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Visiting Skipton Castle - North Yorkshire

Distance 10 miles from Haworth
Travel time by car About 35 mins
Location Skipton Castle, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1AQ Tel:01756 792442
N53° 57. 847 W002° 00. 917 Map here... About Skipton here...
Elevation 515ft
Date visited 31/08/2004
Length of visit 2hrs
Opening times As of January 2009: Open daily from 10am (Sunday 12 noon), except for 25 December. Last admission is at 6pm (October - February 4pm).
Website www.skiptoncastle.co.uk

As of January 2009:

Adults: £5.80
Children (5-17): £3.20
Children under 5: free
Over 60s and students: £5.20
Family Ticket for two adults and up to 3 children over 5: £17.90 (saves up to £3.30).
Guides are available for pre-booked parties at no extra cost (reduced rate of £4.80 per head for adult parties of 15 or more).

The history of Skipton castle can be traced back to about 1090 when Robert de Romille built a timber fort on the site. This was replaced with a stone castle, in 1310 the Clifford family were given the property by Edward II.

During the Civil War of 1642-51 the castle was under siege for three years from Oliver Cromwell and his Parliamentary forces until 1645 when a surrender was negotiated. In 1648 they reoccupied the castle and set about demolishing the castles defenses.

In the 1650's Lady Anne Clifford was allowed to restore the castle on the condition that the upper walls were thinner and the roof was not made strong enough to support cannon. The rainwater gutters have the family arms and the year 1659 which was the date the castle was restored.

The Cliffords' used the castle until 1676. Today their banner flies from the castle with approval from the present Lord Clifford of Chudleigh.

The castle is built around a courtyard. The Yew tree was planted as a sapling in 1659 by Lady Anne Clifford upon completion of the restoration of the castle.

There is a free guide which explains the best way to explore the castle, it also means you follow a route in the same direction which is helpful as some of the passageways are narrow.

Your Reviews:

skipton castle is epic and i loved it i would give iut 10 out of 10 because its amazing :)

i think skipton castle is awersome :]

My grandaughter had a school.project to do on a medieval castle. Since I am from England I.auggested she consider Skipton Castle. She decided to do her project on Skiptpn Castle and built a fantastic likeness of the castle. She enjoyed every minute of herr research and it showed in the high marks she received from hwr teacher

im from bradford near skipton castle and i love uk castles

this castle is fabulous and magnificent..!

Skipton castle looks pretty cool

I haven't been but it sounds really good. I'm doing a project on skipton castle and this website well helped me xxxxxxx


its very nice and beautiful with lots of things to look at

I love skipton castle the history of the place excites me and the castle is absolutely fab!!!!

Oh I love family history!!! Lady Catherine Clifford daughter of Henry Clifford 1st earl of Cumberland are my ancestors!

Hi i went to Skipton Castle for a school trip and i thought it was great. There are no decorations or paintings or anything but the people there know because of books that told them what the rooms looked like.I would reccomend this to anyone, but the shop there is a little bit pricy. Otherwise it was great!!!

Wow skipton castle is an amazing and historical castle to visit!!! I really enjoyed it x

I went to Skipton castle as a course and it was bluddy amazing :) especially with all its old features still standing .. and the tree was like the best part <3 the castles been standing for over 900 years WOW !

OMG i am doing a history prodject and this website has helped me soooo much ha lolololol xx


im doing a project on the skipton castle and i think its the best castle to be working on.

Am doing a project on skipton castle its amazing yeeeeeeeyyyy :)

the cliffords still live at skipton castle , in big dwelling at side of castle .

i luv skipton castle!!!

i enjoyed skipton casle when i went there and know i am doing a histry prod on it:3)

oh my gosh i am gonna cry when i leave that school this year cuz they do cool stuff like take us to SKIPTON CASTLE THNNXX THATTO HEATH PRIMARY

Who owns the private property on site of Skipton castle

I loved skipton castle by the look of it

wow , i just loved skipton castle :-) ♥

I have been to Skipton Castle once and very much enjoyed and now i am doing a History project on it(: !

did any of you know that it is known as one of the edwardian castles? that is so cool ^_^

im thinking of visiting skipton castle next month , can anyone tell me what its like inside ? is it just a shell or does it have rooms with furniture and paintings and the like , none of the photos on the web show the inside of the castle . thanks , john

when is there a free day i kive in skipton but never heard of that

i love skipton castle, I live in skipton now and once a year you can go for free so I always go then! :D

it is a very good castle and when was it built?

I think Skipton Castle is Great!

what are the main difference between the medieval and the tudor building?

Who owns Skipton Castle now?

i love skipton castle its amasing! <3 kate

when was skipton castle built? thanks will someone please answer this


know is spelt k-n-o-w

and the normans built it

I want to now who made the castle?


skipton is one of the most beautiful castles in england.


Skipton castle is the best castle i have been 4 times and still want to back again.

skipton catle is one of the most best castles i have ever been to the castle has alot of information about it and the best places ever seen in a castle

Skipton Castle is one of the most beautiful and well preserved castles ever.


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