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Tandem Tour de Yorkshire

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Haworth Village Recent News

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haworth news18/03/2014 - Tandem Tour de Yorkshire

Harry Gration, Amy Garcia and Paul Hudson of BBC Look North visited Haworth on March 18th, cycling on a tandem raising money for Sport Relief.

Photos of Harry Gration, Amy Garcia and Paul Hudson of BBC Look North in Haworth here...

More on BBC Look North Yorkshire Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BBCLookNorthYorkshire
Donate online on the BBC Tandem ride page: http://www.justgiving.com/tandemtour
Sport Relief website: www.sportrelief.com

haworth news14/03/2014 - 2014 Tour de France to go up Haworth Main Street

Photo: Yorkshire Festival 2014 banner at Lower Laithe Reservoir

14th March 2014
Stage 2 road closures – Sunday, 6 July 2014

View road closures on Map: www.bradford.gov.uk/map/tour-de-France
Road closures on Bradford Council website: www.bradford.gov.uk/road-closures/tour-de-France

Stage Two of the Grand Départ starts in York and travels through Knaresborough and Harrogate before entering the Bradford district, racing into Addingham from the roundabout at Bolton Abbey before it heads to Silsden. The route goes through the centre of Silsden, over the canal and out along the main road and onto the A629 by-pass to Keighley. Once at the roundabout the cyclists take a right onto Hard Ings Road and left at the next roundabout heading in to Keighley via Skipton Road. The route goes through Keighley on North Street and South Street, before heading up to Cross Roads. From Cross Roads the riders will travel downhill to Haworth before tackling the cobbles of Haworth Main Street. Once at the top of Haworth, the riders head along Changegate, turning left into North Street before entering West Lane towards Stanbury before turning left to ride along the dam of Lower Laithe reservoir and on to Oxenhope. From Oxenhope the route goes left on Hebden Bridge Road and heads out of the district to Hebden Bridge. The final part of Stage Two sees the riders tackle Cragg Vale before passing through Huddersfield and Holmfirth and taking on the Holme Moss climb and the final descent into Sheffield for the finish.

Please note: The Caravan will not be travelling up Haworth Main Street on the cobbles but will use Rawdon Road.

To facilitate Stage Two of the Tour de France 2014 the roads listed below must be closed from very early in the morning on the Sunday for a minimum of eight hours.
A6160 Bolton Road

From district boundary to Addingham Main Street

From Bolton Road junction via Main Street/Silsden Road to A65 roundabout

From A65 roundabout through Silsden to A629 roundabout
A629 bypass

From A6034 Keighley Road roundabout to Hard Ings Road roundabout

From Hard Ings Road roundabout through Keighley via Skipton Road/North Street/High Street/South Street/Halifax Road/Wesley Place/Halifax Road to A6033 Haworth Road roundabout
A6033 Haworth Road

From A629 Halifax Road roundabout at Cross Roads to Lees Lane

From A6033 junction via Lees Lane/Mill Hey/Station Road/Bridgehouse Lane to Main Street
Haworth Main Street and Changegate

From Bridgehouse Lane to North Street
B6142 Rawdon Road

From Bridgehouse Lane to Changegate junction
North Street/West Lane Main Street/Sun Lane/Main Street

From Changegate to Reservoir Road junction, Reservoir Road

From Main Street/Sun Lane junction to Enfield Side Road/Cemetery Road junction Moorside Lane/W Shaw Lane/Shaw Lane

From Enfield Side Road/Cemetery Road to Hebden Bridge Road
A6033 Hebden Bridge Road

From Shaw Lane to district boundary

Information about road closures
Road closures and various forms of temporary traffic management will also be deployed on other roads in the Bradford district leading to the race route to facilitate the safe movement of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to the various spectator points along the race route. We are working with partner agencies and landowners across the district who are identifying temporary car parks, campsites and events. Further information about these road closures, one-way systems and restrictions on the movement of vehicles will be released closer to the event.

Where can I view diversion and access routes?
Diversion and access routes are being developed as part of the traffic management plan. Further details will be provided closer to the event.

Why can't you specify road closure times?
We can't give precise timings for the closures, as there are so many variable factors which affect timings - such as:

the race timing itself;
the numbers of spectators; and their arrival times

Roads will need to be closed for a minimum period of eight hours, but given the anticipated number of visitors, it is likely that the roads will be closed for most of the day. Roads will be re-opened as soon as it is safe to do so.

We need to make sure that spectators have had the opportunity to move from the roadside, that race infrastructure can be safely removed and any highway infrastructure (such as traffic signals) that have been temporarily removed can be reinstalled.

We expect the majority of roads to reopen by the evening of the race. However, some may be later.

When will I be told if my street is affected?
We are aiming to publish details of road closures within the next few months. Please be aware that although your road may not be closed there is likely to be heavy traffic and congestion in areas around the route.

When will it all get back to normal?
Once the event has finished we will open roads as soon as possible.
Please bear in mind that we will need to allow for spectators to leave the area, people cycling behind the race and the removal of barriers and infrastructure along the route.

