 40 years service under the Council.

1st March, 1932
That application be made to the Council for permission to rent the Belle Isle depot from the highways Department, for use as a Fire Brigade station.

April 5, 1932
That all Fire Brigade apparatus be removed to Mill Hey station forthwith.

6th August 1935
That a letter be sent to the Police Authorities requesting that in cases of fire occurring in the Councils District, before they communicate with the Keighley Corporation Fire Brigade, they first communicate with the Haworth Fire Brigade and ascertain if they are in a position to deal with outbreak

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