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Visiting Bradford - West Yorkshire

Bradford City Hall History of Bradford

The origins of the name Bradford are said to be from the Old English "broad" and "ford" which suggests a crossing point across the Bradford beck.

The Norman invasion in 1066 saw Bradford's land ownership change in common with the rest of England. The Anglo Saxon chief Gamel who owned much of the land was ousted and Ilbert de Lacy was given charge of the Manor of Bradford as recorded in the Domesday book.

The Bradford Boar

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery  On Bradford's coat of arms you will see the head of a boar and hunting horns. In the early 14th century a boar was said to haunt Cliffe Wood. A reward was offered for anyone who killed the animal. John Northrop Manningham saw the animal drinking from a well, took aim with his bow and arrow and killed the boar. To prove his feat he cut out the tongue of the boar and went off to claim his reward.

Another man saw the dead boar and decided to profit from the kill. He cut off the head and made his way to the court to claim the prize. Arriving before Manningham he offered the boars head to the court, however he was unable to offer an explanation as to why the tongue was missing. John Manningham turned up and showed the tongue claiming the reward of a piece of land which today is called Horton. A condition was that he and his heirs were to blow three blasts on a horn every St Martins Day.

Bradford AlhambraBradford Growth

The early 1800's saw Bradford's mill industry expand. There was no real attempt to legislate any form of building plan and consequently the speculative build contributed to a growth in urban squalor as drainage, sewers, proper town planning was not properly considered.

The poor planning led one government official who visited in 1843 to describe Bradford as "the most filthy town I visited". Bradford Corporation was created in 1847 and from 1850 onwards there was a slow change to improve the urban poverty. This came too late for the most prominent campaigner Titus Salt who moved out of Bradford in 1850 to create his own industrial community more...

On the 10th July 1879 Bradford was granted the status of City by Queen Victoria.

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Lister Park Bradford

Bradford Alhambra

Kashmir Curry House

Bradford Mela

Bradford Festival

Bradford City Hall


Places to see

Cartwright Hall (picture left) has a good collection mainly of 19th and 20th century British art. The gallery is situated in Lister park which has been restored and recently won a Green Flag award (picture left).

The National Museum of Photography Film & Television (picture right) is at Bradford; www.nmpft.org.uk. There are photographic exhibitions, history of television and photography and the IMAX, the world's largest film format.

The statue (picture right) is of the famous Bradfordian J.B. Priestley, writer and broadcaster. Some other famous people from Bradford are: David Hockney, The Brontes more... and Frederick Delius.

The Alhambra (picture left) is Bradford's main theatre you can find out what events are on at the website: www.bradford-theatres.co.uk

Some of the best Curry Houses are in Bradford serving authentic Asian cuisine, picture left is the Kashmir curry house.


Bradford Mela, the name comes from Sanskrit ‘to meet’, is a celebration of art, craft, culture and community from around the world. The event is a weekend celebration in the summer more... Bradford also hosts a Street Carnival as part of its festival programme more...

You can take 360 degree panoramic views of Bradford here...

National Museum of Photography Film and Television

J. B. Priestley

Bradford Festival

Bradford City Hall


Bradford Cineworld
Bradford Mela
Bradford Festival

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