TDF Meeting 12 Feb 2014 at West Lane Baptist Church
The race route roads will be closed to traffic at 7:00am on the day of the race, 6th July 2014. It is not known exactly when they will re-open, as it is dependent on the volume of traffic in the district. If you are away that day you need to plan for getting out of Haworth funny pictures before 7:00am and be aware that there may be traffic problems at that time. All vehicles have to be removed from the race route, any vehicle parked after 7:00am will be towed away. Bradford Council are looking at areas where residents who normally park on the race route can park at another place. At about 11:00 am there should be a caravan parade which is made up of sponsor vehicles which lasts about 1:30mins, at the meeting it was explained that there may be logistical problems for it to follow the race route; Main St may be too narrow for some vehicles to negotiate safely. An option being considered is using Rawdon Rd for the vehicles, or it may have to use the Hebden Bridge Rd. Bradford Council are in discussion with the TDF organisers to resolve these issues.

The narrowness of Main St for the cyclists was explained, and is being reviewed as the best way to manage. One option is to barrier both sides to keep the route safe for cyclist and pedestrians. Bradford Council are in discussion with the TDF organisers about this.

17th January 2014
The times of the Tour de France have been announced. The riders will pass through Haworth at about 1:00pm. See: http://letour.yorkshire.com/timings for full race timetable.

13th January 2014
Yorkshire Festival 2014 was launched at the Lower Laithe Reservoir. It is advertised as the biggest art festival in the counties history and will start on 27th March, the 100 days leading up to Tour de France. The full festival programme is due to be released on 29th January.

23rd October 2013
The final route of the 2014 Tour de France has been announced today, which will pass through Haworth on 6th July:

Stage two, July 6 2014: York - Knaresborough - Silsden - Keighley - Haworth - Hebden Bridge - Elland - Huddersfield - Holmfirth - Sheffield

The route takes a right  off the A629 Halifax Rd at Cross Roads roundabout on to the B6142, past Lees, on to Mill Hey, Station Rd, up Bridgehouse Lane, left, up Haworth Main St, right fork at the TIC on to Changegate, turn left on to North St, on to West Lane, down to Sladen Bridge up towards Stanbury, take a left on to Reservoir Rd, over Lower Laithe reservoir,  past Penistone Hill to Moorside Lane, Shaw Lane, to Oxenhope, right on to the A6033 to Hebden Bridge.

Map of The Tour De France route  showing Haworth http://letour.yorkshire.com/stage-2

Video: Grand Départ 2014 - Made in Yorkshire

About the Tour de France on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cycling/21056721

About the 2004 Tour of Britain cycle race at Haworth here...

haworth news03/03/2014 - Worth Valley Parish to take a stake in its future

Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council will be launching a major piece of work that could a major impact on development within the Parish on Monday, March 10th.

The Parish Council, working together with key members of the community, have established a Working Group that will start work on its projected Neighbourhood Development Plan which will give the Parish the powers to say what kind of development will be allowed in the Parish: what it looks best like and where it is placed.

Under the Government’s Localism Act 2011 powers were given to Parish Councils to put together Neighbourhood Development Plans so that communities could have a greater say in the Planning policies that affect their areas.

The Parish Council was approved as the appropriate authority to deliver a Neighbourhood Development Plan by Bradford Metropolitan District Council in November 2013, a step required under the Localism Act.

Cllr. John Huxley, chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, said: “This will be one of the most important pieces of work ever undertaken by our Council.

“While it will not give us the powers to refuse Planning permission for developments, it would give us the opportunity to shape where housing and business development is allowed and what any kind of development looks like.

“This is a project that should matter to anybody who cares about the future of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury. Bradford Council’s Local Development Framework – their plan for the future – projects that Haworth should provide land for 500 houses in the next 25 years.

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan and by going for a Local Development Plan will give us a strong voice in the delivery of that process.”

The Working Group will be staging a number of consultation meetings which will be open to the public, as it seeks to provide evidence of what people in the Parish think about what development should be allowed and where.

Added Councillor Huxley: “Part of the process is that we have also to consult with the business community; land-owners and property developers so we shall be looking to engage with them too as we build our community’s vision for the future.

“The Government are asking us to plot a sustainable future for our Parish and we are required to keep the community fully informed about what work we are doing.

“Today we are launching a publicity programme designed to engage with as many people in the Parish as possible. We have established our own web site www.haworthcrossroadsstanburyndp.org.uk and a Facebook page www.facebook.com/haworthcrossroadsstanburyndp while we shall be issuing regular bulletins via the Parish Council’s newsletter and all the varied media sources in the area.

“We’ll be appealing to anybody who cares about the future of housing, jobs and land use in the Parish to come along to the consultations and make their feelings known. Equally we want to hear the views of environmental groups and heritage organisations. Everybody’s view will count.”

The first public consultation meetings for the Plan will be staged at St Gabriel’s Church, Stanbury from 10.00am until 12.00pm on Saturday, March 15th and this will be followed by further consultations at West Lane Baptist Church, Haworth from 10.00am until 12.00pm on Saturday, March 29th; St James’ Church, Cross Roads from 10.00am until 12.00pm on Saturday, April 5th and then back at West Lane Baptist Church, Haworth on Wednesday, April 23rd from 7.00pm until 9.00pm.

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